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  1. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    I too like the MTV series, it's fun, and I think I like it a bit more than this one right now.
    Being busy happens when I talk about something, I pause a lot to comment on stuff piece by piece. And I'm glad that my revision of that Sinister Six title is up to your liking. :)

    I remember Sam Ruby, been following it since early 2000 I believe. The site went down once, then brought back up again, then went down again and was never reactivated. :(

    I enjoy the show enough to not let most of its sloppiness bother me while I'm watching without commenting, but I won't use its ambitiousness in defense for any sloppiness I mention in it.
    Oh God. I look forward to cutting those overly fast paced episodes from the seems, they should be entertaining to break down. My most anticipated episode is 'The Wedding'.
  2. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 04: The Mutant Agenda:

    Alright, so the source material for this story is a bit complicated, and the source has nothing to do with a mutagenic disease. The story is a 5 parts thing that started in the newspaper strip by Stan Lee, and four parts mini series followed it by Steven Grant. I know the writers names but not the artists, and so I won't mention them.
    The newspaper strips are generally a conituity of their own, but I think the mini that continued the story is somehow considered canon to the 616 world... not that it matters anyway, it's not involved in the main continuity in a way that requires you to read it, and if there is anything important in it expect to find sufficient recap in the comic that relies on it for continuity.

    Moving on, back to the episode. It's written by John Semper jr and J.M. DeMatteis. Teleplay credit goes to Michael Edens, who was an important part of the X-Men TAS writers.

    This episode starts in a way that makes the previous episode seem like filler, but then you'll wonder why this seemingly filler episode is made instrumental to the main plot of the series when you reach season 5.

    Ok. Spider-Man starts terrified, he's going to be a mutant, so he goes to visit an world's most prestigious authority on genetic mutation, goes to his house, and tries to enter through the skylight instead of the main door.
    He's captured by a mechanical trapping arm, and it suddenly turns to a metallic straitjacket fitted exactly on his size and tossed him in what is probably the basement.

    An encounter with the X-Men, and Spider-Man breaks out of his straitjacket to web them and get away. Rogue should be able to catch him easily, but she can't cut webbing with her Captain Marvel powers, she jogs with her team instead of flying to catch up to a slow crawling webhead.
    I think Greg Weisman should count his blessings in not being allowed to handle the bigger Marvel Universe for his Spider-Man show, cause he'd have to deal with some uncomfortable use of power confrontation story mechanics.
    Watch Young Justice for a reference, Black Canary shouldn't be able to unbalance Superboy, but she does anyway.

    Danger Room scene is cool, especially that Storm quote and Spider-Man emulating her. As a religious person, I will not quote something that sounds like prayer, especially one not calling to God.

    A fight ensues until Jean shuts the program under command from Cyclops. Wolverine is still eager to fight the intruder until he is interrupted by Charles Xavier who asks Spider-Man about the purpose of his visit.

    One thing to note is how much the X-Men's voice actors sound better here than they do in their own cartoon, every time I want to try watching their cartoon I turn around and stop playing cause their voice director aimed them to talk like their characters have some form of autism. I wonder how so many fans of that show praise the voice acting instead of calling it out for how bad it really is.

    The stuff that follow with Spider-Man explaining himself to the professor, and the discussions that follow between the X-Members is some great stuff, the scene is pretty powerful and well done.

    A look at Herbert Langdon, why is Hobgoblin alive to blackmail him? And how does he know what Kingpin's watchdogs don't know? And why is Kingpin still heavily involved here in a story that focuses on the X-Men?

    Herbert reveals his honorable and humane project, he needs one final test before the press conference, and cut to Dr. Hank McCoy trying to tell Spider-Man about the Brand Corporation, giving good word about our humane doctor, only for Brand mercenaries to capture blue boy after Spider-Man leaves.

    Comic fans should remember the name of the Brand corporation from Roger Sterns 80s run on the Amazing Spider-Man, and his prior run on Spectacular title, he involved them enough times in his work to make them a recognized brand. That is the corporation that turned Tarantula to a mutated spider, so it's perfect poetry for them to be included in a season about mutagenic disease of the Man-Spider.

    A look back at uncle Ben, after Spider-Man apologizes to MJ looking at her through her room's window. Why did you try to go steady with her last episode you weirdo?
    Oh yeah, a reminder from uncle Ben that he must never give up, so he goes to Brand Corporation speech to learn about the thing Beast told him about.
    But before that lecture, Wolverine is worried about Beast.

    Presentation time, but first Peter is talking to a girl named Cissily (Cissy Ironwood? Makes sense to have Peter's girlfriend from Marvel Team-Up book who was written and used exclusively by the comic book writer famously known for handling X-Men; Chris Claremont) outside the presentation hall

    "Hobgoblin! I guess this meeting's adjourned"
    I want to know who did he blackmail to repair his glider.

    Langdon is the villain behind kidnapping Beast? Oh dear.
    Hey doc, there is a flaw in your plan for destroying mutants in the world; it's too expensive, and doesn't want to think about the future born mutants.

    Hobgoblin is still funny, but either they nerfed down his maneuverability skills for this episode, or Spider-Man improved at dodging him.

    Cool, first part
    I'll give it: 4.5/5 adamantium hair strands
  3. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 05: Mutants Revenge:

    Episode starts right where the last one stopped, and that seems to be a habit whenever Hobgoblin is involved in an arc. Wolverine fights Spider-Man, a pumpkin bomb is tossed by Jack 'O Lantern there (not for the cartoon, but that's him, the first one anyway). Spider-Man asks Logan what is wrong with him not caring about the goofball tossing one his weapons at them (who provides him with more of those?), Goblin tosses another bomb, and Spider-Man webs his hand sending him away before tossing his third. Wolverine is still mad about Beast not being found he continues fighting Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin flies away trying to cut the web on his head with a mini disc-ax.

    A surveillance camera, Hobgoblin sees it and steps on it to break it with his glider, intruder alarm goes. Langdon sees Wolverine and Spider-Man fighting so he orders attacking them with missiles cause mutant scum, and we get a look at the first, and only, stock character model animation on a different background, and it looks poorly cropped.

    The reason older animation shows could get away with this is that they didn't have to crop characters from their background, animators drew characters on transparent sheets and ran them on the background sheet, made the match up better suited. For this show it seems they kept character models and background on the same sheets, so they needed to crop him out.

    Next shot is new footage with unmatching background, so whatever.

    Spider-Man saves Wolverine from the missiles, decides to check his wounds and clears up the mutant's confusion and calm his hostility towards him. Hobgoblin looks at this and laugh cause they will be the distraction he needs to continue blackmailing Langdon.

    The duo crash into the facility, security is after them, and Hobgoblin can hack and send a virus. How many skills does he have? I'm starting to think he has the powers of plot convenience on his side, that includes how all the data is in one computer with no backup available, no servers, no computer security and sleep mode.

    Spider-Man and Wolverine continue to run from security while dealing with a few of them on their way to save Beast from being fried in a large vat of mutant murdering stew. And just cause it's worth mentioning; you hear Beast say the word genocide in this story in a heavily censored animated show.

    Wolverine made a rushed mistake and is unconscious, Hobgoblin barges into this lab to make matters more complicated, and the fast reaction of Spider-Man did not motivate him to use webs to save Beast and Wolverine. I'm not going to use this against the show, but I wonder how the scenario might have been like if another path was taken.

    A tussle between Langdon and Hobgoblin led to him falling in the vat in his attempt to save the last data disc, Hobgoblin decides to bomb Spider-Man who was saved by Langdon's assistant; Ginny, who fired a gun at the monster intruding on the lab.

    Hobgoblin exists, Spider-Man is tired and we're reminded how weak he is in this show compared to teenage comics Peter Parker, and Wolverine saves the group by rolling the cage to safety so that Spider-Man can finally let go and relax.

    Lngdon leaves the vat, he transforms to an electricity sucking monster, captures his assistant, and the Spider-Friends for the episode have to fight him. Based on the description I read of the mini series, the fight ended in the factory with Spider-Man punching mutated Herbert, but things go a little more complicated in this version of the story.

    Favorite quote
    Spidey: "You sure showed him"
    Wolverine: "Shut up you puny little geek"

    A fight ensues against the monster that goes up in size like Ang Lee's Hulk the more electricity he sucks, the black bird is used to take out his powers gradually until he returns human, half mutant two-faced weirdo.

    Ginny is revealed to be a mutant, she goes with the X-Men, I don't think the X-Men show carried this plot point from this show. Wolverine gives Spider-Man a speech about him having friends who are there for him when he's in need.

    Spider-Man thinks of those words on a roof, a newspaper flies and hits his face showing him Dr. Mariah Crawford is back in New York, he goes to ask her for help and she expresses how glad she is that he came for her cause Doctor Connors told her about Spider-Man's condition.

    And end with hope for an episode about a guy who needs his worries eased up.

    Second part is good too, but the first is better.
    I'll give it: 4/5 mutant allies
  4. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 06: Morbius:

    Episode starts with Spider-Man being happy there is a cure for his mutation, his thought train is interrupted by a store alarm and a getaway car, it's easy to guess what happens next, until he feels excruciating pain on the inside that he describes "Like getting a massage from Wolverine, on the inside".

    The driver tried to shake him off and failed, the car was almost hit by a truck while the driver of the runaway car was driving on the wrong lane, only for him to reach a corner and be force to make a pit stop that causes Spider-Man to fall off the car, and the punks decide this is the right time to get out of their vehicle to end the life of Spider-Man.

    Jeresey counter 03.jpg
    The never ending return of this purple jersey. More of it to come after this third time
    I obsess over small details like these, that's why I keep counting whenever a new version of Batman breaks a window

    "We're gonna be heroes" so says the burglar who almost took out an innocent life.
    In the chill of this night, cops arrive just in time, to save a webhead, who leaves the site swinging.

    Cut to doctor Mariah Crawford as Spidey enters her office.
    Mariah: "Do you ever use a door?"
    Spidey: "Uh uh, don't believe in them"

    The doctor tells Spider-Man that the cure could work theoretically, but she can't give it to him untested because calculations might still be off. Spider-Man goes berserk and destroys some of the equipment cause he's in such a hurry to be relieved of the pain of mutation, but he manages to listen to Dr. Crawford calming him down and make him think rationally.
    Facility security staff rush into shooting him after the doctor gives him the sample, and he leaves after promising he'll be careful about using it.

    Cut to E.S.U and Deborah and Michael discuss how much effort they put into their projects, Deb asks him if he sleeps and he replies "I don't sleep when I compete".
    Deborah says she's going home, and Michael replies "Sleep the sleep of the dead", and doesn't that sound freaky.

    Peter chooses to test a little of the serum on a sample of his blood, and Michael spies on him, the sound of falling glass startled Pete so he locked his blood sample and checked to see a lab mouse dropped the graduated cylinder containing food in his cage. Peter fixes the position of the cylinder and decides to proceed into examining his blood sample, but the pain of mutation makes him decide to go home instead.

    Michael swipes the blood sample out of the locker and chooses to run his own tests on it to reveal that the blood sample contain foreign objects that add extraordinary powers. Poor Morbius got the wrong impression there and recorded wrong data as audio notes.

    Felicia goes to what looks like a lab from Dracula's castle, could have been clever foreshadowing if Morbius wasn't in the intro that doesn't change footage like it did for season 1.
    Michael tells Felicia that his lab equipment are moved from campus, and the university funds his electricity.
    Aside from saying how immoral or unethical this is, we can wonder together how did this one guy manage to move all the large and heavy equipment without any security questioning him, or any accountant reports wondering about the power bill, or any discussion taking place about expensive stolen lab equipment.......

    Felicia knows all this, and lets it slide. He tells her the story of his sick village and she's just listening, and then she tells him she trusts him after all of this, and seeing the bats in his lab....
    Where did he get all these vampire bats from?

    Peter sees MJ as she and Liz are talking on campus, and leaves cause he doesn't want her to be troubled by a monster. Why did he persist on dating her in Hydro-Man's episode when he does this? Who knows.

    Morbius has an interesting origin turning to a vampire here
    Cut to Spidey swinging, no crime fighting cause the pain is unpredictable, and he's talking to gargoyles again.

    Morbius discovers his newfound powers with absolute ease, no shock. He thinks his skin is translucent while he's looking at his reflection on the window.....
    And he flies cause he feels hunger that doesn't startle him, while physical changes to his body did just that.
    How long did this information dump last you might ask? 31 seconds.

    Blood sucking started, Spidey hears, and intervenes to save
    The second potential, victim, of the vampire man
    Mutation pain, kicks in, in the middle of the fight
    Then morbid, flies away, cause he feels disgust kicking in harder

    Morbius drops his cassette player and Spider-Man picks it up, he listens, he learns, he searches for him, until he thinks that he will potentially go to Felicia.

