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  1. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 13: Goblin War:

    Time dilation accelerator that was attached to Spot before he jumped into the portal is opening random portals and is ignoring them, until there was one portal that opened right in its path to suck it through.
    Makes you wonder what happened to Jonathan and Sylvia after last episode as they are trapped in this pocket dimension or whatever.

    People are having activities in the park, the portal device falls in a place where none of the people showed a few frames earlier pays attention to. One guy named Lenny sees it and places it in his pocket thinking it should bring him some cash. And he runs away as Peter and MJ walk behind him in the same shot.

    MJ tells Peter how she loves him, but recalls the villains she encounters, and calls Eddie Brock Venom... she never met or heard of Venom, and he wasn't on the news as the combined menace. She recalls shots of them from season 1, and said Hydroman came before Venom... and there goes the chance that he was filler, not like they didn't remind people of that episode in prior episodes.

    How does she think that Peter attracts trouble? Aside from Eddie Brock being a freak stalker.

    Cut to a pawn shop where old Lenny tries to sell the portal device he found in the park to a pawn shop owner who looks a bit like Jonathan Kent, he accidentally turns it on and opens a portal sucking merchandise in it, portal device was flying up until a TV hit it on the way dropping it away from the portal that was opened inside the building to go outside, and the portal went outside without breaking the roof. But it broke the banner and statue on the roof.

    Pedestrians are brilliant in that they run toward the danger zone, portal that grew in size and is sucking two people has no effect on the people nearby watching .

    Peter leaves MJ telling her it news, she understands and tells him to be careful. Spider-Man webs the two guys in the pawn shop to a wall to anchor them while he shuts the portal. The portal engine is on the pavement and is not being sucked in? Did getting hit by the TV on the way give it immunity to suckage?

    Hobgoblin comes to the scene to pick the device, he knew about the device cause he has a spy in Kingpin's organization, but how did he know he needs to find it in that exact spot at that exact time and have enough time to go to his hideout to pick up his suit and gadgets to......

    And then Hobgoblin takes the device and the portal doesn't try to suck him in, but it sucks Spider-Man in. The portal was parallel to the street but now that Spider-Man webs Hobgoblin's glider to get out of it and the portal suddenly rotated 90 degrees upwards to be perpendicular to the road and closes up just like that. The whole portal affair makes no sense besides it is dangerous.

    Hobgoblin has the ability to know how to use devices without instructions or practice in this cartoon, from the first glider to the remote controlled glider to all these other gadgets in his man purse, and now the time dilation accelerator to get away after he chops the webline attached to his glider by a razor sharp disc.

    Spider-Man experiments making a web parachute and was successful on the first go, and drops in the water below.

    Cut to a bank where money is being sucked via portal to Hobgolin's hideout, and NOW Hobgoblin anchors himself by holding into an iron bar inside the safe, he closes the portal and lets go of the bar to enter the now closing portal, but because it closes on his cape and cuts a small part of it after he did not time the thing to absolute perfection he comes to the conclusion the device's battery is running out. The conclusion is a mistake people can make, but the rest of the action is pure stupid.

    Hobgoblin startles his spy at Fisk's facility and shoves him to give him a power pack for the portal engine he has, spy guy gives Hobby the last power pack cause they stopped making these once they lost the teleportation device, Hobgoblin doubts that and laughs a bit.

    Kingpin and Langdon are watching news footage of the portal, when no channel crew were near by as long as the incident took place. Hobgoblin pops up through a portal and Kingpin summons his semi-useless mercenary security members (only times they were really useful is the time they blew up Fisktronics to delete evidence, even then Wilson Fisk wasn't please) again to surround Hobgoblin.

    Hobgoblin: "I have a proposition for you"
    Kingpin: "The device you used to enter my building and I saw the portal you passed through to come behind my back with? I'm seriously unironically shocked."
    Hobgoblin: "I have a proposition for you, let's steal together using your portal device, gimme a battery"
    Langdon wishes that they knew who the masked maniac is, and Kingpin figures who he should be asking.

    Cut to a big house with the announcement of Felicia's engagement to Jason, Peter is holding MJ, Harry is still mad and repeats saying "Oh you do remember me" for the third or so time after MJ left him and months (more or less) later went to Peter as her boyfriend again. Harry walks away still not a fan of the thing, MJ goes to talk to him.

