The Dark Knight Opinion: TDK Teaser Poster

the GRIN Reaper

Jan 7, 2008
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Ok, so this female friend of mine is too good to me. She manages this theatre, right. Anyway, she got me the 1st TDK teaser poster (White Brick Wall) version before it even saw the light of day in theatres. Today, she hooks me up w/ the 2nd TDK teaser poster (Why So Serious in blood) ... so, I know have framed movie posters of both. So here is my question, what goes up on my apartment wall, and which is the best combo. I have the very 1st and original BEGINS teaser poster, w/ Batman's brooding silhoutte set against an amber dusk background. And I also have the version w/ Batman's cape spread gliding. Couple that w/ my now two versions of TDK poster, which combo do you think would be best for the wall? I'm leaning towards BEGINS teaser A, and TDK teaser A ... but I needed fellow bat-fan opinion. Can't really ask any honeys what would look best, ya know? Its just this new poster has me confused, its so creepy looking in person.

Opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
All of them go up. Just so people know what a TRUE fan you are.
it would help to have photos of the posters.

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