    Peter visits Felicia in her apartment, tries to warn her about what happened to Michael, locks her window, and she kicks him out cause he's jealous and annoying.
    Wind moves her drapes after she kicks Parker out, and Morbius comes in to talk to her. Spider-Man barges in to fight, they both get out so that the vampire can feed again and the spider would stop him, they chase until sun rise when Morbius is normal looking and unconscious.

    Night of the day comes, Felicia visits Morbius in the hospital to see he disappeared, and then we cut to Dr. Crawford finding something dangerous udner her microscope, and we cut back to the hospital room where questioning is taking place until they decide Spider-Man kidnapped Morbius, and then Mariah calls Kravinoff to tell him she needs him cause Spider-Man's mutation will happen faster if he took the experimental serum, and then we cut to Peter in his room feeling more pain from taking the serum, and the six arms happen ending the episode with screams of pain and 'NOOO'.

    All this happens in less than two minutes, which I guess is alright cause some movies do fast edit and information dump faster and somehow make it work to their advantage.

    Some scenes are really fast paced, others have normal, better pacing.
    At least it's not as bad as the Hulk cartoon of that decade, and boy does that show move like a locomotive.

    I guess I'll rate this episode with
    4/5 blood samples
  5. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 07: Enter the Punisher:

    Isn't it ideal? The first guest appearance in this show is the Punisher, the character with long running comics who first debuted on the pages of Spider-Man, and was created by the guy who killed Gwen Stacy and brought cloning to the table. It's even better that his co-author was also a co-writer for the pilot...

    Uuhhhh, Aziz. Did you forget the X-Men?

    At least it's ideal that the first guest appearance is the team that had their own show before Spider-Man did, and one that has more episodes...

    Nick Fury isn't exclusive to the Spider-Man lore, and he appeared in the last episode of season 1.

    This is at least the first animated appearance of the Punisher, right?

    Episode opens with CGI shot of the city moving from one point to a CGI build of the suburbs of Queens, and then we see May walk in CGI inside of the house with May expressing her concerns after hearing Peter scream. Six arms Peter thinks he's not himself anymore.

    Cut to a tied hostage and the gang holding her in a warehouse, one of the guys looks like Gem from that 80s rock cartoon, and the girl beside him looks like Jaime Lee Curtis, sporting the hairstyle of comicbook girl 19.
    The big guy in the group sounds like he's voiced by Lieve Schreiber. Not him, just checked IMDB to make sure.

    Guy in a trench coat comes to the scenes, uses a plastic explosive to enter the warehouse, and without killing them he captures them, and unties the knots around the hands of the hostage leaving the place in a hurry he exists the place running to his van.

    Frank talks to his buddy via video communication, and receives info about a new target; Spider-Man.

    Return to the Parkers residence, Peter laments rushing in taking the serum too soon against the doctor's warnings, and cuts his Spider-Man shirt to make room for his four new arms.
    MJ calls him to talk, he tells her he can't talk now and she announces she's coming to his house right now and hangs the phone. He turns off the lights and leaves swinging.

    Cut one shot later to Morbius feeding on a poor unassuming diner janitor, and immediately cut back to Spider-Man, in Dr. Crawford's office to startle her with the news of his new appendages and cracks a joke to feel pain and ask for help.
    And then he receives the news that Morbius is missing from his hospital bed.
    The way they used news footage and TV channels to cut from Spider-Man to Punisher is well done and properly paced.

    Chip tells his buddy to redeem his image in the eyes of the public by not killing Spider-Man, and for a cartoon that relies heavily on stock footage you'd think they'd keep using the same few frames for Microchip talking since he's not doing anything worth camera angle changing on different sides of him instead of needlessly wasting paper.

    Morbius is on a ledge opposite to his hospital room, Spider-Man goes for him and Morbius tosses him and leaves the episode for searchlights to hit Spider-Man. "Can't sing, can't dance. Time to get out of the spotlight" and Spidey swings away.

    "Spider-Man, your days of terrorizing the innocent are over"
    "The skull, the corny line. Let me guess; your name must be Bonehead"
    The skull is covered in armor, but that doesn't stop the line from being funny.
    And it looks like everyone else can see the covered skull.

    "Who are you?"
    "I punish those who pray on the innocent"
    "What does this have to do with me?"
    "You kidnapped that student"
    Spider-Man cuts out of his trap to grab Punisher: "Next time, get the facts before you decide to punish someone"
    This is a golden rule people always need to follow, parents and all. At least check the facts part, cause more people tend to rush to judgement than anyone might like to believe.

    I do want to know why Frank's jetpack stopped working for no reason after he was grabbed by Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man used his knowledge and cleverness to trace Morbius and find him, and Morbius failed to exit the episode the way he wanted.

    I love how the team behind this episode took care of giving Punisher time for his war journal entries.

    Punisher manages to catch up to Spider-Man, and drops him in a warehouse. The mutation steps up to the next level and we get to see the final transformation that apparently took over his mind as well.

    I guess I'll rate this episode with
    4.75/5 Bonheads

    The highest I rated an episode of this show so far.
  6. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 08: Duel of the Hunters:

    That opening scene is something like it came out of a horror movie, including the Punisher announcing he will hunt the Man-Spider.

    Next morning, worried May wakes an MJ who was worried for Peter as well and slept on her couch. They both express concern for him not returning all night and decide to go to the police station together.

    Kraven returns to help Mariah Crawford inject the cure to the man who helped them, and I feel the need to say it again; these are the best takes on Kraven the Hunter and his girlfriend. I think someone wrote a novel about Kraven based on his episode in season 1 of this show.

    More quick passing footage of Punisher and Morbius to tell the audience their goals so they can show both characters going to ESU as the same time as Spider-Man who scares Deborah so much she goes out of the building leaving her project behind to ask Flash Thompson for help, and as usual, Flash denies the bad press in the Daily Bugle about his main inspiration.

    Flash is taunted and responds in the "Nobody calls me chicken" attitude to go with Deborah and check inside the lab.

    Some battles ensue, some lives are saved, and Kraven is holding Punisher who no sooner shakes him off and tosses him away from the ledge of the roof they were fighting on, and Kraven chats about the philosophy of a good hunter motivation before Frank runs off.

    Cut to the Parkers residence where Harry comes to visit.
    Why did MJ call him his best friend? They had no development of their connection since that one day as being roommates.
    Harry is worried that "it isn't like Pete to just up and disappear". How would you know that?

    Man-Spider enters the house, Harry attempts to punch him but is pushed away, Man-Spider leaves.
    I don't remember seeing tears moving down MJ's cheeks like this before.

    Man-Spider sees the battle van of his pursuer and jumps on it, the van drops and is blown away as soon as its rider exits pushing him away, and the spider grabs its prey covering it too much webbing, but leaving enough breathing room for Frank. Before the mutation he never cared to give anyone he fully webbed some breathing space.

    Kraven after saving Punisher and they both stopped Man-Spider: "Do not hurt him"
    Frank replies "Hurt him? I'm going to disintegrate him"
    Did anyone ever comment that to dodge censorship, the writers used words that express more danger than kill? There's this, Carnage, and genocide.

    Mariah convinces Punisher that he's too violent and is able to inject the serum into Spider-Man. Where did they get the mask from when it was on the ground of that burning warehouse and cops found is anyone's guess.

    The episode ends on a high and bright note, Doctor Crawford can leave to Africa on schedule.

    This episode has a few moments of shoddy animation, and some bits in logic that hold it back from being as good as the previous episode.
    4/5 hunters deep communication
  7. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 09: Blade the Vampire Hunter:

    @KevanG , this is your favorite part of the show.

    STOCK FOOTAGE, and from an episode I ripped to shreds wile reviewing it.
    Spider-Man was happy that he's human again by the end of last episode, but this one opens with Spider-Man expressing concern that his disease is repressed temporarily, not cured.

    Cut to Blade reading the front page of a newspaper with a headline that asks if Spider-Man is a vampire, tosses it aside and litters the street, and drives away.

    Cut back to Spidey swinging over central park while a random dude in a tank top is jogging and is suddenly attacked by Morbius. Spider-Man fights Morbius until they are moved to a rooftop where Blade suddenly attacks with a smoke bomb.... and Spider-Man is holding his ears in pain.

    Before Blade barged into the scene
    Spidey: "What about Felicia, would she want you like this?"
    Morbius: "You shut up about her"
    Dude, you listen about her. Anyway, you were holding back as much as you can from drinking blood... I'm sorry, sucking plasma through the suckers in the palm of your hand. Why are you too strong and fast?

    Morbius moves to another building fearing for his life after a smoke bomb and an attack with Blade's blade that almost cut him apart, Blade follows mercilessly.

    Spider-Man doesn't want to see Morbius destroyed so he attacks Blade to stop him, giving Michael a chance to get away. Blade tosses Spider-Man aside, tosses a net over him, and a gas bomb, and only now does Spider-Man feel the garlic with the second gas bomb he was attacked with. Maybe if you didn't cover your ears after the first one you'd know the smell of garlic. :o
    One mistake is more the fault of the artists and animators, the other one is on the writers.

    Blade wants to continue chasing Morbius, Spider-Man holds him, Blade tosses the webhead aside, and moves away, so Spidey throws a tracer on his bike.

    The mutation flares up again, Spider-Man swings heading to Connors lab, and a shocked Morbius flies over the guy who knows weaknesses he was unaware of about himself.

    Cut to news footage, Michael Morbius is missing, Spider-Man is still wanted, Peter Parker is home after tracking Spider-Man, and Flash Thompson was assaulted by the plasma drain attack. And his girlfriend to be for this cartoon described how the assailant looked like to the befuddled cops.

    Connors gave the webhead a dose of Neogenic rays and told him he need a dosage every 24 hours so the disease doesn't kick in again. And told him about the risk of it becoming difficult to cure him if the university cuts funding the research due how dangerous it's becoming.

    Spider-Man scours the city to find Morbius, Morbius found him and claims he's happy that he cannot be destroyed like this (he's sure to have a short run memory) forgetting that he was chasing Blade, the guy who nearly destroyed him an hour or so ago and really frightened him.

    Blade found them all of a sudden as soon as Morbius started sucking Spider-Man's blood, cause plot contrivances, and he scared Morbius once more until Spider-Man shared his reason for saving student Michael that made Blade want to destroy him.

    Spider-Man needs to find Blade cause he can be useful, and we get our first look at Wesler, the origin of Blade, and a bully in the flashback that is wearing Peter's shirt from season 1. Peter is too large for that shirt to be hand me downs passed to him.

    Why is Blade losing his humanity as he grows older?
    Peter remembers something he did as Man-Spider.

    Lieutenant Lee (hasn't been named Teri at this point yet), questioned E.S.U. students about recent events, Peter comforts Felicia, MJ goes out with Harry.

    Michael swipes the Neogenic Recombinator from the lab, Blade wants to destroy it, Morbius overpowers him and then escapes with the device after Spider-Man chases him away with his garlic injected web.

    This episode is pretty weak compared to a lot of good stuff to come before it, pretty big drop in quality after some good will it built.
    3.5/5 mutated vampires
  8. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 10: The Immortal Vampire:

    Spider-Man and Blade are chasing Morbius and they closed in on him, I don't think that needed narrating, but Spider-Man in this show is made to narrate and recap the idea of the season and the arc he's in every time. It works to catch newcomers to speed and refresh memories of those who forgot from previous week, but they should have at least made it easier and less frustrating on those who watch recorded episodes on VHS. I'm sure binge watching is an old concept.
    At least Christopher Daniel Barnes has a voice that is easy to hear and his delivery of quips is pretty good, a combination that none of the following share:
    • Drake Bell
    • Sam Reigal
    • Yuri Lowenthal
    • Robbie Daymond

    Morbius crosses the river and Spider-Man "I think I know where he's headed, follow me", to which Blade goes "How would you know where he's going" and Spider-Man "Alright then don't follow me" in angry manner and swings away.

    As Spidey is swinging in pursuit a bit high and Blade needs to look up to follow a traffic accident almost happened and lieutenant Lee saw that in her car, radio call and siren ready for the chase.

    Blade is still bent on killing the scientific accident vampire, and Spider-Man is still bent on helping the victim of the blood sample he stole from Peter's locker that a spat happens, they fight Morbius until Lee catches on to them and Morbius grabs her going up to the skylight before tossing his hostage down for Blade to grab and save her.

    Lieutenant Lee needs answers so she tries to hold Blade cause she needs answer, he tosses her gun and walks away.
    Spider-Man followed Morbius, a very brief battle ensues and Spider-Man loses the chip he took from Morbius to stop him from using the recombinator.

    I don't know how the lieutenant did it, but she located Blade's workshop, and Spider-Man invited her in.
    They talk inside about tricks and gadgets, Michael's plans for the city, and a new force field device Westler developed and needs to make more compact.
    Our first exposure to Teri's first name.

    Cut to Spider-Man swinging home, and he senses danger, Morbius is in this house seeking more of the blood that transformed him, he's searching through Peter's drawers.