    Jonah holds Parker by the shoulder to ask him why he isn't developing pictures of the portal incident, Peter assures him things are handled and Felicia interrupts by holding Pete's shoulder to introduce him to Jason, spider-sense tingles stopping him from shaking hands, Fisk comes between Jason and Peter to say hello in turn.

    Wilson sees Norman and walks to him, Jason is babbling to Peter about Felicia's plans of redecoration, Peter wants to listen to Fisk and Osborn's conversation instead.Peter asks for a moment away and he has his chance to go out and listen to the conversation of the Fisk and Osborn.

    Fisk tells Norman about his plans and new associate, Norman panics once he hears the name Hobgoblin, he doesn't want to talk about it. Fisk threatens Harry -good terms, remember them?- to bend Norman's arm to force him to reveal that info about the identity of the Hobgoblin, and the two walk back inside after Norman tells Wilson to meet him in Oscrop at 2:00.

    Spider-Man was listening, he jumps down behind straight behind Kingpin, and is annoyed that he has to leave MJ again if he wants to go after Kingpin and Hobgoblin. Felicia grabs his shoulder and asks him if he came to wish her good luck, Spidey says yes, and asks if she loves him, she replies with "Do you have other plans?" and he replies "No, I only wish for you to be happy" and swings away.

    Norman is in Oscorp, he remembers the Green Goblin and tries to close his ears. Goes to wash his face and sees him in the mirror, a chat happens and a split personality (original for this show, starting with this episode, no split personality in classic comics, not even in the first GG episode) is launched.

    Cut to Fisk tower where he apparently forgot his arrangement with Norman Osborn for the night, and it looks like Spider-Man found his way to the safe of the national gold repository he heard Kingpin said he wanted to rob, none of the guards were alert to his presence there. Kingpin's enforcers barge in through the portal to be met with Spider-Man's webbing after they tranquilize the guards with sleeping gas grenades. The enforcers have gas masks on, Spider-Man doesn't , and he did not lose consciousness because plot, and he jumps through the portal to tease the group of Fisk, Hobgoblin, and Langdon.

    Spider-Man jumps on the large glider to close the portal, Hobgoblin controls the glider to fly and Spider-Man picks up the portal engine. The Goblin wants to blow Spider-Man who warns him against destroying the device in his hand, and Spider-Man swings down to be easily slapped by the overpowered Kingpin and is crush hugged by him after the portal machine falls from his hand. Remember the shackles Kingpin could not break lose from in 'Enter the Green Goblin' and Spider-Man pulled off with ease? Showing Spider-Man is the stronger of the two? Forget those, just see him be a squeazy toy duck.

    Green Goblin blows up the wall to enter and hunt Hobgoblin who wished Green Goblin was just a rumor, they fight by tossing bombs at each other and evading them, Green Goblin picks up the desk and tosses it at Hobgoblin, shocking him.

    The two large goblin gliders collide in mid air, and the one Green Goblin was on wasn't damaged cause... the green one has super human strength?
    The horn of the Chrysler building is blown up and then two goblins glide away leaving the place, Spider-Man swings after them and Kingpin is mad he lost the portal machine.

    Green Goblin is shooting lasers at Hobgoblin through the city, the two argue, and Hobgoblin flies through a portal and closes it getting away.
    Spider-Man lands on Green Goblin and tries to talk him out of this hunt, Goblin bumps Spider-Man's head on an advertisement billboard to drop him off his shoulders, and throws bombs at him until Spider-Man falls in the water.
    Green Goblin flies away, and Spider-Man swims out of the water back to the shore.

    Cut to Jason's study where Felicia thinks of redecorating the place cause it's cramped, all the space in the room and she thinks it's cramped. Felicia thinks of a wall she thinks needs to be removed and knocks on it, the hollow sound behind it raises her curiosity, so she grabs the pillar by the wall until she finds a button sliding that wall for the Hobgoblin suit to drop. I wonder how many times did he have to deal with that problem as he slides the door.
    Hobgoblin's costume and armory are in front of her, Hobgoblin pops behind her telling her "Now you've done it. I've had everything" and she's still surprised to see him in the house of the man she agreed to marry.

