SO. How would you reboot Batman?

Nah, I've gotta disagree with that. Of all Batman's villains, Two-Face has the most personal connection to Batman.
So much of Waynes charcter is wrapped up in guilt and Two-Faces character personifies that guilt.

The Joker may be Batmans nemesis but Two-Face is the one who gets under his skin.
So does Joker. Joker is a personal failure he made when he was still a rookie. The Batman of the modern era would never have gone after a patsy like the Red Hood, but he was so over-anxious to take vengence out on criminals that he poorly judged the circumstances a cost some hapless loser his sanity and created the worst villain Gotham has ever seen. They address this in The Killing Joke. Joker is Batman's creation, and he is also a source of personal pain, costing him two sidekicks. I think Two-Face personifies how easily the system is corrupted, and how fragile it is. Harvey Dent was always Two-Face, but he felt protected by the legal system, and when that system failed him he went looney tunes. That doesn't really get under Batman's skin so much as confirm the suspicions he already had. Harvey represented hope, and Batman is frequently portrayed as a tragic figure, so for Harvey's light to slip into dark was a tragedy, but not one Batman hadn't seen before.
I´ll strat with saying that making Ras all ghoul batman´s master was for me a good think and i prefer this new version of ras than the one from the comis but since that was already done i would start with an origin but in a different way
Film 1
I would use almost the first half to tell bruce´s stories with him travelling the world and meeting an ex vigilantie, the reaper from the year 2 comic but without shouing a costume since he in this version would have been a vigilantie that sowes his face but is killed by thugs, the rest of the film shows batman´s first eforts, including meeting a selina kyle when they fight. The villains would be some criminals that used to work for Falcone but now use different people to use a costume creating a figure named the red hood, in the end he accidentally falls into a pit of accid but the film only ends after batman catches Falcone and Harvey is able to send him to jail, having harvey and a rocky police named James Gordon that is not corruptable and does whatever it takes to stop the mafia.

Film 2:
Black Mask would use Sal Maroni to take the empire of falcone but that ends in a mafia war between Maroni family and the Falcone family, Maroni ends up having to go to the juri but he send a bottle of acid to his fave and when harvey tries to get out there begins to be a shooting and something explodes, burning half of his face and killing everybody that was present eccept for harvey.
Two-face begins to wipe the Falcone and Maroni family one per one and batman catches Black Mask who encounter two-face, and two-face kills him, two-face fakes his oun death and batman leaves him alone for the sake of the old times.

Film 3:
The riddler begins to encounter batman and the joker appears and begins to terrorise the city, making batman and everybody else suxpect of the riddler, there are some more crazy parts, the riddler is used as a decoy by the joker and in the end he is caught and sent to Arkham Azylum too.
I also love the direction that Nolan has for Batman so my reboot wouldn't step on his toes. How would I include Harvey Dent/Two Face? I'd use a villian who knows Bruce Wayne is Batman (Bane,Talia,Hush from example)to hire Clayface to impersonate the seemingly returned from the grave Two Face and Ra's Al Ghul in an attempt to make Batman think he's losing his mind as well as bridge the gap between Nolan's vision and mine.
Let me add that I would at least bring back the real Ra's at some point and introduce the Lazeraus Pits. I'd love to see this project an ongoing series of films like the James Bond franchise. I'd love to use all of the classic villians at some point in some capacity from the Joker, the Penguin,the Riddler, Catwoman,Mr.Freeze and the rest while never losing sight of Batman,the center of these films.
I wouldn't reboot at all. I'd just have Hugo Strange kidnapping bums and altering their DNA, transforming them into Feral Monster Men to bring in the fantastic. Rogue Geneticists turning the homeless into walking abominations is as "real" as a cape that can become a glider with electricity, or spying on an entire city by screwing around with cell phones. If you're willing to throw a little half ass explanation in there, much like the other "realistic" gadgets in the Nolan movies, then anything goes.
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