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The Dark Knight Red Hood Origin?

I like his origin in the killing joke,but if i was to take anything form that book and put it in the dark knight, i would use a few frames from the chase scene, and a couple from him getting out of the water, if you told to much of his story it would huminise the charecter,and i think that his apeal comes from the fact that hes a crazed homicidal maniac
I hope that they do incoperate his origin into the film and hopefully they use the killing joke idea. I believe it's better to have him just your average shmuck who's life is falling apart prior to becoming Joker rather than Burton's idea of him already being a gangster. This way his character would seem more tragic.
its already been stated that Ledger's Joker will give a new spin on the character. Don't expect many similarities with BM89
They'll probably have a few quick flashbacks but thats it. They should leave most of it a mystery.
Didn't Nolan say a while ago that they were going to go back to the comic origin for the Joker, i.e. the Red Hood?
The Joker is already loose, according to the end of Batman Begins, but do you think theyll incorporate the Jokers origin in it? Maybe at the beginning as a flashback or a "5 months ago" thing? Or will they make up a new origin for the Joker? :joker:

I hope they start out TDK with the Joker origin with his wife, unborn child, showing his hustling for money, and his Red Hood beginnings. That would be the perfect way to go.
I always thought wearing a red bucket on his head was stupid as hell.

It won't be in TDK, but if the Red Hood origin is ever incorporated into a movie, they should just have him wear a normal red mask.
id like to see a scene ,where batman confronts the red hood.of course he 's not going to know that the red hood goes on to become the joker,but the joker reminds him.....sort of.

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