The Dark Knight Rises Quick Question About Maroni...


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Apr 16, 2008
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Going to see "Rises" at the theater in about an hour, and I had a quick question regarding one of my favorite/underrated characters.

With Sal Maroni, 2-face left his fate up to debate, and I'm curious whether or not he makes an appearance in the new flick. I imagine that he wouldn't be killed off in something as lame and boring as a limo crash, and hoping we get a glimpse of him in the third flick (even a cameo in kangaroo court would satisfy me.)

So how bout it? Do we get to see Eric Roberts as a kick ass mob boss or am I to assume that he got killed off in the lamest death ever in cinematic history?
everything in Dark Knight happened like you saw it and ended the way everyone said
But his fate was never shown! Two face didnt kill him just the driver, and the limo wasnt going that fast! Ugh, dammit listen to me trying to justify an Eric Roberts cameo like a fan boy.

So we dont see Maroni at all? Not even a name drop or a flashback? So who's the new mob boss? Do they even say?
It's gonna be ok, just breathe...Sal didn't make the car ride.
but any mention of him at all? and who controls the mob now that my main man is dead?
Mob died when the Joker was caught. Remember he basically took over all of the criminal element. With his capture it was dismantled. Maroni is likely dead as he was not wearing his seatbelt unlike Dent.

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