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  1. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 09: Secret Wars - The Arrival:

    Spider-Man is thrown down Madame Web's wormhole
    Madame Web: "Are you afraid?"
    Spider-Man: "No"
    Madame Web: " You will be, Spider-Man. You.. Will.. Be"
    She removes her goggles and says "Soon you will face the greatest challenge in your life. Look into my eyes" And she changes his costume colors to negative and paralyze him, he feels this was a trap (understandable).

    New male voice: "This.. is the one? This fragile being? I have great reservations that he could succeed" says Mr. glowing eyes in the sky.
    Madame Web: "Nevertheless... he is the one. He alone can make the difference between existence, and destruction. I'll wager that he may surprise you, put him to the test."
    Glowing eyes in the sky: "I shall, let us begin." And Spider-Man's colors are normal once more. He can move, he's dropped. "Web, what did you...?"
    Glowing eyes: "Greetings.. Spider-Man, Peter Parker."
    Spider-Man: "Who, or what are you?"
    "No doubts I startle you. Let me assume a more familiar form." (and he becomes Shang Tsung with Wolverine/Alistair Smythe hairstyle hybrid.) "Think of me as one from beyond. Call me.. the Beyonderrr." (I won't enter your apartment to request that you teach me how to use the lavatory)
    Beyonder: "My servant.. known as Madame Web.. and I, are beings that can take many forms. We have traveled a long way, and have seen many curiosities."
    Beyonder: "The concept of good and evil perplexed us, but since you are a force of good you were chosen"
    Spider-Man: "For what?"
    Madame Web: "The ultimate test; good against evil"
    Beyonder: "Yes. I want to know which side is stronger" (Haven't you seen enough in your observations?"
    Spidey: "You're crazy. You can't do that"
    Beyonder: "You're wrong. I have an experiment, look" (shows him a planet in a visual portal) "This planet has known peace for centuries. Their technology eliminated problems, evil is an unknown here. I shall introduce evil to this planet"
    Spider-Man objects and webs him, but Beyonder becomes a portal letting the web pass through him and levitates Spider-Man and drops him, does that Ermac attack to him.

    Beyonder's choices for evil are Doctor Octopus, Doctor Doom, Alistair Smythe, Lizard, and Red Skull. "I'll introduce them to this heavenly haven, and make it Heavenly Haven from Judge Dredd the movie".
    Web rejects Spudey's pleas, and Beyonder shows him what the villains do as soon as they reach the planet. (nice and happy planet inhabitants immediately know fear as soon as Lizard is teleported in, they run away from the standing in his place reptile).

    Beyonder speeds time, and shows Spider-Man the results of villains being injected into this world. Spider-Man angrily asks "You have to wreck an entire civilization to prove evil is bad? You're insane"
    Beyonder: "Save this planet or die" and teleports Spider-Man to an isolated lab with a teleporter, and charges it to make Spider-Man able to summon a few allies. "You can only choose a fixed number of allies" (he doesn't tell him the limit) "This computer has data on heroes you need, use it wisely" and vanishes.

    Spider-Man looks at the chessboard showing the villains he's up against, and decides his allies based on what he can think of.
    Doctor Doom? Fantastic Four must be summoned. And Iron Man, the armored avenger to help against armored villain.
    Red Skull? Captain America
    Computer says he can summon one last person, he calls for data on the X-Men and chooses Storm.
    "Bring them here, now"
    And one big laser beam summons them all at once.

    Storm: "What's going on?"
    Spider-Man: "That's my fault, I guess. I brought you here"
    Thing demands an immediate explanation, Iron Man tries to calm him down but Ben is in a bad mood now and tosses him aside. The Golden Avenger pushes back, and the Human Torch joins in on the fight. Mr. Fantastic wants to calm Human Torch down, Spider-Man webs the human matchstick mid flight and that douses his flames. Reed grabs him and places him gently on the floor. Cap calms everyone and says "We've got to figure what's going on"

    And Spider-Sense tingles, Lizard breaks a door and squeezes Spider-Man, blames him for being caged.
    Cap tells the rest to form a perimeter around Lizard, he Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic hold down the Lizard who tosses two of the biggest Avengers with ease, not mention one of them is one of the more powerful members, and then shoves the charging Ben Grimm with ease, and tosses elastic scientist aside. Iron Man stun blasts him, and it works.

    Spider-Man finally explains what's going on.....
    He can't say the name of the planet or the location of the Beyonder, both are mysteries to him.