    Oh look, Jason Phillip Macendale is the Hobgoblin. That mystery was kind of well played to be honest, even if you recognize the voice of Mark Hamill and haven't been a comic reader when you've first seen it, but she shouldn't be shocked at this point.

    Jason tells her either she marries him or she dies, Green Goblin breaks into the house saying he knows everything about Hobgoblin in response to his surprise, kicks his gun, uses the portal device, and kidnaps the duo of Hobgoblin and Felicia Hardy, taking them to Oscorp where Spider-Man announced he'd find them.

    Green Goblin is lowering both Hobgoblin and Felicia into a vat of acid while chattering, he laughs and Spidey webs his mouth, and web picks his glider to toss it in the acid. GG travels through portals to cut Spider-Man's webline as he's swinging to get both Felicia and Jason and grabs him from the leg, Spider-Man enters the portal to beat him and leave to save Felicia and Jason, then he tosses a razor disc on the portal device to break it, but it's much stronger than 95% of American cartoon devices (especially in the 90s) that immediately explode, but it's still usable so :gg: travels through it to escape.

    Felicia asks Jason if he ever loved her, he said he loved her looks and money, Felicia cries over her ruined wedding plans.
    Felicia and Spidey look from a high point as cops haul Jason Goblin away, she foreshadows her future in the next season by saying "I'm like a black cat", and their scene ends.

    Green Goblin exists the portal using the broken device with low power in the next day (what are the rules of that portal device?), narrates for the audience, announces that he will eliminate his enemies, and that he will modify portal machine.

    And Mary Jane is neglected, who cares why?


    2.75/5 faulty glider physics.
    It's a weak episode, one of the episodes that don't have Madamme Web after her introduction should be a better one, not a weak episode.
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  2. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 03 - EPISODE 14: Turning Point:

    Episode opens with dragging landscape footage, and more inorganic transfer from poorly fitting CGI to hand drawn. Next is Spider-Man telling Madamme Web to stop nagging him about the battle she says she's training him for, it's not needed. She tells him about the two headed monster that will be a pain in his life.

    This is her 7th episode in this season alone. I still say she should have been able to solve the situation on her own considering the powers she's displayed so far.

    Cut to Norman in his lab fixing the portal device, his Green Goblin inner monologue is annoyed at how long this process takes and the risks of instability accompanying the miniaturization of such a system. I wish they didn't make him forcibly laugh when transferring from Norman to Goblin personality, it's even more annoying when he does it while expressing impatience or annoyance.

    Norman: "Spider-Man knows our connection"
    Green Goblin: "He's the only one in the world, and this knowledge will be expensive"

    Cut to another scene of a bank truck rolling, Green Goblin is bombing.
    Goblin enters the armored car leaving his large gliders for anyone to see, but Spider-Man apparently misses it as he swings to the vehicle and is surprised that the Goblin is still alive. :gg: promises he will kill him and tosses a bomb on him.

    Turning Point has solid animation.jpg
    Goblin gets away, Spidey knows, where to look, and this episode has great animation

    Spidey swings to familiar locations of Norman and the Goblin, starting with his corporation, and then heads to his mansion, he didn't find a sign of him in either location, so he swings away.

    Back to the city, the Spidey is swinging, his senses are tingling, he looks back to see nothing, his senses ring again, the Goblin is after him, the portal closes again, before he turns around to see.

    Hooooooooooooolld iiiitt right there. We've seen what the inside of these portals look like in Spot's episode, so I'm not convinced either Spot or Goblin know their way around these portals very well, and this guy hasn't been using portals long enough to convincingly find his way around.
    Fans take this cartoon seriously, creators treated this show seriously, this is why I'm more critical of things that don't make sense with the mechanics of the story.

    Spider-Man decides it's a glitch and heads for the meeting place he promised to meet MJ in, as he unmasks his senses tingle again and he turns around with his mask off instead of putting it back on to see what's going on. Goblin got his wish to see the secret identity of Spider-Man and is now whining that his most feared foe is this young. But why call him a mere boy? He's been in college since season 1, and it's been clear that months pass within a season, between two episodes sometimes, so Peter should be well in his early 20s at this point of the show....