    We get to take a look at Jonah Jameson and Robbie discussing Peter Parker and the lack of photos he talked about on TV news and his absence, then Morbius startles them both by pushing a security guard out of Robbie's office and grabbing Jonah from his coat asking about Peter's whereabouts.

    J.J. and Robbie confront Peter about the matter of this and him disappearing for days, and the lack of photos, Peter asks for something to help him get a picture of the vampire for Jameson so that he wouldn't get fired.
    Peter gets a news truck that is long overdue for a visit to the garage, but he needs that truck for a plan to hold down Morbius in the force field Westler made.

    Peter tells Blade and his crew about his Spider-Man plan, and then cut to home where MJ is waiting for him to confront him about how he's not acting serious about their relationship, and Morbid vampire goes down as soon as MJ leaves.

    They set the trap, plot device conveniently breaks the force field device, May walks out and keep marching against Peter's urgent demand that she heads back to the house, and Morbius grabs her as hostage to ensure that Peter gives him blood.

    Going back to Blade's lair, we see a love relationship more rushed than that Brutasha (Bruce and Natasha, I'm sorry if you decided you want to forget that movie) thing from Age of Ultron, far faster developed that it didn't have time to reach that point after just hearing his backstory once and complaining that he doesn't care for the innocent.
    Spider-Man and Blade argue with each other and Spider-Man tosses him a bit before leaving to find Morbius, and he came up with an idea of where to find the man.

    Felicia did not lock her windows after knowing very well she should never leave them open wide at night and lie down.
    What is it with women in fiction being morbidly terrified and going unconscious just by looking at something.

    Fight on Morbius's lair, you wonder how he can afford them if he wasn't a terrifying thing, but there are no reports of his location.

    Then there is a moment that should be touching about Felicia reconnecting Morbius to his motives, but man is it rushed and hard to appreciate or get emotional over. At least it delays the transformation he wanted to make from taking place.

    He regrets, an accident happens, neogenic recombinator activated, a fight happens after Morbius becomes Man-Bat, Spider-Man deactivates the device and stops it from transforming his aunt, and Michael flies to a cave at night,


    This episode is rushed in places, there are a couple of details that are pretty bad, but the overall episode is good.
    4/5 vampire kiss

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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 11: Tablet of Time:

    This story is a classic, and while it might not be one of Stan Lee's best, it's still a great tale.

    The episode opens in quest in a jungle that for some reason reminds me of the first scene in the first Pokemon movie, the main story part, not the long teaser early before the advertised adventure.

    A tablet is found in another country and is taken to U.S.A to be studied by a biologist in a university.

    Kingpin returns, his second return after the season's opening arc and the looming threat of a vicious gang war that has never been.

    Other viewers include Jonah Jameson who wants his front page to be about it, and Silvermane who wants it.

    And then cut to a pretty long look at CGI city from Liberty Island to a ship by the docks of what is now Battery Park City Esplanade, a thievery is happening. They sure took a lot of time to look at the positioning of where the boat carrying the tablet will be at bay, and when, and where to wait for it.

    That Jersey Again, times four.jpg
    Hammerhead and two of his goons come out
    There's that jersey again

    Spidey swing kicks three guys in one blow, and that momentum should make it far more fatal than a punch. Not just with words, this cartoon dodges censorship by being even more violent with attacks, that includes adamantium head here with his triangle brain.

    Some funny comments are thrown, Spidey saves the tablet from getting broken, he's down with the fishies. Hammerhead picks up the tablet and as the helicopter flies away Spider-Man tosses a spinning disc he took from the fish grinder to cut the cable suspending the tablet, and saved it from cracking by grabbing it.

    Silvermane is mad at Hammerhead for being almost successful without caring about the circumstances of the event.

    Hammy leaves, and silver mane tells the tale of the tablet of youth, the tablet that makes one live his life once more. Good thing that line comes to play later.

    We get a look at Vanessa Fisk in this arc, a look that will go nowhere after the end of this story, but it plays its part for it.
    Hamemrhead crashes through the gate, he's in the door frame and the dropped chandelier of the dining room falls on his head.

    The tale of the tablet is shared, Smythe has to steal it with another of his spider-slayers.

    Deborah meets with new girl Lisa, Deborah leaves and Lisa sees Spider-Man swinging into Connors's lab.
    Exposure to ultraviolet makes the tablet age things faster, so the lab had to encase it in metal. Let's just say that the way the tablet works here is very different from how it works in the comics, and it has a larger mass.

    Smythe's tablet stealing mega-slayer kinda reminds me of the battlesuit design from Superman the animated series. Since this came first I can't say one animated series copied the other, or maybe I can, but it won't be a good line.

    Chicken of the Spider.jpg
    Spider-Man carried a hen over his head. He should fight Zelda with this

    Spider-Man escaped the robot he can't fight, but he lost the tablet, Smythe took it back to Kingpin headquarters.

    Connors's hand mutated temporarily before Spidey left the science lab at E.S.U to take Smythe away early during the fight, when he came back he was relieved that the doctor is his human self and talking to the police.

    Peter Parker is down, Lisa takes him to walk her home, but have dinner first, offscreen.

    Smythe finds difficulty translating the tablet, so Kingpin commands him to get Curt Connors. Mega Slayer sent to the Connors residence and this causes the unwanted change of transforming into the Lizard. Smythe kidnaps Martha (who is named Margaret in this show) and demands that Spider-Man brings him the doctor to the top of the Empire State Building in six hours.

    Silvermane hires albino dude to finish the job Hammerhead was unable to do, and Lisa turns out to be the daughter of Silvermane who tells sharp teeth where to find Doctor Connors.

    Down on the train tracks Spider-Man fights the Lizard and gives him a much needed shock therapy before taking him back to the lab to reverse the mutation again with the neogenic recombinator.

    Stone face breaks in and causes some fumes to escape, his name is Tombstone and he doesn't breathe. Boy, I wonder what it's like for him doing cardio.


    This episode is rushed in places, there are a couple of details that are pretty bad, but the overall episode is good.
    4/5 Link challenges
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 12: Ravages of Time:

    Tombstone is busy keeping hold of Spider-Man and laughing, tosses him aside, and then picks up his target to put him in a hearse. Hahah, very funny.

    Peter and Lisa didn't grab the bite last episode like I imagined, she's waiting for him in the diner as Spider-Man is out looking for Tombstone after he got the toxic fumes out of the lab.

    Spider-Man looks at the Coffee Bean and contemplates going there now so he wouldn't lose a relationship with this almost throwaway gal in the plot, Hammerhead decides to kidnap her that precise time, and sends her to Kingpin.

    Spider-Man needs a change of clothes after that concrete bath he had, he doesn't need it to be hardened and stiffen his movement.

    Silvermane talks to Connors and persuades him to work on the tablet to make him young again, receives the sad news about his daughter.

    Smythe attacks Spider-Man on top of ESB (not that Star Wars movie) cause he thinks he's an insolent liar.

    Silvermane calls Kingpin about a meeting to exchange hostages, and then we move back to the Smythe battle.

    Ok look, the reason such brief transitions work better in comics is cause these things can have as much time as the reader lets him/herself have with it, there is no music or voice acting that breaks the pacing or the mood.
    It doesn't work that well in animation, especially not when the thing in discussion is as fast paced as this show.

    Oh no, Bruce lost his head.

    We have a mini gang war happening, something small between a few of Kingpin's men and a few of Silvermane's men, but not the kind of thing you'd expect to be the future of this show when you watch the Insidious Sinister Six arc the first time.

    Lisa is kidnapped again, Spider-Man saves her to be captured himself. Why does Lisa carry such a scary weapon while she's out on a date? Who knows?
    And spider-sense, do thy job.

    The second half of this episode is an experiment in having Spider-Man get his hide handed to him as much as possible, and his spider-sense fails as often.

    A lot of rushed stuff until Vanessa leaves Kingpin, he tells Hammerhead to get rid of the tablet, and he sells it to an old man in a spinning office chair.


    Not a bad episode, still better than the weaker episodes of season 1.
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    Time to reevaluate how season 2 ended. Is it on a higher note than last episode or not?

    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 13: Shriek of the Vulture:

    This episode opens with the board of directors for Toomes Aerodynamics listening to Norman Osborn wanting to buy the company owned by money wasting Adrian Toomes. Let's think a bit of how he hardly should have a say in the matter:
    1. His own company is majorly owned by Wilson Fisk
    2. Norman complains about Toomes wasting money on two pipe dream projects, one of them is anti-gravity research. Says the guy who developed two gliders and compact sized arsenal shaped like a fist sized pumpkin apiece. And lest we forget that this is a world that has two Iron Men in both Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes (who had secret identities in the comics back then).
    I might be missing a third reason why this argument of Norman is ridiculous.

    Toomes in is the conference via phone, he can clearly hear words from someone all the way on the other end of the table across him, and the phone is not on speaker. Speakers in landline phones work by pressing the speaker button to answer the phone.

    Silhouette figure on the other end of the phone is visible now, and he's the old man from the end of the previous episode. "There's only room for one corporate vulture in this room, and you're not it".
    Puts on his uniform and flies away.

    Shift scene toward Central Park where there is a young boy on speed skates, Spider-Man looks at him and laments how he's not as lucky as that kid when it comes to the need of a daily dose of anti-mutation ray.

    Vulture flies in, grabs the kid, and the old goat is young again. Give Michael Keaton that technology so he can be Batman again.
    Swing kicking Spider-Man tosses the Vulture toward trash cans, and he checks that kid who is aged all of a sudden.

    Vulture attacks, Spider-Man dodges between trees, Vulture cuts trees with his fast flying by pushing his sharp wings against them. One of the trees is falling on the kid so the Spider-Man who can barely hold 800 pounds can easily shove that heavy tree away from the kid while he's between webhead's feet, but another tree falls directly on Spider-Man immediately afterwards and the kid is moved away all of a sudden.
    Not edited, that's how the footage happens.

    Vulture aged again cause the tech piece doesn't last long enough so he flies far away from this place.

    "I need to absorb the energy of a fully grown man to last longer"
    Why? How did you figure that much? Why is it that someone who lived longer than a kid can give you more youthful energy when a younger person generally has more life? And how did you establish the formula on the tablet of time to adapt it to your wrist band?
    The answer to most or all of these questions will be; NEVER.

    In the award ceremony declaring who gets the Toomes grant, the man decides to suck the youth of a security guard, brilliant strategy? And then he chases Norman Osborn who runs screaming like a scared child as soon as he sees a flying man, even before the flying man begin chasing him.

    Doctor Connors won the grant, and he chose Deborah Whitman as his personal assistant. She's standing by Peter Parker who is taking pictures and tells him "Sorry Peter. Next time show up for class once in a while".
    Makes me think of the time Peter monologued to himself "Deborah Whitman, the little sister I never had, nor wanted".

    Peter looks at Deborah having a crush on Flash, he sulks over the fact that MJ is dating Harry now and exits the ceremonial hall.

    Peter is now Spider-Man for no reason, he....
    Oh right, acid trip Spider-Sense was activated a scene before.
    Anyway, Spider-Man doesn't like seeing original Goblin not original in this show together with flying youth thief and thinks "Bad combination".

    I forgot the CGI webbing in this episode. I don't know why they decided to CGI the web for this one bit, it looks ugly and out of place with the rest of the image.
    I can get partially CGI environment.

    Spider-Man goes out and leaves Norman and his grating screams hanging in the soon to dissolve webbing he's suspended by from his legs to try and catch Vulture, can't catch him in the flesh so he catches him on film.

    In the Toomes building lab we see a guy working for Toomes who looks a lot like Cedric Forrester.

    Girls don't like it when Peter warns them about risks in this show, he comes across as the kind they want to push away his warning and timing are unimpressive, so Debbie kicks both Pete and Flash out.

    Toomes summons Connors to his lab so that he can freeze him and give us exposition in that time. Well done giving grant to someone you want in your employ so that you'd freeze him to steal his youth.
    He has 30 minutes of youth from that, at night, and his plan is to kidnap Harry Osborn during daytime to have his revenge against Norman Osborn who is just failing at doing what he wants to do, and that is to buy Toomes Aerodynamics.

    At least it looks like Spider-Man had his daily dose of neogenic ray at that point of night.

    MJ wanted to contact Peter before her stage play, and he came to see her, she wants to tell him about the letter of her father cause he's the best person who can understand her situation.

    Buzzard breath comes to see the play to kidnap Osborn, everyone runs away in panic except the target who is called by name, he stays in his seat almost until he's kidnapped.

    Spider-Man saves Harry, 25 of the 30 minutes of time Vulture stole last night are remaining, and Spider-Man thinks this way of Vulture.

    Tiara dropped as Peter leaves the stage.

    Vulture nests at night high in his tower, Deborah sees the stupid flying monkey and calls Peter, and suddenly from behind her in the lab she's in, a dozen or so floors beneath the Vulture's nest, in a different tower, the old buzzard teleports behind her (?) and grabs her youth out of her.