    Iron man examines the equipment and is impressed by what he sees, whoever was here was able to restrain the Lizard.
    Reed wonders why this place in a planet controlled by villains is vacant, Ben and Torch are bent on wanting to fight Spider-Man, Lizard breaks a wall to leave. The heroes go after the Lizard and Spider-Man senses danger, Lizard was gone and is suddenly tossed out of sand A giant worm with no eyes gets out, and another one, and they are four. Spider-Man tells everyone to head back to the lab and they run.

    On worm attacks Cap and Spidey, other heroes attack it. Storm is grabbed by another worm as she attacks this one and is saved by Iron Man.

    They run, Lizard is unconscious, Spider-Man wants to save him, Iron Man is surprised at Spider-Man saying the creature is his friend, Susan Storm picks him up and they enter the lab.

    Susan forms a barrier to keep the giant worms out, Reed finds that Spider-Man was telling the truth, and this was a fortress against villains, the worms were protection against villains (how were they summoned to this area? Or how did the freedom fighters build nest in this dangerous area?)

    They figure this place had its own force-field generator, but it ran out of power cause Lizard smashed the generator. Susan is growing tired of keeping her force-field up with all the worms pounding.
    Spider-Man suggests that Storm should summon electricity to recharge this force-field, she does, and the barrier protects them and pushes the worms away.

    Lizard is on an operating table. Reed thinks he can revive him, and scan shows him there are two minds within this body, the savage one is unconscious, and Reed revives the mind of Connors to awaken him.

    Connors is awakened, briefed, and agrees to join the fight on the side of his friends.
    Amends are made, alliances are forged, they all agree to face the evil to show Beyonder that good can win. Madame Web and her master (they never met in the comics) view this thing, Web is pleased with Spider-Man, Beyonder is still not satisfied.

    Spider-Man records his memories of this battle, so this should not stick to being a Secret War.


    There is some goofiness in Beyonder's plans, but this is a solid start.
    4.25/5 Tremor worms

    This show did not run out of movie references yet.
  2. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 10: Secret Wars - The Gauntlet of the Red Skull:

    Michael Morbius and Blade fly to the castle to hunt Miriam (poor Michael can no longer work on his ambition of being able to cure the victims of the rare disease in his country with all that happened to him. At least he can still do some good as Blade's ally), they corner her, but she was the one luring the two to a trap door (Morbius can fly, he didn't do that to carry Blade and stop falling?), and the two are captives by her new children by the main gate.

    Black Cat jumps down to be at the Vampire Queen's throat, Morbius and Blade break loose of their captors, and Miriam can suddenly walk free from the grasp of the super soldier formula injected lady, the two heroes are shocked to see their feline ally lose her balance and suddenly disappear.

    Back to the world under the tyranny of villains, Iron Man and Doctor Connors work to repair the transporter to fully materialize Black Cat with them, it's rather hard to handle this alien technology, but they succeed.to bring her in and that frustrates her due to the terrible timing. Cap and Cat are in conversation, both are shocked at the other ones presence (more at youth and mood, respectively).

    Black Cat is briefed on the situation, and then they are in contact with Storm and the planet natives on her side, that troop gives Spider-Man and group 10 hours to be on location before they assault Red Skull's area from the rear end. Cap is not satisfied, he''s scolding Spider-Man for going in on a dangerous mission under staffed, hardly prepared, and travel through a deadly wasteland. Black Cat is further infuriated for being dragged away from an important task to a suicide mission and leaves the room.

    This lab has material for Spider-Man to make more webbing and he recharges his shooters. Iron Man, Captain America, and Doctor Connors prepare the hover van for their trip.
    Spider-Man talks to Black Cat, tries to calm her down, but she has the right to be as mad as she is, and walks away from him.

    Cut to the middle of their trip, a sandstorm bogs the engine with sand.


    Iron Man did not protect his suit against that, it's a wonder he can walk in it without it sucking sand at that time.

    Spider-Man sticks a web to a rock, it falls, and changes his mind about swinging in this sandstorm.

    They walk in a volcanic area, rocks fall, they dodge, and Iron Man shatters what comes close to him. Cap thinks it is unwise to keep walking through, but Spider-Man wants to end this soon. They march forward.

    Cut to the fortress of the Red Skull, he managed to enslave some of the aliens inhabiting this planet and making them NAZIs. Smythe (he likes to take orders) works for Skull to build another Spider-Slayer, he calls it; the Cyber Skull.
    Skull is impressed and shows Alistair a surprise of his own; Doc Ock offered to share his technology to turn against Doctor Doom who coveted his kingdom.

    Neither Ock nor Skull care for the other guy, one of them is willing to destroy the other after gaining their goal. Al hears orders from Skull and an offer from Ock.

    Cut back to Spidey and friends, they march through a land of geysers which all suddenly burst and the gang suddenly need to avoid them. Iron Man and Connors walk to an area of sliding rocks, Iron Man avoids some until one rock hits his power generator and damages it.