    The comic story this scene was taken from has Goblin spy on him from a longer range using binoculars, so he was looking at him from a long enough distance to not trigger his spider-sense in case the gas to nullify his spider-sense he gave some punks to hit him with failed, he didn't have some deus-ex machina he had no handle on before and mastered out of the blue. Also... he had not split personality, the shock that made him forget who he is and made him nice is not because he had split personality, it's something else entirely Spider-Man decided is some illness that hit him from the chemicals that gave him his powers.
    And the Green Goblin didn't whine, especially since his words aren't audible and delivered with such an ear grating voice, instead he was impressed that his most worrisome foe was pretty young.

    This is why the revelation is better in the comics, and is more entertaining.
    Back to the episode.

    Norman: "Wait, that's a friend of my son"
    *Grating laugh*
    Green Goblin: "Shut up Osborn, I'm thinking. Yeah, that creep was using your son to get to you. I'll do the same thing."
    Portal away, and Peter's spider-sense that was ringing non-stop for minutes suddenly stopped after the idiot completely changed his clothes and walks away as Peter Parker ignoring the sense as a glitch.

    In the Coffee Bean Liz and MJ talk about the relationships of the important characters, Liz gives us hints that she is Harry's love in the comics (in the time of this episode Harry was dead, and Liz was his widow). Peter comes in late, MJ is ok cause she's used to that. Switch scenery.

    MJ tells Peter about Harry's birthday and how both were invited, his dad is throwing a dinner party.
    Peter thinks: "Is the guy I was fighting earlier today back to normal"

    This episode is ridiculous, just like the last one before it.

    The duo are by the Osborn mansion, Flash talks about how him being late is in bad taste, or maybe that's him being here.
    Peter and MJ walk toward Harry to hand him his present, he's still bitter and only invited the two cause his dad insisted. Now Peter is concerned.

    Norman: "Peter Parker is here, now the party can really get started."
    Peter's inner monologue: "He's crushing my hand, if not for my spider strength he'd break it"

    On the dinner table Norman is babbling about Peter, he winks and this is when Peter pays attention to he knows. This moment is based on another Stan Lee comic, the Spectacular Spider-Man magazine issue 2 (last issue of that magazine series), and that is another great comic scene that is poorly adapted here, because in the comic Peter was aware this was a trap, went there to not draw suspicion to him by any of the party guests, and to keep an eye on Norman. The important thing in my rant is... Peter is not an idiot in the comic, he's a fool in this episode.

    Peter wants Norman to shut up once he finally realized that he wants to let the cat out of the bag so he shoves a few web cartridges in the fireplace, it does the necessary distraction and everyone other than Norman is out. Peter heads back in to see what his enemy is doing, pretending he's going to save him, and laughing boy Osborn is twitching between personalities as he says bad things about Peter. Then he pushes him out the back door with his glider, when he was walking earlier and had no time to get on his glider.

    A few pumpkin bombs to the face, sure Peter dodges them, but they ruin his fine tux, Peter climbs a tree to jump on glider goblin to be met with a shock pushing him back to the ground.
    Cable gun, :gg: uses what I'll refer to as a cable gun to tie him up, and then he attaches that binder with a rope connecting Peter to his glider and flies away.

    Babble babble, chatter. Spider-Man webs a cable once they're over a bridge and that causes the glider to steer and fall, Peter uses this opportunity to use the glider flame to burn the cable off, but it burns his entire tux off instead of just a part of his coat. Then Peter puts on his mask to jump on the Goblin who gets away with a portal after attaching portal doohickey to his chest.

    Goblin: "I'm paying your house a visit." portal away, and Spidey swings fast.

    Cut to the Watson's residence, MJ and Anna are chatting about the fire incident, and this is another case of Anna whining about Peter being irresponsible.

    Spider-Man reached his house, he reached it in time. Goblin came in on the small glider although he entered the portal on the large one, and a funny moment with Goblin acting nice to a sleeping person by not kidnapping her, announcing he will enter MJ's home.
    How does he know which house is whose? And where to find it by portal?