    Peter hears he voice mail, heads to her lab, and sees Flash almost giving him flowers... oh, they were for Deb.
    Spidey tells Flash to go home, heads to the Vulture's office after passing through heavy doors and some traps, and slow walking Flash Thompson comes close to catching up to him.

    Why does Vulture have bombs in his building ready to blow up, meant to be detonated by a chest button in his Vulture's suit.


    Not as bad as the Alien Costume part 02, but it's bad.
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    SEASON 02 - EPISODE 14: The Final Nightmare:

    Previous episode ended with Vulture stealing Spider-Man's youth after everyone important to the story left the building and the top floor blew up, and the episode picks up from there.

    Vulture flies carrying Spidey, he's so excited, like a kid with a new toy. He flies carrying him until he place him somewhere and is bragging while stand beside the aged Spider-Man, until more of the building cracked from another explosion. I thought Toomes blew all his bombs up with that flicker of a switch.
    That piece of flaming rubble that fell between Spidey and AAADRIAAAAAAAAN separated the two long enough for old man Spidey to leave a space between the two, and can find his way away from this moron until the aging effect runs out.

    Cut to a newsstand owner talking to trench coat and fedora wearing Scorpion about Neogenics, and the jerk steals a news[a[er and breaks the stand then he runs away.
    Why does Scorpion want to join the human race again? This is something I never got, he has cool powers and doesn't look less than human. the extra mutation he went through in his debut episode popped out and never returned in this show.
    If you want to go by Spider-Man 3 the game standards of mutation, or if his extra mutation remained and didn't just vanish, then I could get him feeling desperate about wanting to be human again.

    Spidey swings the night like he normally does, he aims and shoots just fine until he's tired and falls from how he can't swing as well as he used to as a young man.

    A couple of masked purse snatchers are harassing and old lady, Spider-Man can't shoot well all of a sudden, and his mechanical webshooters are as tired as he is that they don't shoot far. Don't ask me in confusion, I'm not the one who wrote this mess of a plot.
    Anywyays, the two guys run away and Spider-Man grabs the trench coat from one of them and rides the bus. This is a show with loooooots of trench coats.

    Going on to a helicopter Norman Osborn's in, Vulture is flying by the chopper's side, he shoots the rotor, grabs Norman, and flies him under the bridge.
    Vulture: "Endgame, Norman" (Use that line for the newest Avengers movie)
    Vulture scares Norman by telling him who he is, Norman whines, and the Man-Spider mutation kicks in for Vulture.
    How does he keep his mind? And his ability to speak?

    Peter makes a few calls at home, telling Jonah he can't come to work, and telling Connors about his old age.

    In an insane asylum we finally get our look at Stillwell after he made Gargan a Scorpion, he's over the edge.
    Scorpion managed to break a wall without making noise.

    In Toomes Aerodynamics there is a Connors sitting in his lab, the uniform of the Vulture is magically repaired and he's human again, for a few seconds before another Man-Spider transmutation happens.

    Scorpion comes in with Stillwell in his asylum pyjamas, and it looks like this arc has a thing for cutting it short from night to morning to noon even for characters within the story.

    Scorpion attacks Vulture -because plot demands action, I guess- and a fight ensues, the lab is being destroyed in this battle and Stillwell's pyjamas are replaced with his working clothes all of a sudden, he even has his shoes on again.

    Old Peter in his neighborhood, moves a little and talks like he's in an RPG game, but he didn't get in one little fight there.

    He heads to the lab and meets Connors, where he is welcomed by a trap of two.
    Spidey is young again, Vulture still has the mutation, Stillwell enters equations to destroy the canon of neogenic rays (for whatever purpose that exists), Connors hulks out as the Lizard once again, a fight happens that Vulture takes no part in, the whole place is blown up, Connors is human again, Vulture flies away sick as Man-Spider (a plot ignored in the future) as Scorpion walks away in a different direction, stock footage galore, Stillwell can run faster than a swinging Spidey, information dump in three minutes.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

    Connors announces that Peter is cured of his mutation, Pete walks happy until he sees MJ talking to a stranger and then the two of them suddenly disappear befuddling him, and this is where the story ends.

    3/5 Neogenic Bankruptcy Explosions
    Better than part 1, but it's not good enough to catch up to some of the quality stuff that came prior to this arc in this season.

    And this is how season 2 ends.
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    And there ends season 2, which is stronger than season 1 for the most part when it comes to storytelling, but it suffers at moments from some shoddy animation.
    It's possible they cut the budget a bit for this season, or maybe stretching it for 14 episodes instead of 13 affected their work a bit negatively.

    Average rating for the season

    This might be the season with the shortest list of Kingpin appearances in this show, and I do say maybe.
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 01: Doctor Strange:

    The third season opens with an episode simply titled by the name of the guest star. Unlike the X-Men episodes, Punisher one, or even the S.H.I.E.L.D. introducing episode that doesn't even have their name in the title. I guess you can call Blade the Vampire Hunter a title named simply after the guest character, but everything that comes after his name is his profession, so I won't count him as I say Doctor Strange is the first guest star to have this privilege.

    This episode is written by John Semper jr, which is one of two episodes (at least that I know of) written by the runner of this show including Doctor Strange as a guest star, so I guess the man must be a fan.
    The second episode is from the Hulk cartoon, it uses a plot that gathered the original Defenders -sans Silver Surfer- by Peter David from the comics.

    The episode opens with a bunch of black clad masked flying figures, at least one of them is female, she must be Mary Poppins.

    They fly by one side of a building, and Spider-Man is swinging by another side, searching for MJ after last episode's cliffhanger.
    Flashback to Anna Watson worried about the disappearance of Haruhi Mary Jane, and is mad that Peter didn't tell her about it. She's not a grouchy annoying old goat in her animated debut in this show.

    The six flying figures pass over Spider-Man and their shadow make him notice them, they enter the Sanctum Sanctorum where Wong (unlike the movie, he's a lanky dude here, and is the apprentice of Dr. Strange like in the classic comics) is meditating, but is forced to cut his meditation short to deal with the intruder.

    Spider-Man comes in to see what's going on, webs one of the flying people to see he has enough strength to cut his webbing, and then unmasks MJ as she is hugging him from behind, and she tosses him. The intruders came to take the Wand of Watomb, and the bunch were attacking Spider-Man with eye beams until they were interrupted by Doctor Strange who takes the wand and pushes them away.

    Spider-Man exits to follow them, but they fly faster than he swings, so at least he manages to stick a spider tracer to MJ's foot after she cuts off his swinging line. He manages to reach a place called the Center of Reunification where he is blocked to intrude by magic of the Bands of Cytorak -I think this is the same name of the gem that gave Juggernaut his powers, the gem of cytorak-, the astral projection of Doctor Strange tells Spider-Man (and the audience) the name of that pink object surrounding the complex, and Spider-Man swings away as he thinks of another way to get in.

    Cut to inside that center, and we see Baron Mordo casting an incantation to make his "guests" see the family members they miss, and they went out of that place leaving Brother Mordo to be used as Dormammu's toy to toss around.

    Dormammu: "Hey, man who can send people to other places to do my bidding, you did not get the item I seek, so I'm doomed because of you. Do you know I have no time limit to exit or stick in the dark dimension? I'll just toss you around and give some inane nonsensical demands as I prove to you here that I have the power to take it myself since I can pop my head and powers to toy around with you and scold you cause you doomed me."

    Doctor Strange characters in this episode are voiced by a bunch of comic loving celebrities, George Takei as Wong, John Vernon as Doctor Strange, and Tony Jay as Baron Mordo. I don't know who voiced Door Mouse Guy (I love the name LEGO Deadpool gave Dormammu, ok?) in this show.

    Cut to Doctor Strange saying "Only Baron Mordo would try to steal the wand, it fits his evil ways. Wong, here's a brief backstory on how I became a magician and why I fight against Mordo, audience will not hear that I was an arrogant greedy jerk of a surgeon, and my level of *****eness were nerfed down significantly for the movie".

    Cut to the Daily Bugle where Peter Parker surfs the web in the Bugle's database to find info on the Center of Reunification, or rather asks Robbie to help him do that, where he learns about the cult of Brother Mordo, who gives people hope about reuniting with their loved ones.

    Cut back to the center where Peter pretends he's joining, we hear an annoying guy acting all flirty of the place and sends Peter to an empty room. Peter walks, sees two people walking his way so he sticks to the wall (Why? Good question), the two people pass by stock footage of Peter and that other guy. Pete is relieved.

    Cut to Peter reaching MJ's room, he opens the door without knocking, that was rude Pete. They have a conversation about why MJ can't go home, the crap she did as she was floating away as her mind was some place else, and she calls for security to hold him.

    Dude is taken to Mordo, where he receives "enlightenment" and meets the parents.

    Back to his room, Pete takes off his robe and the gloves are on his hands for time conserving convenience, he exits the window to receive the effects of the subliminal messaging of being reunited with his parents, and he flies away to Strange's house along with the rest of the enslaved to the house of Strange.

    Strange removes the spell from Spider-Man, and now Mordo has the Wand of Watomb.
    Strange briefs Spider-Man on who Dormammu is, an entity that travels between dimensions, draining the life energy out of all universes. Looks like Mordo did not read the warning pages before (or was that after?) the spell.
    Why does Shao Kahn need Mortal Kombat to be able to invade Earthrealm? And why is it that a fighting game with cheesey, poorly written, often retconned storytelling established their rules better than a cartoon with supposedly more established and coherent storytelling that fans take seriously?

    Mordo wants to take his flame headed boss out of his prison realm, as Doc Strange, Wong, and Spider-Man fly to his home, and they are greeted by brainwashed people in the main hall. That confrontation ends pretty fast despite the super strength that group possesses, and Spider-Man swipes the wand from the hands of stupid Mordo. Doctor Strange and Mordo engage in battle.

    Dormammu aids Mordo against Strange, Spider-Man hops into the gateway to the Dark Dimension, where Door mouse shows him a warm welcome by shaping like a dragon and grabbing him by the tail. The confrontation with Mordo ends with the baron running away, Strange hops into the portal to get Spider-Man out, Door Mouse is easy to trick and evade.

    Strange cleans MJ's mind from brainwashing, she is grabbed by Dormammu who tries to convince her he's her daddy. Spider-Man wants to hop in by Strange is like 'Nah, she'll live'.

    Pelvic shaped throne.jpg
    A throne shaped after a pelvis (hip bone)?

    I'll do reference censorship a lot in my binge watch of this show, and I think they did a really bad job censoring this stuff, and the results are pretty impressive. This is the most violent children cartoon you can possibly sit through.

    And MJ rejecting Dormammu's mind trick kicks her out of the realm and into Spider-Man's hands.

    Doctor Strange closes the portal, the structure they're in shakes hard like Castlevania's castle urging them to leave ASAP, and I don't think the Doctor saved the rest of the mind controlled minions, they're just ignored.

    Spider-Man holds MJ's seating and swings out of frame to send her home, Strange and Wong are alone, and we get our first look at the most annoying character this show conceived; Madame Web.


    Although it seems like I picked this apart rather harshly, it's a better episode than the review would lead you to believe.
    I'll give it: 3.8/5 "I HATE magic"
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 02: Make a Wish:

    Outlook on a facility, Doctor Octopus sneaks in. Cut to a presentation about Star Trek styled futuristic laser that can be programmed to target specific types of targets without harming what it passes through first that doesn't match the requirement of needed to be eliminated, and in this case it attacks something non-organic.
    And it has pinpoint accuracy.

    Doc Ock is under the building or something, he breaks an alarm lever and that suddenly breaks a wall.

    Ock is claiming right for that laser he started working on under Hardy's funding and supervision, but he wasn't working on anything other than the fusion battery when he was outed from that project. And now the bloke wants to take credit for owning something that his former assistant worked on for months and months without Ock to perfect and make it presentable.

    Ock wants to kill Spider-Man with the laser on setting to not destroy anything organic, but it's tearing through the organic fabric of his Spider-Man's spandex made suit, and webhead waits that long to push the laser away from himself and onto Ock's metal tentacles.

    Ock gets out tossing people away from his path to climb the outside of the building, Spider-Man tosses him from one of the building's roofs to a lower one and normal human body with metal backpack can break the roof by falling on it from very low altitude.

    Falling into the medical lab, Jameson tells Anastasia Hardy that Spider-Man never thinks of the consequences of what he does. Excuse me, but who sponsored Scorpion and brought the city to chaos by offering a reward to the capture of Spider-Man?
    Some gas escapes a tanker Octavius unintentionally hits, and without any spark the entire complex is just blown to smithereens, and Spider-Man swings Ock out of the building into the river.

    Spider-Man is washed ashore and evades arrest, while Ock hitches a ride on a steamboat.

    Jonah is mad that Spider-Man wrecked sewers and subways, and now a medical facility. He was involved in the damage of the subway in the Insidious Six episode, but when did he wreck a subway?
    This point was the most damage that happened in his fight caused by him.