    Spider-Man suggests he should take the lead, cause his warning system will make them aware of looming danger. Cap agrees and suggests taking the rear with Black Cat.
    As they walk in that lineup, Cap asks and receives the -distilled version- origin story of Black Cat. Cap is impressed, Spidey is jealous.

    They see the fortress of the Red Skull from a distance, Spidey sense tingles, and landslide happens and drops them, lava is pouring and the folks are running to escape a crevice filling up with lava.

    They escape, the damage to Iron Man's suit is taking its toll on his heart now that he needs to recharge. Connors tinker with the suit a bit to deactivate aviary and power up other functions, and Tony can walk now.

    The rebels with Storm are not willing to wait any more, and they fight from front.
    Iron Man climbs from the rear side by side with Connors, Spider-Man and Connors may have to help him, but Spider-Man and the rest swing ahead of these two. The superheroes activate the alarm of security breach, and Smythe activates his guardian slayers only for them to be destroyed.

    The heroes break into the building and fight the super villains, the former gain the upperhand for now and Ock and Skull walk their separate ways to escape this fortress. They need to aid the rebels against the robots from the inside by deactivating them, Black Cat chases after the Red Skull, and Smythe doesn't have the heart to continue working on this stuff, he wants to get back to help his father, and believes Spider-Man can help him do that.

    Ock Rendezvous with Skull and grabs Cat hostage while he's on her rear with a surprise attack, Spider-Man's mission is a success and now he needs to save her from the treacherous duo.

    This mission is done, those two get away flying, and may be forgotten by the show creator by the next episode. Black Cat is now happy to be in this mission and forgets what she learned from Spider-Man two episodes ago about the importance of loyalty and kisses him in the mouth.

    Morbius and Blade failed to find Miriam and her goons, they all escaped the castle. Both talk about Black Cat and Morbius feels she is safe.
    This plot of vampire hunting will remain unfinished to this day.


    Better than the previous episode, albeit being a bit fast paced.
    4.5/5 forgotten subplots
  3. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 11: Secret Wars - Doom:

    "Secret War log entry No. 19" is a recap of what Ock said last episode about Doom taking over his kingdom, but Spider-Man and Doc Connors are flying over a wasteland of remains that was once Ock's Kingdom.

    The two stop the vehicle somewhere and step out of it, a rendezvous point with the Fantastic Four who went to New Latveria off screen last episode, the four are nowhere to be found.

    Spider-Sense, robot tentacles grab the two and pick them up. Doc Connors is fighting back, and he broke the tentacles he was tied to, and he's in feral rage. Tentacle grabbing Spider-Man left hold of him for no reason after the robot surfaced, it started shooting laser and Spider-Man dodged the shots with ease (but not the slow moving tentacle).
    The robot turns to Lizard again, Spider-Man webs two legs, and the Lizard hits it with one swipe with the tentacle he pulled off destroying the robot entirely.

    Lizard is down, Spider-Man walks to him and receives a backhand attack, Lizard wants to chew his head off but Spider-Man calls him Doctor Connors and he snaps out of it. Using his strength awakens the reptile side of his conscience again, and the doctor remember Reed Richards and asks where is he. Spider-Man uses his homing device to locate the man and his team, only to find their ship destroyed and three of the members on the ground.

    Reed rises to ask Sue if she's alright, she's fine. Spider-Man asks what happened and Reed tells him about the robot bugs ambush that got them when they flew low to evade detection, they knocked them down and picked the Thing to fly him away.
    Spider-Man: "Why did he focus on Ben?"
    Mr. Fantastic: "I don't know. But if we don't get him we may not see him again. To New Latveria"

    Ben is chained in Doom's castle, Doom wants to know how all of the players got here and why. Ben refuses and is tortured.

    The Fantastic Three and the other two are walking, Spidey thinks they need reinforcements, but Mr. Fantastic rushes to the domain of his enemy.
    Flashback to the Fantastic Four's origin, before the movies decided to make Dr. Doom part of the origin.
    Human Torch: " That's why he can never forgive himself for what happened to Ben."

    They kept walking to their target area, never met with an attack on the way there. They reach the walls and the gates open up for them.
    The nation inside is impressively peaceful and pleasant, all characters caught up to Reed who does not trust his old college acquaintance.
    An announcer declares the heroes are invited to Doom's castle for tea.

    Ben is not a golem unless he presses a button on his wrist watch, Doom's torture device did him that favor.
    Doom walks down stairs to greet them, and talks like a goat to tell them his rule is benevolent and safe from the threats of the likes of Red Skull and Doctor Octopus.