    May gets up, Pete calms her down and she returns to her slumber. Spidey exists and remembers that Norman said MJ and Pete were con-conspiring to get together, and this is when Spidey goes to check on MJ who got kidnapped from her own home by the Goblin portal.

    Going back to the same bridge, Goblin is distracted, Spider-Man tries to push him off of MJ, blah blah blah, portal opens, she falls, Chris Barnes hams it up a bit. "VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE" moment.

    Osborn is sucked into the portal, Spider-Man is not sucked although he should be after being suspended and dropping near the sucking portal, portal close, lightning strikes, yadda yadda yadda.

    Madamme Web is involved again, she still sucks for no real reason beside being annoying for no real reason, Spider-Man yells at how annoying and useless she is and tells her to get out of his life, she calmly says she will return.... blah blah blah.



    On the plus side, the Green Goblin has been a rather fun antagonist in this episode. If this was an episode from Ultimate or the current running mess, it would have been deemed much worse than it already is.
    Shows how characterization, voice cast, voice acting, art direction, and music matter in influencing score for such material.
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  3. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    This is how season 3 concludes, which feels weaker than season 1 for the most part when it comes to storytelling, and it suffers at moments from some shoddy animation.
    It's possible they cut the budget a bit for this season, or maybe stretching it for 14 episodes instead of 13 affected their work a bit negatively. Or maybe I'm trying to reach too far.

    The writing for Goblin character types stories is pretty weak, but not because Hobgoblin was treated unfairly in his final appearance, his defeat was proper when meeting a foe that overpowered him.

    Average rating for the season

    WOW. Surprisingly better than season 1, if mildly. I thought for sure the average score for this would be lower.
  4. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 01: Guilty:

    Episode opens with Spider-Man swinging, he recalls events from the finale of the previous season, and a shot of Anna Watson in a hospital bed scolding Peter for MJ's disappearance, and I don't blame her this once, although I wonder how Green Goblin hear her say "Peter Parker is trouble" before opening the portal to reply "You don't know the half of it". That minute of recap mid swinging with CGI city background concludes with a new scene of Harry blaming the Green Goblin for the disappearance of both his father and MJ, and in sorrowful voice wonders what life will be like without them.
    Spider-Man thinks the costume has got to go, and this is night.

    Cut to the Daily Bugle, Jonah tells Robbie they needs Spider-Man on the front page, what's his connection to the disappearance of Mary Jane Watson? He needs pictures of Spider-Man in that incident.
    Robbie defends Spider-Man with: "He protects the city"
    Jonah: "I never felt protected by him", it's true to his character to deny every time he, his family, and staff were saved by him, but dude, seriously, he saved your hide from at least two mistakes you made, have more sense of self awareness and gratitude.

    They talk about Peter, he should get photos of Spider-Man. Robbie says that Peter doesn't want to be tied up to that character anymore, and Jonah replies with how irresponsible it is for that kid to do that, and almost makes him hear a backstory before Robbie interrupts him by saying he needs to see his son's match in an hour. Both agree that he's lucky as he leaves.

    Robbie enters a taxi, it's fake, he's subjected to anasthetic gas.

    Next day, Spider-Man is swinging to action after announcing the night before he will quit, nothing motivated him to put the suit on again between these two moments, but he does, and heads to the harbor.

    Claim check for that Jersey.jpg
    Guess what appears again

    "Mastermind, mastermind, we are your loyal followers, your orders are important."
    Mastermind (not the mind manipulating mutant from X-Men) shakes up the effects of that anesthetic gas and gets up in his ski mask with a gun in his hand. He's shocked by the events around him he wake up to.

    He raises his hand and a shot is fired directly at Spider-Man. Pinpoint accuracy for the guy who didn't see where he's shooting. Spider-Man falls in the water due the blast he didn't dodge despite the distance of firing and his normal dodging speed as a bullet timer.
    Spider-Man raises his head out of the water and dives down again after seeing a jet-ski moving his way.

    Spider-Man climbs the boat, webs the big masked guy on it and pulls him down. Mastermind surrenders and the whole crew surrender with him and unmask themselves.
    Spidey unmasks the mastermind with the comment "You must be some leader that all these men would want to take the fall with you" and is shocked to see Robbie.

