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Poll: Thor vs Perun


Mar 17, 2006
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I for one am curious about who would win a fight between Thor, and his Slavic counterpart, Perun. Given that boths are "Gods of Thunder/Lightning" of their respective cultures it would be an intriguing conflict to say the least. Besides, Perun's strength has never been quantified fully but is clearly sufficient for him to trade blows with the Hulk.
Personally, as with the post about "Thing vs Colossus", I suspect that experience would triumph over brute force(thor would clearly win)!

Well, isn't that guy supposed to be like the "all-father" of his pantheon? So, Which Thor are we talking about here? King Thor or regular Thor? Sombody told me that Thor got toyed with when he took on Zues or something. So, I gotta figure that this Perun guy would do the same thing. Assuming all heads of Pantheons are inherantly more powerful than gods that aren't. I don't know.
i still have no clue who Perun is. does he have the same powers as Thor?
Thor Wins Because he Has Mjolnir, and no can defeat Mjolnir. NO ONE!
Both are annoying as hell really. But all noobs make tons of versus threads when they first get here. It's what noobs do. After awhile you just gotta accept it.
Well, there are always exceptions to the rule.
on imdb, there are vs. threads everywhere. we usually thrack them brutally.
Well, vs threads could lead up to some intelligent debates. Or, it could lead to a fan-boy thread of "hes my favorite so he'll win!".
This is dumb!!!!
Prerunner or whatever his name is is NOT a comic character! and if he was HE'D OWN BY THOR!!!!!
hmm, well what do you know. He's just like Thor. Then this could possibly go either way then.
rigel7soldiers said:
Perun is a comic character; He's a member of the Winter Guard, the former People's Protectorate.

Here's his appendix bio; http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/perun.htm

I like Perun, but mainly because he's... fresh. Not a lot's been done with him

I stand corrected!!! :( BUT I feel that there is a reason as to why he didn't take of but hell maybe you can email Bendis asking him to make Perun a Avenger???:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
The Norse and Greek pantheons generally seem more powerful than all the other pantheons of Marvel's Earth. With that in mind, I imagine Thor would take Perun since he's one of the most powerful of a generally more powerful pantheon, as opposed to Perun, who's one of the most powerful of a generally weaker pantheon. Thor's also outright trumped a Native American weather god's control of the weather, so he'd probably just do the same to Perun and turn Perun's own weather effects against him. Plus, if Perun just manipulates natural lightning, it wouldn't help him much against Thor, since Thor is immune to the effects of a storm.

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