    Doctor Doom removes his helmet to show no scars, his accent emulates that of Count Dracula. Reed is upset and Ben defends him, the rest of the heroes of this episode fight the oncoming robots and lose. Doom announces they will face trial.

    Ben tries to talk Victor out of that trial, and the former is gently strong armed to convince him to give their enemy the information he seeks, then they go to the teleportation device. Doctor Doom sets the coordinates he gauged on his way here to the source of the power that brought them to this world, and he absorbs the Beyonder into himself despite Madame Web watching... and doing nothing.

    Back in new castle Doom, both the doctor and his guest are teleported there.
    Doom looks at the climax battle from last episode in a way it didn't happen, sends the villains from then home, and brings the battling heroes to his castle.

    Some aural exchange happens, power and responsibility speech is delivered, Lizard is out of control again, all guests other than Ben are out of Doom's lair.

    50 miles away from the castle, the Lizard mentality subsides all of a sudden. Characters want to turn against Doom to make him let go of his powers, and Doom hits them with a very very big rock, and then he takes a nap.

    Characters break out of their prison, they are weary and lie down. Spider-Man moves forward in stock character footage, but not stock background.

    Doctor Doom cannot control the powers in his sleep, Beyonder teleports monsters to this world and Ben Grimm activates his golem powers again to fight some of the demons. Doom is awakened with a kick and he fights. Heroes barge in and a bigger battle ensues, the endgame, the battle of standing facing him, to be covered by tightening powers hurting them.

    Ben uses the tool of the governor to split Beyonder from Doom, and the battle ends like that, good triumphs over evil, heroes are going home with no memory of what transpired, except for Spider-Man, who still has an important job to perform, the climax of the show, and of Spider-Man's journey.


    Not a bad ending part
    4.25/5 molecule splitters
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  4. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 12: Spider Wars - I really, Really Hate Clones:

    One war arc starts immediately after another one ends.

    Beyonder: "We came a long way, through time... and space"
    Spider-Man is taken to his city, burning buildings everywhere, no sign of life on the streets, the town is destroyed all the way from Manhattan to Queens.
    Beyonder returns to him, Spider-Man wants answers, and the reply is "You did this, Spider-Man".

    Spider-sense, Beyonder vanishes and Spider-Man jumps off the building they were standing on before it fully collapsed from Hobgoblin's bomb.
    Both Hobgoblin and Green Goblin (Norman's voice, not Harry's) are leveling the city together much to Spider-Man's shock. Spider-Man follows the completely insane duo.

    Cut to the Daily Bugle that is in just as poor a condition as every other building, Jonah Jameson continues his radio podcast (two decades before Insomniac's game) with tired desperation tone in his voice, Spider-Man placed the city under siege, and the Goblins strike the office, Hobgoblin announces everyone is dead with a maniac laugh (doesn't fit his usual greedy motif and reason behind operating). The two nuts want Jameson to give them access to his microwave dish.

    Robbie is tossed out the broken wall for outliving his usefulness, Spider-Man grabs him and lands him on the streets below, Robbie is ticked at our confused Spider-Man who swings back to the Bugle to reach the Goblins.

    Spider-Man webs the whole in the wall to drop the two Goblins back, webs the Green one, all three members are confused, Hobgoblin realizes and tells Green Goblin this is not their boss, and the latte breaks out of the webs he was tied with to attack Spider-Man.
    Hobgoblin tossed a baby doll bomb and Spider-Man escapes quickly down the elevator shaft as the bomb levels the entire building.
    Out of a manhole exits a shocked Spider-Man, the building is destroyed.

    Jonah is upset to see his life work gone down the drains, Hobgoblin uses the man's hand print to use the dishes and pushes him aside. Spider-Man grabs the mad (rage, not insanity) newspaper publisher and descends him slowly to street level with a single webline, to crawl up to the roof, and the Goblins got away.

    Carnage tentacles grab a surprised Spidey, he's facing a Carnage infused Spider-Man, Spider-Carnage announced he wondered why the idiot goblins were too slow to do their job, and he calls Spider-Man his clone (all these revelations are enough to drive a person insane, I gotta admit this cartoon Spider-Man has a real strong mind to not be driven bonkers by all of this, unlike what they did to the comic version of the character of confusing his identity in the overly stretched clone saga). Spider-Carnage was pulling Spider-Man with his tentacles, and is confused to see Spider-Man suddenly teleported away.

    In Madame Web's place, Beyonder is tired (is he Raiden from Mortal Kombat now? Being tired is an addition here), the lady lets him rejuvenate himself on her life support system because they are weakened away from their home dimension. Spider-Man asks for her help and she points him to see the other Spider-Men (who were standing silent until their time to talk came).

