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Smallville DTV Movie Yes/No?


Mar 13, 2006
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Theres been no talk of this idea, but it would be a hell of a way to end the series. There are any number of possibilities; Martian Manhunter? MM/C VS. Braniac? Pre-Justice League Justice League? BATMAN!!!!? What do you think?
BATMAN!!! what a great idea......i can't believe nobody ever thought of that before!!!! wow.

*rolls eyes*
It seems very unlikely with SR.
I say no.

Of course Batman Beyond had DTV movie
While I would love to see one as the series' finale, I doubt it would ever happen.
I'd love to see a SV/Justice League TV mini series or feature film, but I doubt we'll get anything like that in the near future. A straight forward SV film (TV or feature) is more likely, but that probably won't happen until after the show ends, which may not be until spring 2008 at this point. That said, I'm sure the Brother's Warner have ruminated all sorts of different options based on various situations, each with its own very unique contingency. :p

As to DTV, Direct to video.... It's possible, I suppose. File it among the various scenarios tossed around boardroom tables.
Hmm I think if theyre given the budget for a DTV movie, they should just pump it into the series. DTV movies dont get that much press and with that kinda budget, they can actually do some cool fights....something the season premiere and the rest of this season lacked.
Crisis Superman said:
Direct to video/DVD
Is 6 or 7 seasons of the show not enough? we need 2 extra hours?? lol
I doubt we'll see it because of SR. I mean I would like it and it would work if it was based in the SV time period(meaning him not being Superman) then I could maybe see it happening, but for that to happen I think they have to at least let Welling fly and but I also think that SV has also missed their chance to do that. I mean I would love for it to happen but its just wishful thinking thanks to the movies coming out.
and i thought DTV was same as GTH.. :eek:
I'd like to see it happen. However, I don't think it will. I'd love to see a Smallville DTV that incorporated other heroes and kind of segued into the JL, but I don't think it would happen.

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