    Robbie's conversation with Jonah ends, Spider-Man wants to quit, and Robbie hands Peter a message to hand to Spider-Man and Pete reads it as soon as Robbie turns his back and tosses it in a drawer after reading it and leaves the building.

    "Who are you?"
    "The real question is; WHO.. Are YOU?"

    You're annoying, these replies are annoying, cryptic replies are annoying, this show made me hate Madamme Web, and I was terribly miffed with her involvement in Shattered Dimsnsions and I was like "SHUUUTT UUUUUP" every time she repeated her advice.

    That terrible and tedious cryptic conversation ends, we cut to a little girl in her room cropping a picture of Spider-Man, and they talk. Taina mentions the name of the 'Kid Who Collects' Spider-Man "Timmy said you have the origins of Superman", and Spidey is like "That's not how it happened, I sucked, I was easy to push around".

    Cut to Chrysler building where you hear Ock talking about his new 'Mini Me' to Kingpin. Why is the former working for the latter again when he obviously resigned working under his leadership in season 2? And Kingpin looks bored during the demonstration.

    Cut back to the kid Spider-Man is with after he snuck to her room *shivers* talking more about his origin. "That day when I was scrawny and was wearing glasses was shortly before me beefing up and removing my glasses to witness the experiment I wanted to go to"

    "Hey doc Stillwell, can your electric charging spheres really affect genetics?"
    "Yeah kid, I'll show you."
    Spheres spark, spider is attracted by the light and is shocked, crawls slowly to Peter hand as if seeking revenge for asking that question. And Peter drops to the ground.

    I know two adults made fun of Peter wanting to exit the show in the original comic story and it's pretty insensitive of the two characters in a single frame there, but it's made worse here by making Peter drop on the floor, the professor and other attendees look at him on the ground, and then Stillwell makes that snarky remark at him once he gets up and everyone in the hall is laughing.

    Peter runs out, hallucinates very close to the door by seeing his arms turning to spider legs, and drops on the floor unconscious, and dreams about being a spider.

    After the dream he wakes up somewhere far from the demonstration building he fell close to, and jumps from the street to the wall higher than the lamp post, crawls up a wall, breaks a drainage pipe, tosses the piece away once he's on the building opposite to the one he was sticking to, and carelessly tosses that piece of pipe where it is easy to fall on some pedestrian and make a hole in a head.

    Cut to Ock continuing his demonstration to Kingpin, they bicker, Ock makes his octobot crush a statue and startle Kingpin, and we soon cut back to Spider-Man being asked about his webbing, he explains how he made it and how to use the webshooters, and made a swing out of it.

    More talk about his origins, he mentioned showbiz and wrestling, they happened in reverse order in this cartoon.
    And Spider-Man announces that he will quit being Spider-Man, swings out carrying a kid on his back. Sure, he tied her with some web to keep her safe and secure, but it's an irresponsible act to take a kid out of their home without permission of their parents or supervisors, especially at night.

    Ock seeks and locates, he fights and almost loses, but his tentacles can contain gas immune to Spider-Man's spider-sense for some unknown reason.

    To be continued.


    Who thought this episode was a good idea? And the follow up episode is worse with its high grade nonsense.

    I'll give it: 2.75/5 "hospital destroying, child abducting, superhero"
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 03: Attack of the Octobot:

    Spider-Man destroyed the spider-seeker that was on the cotobot last episode, and now it's back. A bad episode with an already bad start.

    Why did the last episode end with Ock dangling the knocked out Spider-Man like he was going to toss him off the roof, only to take him to his hideout? Sure that drop wouldn't kill the webhead, but why that teaser near the end of the episode?

    "I made Spider-Man lose his memory, and now he's active again"
    "Who am I?"
    "Why Spider-Man, you are my ally in crime, that's why you wear a mask."
    "Who are you?"
    "I am a scientist, working for zhe betterment of zhe world."
    Convincing argument. :o

    Taina snuck into Ock's car, witnessed the memory deletion, and successfully sneaked away from the lair and reached a movie theater trying to find help for Spider-Man, a cop found her and took her to the police station to know where she lives and take her to her parents home instead of walking the streets this late at night.

    Cut to the home of either the Parkers or the Watsons, where we get our first look at how obnoxious Anna Watson is in this show.

    Cut to the police station where we meet 'DA MOUSSEY' and her epic fake accent.
    "She doesn't know karate, but she knows carayzy"

    Taina chose to ride the cab of Da Moussey and convinced her to help her save SPAIDAR-MAAAN.

    A cab chases an armored car of a supervillain to an industrial facility where an explosion happens, metal tentacles can beat an army of security guards with lots of guns that shot fire that should have hit the doc multiple times, and small bullets in the octobot that blow tanks up real quick.
    Tanks against a single guy? Is this a GTA styled game for that to happen?

    Spider-Man sneaks in after he gives us exposition of what he'll do before getting into the building, da girls sneak in after him and see him stealing an alloy, alarms go off and Spider-Man makes de girlz go to the air vent before security barges in and Ock shatters the wall to take Spider-Man and the alloy with him.

    Jameson refuses to believe cabbie Moussey and little Taina until they say Ock and Spider-Man are in cahoots.

    Anna Watson believes Peter is selfish for finding a job to help pay house bills, it's not like she had to worry about her husband when he had a job.
    She should be more considerate.

    Moussey convinces her boss to tell other cabbies to tell her when they find Spider-Man so she can go after him.

    Madamme Web decides to appear in the side view mirror of the car Spider-Man is driving and stick there. Dumb magic fool.

    Moussey is kidnapped, and she needs to be saved. Taina's tiny legs can reach the pedal and drive fast finding her way to the lab of Ock. The cab hits a computer that drops on fast moving Ock who can dodge bullets and destroy tanks.

    Moussey thanks Spider-Man by saying "TANKS".

    Spider-Man remembers everything, Ock fights, and all the other cabbies are magically in Ock's lair for... reasons.

    Taina can control the octobots with absolute ease, Ock can't use his free tentacles while his torso is tied.

    Cops go to his place and arrest him, Taina is home, Peter tells her who he is, Madame Web is annoying again.

    Episode ends.


    Who thought this episode was a good idea? Seriously, who?
    This might be one of the worst animated Spider-Man episodes ever made, and I do lump it with some crap from Ultimate Spider-Man, the new cartoon that has been placed for a year long hiatus, and some of the worst stuff from the 67 cartoon.

    1.25/5 CUH-RAY-ZEE Moussey cab ride, mon
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 04: Enter the Green Goblin:

    Norman Osborn is stressed out working on a gas formula 18 hours straight, gets a flashback to the last boards of directors meeting, the other three main characters voice their disapproval, including hypocrite Kingpin who pushes Norman to finish working on the gas or his life is forfeit.
    Norman pushes his aid aside and moves some analogs, because neither one of them secured the airlocks all this time a massive explosion happens due to some gas leak, and you can bet none of the people in that facility at that time suffered any minor scratch.

    Spider-Man's lenses in the Green Goblin Episode are those of great animation.jpg
    Look at these lenses, it's one of those episodes with better animaion

    Spider-Man sees the explosion from a distance and can swing there fast to save one of the two people who were hit straight by the brunt of the explosion before debris separates them. How did Harry Osborn who was in his car trapped in a traffic jam on a bridge reach that place as fast as he did? It would take him a long time if he walked.

    This place blew up three or four times so far, is it really worth the hassle? And how come Norman was willing to buy a better company in a more stable status when he should be bankrupt and indebted beyond slavery levels? How come the board of directors of Toomes Aerodynamics were willing to listen to Norman? That fault in the Shriek of the Vulture episode shouldn't be a strike against this episode, but it might subtract from the quality rating of that episode from season 2.

    Harry is in the board of directors meeting for Oscorp, where there are three nameless and unimportant faces, and three that matter, all six of them welcome young Harry Osborn to the board of directors before he furiously tells them that his father might still be alive since his body wasn't recovered from the burning building.

    It's funny how next scene shows all the equipment that were directly hit by that massive explosion more intact than damaged, and Kingpin still wants that gas made for his purposes.

    Next scene has nameless board of directors member No. 1 kidnapped from his coffee break, how did he know he was the target of laughing flyboy for the day?

    MJ approaches Peter on campus to try and talk to Harry, and for the first time in my life as a fan of this show I wonder why he's never done it himself with being pushed to it? He did claim that he and Harry are best friends, even though they never had time to develop friendship between being roommates and his appearance following that one.

    Pete goes to Harry's apartment, Harry is grumpy and pushes him away, thanks him and walks away, without locking his apartment door, that he needed a roommate to have.

    Spidey swings thinking to himself how poor Harry is.

    Jonah is in his limo, his driver has the sun roof open, Jonah is too far from the sun roof to be under it how far back in his car he's sitting, a gas bomb drops and the limo moves through the gas as the driver is hitting the breaks, and a silhouetted figure is on the car above the windshield able to grab the man in the backrow through the sunroof, where no gas entered from.

    Measurement dancing in this moment are awkward.

    Spidey sees the flying surf board and immediately thinks it's Hobgoblin, catches up and hears suspended Jonah say "I should've known you'd be involved in this". Spidey swings up, and sees a different costume, the new guy grabs him by the wrists and crushes his webshooters with his super strength.
    Spider-Man is on the large glider as it flies by remote control into a CGI building, and the building design changes completely once it turns hand drawn and the glider breaks through its walls.

    That happened at night, Spider-Man returned home, fixed his webshooters, and swung to Oscorp the next morning. It's reasonable to think that new guy got his weapons and with the same designs as those of the Hobgoblin from the same source, and he sees Harry from a window as he madly looks through different blueprints, and then the Goblin glides away.
    Goblin identity mystery is fun in most of these stories, this episode stayed true to that tradition.

    Next we go at night to nameless stockholder number 2, he's kidnapped and Teri Lee is the detective in charge of the site. Spider-Man asks her about the connection between the kidnappings and that makes him go to see Felicia cause he knows her mother is one of the targets.
    Goblin kidnaps Anastasia, Spider-Man has to save Felicia cause he was unable to asphyxiate his foe fast enough before he picks her up from her apartment as well and toss her from his glider to be able to keep a distance between Spider-Man and him. His plan didn't require him to toss both mother and daughter at once.

    Cut to Kingpin in his helicopter having tea, and Green Goblin comes to him now. Kingpin has the same reaction as Spider-Man thinking this is Hobgoblin before seeing he's someone new, and the Goblin successfully kidnaps him despite the pilot's skills.

    Peter enters his home to see MJ having tea, she confesses that she thinks Harry might be involved and her reasoning, Peter tries to assure her that her doubts are unnecessary while he thinks to himself that her doubts 'Might' be close to the truth.
    Peter has the chance to let MJ break up with Harry, but it's a *****ey one he doesn't want to risk, so zip it.

    MJ sneaks into Oscorp (does this factory have low security or what?), and sees Harry entering. Harry entered through a secret door and walked on plywood covering a hole straight by the door, MJ walked on those boards and they broke immediately under her weight (don't ask me why) to be kidnapped by the Green Goblin.

    Spider-Man sees the Goblin flies out of Oscorp and is relived he placed the tracer in MJ's pocket, and he follows them to an underwater hideout owned by Oscorp.

    Goblin puts everyone Mary Jane is tagged along with under trial, and he hints at some information Harry has no knowledge of, breaking that red herring.
    And Spider-Man starts fighting him.

    :gg: tosses a bomb at Spider-Man while he's hanging to the skylight of the underwater research facility, and it's an error in his judgment.
    Spider-Man breaks shackles of every hostage with ease, including Kingpin who is unable to even budge the titanium shackles, showing that Spider-Man is the stronger of the two characters just for this episode.

    The hostages go to Goblin's submarine and Kingpin uses weapons to block the exits on two of his enemies, Jonah is shocked but that's about it.
    A large shaft fell by Green Goblin's side, parallel to him, and a brief flashback later the shaft with the ladder is on the Goblin's back.

    Goblin gets it off, the fight continues, they're saved by Harry after the Goblin weakened, and Spider-Man tells Harry the Green Goblin did the damage and now he's gone.

    In a press conference Norman makes an announcement that he'll quit chemical warfare, he wants his son by his side, and Kingpin approves that the stuff will be currently unprofitable.

    Felicia asks Peter to come to her apartment as Spider-Man (she doesn't know, but you know she asked him for that when she said "Tell Spider-Man to see me later"). And the two kiss at night.


    Good animation, good beats, but not good enough to be one of the better episodes.
    3.5/5 Goblin whining
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 05: Rocket Racer:

    This title is the name of a supporting cast member, neither is he a guest star not a villain.
    Unlike the Punisher who debuted on Spider-Man pages and a decade later had his first series, this guy never had anything to him more than a few back-up anthology stories in some Spider-Man issues.