    Spider-Man turns around to see another normal Spider-Man, Spider-Man with Ock's tentacles and goggles, Scarlet-Spider, armored Spider-Man, and a six armed Spidey.
    Iron-Spider doesn't like not being the one in charge, he's cocky and arrogant. Spider-Man unmasks himself to say he's the real Spider-Man, the real Peter Parker (but doesn't comment that arrogant Iron Man Spidey has his same voice like Spider-Carnage does, although this one sounds clear). Six Arms, Spider-Ock (long before Superior), and armored one unmask to show they are different Peter's from alternate dimensions.

    The other normal Spider-Man replies to our confused Spider-Man with "I'm merely a normal person who doesn't share your powers or experience".
    Scarlet-Spider unmasks himself to show a fair haired flattop, Spider-Man doesn't think he wants to hear the story of this one, but he's the Spider-Man of this damaged world, his story is the most important one.

    "My name is Ben Reilly, I was cloned and confused, had an existential crisis, but Connors told me I might be the real one, and that angered the other Spider-Man even more. The clone kept wearing my old costume and he doesn't believe he's a clone, he hates me. I fought Kingpin in his lair once, time dilation accelerator portal was opened, Spider-Clone fought me there and a Carnage symbiote came out of portal and bonded with him."

    Our Spider-Man: "That sounds like a bad comic book plot"
    That expresses the thoughts of many comic readers at the time, all the readers who were confused and bored at how the clone saga unfolded. I wasn't a huge comic fan back then.

    Other Spider-Men ask what this has to do with them, Beyonder shows them what this Peter Parker has in mind for the future, destroying all realities with one bomb just a bit bigger than his head.
    (How did this Spider-Man know of alternate realities? The portal device is supposed to just move from one spot to the next in the same dimension. There is no alternate explanation for the portal device of this world)

    "This didn't happen yet" Beyonder said "You can stop it"
    "We can't use our powers in this dimension for long" Madame Web answers Spider-Ock's question (and mine).

    Spider-Men go on their quest, and the other masked guy stays behind.
    Our Spider-Man apologizes to Beyonder and assures him they will secure the safety of the worlds. They swing to Kingpin Tower, and Ultimate Slayer Smythe is working for him here. (Kingpin is not shocked by the destruction, but he allies himself with the mad clone for some odd reason, even though he's really scared of him)

    Spider-Men break through the building from ground level, a surveillance camera shows the 5 and shock anger Kingpin who summons the goblins. The five work on deactivating building security and Hobgoblin enters the place with security forces for Spider-Men to face. Rich idiot hits Hobgoblin with knock-out gas, knocking Spider-Ock with their enemy. Beyonder brings him to them.

    Green Goblin and more security forces are in the armory, Spider-Doofus is stun blasted (an armor that expensive and nothing against stun blasts? So cocky) and taken away by Beyonder while the remaining three Spider-Men take care of everything. The mutated one picks up a bunch of sonic grenades and puts them in his bag, uses one of them to knock :gg: off his glider.

    They reach the top floor, have the upper hand for quite a while until mutated Spidey becomes Man-Spider and turns on his allies. Another reminder that our Spider-Man is mentally more resilient than other versions, he didn't turn on heroes so fast and focused more on helping Morbius even in his deranged state of mind.


    Not a bad start for a finale
    4.5/5 Dimensions and clones
  5. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 13: Spider Wars - Farewell, Spider-Man:

    Beyonder: "Spider-Carnage did not detonate the device yet. We are powerless to stop him"
    Guy in Spidey suit: "How can I help?"

    Man-Spider tosses Scarlet-Spider away, Ultimate Slayer Smythe breaks out of webbing, Man-Spider tosses our Spidey away and Smythe starts shooting him with his shoulder laser, our Spidey defends himself by dodging and kicking Smythe, tying him to a rotating table.
    Man-Spider picks up the Scarlet one again, Spider-Man jumps to save him but Man-Spider tosses our Spidey away.

    Spider-Carnage is working on the portal signal boost, it's complete at last. Kingpin gives him the control and he activates the portal as Man-Spider is holding both of his allies now.

    The actor is teleported there, he uses a sonic grenade to stun his enemies while he works on the controls but Carnage recovered quickly and grabbed him.
    Beyonder tells Madame Web to thank Spider-Man before he teleports Man-Spider away from the battle and both go to Beyonder's home world.

    Kingpin doesn't believe the truth told by the actor, Spider-Man and Scarlet-Spider tell him to believe, and a shock happens because of the portal magnified by the microwave relay dish.
    Spider-Carnage tells them to shut up and grabs the two Spideys and promises obliteration, Kingpin tackles Carnage and the latter activates the timer on the bomb for 20 seconds.

