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The Dark Knight Some thoughts re: the success of the ARG


Sep 26, 2005
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Was reading old articles about BB (mmm, cinematography. How I love you Wally Pfister) and came across this:


Nolan adds that his take on Batman is a considerable departure from the stylized, baroque approach director Tim Burton adopted in his 1989 movie Batman. “Tim Burton’s Batman came from a very visionary and idiosyncratic view of the character,” he muses. “It’s a pretty fascinating movie, and it has its place in movie history. But they created an environment for Batman that was as exotic and extraordinary as Batman himself. That worked very well, but Batman has never had a film that portrayed him as an extraordinary figure [amid] a relatively ordinary and recognizable world. That was the thrill I’ve been seeking — the thrill of being amazed and of seeing the ordinary citizens of Gotham be as amazed about Batman as we are.”

I like how that quote explains how the realism works in BB, and how I prefer it to be realistic..or at least plausible. :oldrazz: But it also explains how I feel about how this ARG is working. I mean, we're being recruited by the friggin' JOKER. We're not only feeling that we're in Gotham itself, but that's we're "in" with one of the most iconic villains in history. How awesome is that?

[/really sappy thoughts]
Totally awesome! This is the first time I've been really, super hyped for a movie. Usually it's just OMG TRAILER and then two days later I'm excited about something else. But this has kept my attention for months now, thanks to this ARG (this is also the first ARG that's held my attention)
I know other movies have had slight viral marketing before TDK, like A.I. or The Ring, but this is the first one that actually feels like we're a real part of it. Not just 'posters, trailers, interviews, previews, yay movie, that was fun', it's a full out experiance with the movie as the thrilling conclusion, rather than just the thrilling product.
Great topic and points. It indeed feels way more personal and intense. I feel like I'm living in Gotham and those things are really going on. And I'm already a worshipper of the Joker.
great post. my thoughts exactly, the viral campaign has totally immersed me in Nolan's world and i'm loving every minute of it! i can't stop reading The Gotham Times, i probably reread an article everyday just to keep my mind fresh.
I feel dumb, what does ARG mean?
I am totally in love with how real gotham feels now because of this ARG. I' have been a part of a few but none as fun as this one. The mere fact that we have an actual map of gotham is so exciting. *sorry nerd moment*. I think this is the most successful ARGs in the history of the genere. I for one can only hope that others planning args in the future will look to TDK as a guide point.
Is this bad? I find myself rooting more and more for the jokeer due to this ARG. I've always loved the joker but now i find myself wanting batman to fail just so the joler succeds.

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