    The episode picks up directly where the previous episode ended, with Felicia hugging (it was a kiss) Spidey in her balcony, and Spider-Man replied with "I can't have a girlfriend, it's too dangerous to you", and her reply was "I know"

    Cut to a bank and a tremor, a big wheel breaks into the bank and shots the door with missiles, jetpacked weirdos flew out of the wheel under the driver's command to pick bags of money and place them into the wheel before flying away under precise timing to leave one bank to visit the next.

    Explosion in the second bank is close to Felicia's balcony, it's not hard to attract Spider-Man's attention there with all the tremors happening. Makes you wonder why other superheroes didn't come to the scene, were they all busy with other weirdos they had to fight? Maybe with some of their daily routine.
    Or could this be that this is a Spider-Man cartoon and it's important to focus more on the title character and less on team-ups?

    Spidey pulls one of the jetpack boys and two of his buddies shoot missiles his way, and then the wheel rides up the wall and shocks him, and he follows.

    Rocket Robert Farrell buys medicine for his mother and skates home until he comes across the wheel gang chased by Spider-Man, his curiosity gets the best of him and he skates after them.

    Spider-Man webs one of the flyboys and leaves him suspended as he chases the rest, his webline was cut and some money dropped from the thief who picked two of the six bundles of cash he dropped and flies away. Robert picks one bundle and the cops show up there to witness the former trouble maker holding one of the dropped bundles. 4 cop cars all stop to catch one small black boy and ignore the chaos causing wrecking crew (not the gang of the same name) moving fast around the city.

    Spider-Man runs out of webbing, even his extra cartridges are empty, and he subtly breaks the 4th wall telling audience it wasn't his best move to leave Felicia by simply asking "I left Felicia for this?" as he looks our way.
    Too bad Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon runners decided to make their take on Spider-Man grating whenever he breaks the fourth wall, even in the better seasons.

    Next scene is Mrs. Farrell going with Felicia to bail Bobby out, angry Bob tells his mother maybe he should be what they think he is, his mother tells him to think better, for her.

    Next is Peter Parker going to the Hardy Foundation Science Programme to his work as a science teacher. It's not his first time teaching in any media, he was an assistant teacher as a grad student in late 70s-early 80s comics, but it is his first time teaching children, and his only time teaching science out of comics.

    Felicia comes in as he is looking at the project of his absent student; Robert Farrell. She calls Peter their favorite science tutor and he remembers the previous night at her balcony, she asks if something's wrong and he says "Nothing that wouldn't be fixed by you going out to dinner with me tonight" and she tells him there is someone else. His inner monologue of shock that he competes with his masked identity when it comes to going out on dates with her.

    Enter Jason Phillips McEndale and it's announced that he made a donation to the Hardy Foundation's science club, he asks Felicia to go out to dinner with him, she accepts and shocks Peter.

    Cut to the Farrell grocery store where the mother tells Bobby he should keep up with his science class activities, and he tells her her prioritizes helping her in the shop.
    A group of vandals enter the shop without elegance to announce the Farrells need the help these bozos can provide, they make a mess and one of them takes the money from the register to announce "Pay up to protect you, or we'll burn the place".

    Peter comes in after Mrs. Farrell went up to lie down upon her son's recommendation, Bob was cleaning the store and expressed dismay toward Peter.

    Spidey is swinging and inner monologing some PSA about the importance of education.

    Bobby is skating and accidentally hits a guy with tattoos on his arms, the same tattoos as the guy who dropped money bundles earlier that gave the kid prison time, and Bobby skates after him until they reach a warehouse, that warehouse is the hiding place of the wheel gang.
    Robert steals some stuff as the gang leader briefs his crew on their next mission, and the security camera notices the intruder.

    Next scene is Robert working home on his latest science project.
    His mom enters his room, and is glad to see him work on something productive instead of getting into trouble, and encourages him to keep going on this path.

    Robert takes his newly made hoverboard for a test run on the streets until he clings to the outside of a jewelry shop and climbs up to smash the skylight with one of his wrist rockets, that causes an alarm and a call to the cops.
    And then he smashes a display case to steal some jewels, remembers his mother and exists without taking anything. A police chase happens, a news chopper follows the kid, Spider-Man thinks he might be one of the Wheel gang and goes to chase him.

    Jackson Wheel (not named here) sees the security footage of the kid stealing his stuff, he wonders why his face looks so familiar and one of the thieves conveniently carries a newspaper that is a few days old with Robert Farrell's face and name on it. He's logically concerned about his location being identified so he decided it is time to attack this kid.

    Spider-Man is swinging after him, shoots a spider-tracer on his back, tries to catch him with a webline to stop him from hitting a truck, but the truck goes between the kid and Spidey and cuts the webline, that somehow causes Spider-Man to drop from the webline he was hanging from and falls in dumpsters in an alley when he was above a densely populated street. The use of stock footage can get out of hand in this show.

    Robbie reaches his home and Spidey followed. Felicia comes in after the little chat the two had to tell Bob about his mother in her place being attended to by a doctor, as the three in the apartment decide to go it is time for the Wheel gang to hit home and try to get to Bobby. The rocket rejects are held back by Spider-Man while big wheel went after Bob on the streets.

    Long story short, a fight happens, Bob uses his knowledge of gyroscopes to save the day, case closed.
    But the episode is not quite over yet, cause Mr. Spidey still has to deal with the racketeers who are mad that protection money did not come their way, and Spidey and Bob stop them.


    There should be no arguing that this is one of the best episodes, doesn't matter if you dislike or don't care about the characters used in this episode.
    4.8/5 Gyro shocks

    Sure, Doc Ock, Venom, and Lizard are focus villains in some of the better episodes, but this show has better writing for episodes focusing on lesser villains like Big Wheel and Michael Morbius than it does the usual suspects.
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 06: Framed:

    Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men, the Punisher, Blade, Doctor Strange, and now Daredevil; the man with the best Marvel Netflix show.
    Daredevil is the second guest star this season, and the fifth this series.

    Peter Parker is at his trial for committing the most heinous crime a citizen can commit (so says the district attorney) and he should be locked with no bail.
    Matt Murdock defend Peter by saying he's innocent.
    Judge: "That's for the jury to determine." Mallet strike "Bailiff, do as the D.A said and ignore that I just said you should wait for the jury to talk"

    Peter Parker is taken to a prison truck, journalists ask as he's walked into the truck, and the wagon is moving. Assault chopper shoots the convoy after a sewer lid min goes off under one of the cop cars a distance from the courthouse, Spider-Man blows up the hold up truck with a bomb and tosses a smoke grenade at Peter Parker. And some stock footage could have been handled by looping a few frames, I'm sure they had the technique for that back in the mid 90s, the 80s had them, instead they used frames from 'Sting of the Scorpion' with the focus zoomed in on Spider-Man's head.

    Spider-Man tosses smoke grenades on police cars and the vehicles blow up, nobody questions what's wrong with this. And he swings away carrying Peter Parker to a helicopter packed with armed men.
    Spidey asks Parker if he wants an interview, and Peter doesn't remember Chameleon's energy belt that right in front of him.

    remembers how he got into this mess, he got a call from Richard Fisk for a job interview, and once he got to Fisk's home Richard was reading Peter's resume as they were walking the hallway toward a garden of some flower (violets? orchid? I don't know, maybe I should read more on flowers) where his father, calling saving the life of his father is his most important achievement, and Wilson announces that he wants to show how grateful he is to the man who pushed him out of the way of an assassin's shot.

    Peter had the best job interview offer, work in something he's interested in and help in college payment, a chance to start as soon as possible in an electronics company, and a chance to quit working for J. Jonah Jameson, who certainly wasn't satisfied with losing one of his more impressive action news photo journalists.

    His job is checking computers for errors he can fix, and receives a diagnostic disc showing him errors found. One of these days he was chased by a hotdog vendor with a gun during his lunch break, that vendor had a lot of assistants, and chase copters.
    In hopes he'd escape their attention he changed to his Spidey outfit, but that was futile given the reputation of their alliance.

    Spidey got away, Peter got home early to check on his aunt's safety, and they were interrupted by cops breaking into the house with assist from Terri Lee for an arrest, the hotdog vendor is an agent of the FBI named Susan Choi. Peter gave them the diagnostic disc and was surprised they revealed it contained classified defense plans.

    In a hold cell, he was introduced to his newly appointed lawyer; Matt Murdock. And then Parker was moved to the visitors/prisoners table to meet him for the first time to be surprised there. Could be an art error that was overlooked, but it was too big an error.
    Peter was shocked to see a blind lawyer, and told him he couldn't afford him once he heard his name, Matt assured him that his fees were already paid, and asked him for details about the case.

    Flashback ends.

    In a warehouse it was revealed that someone in Richard Fisk's organization made a mistake that almost exposed him, and he had to place the blame on poor innocent schlock, and Peter won that lottery prize. You'd think he'd blame the one who wronged him instead of the innocent guy who saved his dad once, but a story has to happen, I guess.
    Oh shock, Spider-Man is truly the Chameleon.

    Peter is placed in a small lock area with a very heavy door he couldn't move or budge, and there was enough air for only a few minutes of breathing time. Looks like people who wrote this episode chose to ignore Spider-Man's ability to keep his breath longer than most people, and in some respects I can agree with this decision, but this is a guy who can swing for miles and fight for hours with a full mask covering his face, something normal people would have trouble doing, so I think they should have kept the idea that Spider-Man should be able to hold his breath longer from that respect.

    Chameleon told the Fisk family about Peter's parents, a seed planted for another season. It's cool they've planned this far ahead.
    Daredevil comes into the scene after Fisk's chopper flies away, kicks a roof guard unconscious with a kick, kicks a few people inside the warehouse, elbows one of them, hits one with a billy club to the face, kills the lights and sends a couple of thugs flying.
    Peter almost suffocates before Daredevil successfully gets him out, at least he didn't blackout before DD opened the door for him so he wasn't a burden on him for the next fight.

    DD send Peter to Matt's apartment and swings away, Matt talks to Peter about his past and why he defends the innocent. His dad was a fighter who didn't know when to quit, and worked for Kingpin to support his son, but the shameful sight really took its toll on young Matt and he ran until some waste material was accidentally dropped on him and hit his eyes blinding him.
    It appears that the accident happened due to an illegal act conducted by the Kingpin Matt's dad tried to expose, but then the dad was gone.

    Guess Agaaaaaiiiiin..jpg
    Is this number six? I think I missed my count of how many time we've seen this jersey

    Matt tells Peter he has his suspicions on who Kingpin might be, but he keeps his theories to himself without proof. Don't spread rumors is another important lesson in life provided by one of the most famous superhero animated shows out there, I'll give this show credit for subtlety in delivering some important lessons in life people should remember.

    Matt leaves Peter to rest so he can go out as Daredevil to continue investigating the case of Pete, while his client went home to take his Spidey suit to investigate the same thing.

    Flashback to the rest of Daredevil's origin, the important things about Stick's efforts, the results of training, and that Mr. Murdock was teased for avoiding exercising and playing with other kids while he was younger; Daredevil.

    Peter gets home and takes his uniform after May was taken to the hospital due to the shock effect on her, and heads to the source of his turmoil, his new employment establishment.

    Not the nicest of experiences. Daredevil finds and kicks him while he's trying to get data to clear himself, Kingpin's men hear the ruckus and start firing at them, a walkway breaks and falls on Spider-Man, and that ticks him enough to stop some of Kingpin's men, but not enough to avoid the unpleasant surprise of the bomb in this place, it's activated, and Bomb Squad Man (I follow Godzilla Mendoza) doesn't do anything to deactivate it.

    An explosion happens and you can bet it's to be continued (not a fanboy podcast, but you should really check it out) time

    4.75/5 Billy clubs
    Aside from the nonsense early on, and a bit of plot induced stupidity near the very end, it's one of the strongest episodes so far.
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 07: The Man Without Fear:

    Episode starts exactly where last one stopped, the explosion and the debris the two heroes try to avoid until Daredevil got hit by something. Spider-Man swings him out of that place and goes up back to take the evidence disc he came to take near the end of last episodes, and two stormtroopers shoot him as soon as he puts the disc in his pocket. Such precise timing and positioning in a place that is blowing up.

    Debris falls on Spidey and a blind man shall lead him through the smoke that somehow does not make Spidey cough. You'd think they'd pay closer attention to this detail of the mask's porosity after that debacle with Blade's garlic gas bomb.

    Daredevil and Spider-Man casually talk about helping to clear Peter's name, with the data on that disc, and Daredevil tells Spidey about Wilson Fisk's facade (why does that name read fassaad when you look at it and think it sounds more like fa-kay-d?) and his true motivations and intentions.


    The feds join them on the roof real fast after locating them through the debris and the burning building they were running through, and shoot them without question. You know you should suspect Susan Choi after this, and I feel bad about not suspecting her when I first watched this episode, but I wasn't someone who tries to solve mysteries at the time, still hardly try to do so.