    Portal is closed by Scarlet removing the accelerator from the portal enhancer and closes it, but the massive bomb is blown up anyway and doesn't destroy this world apparently, cause Kingpin is moved to prison in a world with no life after his tower is destroyed? (Maybe they shouldn't have made the access denied thing in the bomb)

    Madame Web got the spiders and the actor out, but looks like Smythe and everyone else died in Kingpin's tower. (this is startling)
    The lady opens a window to find Spider-Carnage doing his stuff in another dimension, but she doesn't know which world yet (how did she find him?) and searched until she showed them the Peter Parker Science Foundation in Iron-Spider's dimension, the idiot is still paralyzed. Madame Web can only send one to that world, not with pinpoint accuracy, and she sends our Spidey who volunteers for the task as the leader of this group.

    Spidey is in that dimension, people love him, they cheer for him non-stop until he enters his counterparts building, and is greeted by Gwen Stacy, the fiancee of cocky Spider-Man to tell him about the exhibit and the speech he's supposed to give him.

    Gwen told him to stay and walked out of the room, but he needs to find Carnage soon and leaves to find him until he comes across a giant spider-man robot (it may not look like it, but it was inspired by the Marveller from Japanese Spider-Man TV show of the 1970s). Spider-Man notices a voice responding module on the side of its head, and realizes it responds to voice commands from Peter Parker. Spider-Carnage is controlling the robot from a far via microphone commanding it to destroy our Spider-Man, but our Spider-Man counters it by ordering the robot to put him down. The constant back and forth is too much for the robot to handle and instead of its arm joint stiffening from constant motion, it head blows up and it loosens its grip on our Spidey who leaps to a wall.

    Mary Jane of this world is in her party gown, she enters the place after hearing some noise (And has a southern accent to some reason), and Peter greets her by dropping down,

    I wanted to use this gif for this point before I started my latest binge watching of this series

    unmasking himself and hugging her (dude, I know you're excited, but this is harassment). Her aunt Anna enters looking for her niece and apologizes to Peter. Peter says he loves her, Anna is happy, and MJ goes back to the party (losing her Southern accent). These are not the two this Peter knows, he turns around, and Gwen "Care to explain what this was all about?" (how did she pop in this fast now? And witness the whole thing?), Gwen is upset believing this is her Peter.

    A group enters the place; Jonah Jameson (Peter's Godfather, :hehe:), Flash Thompson "Where's that cool Spidey armor?", Harry Osborn "You know Pete, always full of surprises", Joe Robertson "Why don't we get him to the people who paid good money to see our star here?", Deborah Whitman, and Liz Allan.

    Wilson Fisk soon follows, he's Peter's lawyer :-)hehe:) in this world, he needs him to sign papers in his office. Peter is chained in his counterparts office (or Fisk's?) seat, it has chains (why?), and a secret lab behind the wall (I guess this is Peter's office) where Carnage is waiting (how did he know this much?).
    Fisk is power hungry in this world too, Spider-Man still can't break out of his chains in this cartoon, Spider-Carnage webs his mouth, the two villains go down.

    Gwen (she's a deus-ex machina in this episode) timely comes to easily remove the webbing (super powered Smythe had trouble breaking out of) in and explains her tracer link with her fiancee, and unchains the man.

    Spider-Carnage is giving his speech, our Spider-Man interrupts, the two Spider-Men fight, Gwen uses the sonic blaster on the symbiote as our Pete is about to get axed, Fisk stops her and Spider-Carnage kidnaps her and threatens her death if he was followed.

    Spider-Man breaks out of the symbiote bonds (at least he can break out of something that ties him up/down), Fisk is shocked by Carnage's revelation of plans of destruction, and Spider-Man swings out alluding to the other world's Fisk being tricked by the same promised made by Arkham Knight Spider-Carnage.

    Spider-Man is swinging after Carnage, stops and thinks that he's facing himself, and he needs a person who might be alive in this world (there was nothing to make him believe that, not even cocky Spider-Man's speech), and goes to get that person.
    Iron-Spider: "Why is he not going to save my girlfriend"
    Madame Web: "He's using his head, at long last" (he's been doing that without your assist you annoying thing, and that's how he impressed you in Secret Wars, he needed his head to impress the duo of you and Beyonder)

    Gwen: "What are you doing?"
    Carnage: "I'll ignore how popular I am here, and destroy all realities, even if I have to do it one by one" (still, how did he know about other realities? How to use the portal device? How to insert coordinates? What coordinates to press? And why this show is pretty rushed)

    Peter finds him using the heartbeat tracer Gwen told him about, shows him uncle Ben, Ben calms Carnage down and Carnage ends his life without destroying worlds (or another world?).

    This Ben and our Peter are happy to meet. Ben's actor sounds quite like Cliff Robertson.

    Our Peter heads to the dimension of the actor where he meets Stan Lee, the coolest appearance of the man anywhere, swings him, and Madame Web takes Spider-Man away leaving poor Stan stranded on a roof under the sun of midday.

    They're going to get the MJ of this show back, this show ends.


    3.5/5 Suicide Portals

    This was an awkward way to end the show. Not the best episode it could have been, but it has some of the best moments in this series, or any other Spider-Man series. The moments with Ben were almost untopped until Spectacular Spider-Man animated gave us that great screen time for Ben Parker in the episode 'Intervensions', voiced by the voice actor of the best J. Jonah Jameson in animated form; Edward Asner.
  6. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
    Likes Received:

    This is how season 5 concludes, and it pleases me to say this season is mostly good when it comes to storytelling, and it suffers mostly from moments of shoddy animation, and almost suffers because of how some stock footage is poorly placed. I do have to admit that there are moments of properly placed and used stock footage, they really outnumber moments of poorly placed stock footage, so bravo on the animating crew for working that out.

    Average rating for the season

    The weaker episodes hurt the average score quite a bit, at least only one episode is a 6/10 score, and maybe a total of 3 episodes of this 13 episodes run score under 7/10.
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  7. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    Average rating for the series
    7.1/10 is pretty solid, but this score is only about storytelling power.

    Spider-Man is made to be unable to break out of chains in this show, his strength is nerfed down significantly, sometimes he appears to be more powerful than most of the time, and his foes overpower him sometimes the more experienced he gets.

    Stock animation is mostly confusing and poorly positioned, even with season 5 improving on it, it's not enough to make up for how under polished the rest of the times this happened.

    Enemies like Hobgoblin and Green Goblin are quick studies to an extreme level, them being two fun villains did not change the fact that they are far more competent than the series should have allow them to be.
    Other enemies seem to have inconsistent power levels, and that gets more distracting the more you sit through the show, and the more you binge watch it gets even worse.

    Christopher Daniel Barnes is great most of the times, so is Jennifer Hale, but they still have moments of awkward voice acting.
    The rest of the voice cast range in quality, but the main cast delivered some impressive and properly memorable delivery most of the time.

    I'll quote something another member said a few times on other message boards I frequent through the years about this show coloring (which applies mostly during day time footage) choice being poor.

    The take on villains in this show is underwhelming, the more you get exposed to great runs and enjoy them like the old Stan Lee stuff, a good portion of J.M.S. work, the best material by the likes of Marv Wolfman, Roger Stern, J.M DeMatteis, and Peter David, the more disappointment you find in this series, it sours the experience of this show, even if it doesn't ruin it.

    As @Spidey_62 pointed out though, there are things to admire in how ambitious this series is. The overarching storytelling is pretty reasonable, it made some things that are better than the comics did, and it gave us some good music to enjoy and build a good mood for better enjoyment of the show.

    Overall, I'll stick to the 7/10 score for the whole product.
    I love every single person who took the time to read my reviews, I hope you enjoyed most of them.

    Next I'll be tackling Spider-Man Unlimited, and point out every reason that show should not be considered a continuation of this show, cause the Spider-Verse comic event called them the same universe.
  8. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    A rundown of the best episodes (score 4/5 and higher):

    1. SEASON 03 - EPISODE 05: Rocket Racer: 4.8/5
    2. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 07: Enter the Punisher: 4.75/5
    3. SEASON 03 - EPISODE 06: Framed: 4.75/5
    4. SEASON 04 - EPISODE 08: The Return of the Green Goblin: 4.75/5
    5. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 02: Six Forgotten Warriors - Part 1: 4.7/5
    6. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 12: Spider Wars - I really, Really Hate Clones: 4.5/5
    7. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 04: Six Forgotten Warriors - Secrets of the Six: 4.5/5
    8. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 08: The Return of Hydroman - Part 2: 4.5/5
    9. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 10: Secret Wars - The Gauntlet of the Red Skull: 4.5/5
    10. SEASON 01 - EPISODE 06: Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous: 4.5/5
    11. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 03: Hydro-Man: 4.5/5
    12. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 04: The Mutant Agenda: 4.5/5
    13. SEASON 03 - EPISODE 10: Venom Returns: 4.5/5
    14. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 01: The Wedding: 4.25/5
    15. SEASON 04 - EPISODE 02: The Cat: 4.25/5
    16. SEASON 01 - EPISODE 10: The Alien Costume, Part 3: 4.25/5
    17. SEASON 03 - EPISODE 07: The Man Without Fear: 4.25/5
    18. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 11: Secret Wars - Doom: 4.25/5
    19. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 09: Secret Wars - The Arrival: 4.25/5
    20. SEASON 05 - EPISODE 05: Six Forgotten Warriors - The Six Fight Again: 4/5
    21. SEASON 01 - EPISODE 01: Night of the Lizard: 4/5
    22. SEASON 01 - EPISODE 07: Kraven the Hunter: 4/5
    23. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 05: Mutants Revenge: 4/5
    24. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 06: Morbius: 4/5
    25. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 08: Duel of the Hunters: 4/5
    26. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 10: The Immortal Vampire: 4/5
    27. SEASON 02 - EPISODE 11: Tablet of Time: 4/5
    28. SEASON 03 - EPISODE 08: The Ultimate Slayer: 4/5
    29. SEASON 03 - EPISODE 09: Tombstone: 4/5
    30. SEASON 04 - EPISODE 03: The Black Cat: 4/5
    31. SEASON 04 - EPISODE 11: The Prowler: 4/5