    Terri Lee tries to talk to Susan Choi cause some of the details in this case are sketchy, Suzy tells Terri to stop asking questions about an investigation that came to an end or she'll arrest her and drives away.

    Richard shows Smythe and his father security footage captured by security from the Fisktronics building, but Fisk told Smythe a few seconds before that the building was gone, how did Richard secure a tape in the facility showing Spider-Man getting incriminating evidence against Wilson?

    Richard watches the news after that security footage, which tells about the ailing condition of the now hospitalized May Parker. Kingpin takes this as a time to get Peter Parker, who at the same time returns to Matt's apartment and sees the news about his aunt, and decides to do the stupid thing of visiting her. Matt catches him before he leaves the apartment to tell him about the disc, and gives him an advice against being seen since he's a fugitive.

    Spidey swings to the hospital, and he has an immediate tracking of his aunt sense, he swings almost right to the window of her room to hear Anna being a grouchy old bat.
    He goes in the hospital and ceiling crawls as Peter Parker. Brilliant strategy there.
    MJ doesn't like hearing bad things about Pete, and Harry gives her a hug.

    Matt hands Suzy the disc to exonerate Parker, and she's an agent for Fisk.

    I'm not a JoJo fan, you can pin the use of this gif on some friends of mine

    Suzy walks out of her office soon after Matt leaves, and Terri tails her.

    Back to the hospital, Peter grabs MJ's arm and pulls her in a closet asking her for help to let him see his aunt, she kisses him and apologizes, then she helps him to get there where he tells his aunt he can be cleared.

    Spider-Sense is buzzing, Anna Watson is here... Spidey wait, look at her belt.
    Chameleon can act fine as Anna Watson, but it helps since he's an international spy, he's bound to study who he portrays in his acts.

    They're out of the hospital where a truck is ready to pick up Chameleon and his captives, while the real Anna Watson is up there with May, asking about her niece's whereabouts.

    Terri continues tailing Suzy, who enters the car of Kingpin's son and hands him the disc.
    Back in the mansion with half of the villains and their captives, Richard calls his dad to tell share the good news, and Kingpin tells his son to eradicate evidence and their captives.

    Wilson Fisk and Alistair Smythe have a chat about Willie's origins, which are the Cliff notes of his origin in Daredevil 300. And he was known as Moriarty before Fisk, but his face is the same and is wanted for crimes he committed after walking out of prison.

    Richard tries to execute Peter and MJ, the process was interrupted by Terri Lee and a group of cops. Daredevil joins the party, Terri frees Pete and MJ, and handcuffs Suzy after a fight with her.
    Daredevil ties Chameleon and leaves him hanging.
    Spidey and DD catch Fisk jr, Chameleon takes the disc with him and flies home to Kingpin's technodrome after he freed himself out of the binds.
    Team red chase helicopter pilot Chameleon and reach that hideout.

    Fisk and Daredevil fight, Fisk calls DD things his father used to call him and is having flashbacks about them. Spidey interrupts as "I'm not the bad guy" is down and calls Kingpin Moby Dick. Fisk goes down an elevator as the two in red are delayed by different reasons, they chase Fisk's helicopter to show us this guy is the Chameleon and Kingpin switched places with him after he went down, he also kept the disc in his pocket.

    Trial of Fisk jr, Peter is exonerated, Kingpin apologizes to him, deal is done.
    Jonah is the one who hired and paid for Daredevil, Robbie gave Peter his job back. End of this epilogue.
    Spidey and DD shake hands, DD is out of this show.

    And because Kingpin is mad at Smythe for causing his son's imprisonment with his plan, next episode will focus on punishing him.


    4.25/5 shape shifting discs
    That rating comment sounded clever in my head, I see how odd it is now.
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 08: The Ultimate Slayer:

    Episode starts with Peter entering the main Bugle offices through an elevator to be shown a newspaper article about the engagement of Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson, and then he's told about a phone call directed to him, it's Alistair Smythe asking to be saved from Kingpin. Tough luck there though, Kingpin sees his plans, and he's very disappointed with this attitude from his employee.

    Spidey heads to the designated meeting roof on the appointed time, 20:00 sharp on the Brandon Building. Smythe's flying chair is there, but the rider is not in it.
    Spider-Sense, danger, Smythe is weird now, talks like a robot, and he's very aggressive and powerful. Spider-Man webs his eyes to escape his grasp, stands on air conditioning end on the roof, Smythe destroys the concrete under it with his shoulder lasers dropping Spider-Man a few stories down.
    Smythe is about to grab him and then the monitors turn blank while Kingpin and Herbert Langdon..... why is he working for Kingpin now?

    Spider-Man was rescued to be pounded in the head by more of Madamme Web's words. "Not her again, I'd almost rather be facing Smythe." Spidey's words echo mine, cause I really hate this character in this show.

    Herbie brings back visuals for monitors so he and Kingpin can see, Kingpin expresses disappointment in both characters and tells Two-Face Langdon to be good at his work, for both Smythe and his sake. Kingpin threatened Langdon's life.

    Back to Madamme Web who gives Spider-Man an advice he didn't need after mocking him. In seasons before, and even in this season, he came up with ideas to win without needing her pounding advice into his skull, and here she just pounds him mercilessly and mocks him pointlessly.

    Smythe is back in Fisk's tower where he gets another treatment to keep him under Fisk's thumb, he tries punching his boss but he's held back by RoboCop's fourth directive.
    He's locked in a cabinet for another treatment while his boss and replacement go to the upper floor via elevator, and Smythe flashes back to his moment of transformation via genetic transmutation, one that enhanced him with mechanical lenses (that may or may not inspired the yellow lenses in movie Green Goblin's mask).

    Langdon: "He's a robot"
    Fisk: "Ironic. His father loved robots, now he's one"
    Al flashes back to his father and breaks out of his cage.
    Fisk: "Humanoid equivalent of a robot, ey?"

    Cut to Parkers residence where May congratulates Mrs. Watson (it feels funny to say this surname when you know Fisk is a Moriarty) on MJ's engagement to Harry. Anna is happy she's not with Peter, and Peter enters to hear Anna teases him with the news after he said he needs to get ready for the conference in Osborn Tower.

    Cut to young Mr. Smythe piloting hovering chair through Manhattan, they can see his thoughts on computer in Fisk's tower to see his plans are to go to Norman Osborn to get revenge on his father's demise.
    Fisk is like "No, we settled our grievances, turn him around"
    And Smythe terminates the connection.

    Cut to Oscorp Towers where Jonah compliments Norman on a new subway cart made for defense conversion, and is one of many to come. Norman admits this is why he made a major press event, to announce these things.
    Peter passes by them and Jonah tells him to take lots of pictures, and he takes a picture of the two shoulder by shoulder.

    MJ bumps into Peter to tell him the news, they have a discussion and Peter asks if she loves him after she compliments him, she dodges answering the question, and that answers that question.

    Smythe is still flying. Norman is on stage speaking, and congratulating Harry on MJ on their engagement. Smythe is still flying.
    "Spider-Sense, danger" Cool, I won't have to say that line about Smythe again.
    Smythe blows a wall up (at least that's different) and approaches Norman for revenge, carrying him up and leaving to his hover chair, a retrieval unit captures him with Harry and MJ walking out the building, and Spider-Man swings after them clinging to the retrieval ship, and it enters the hideout of Kingpin from a gate lower than the usual one. Different blast door for aerial vehicles I guess.

    MJ and Harry are taken for lockup, Norman is awakened and is told of Alistair's motives, and Kingpin being the manipulative monster that he is showed him the cryostasis chamber unit Spencer lies in.

    A guard sees Spider-Man looking at things, tells his fellow to check it, they shoot him and he dodges, Norman and Fisk see him and Fisk requests the immediate reactivation of Smythe to punch Spider-Man who is webbing security guards left and right.

    Spider-Man comes to the conclusion he can end his fight with Al by remembering Madame Web's word and showing him his dad, something for him to normally think of on his own even in this season. He jumps right into Al's arms to tell him about his father, and breaks loose his grip to show him the screen without being stopped by the agile and strong Kingpin.

    Al breaks out of his 'Never harm an OCP director Kingpin' programming and tosses Langdon away, punches Fisk in the stomach once, and then kicks him away.
    Spider-Man takes Norman away from the conflict.

    Cut to MJ and Harry in prison, one is a tiger and the other is a lamb, respectively.
    MJ impresses Spider-Man with her graceful moves dealing with the guards, and Harry thanks his worried dad.

    The group get out as Smythe is breaking the place, so do Kingpin and his lieutenant, and Smythe does as Spider-Man told him to go five floors down to find his dad and take him.

    MJ decides Harry is not right for her and break his heart by giving him back his engagement ring and goes to Spider-Man to swing in his arms before the taxi takes off.

    Al gives us another supervillain speech of future with vengeance to end the episode with.


    4/5 Smythe is still flying
  22. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 09: Tombstone:

    Tombstone got a lot of money from Allysa Silvermane for a job to stop making her face go public as a crime boss by killing an expose by the Daily Bugle, Tombstone is prepared to get his plan in motion.

    Robbie has photos of her in a file, Peter tells him how grateful he is for not dating her, and places the file of her pictures in a safe in his office. Robbie talks about her father's organization, and the emergence of a new bandanna gang, looks at a picture of his wife and son and worries about being able to raise his son in a place this dangerous.
    He also tells Peter how he defends Spider-Man in front of Jonah, believing he's important to the city, but laments how he's not enough.

    Cut to a bunch of hoodlums climbing the fence of a car shop late at night, one of them accidentally raises the alarm and attracts attention of the security guard, but they outnumber him, surround him, and pick his baton to hand it to the new guy to beat the guard with it.

    Spider-Man interrupts this little nightly escapade and the gang disperses, new guy stays behind to be grabbed and carried by swinging Spidey who heads to a nearby roof to lower that kid's bandanna, to see Randy Robertson (he knows the face from the picture on his dad's desk), and lets him run away in surprise.

    Cut to the Parkers residence, Tombstone breaks the house door and scares May looking for her nephew. The man makes a mess of the place until he finds the negatives and leaves.

    Spider-Man reaches the place, sees Tombstone leaving and jumps in to stealthily check on May and see that she's alright and calling the cops, and then leaves so that he wouldn't scare her in turn.

    I'm impressed by how Tombstone is represented here, he does his job without hurting the person he visits.

    Spider-Man chases Tombstone to a bridge and forces him to pullover there, blocking traffic. Tombstone breaks out of his grip and knocks him against a car and walks away to continue his task, but Spider-Man is still miffed and webs him, Tombstone breaks out of all that webbing with ease and grabs Spider-Man tossing him in the river. Spider-Man lost him.

    Cut to the bandanna gang leader complimenting Randy for slipping away from Spider-Man, and Randy asks if it's time to join, the leader tells him he's not fully in yet, he should get a gun for their next mission.

    Back to the Parkers residence, May describes her experience as Peter is checking his room, he calms her down by gently holding her hands and telling her "The important thing is that you're ok". She exits the room and tells Peter he should find another line of work.
    Peter sees what's missing and remembers the other copy of those photos being in Robertson's safe, so he dresses up as Spidey again to warn him.

    Robbie is in his house, and it's not an apartment this time like the one in 'Kraven the Hunter' episode, and tells his wife he's home. His wife 'Martha' tells him that Randy was cutting classes for a week, and that he needed to be here more for his son who wouldn't tell her a thing.

    Randy comes through the door to pick some keys from his dad's coat pocket, and heads to his drawers to take the revolver out. Robbie sees and confronts his son, and sees the cloth in his pocket asking him about the Bandanna gang, Spider-Man out the window sees Robbie received the bad news himself, and Robbie receives a phone call from Lonnie calling him straight arrow, it flusters him and makes him walk out. Spider-Man follows.

    There is a meeting in a crypt, what a meeting place for a guy named Tombstone.
    Lonnie wants to strongarm his old pal to convince him to kill the Silvermane story, Spider-Man webs Robbie to pull him away, a fight ensues and the old crypt is down completely.

    Robbie and Spidey are on a rooftop facing the crypt, Robbie flashes back the story to Spider-Man.
    They were two normal black kids wanting icecream sandwiches, Lonnie had his basketball and the market was closed. After unintentionally breaking the storefront window with his basketball, Lonnie wanted in, a car cop showed up and Robbie got away while Lonnie was sent for juvenile hall.

    Years pass by, each one specializes in a different field, until one day cub reporter Joseph Robertson receives a phone call, a tip on a break in in a chemical factory, it was a setup by Lonnie.
    Lonnie runs and Robbie runs after him, Lonnie trips on a bucket on the walkway they're running on and falls to a vat of chemicals, having a joker rip-off origin.
    Cops arrived to the scene, Robbie told them the story, his co-workers backed him up on the tip he received.

    Spider-Man is swinging Robbie back to his house.
    Martha knocks on Randy's door and open it to talk to him to see he went out the window.
    Bandanna gang hideout is where Randy meets the boss now, and that's Tombstone.
    Robbie is home, and Spidey swings away to locate Tombstone. Martha tells Robbie about their son being missing, so he tells his wife to toss his gun after he receives a call about where to meet Tombstone.

    Spidey's search is fruitless, so he goes to visit Robbie at his home to hopefully get his help, Mrs. Robertson told Spidery where to find Robbie and he went there to save him and his son.
    Madamme Web has to pull Spider-Man into her portal again cause he's not smart in this episode without her guidance, not smart enough to be like he used to be in previous seasons and most of this season.

    Tombstone failed his mission to kill the Silvermane story, but he feels pleased to be able to ruin Robbie's reputation by causing his son to head to juvenile hall for leaving his fingerprints all over the facility.

    Spider-Man successfully shows Randy why he should trust his father and leave the gang, and then he sends the boy to face the Tombstone who is stronger than the spider head on. Good plan.

    Spider-Man pisses Tombstone off again, and almost sends him down the acid bath again.


    4/5 old pals reunion
  23. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 10: Venom Returns:

    Cops want to arrest mad maniac Cletus Kassidy, he tosses a grenade on the cops surrounding the building he's in, and locks a heavy door on the window he tossed the grenade from.
    How did he do that? Afford and installed such expensive security in an old building? Even in his house?

    Spider-Man gets to him and takes the bomb belt he strapped himself with, and tossed it up high in the 30 seconds he has left. And Mr. Kassidy is arrested.

    A meteor lands in Central Park, a couple go to it and are met with symbiote surprise.

    Madamme Web returns to be annoying again, and gives him an advice on how to be a warrior.

    Eddie is talking to a therapist who tries to convince him the symbiote ordeal never happened. It's amusing how therapists in these things want to relieve someone from past stress pain by making them deny real events that happened to them. Sure they seem unbelievable to us living in the real world, but it should be more believable to them in that fictional world, right? Unless someone is like Riddler in the end of Batman Forever believing himself to be Batman.

    Cletus comes in to the Ravencroft Asylum and is caged, he annoys Eddie who tells him to shut up as Dr. Ashley Kafka leaves, and a funny exchange happens.
    CK: "I can eat you for breakfast, maan"
    Eddie: "Well I'm gonna give you indigestion, maaan"

    And cut to Door Mouse Guy calling his faithful slave Mordo about the symbiote being brought back to Earth and how the Venom symbiote and its spawn are the key to his release of his alternate dimension prison.
    The slave does as his master commands.

    Mordo contacts Eddie in his astral form and convinces him to work for Dormammu as thanks for giving him the symbiote again, CK says he wants some.

    Next we cut to a display in Stark Enterprise where they show a portal opening device, a trans-dimensional probe.
    Mordo is there in the display.

    Eddie is reunited with the symbiote, it came as a visitor attached to the lady of the couple from Central Park a few scenes earlier.

    Door Mouse tells Eddie his task, and the combination of Venom go to assault Stark Enterprise to get the portal device. He goes there and fights both Spider-Man and Uncle Phil Machine.

    Mordo changed clothes from his fancy suit to his regular Mordo outfit,and tells Mordo about the Carnage symbiote after so much time spent before the Carnage connection happened.

    Carnage comes, the symbiote duo beat the other two.
    To be continued


    4.5/5 Papa symbiote
  24. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 11: Carnage:

    I didn't count 'Tombstone' and 'the Ultimate Slayer' before this one, but here we have three almost in a row episodes of episodes simply titled by the name of the antagonist.

    Subtle head butt.jpg
    Subtle head butt, or is that a butt head?

    Carnage wants to kill Spidey, Venom stops them cause "Spider-Man is ours", a squabble starts and Mordo finishes it. The two leave with the probe, and Dr. Kafka calls Eddie to stop.

    Rhodey stops Jameson from unmasking Spider-Man, Spidey gets up and War Machine falls. Tony tells Spidey to move injured War Machine to the treatment room, and he sends Iron Man.

    Back in Door Mouse's hideout Venom and Carnage tussle it out, Dormammu tells them to stop fighting and Venom goes "We don't owe you anymore, the deal is done" and leaves this dump behind.
    Dormammu tells Carnage he's enough.

    Spidey swings and tells the audience that Cletus is nutter than Venom, he and the symbiote bonded and say 'I' instead of we.

    Police cordon an area where Carnage is doing the Shang Tsung thing of "Your soul is MINE" to regular pedestrians, he even flips a tank and opens it from under to do the same thing to the cops in the tank.
    Spidey kicks him once, dodges some of his attacks, and is flipped.
    Carnage tries to suck his soul to no avail, Mordo tells him to come home to drain his feeding limit so he can suck more.

    Lieutenant Lee goes to tired Spider-Man asking him: "How do we stop this thing?"
    Spidey replies: "He's only half the problem, Venom is still out there"
    And the scene shifts without Spider-Man answering the lady cop.

    Parkers residence. May is worried cause Peter is late at coming home, Anna is grouchy in her distrust of Peter and how he keeps worrying poor May. I understand you worrying about May lady, but how about showing more concern and less grouch every once in a while.
    Brock comes to the house to ask for Peter, MJ answers the door and May approaches to tell him Peter is in the Bugle. As he's leaving MJ tells him she remembers them not being friends, and Brock tells her that Peter loves her and walks away.

    In the Daily Bugle, Jonah is arguing with Tony Stark that his device is stolen because his security is weak and rude, the two bicker back and forth with Ashley Kafka (who is not a man, nor does she speak in a German accent) listening to them both, and Peter Parker is taken photos of them.
    Venom breaks in through the roof and tries to hurt Brock's old boss while webbing Peter to a studio camera. Dr. Kafka calms Venom down and he sees Spider-Man on the ceiling and starts fighting again.

    Iron Man saves Spider-Man from getting killed, Venom pushes Tony aside and takes Kafka away, Spidey and Iron Man go after him. Madamme Web pulls him away to show him the separation of Eddie from the symbiote, and then kicks him out to find Carnage.

    Carnage is in Terri Lee's apartment, Spider-Man goes there after having to guess who the mutual acquaintance of him and Carnage is, and fights.

    Ashley has to leave after receiving a call about the whereabouts of Cletus Kassidy cause he's her patient too.

    Spider-Man fights Carnage, they drop off a roof to the streets, Cletus is sucking the life force out of webhead until Ashley Kafka arrives to the scene and Cletus tells her she's more deserving of that treatment than Spider-Man. Why though? They braely interacted together.
    She's the last life force needed to free Mordo's boss, Carnage picks up the doctor with him like he never did a previous victim, cause she important for a scene with Eddie and no seriously valuable reason to do with Carnage.

    Spider-Man asks Iron Man and Brock for help to locate Mordo and Carnage, Eddie is Venom again and they go swinging.

    Inside Mordo's lair Carnage is filling the urn with the souls he stole, the trio of Spider-Man and his allies stop the process of sending souls to the Dark Dimension. They fight, they fight, they fight they fight they fight, there's no bark, they just fight, and Dormammu is released.
    And no sooner is the hot head sucked back in, the souls are brought back to their bodies, Carnage tries to pull Kafka with him to be foiled by Venom, and both symbiotes are sucked into the portal after Dormamomomomomomo (LEGO Deadpool influence kicks in again), and Mordo must flee.

    Spidey sends Kafka to her home, he swings away and thinks to himself about not believing what he just saw. Web takes him to her place to babble about something she could have stopped herself but she didn't, cementing why I despise her in this show.


    Carnage stinks
  25. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 12: The Spot:

    Another title using the name of the antagonist. This is possibly the only appearance of the Spot outside the comics.
    EDIT: I remembered a Spot moment in a scene in the 2017 Spider-Man cartoon from season 2.

    Jonathan Ohm was in charge of developing the trans-dimensional probe, now that the project is proven to be too dangerous to continue being funded the larger device is getting dismantled. Jonathan pleads but Tony doesn't budge from his decision, Mr. Stark doesn't want to risk another extra dimensional threat being brought into our world using this technology, so he decides to assign Jonathan to a different project.

    Jonathan is mad to lose the project he was working on for so many year that he resigns the Enterprise (not that Stark Trek ship) and walks out carrying a briefcase and a duffel. As he is walking down the streets a limo stops by him and Kingpin invites him in.

    Kingpin shows the doc his facility and tells him he's impressed by the time dilation technology, telling him there is money to be made. Jonathan is not impressed by this motivation, but he is impressed by the help assigned to him and he accepts the offer.

    Monitoring the lab of Doctor Jonathan Ohm and Doctor Sylvia Lopez from Kingpin's office, Herbert Langdon says Fisk placed a lot of toys at the disposal of that man, and Kingpin talks about some of his plans with the technology, including the destruction of Spider-Man.

    Cut to Cony Island, MJ tells Peter how attentive he's been for the last month, they're dating now after being not dating last episode, this could mean they've been dating for more than a month, and even more time passed between this episode and 'Carnage'.

    At the same time, in the same area, Jason Phillips is playing water balloon to win a prize for Felicia Hardy, saying take that you ugly monster, and she's "That's a goblin, and I think it looks cute", impressed Jason "You never cease to amaze me" and wins a spider doll for Felicia. They talk about Spider-Man coming between them and Felicia expresses gratitude for Jason being around.

    Back to the lab. Jonathan's device works, he gets too close to the portal and it suddenly sucks him in to go away and multiply, tossing a lot of portals everywhere, one of them is in Cony Island, and Spider-Man has to leave MJ mid date to save the train from being sucked into the portal. He jumps in front of it to push the train away and that sucks him in.

    Inside the portal filled with multiple portals he sees Jonathan Ohm, tries to web him to help him to be sucked by the portal above him and then moved to one of the roofs away from the carnival, a distance of an hour of swinging according to Spidey. And Dr. Ohm is now the Spot after some portals attached themselves to his body.

    Sylvia is watching the news, and unexpectedly does Jonathan return to the lab. He shows her portals he can throw and control with his mind.
    The two have been working on this project together for weeks, and Jonathan confesses he likes her. She's blushing, she can't catch her words, and then she remembers the news and shows it to Jonathan. who jumps to close all portals, except for one he missed in the sky.

    Kingpin calls for information, he got vague answers from Doctor Lopez. Ohm returned and surprisingly manged to return to his human form real quick. Kingpin asks him if the device is a success and Ohm mentions the possibility of losing an arm in there, that's pretty dark.

    Jonathan announces his new codename; the Spot. Can you hear this name and not laugh? Spider-Man laughed at this name when he first heard it in comics.

    Connors and Peter talk about these black holes the next day, and Connors confirms Peter's hunch, and that Stark denies any connection to that incident.

    After that, Pete decides to talk to MJ to explain what happened, she ignored him and continued walking.

    Harry came to him, Pete said his name, and Harry was grouchy that Peter stole his ex-fiancee. Not be be that gloomy guy Har, but she left him to be with you, and then left you when she saw you're not good at handling stressful situations and act too much like an obedient puppy to people imprisoning you, that should've told you the two of you aren't made for each other.

    The neglected black hole is increasing in diameter and sucking cloud in some shoddy animation. Shot moves down and Spider-Man is swinging until he senses a robbery in a bank and hears the alarm, he enters the bank to see the Spot, but he can't help but ask him in calm and confused fashion.

    Portals happen, Spider-Man webs him, the webs move through a bunch of portals and back to web him. Spot kicks him away to a portal above the Statue of Liberty and he almost dies, but Spot grabs him from the webs and hangs him on the statues crown and leaves.

    After this situation Spider-Man breaks out of his webbing and announces that he can't take the guy who did all that crap seriously. You serious?

    Spider-Man uses his spider tracer seeker to zero in on portals, and then the shot shifts to that still increasing in size blackhole that sucks more things, but is still unnoticeable....

    Jewelry store robbery, Spot asks Spider-Man when he comes through "What are you, some kind of masochist?"

    Sylvia told Fisk about Spot, Jonathan feels betrayed, Sylvia tells Jonathan she's owned by Kingpin and doesn't want to see him hurt Jonny and Jonny goes to take him head on in his office.
    Security is summoned, and the distance between Fisk and Ohm mysteriously increased, Spot disarms the men and all of a sudden loyal Sylvia is held captive in her lab.... :dry:

    Spider-Man looks down from a higher roof to see Spot, and he swings up to reach him.... stock footage can be mysteriously whack here.
    A fight of multiple portal happen, no super strength Spot can easily pull super strong and super sticky Spider-Man for some reason and moves him out of another portal on the same roof. Spider-Man delivers his fourth (and final?) punch in this cartoon to reach Spot, ending this battle of bad puns.

    The two set up a trap for Kingpin, that blackhole needs to be shut down ASAP, Kingpin offers his help cause he wants his life and profit, Jonathan and Sylvia jump in the portal to close it, leaving Spider-Man to pilot a jet he can't fly. End of crisis?

    MJ makes peace with Peter, and the episode ends.


    3/5 toilet papers

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