    31 out of 65 episodes is not a bad run
  9. The Caped Knight Shield Avenger

    Apr 9, 2004
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    To this day I still love this theme and when I play a Spider-Man game, I've got this hooked up in the background

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  10. Herofan Registered

    Jan 7, 2016
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    I thought that sequence was both really entertaining and a good symbolism of that Peter was feeling a lot of self-loathing.

    Maybe it's in part nostalgia but I like it a lot. I don't dislike (occasional) kid protagonist episodes and thought Taina was a good character as was Mousie (admittedly them succeeding as much as they did was too much at the expense of Doc Ock but oh well). I remember rewatching it in the 2002 DVD and and thinking great, daring idea to do a Spider-Man episode kind of without Spider-Man, him not the protagonist, him doing bad but believably and not really bad, and I still think that's a cool concept that was well-done (a little diminished by the context of it being soon after the Man-Spider and Dormamu cult episodes but not by much).
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  11. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    That self loathing bit is an interesting idea, but nothing in the show really implemented that he had much of that idea before letting the burglar run past him.

    I enjoy it, but I also enjoy Batman & Robin, this episode might be a bit better than that movie.
  12. Herofan Registered

    Jan 7, 2016
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    What I meant was that the retelling with that sequence, with the sequence added (or even it had always occurred), reflected that Peter felt a lot of self-loathing in his present due to messing up early in the episode and feeling pretty resented by a lot of the public generally, it tied in well with that even though he felt his origin and motivation were very important he still felt that he had to quit.
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  13. The Caped Knight Shield Avenger

    Apr 9, 2004
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    Happy 25th Anniversary Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Fyi the episodes are now in order on Disney +.
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  14. The Caped Knight Shield Avenger

    Apr 9, 2004
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  15. Jettisoned the damage doesn't look as bad from out here...

    Oct 14, 2014
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    Am I the only one who gained a preference for Hydro Man over the Sandman through this show? I always thought Hydro Man made for a great and fearsome adversary on this show.
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  16. Spidey_62 This is so not spandex

    Aug 6, 2009
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    The first Hydro-Man episode is often underrated, I don't know why I see people say they dislike that one so much because it's an excellent 20 minute story with some of the show's best animation. The idea of taking a villain with those kind of powers and making them a creepy, obsessed stalker is such a good idea because he could literally go anywhere to follow MJ with relative ease and was extremely powerful. Spidey got to use his brains to slow him down, MJ got to shine and use her brains, the both of them beat him together. It's a really good one with some potent backbone. Plus Hydro-Man legit died at the end of it because the one that comes back is a clone.

    Speaking of that, this may be a more controversial opinion but I think the Return of Hydro-Man is actually a very good 2 part story from this show. It's filled with some good mystery, has a crazy mysterious cliffhanger, and the 2nd part has some really good emotional heft seeing Spidey at his most desperate and emotionally vulnerable. I think it was a smart way to finally get a version of the original clone saga in the show, it totally does its own thing building from its own continuity but makes something really strong with it. It's weird and different but it's also an effective dramatic story!
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  17. Shinobi Shaw The Black King of THC

    Mar 22, 2018
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    His first episode is in my top five favorites of this series. Liked the crazed stalker angle they went with him.
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  18. The Caped Knight Shield Avenger

    Apr 9, 2004
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  19. Spider-Aziz Gomez Adams and Mulan

    Oct 11, 2010
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    I love how the show utilized him, but it didn't make me like him more than Sandman as an adversary.


    It's an excellent entry, and a very enjoyable episode.
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