    In court, the gang commit to blaming the mastermind they were so loyal to take a fall with, Peter should be questioning this. Should.
    The attorney doesn't believe what she hears from Robbie about the knock-out gas, and says this is a court of law, not a Saturday morning cartoon.
    The jury find Joe Robertson guilty, and that ends the trial.

    Martha and Randy are upset by the verdict, Jameson offers his help to his good friend and the family of his friend.
    Back in his office he calls the governor, but no evidence is a waste of time that makes the governor hangs the phone. Jonah is growling at his employees pushing them to find proof of innocence, Ned Leeds finally makes his appearance and he talks like a conspiracy theorist.

    Spider-Man feels guilty and believes he did betray Joe Robertson against his disbelief of seeing Robbie the way he was in the scene of the crime.
    Cut to the man in visitors area in prison, Randy is mad at Spider-Man while Joseph is still defending him.
    Cut to Peter developing pictures he took, to see something wrong in the picture showing Robbie's hand on the gun, it fired without someone pulling the trigger. Whoever planned this incarceration is a master of deception.
    Cut to the Chrysler building, and of course, Kingpin has to be involved in the episode somehow. Fisk hacks the prison assignment computer to change Robbie's prison location from New York State Penitentiary to Rooker's Island, but why does computer hacking cause a blackout in the prison?
    And then the hired fake prison guard comes into picture.

    Back to the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker walks in to say hello to Ms. Grant who tells him to not enter the office of foul mood Jonah, but he gets out anyway to greet Peter with "Why are you here without showing me something important to the case", Peter does a show and tell and Jonah is so happy to see evidence of Robbie's innocence he takes them himself.

    trench coat, gloves, and a fedora on, this is a job for Jigsaw Jameson. That name is made-up for the cartoon, you don't have to ask if it's heard in the comics, at least not in any of the solo Spider-Man titles. And Peter plants a tracer on him.

    Out of the Bugle, Jonah rides the same cab Robbie got in the night of his abduction, Spider-Man is sticking to the building and thinks he hates being in this suit again. Why did he keep the suit on and gadgets with him in this duration of resignation?

    Anyway, Spider-Man follows the cab carrying Jonah until they reach an old beat cop, an acquaintance of J.J. from his reporter (Jigsaw) days, who tells him about an old stoolie who is now a big time; Joey Nails. Jonah heads to Joey's diner/bar and is shown to a seat that ties him up and takes him to the basement to meet Joey, and find a warehouse story and ties Joey in the chair.
    How did he know which button is the one he should press?

    Outside that place two of Kingpin's Stormtroopers were on a roof, ready to shoot Jigsaw Jameson, Spider-Man webbed them up and heard one of them say they refuse to talk, they like to breathe. That's pretty dark.

    Going to the warehouse, more Stormtroopers were there ready and waiting with a bomb, Spidey had some cool action before Jonah entered, once he did he was met by one of the enemies grabbing him, Jonah showed him some good wrestling moves, and Spidey webbed a guy who was about to shoot J.J..
    Aim a gun at the guy who saved you from getting shot, good plan.

    A bomb goes off and Spidey takes Jonah to the warehouse's basement, and they find both the gun that was in Robbie's hand and the remote trigger that shot the gun. Convenient.

    Robbie is being transferred, he's in his cell. Spider-Man finds info in the computer in the warehouse basement and gains info about the crime and who is incarcerated there.

    Robbie finds out that in prison, Richard Fisk allied himself with Tombstone, and caused Robbie to be imprisoned to give Tombstone some fun..
    I have a few questions here; why did the son of Kingpin ally himself with a servant of one of his father's enemies? The enemy one who most wanted to kill his father? And why would the father go to all this trouble for someone who kidnapped his wife?

    Spider-Man swings into prison, searchlights point at him and guards pour their focus aiming fire on him... he's not a fugitive, someone could have asked him what he's doing here instead of acting like a group of boneheads firing their guns at him

    Spider-Man evades gunshots, hired prison guard of Kingpin tells Fisk and Lincoln about Spider-Man breaking into the place, they go out for a helicopter ride, Spidey grabs Robbie (after he throws a guard, elbows another, and kicks two more. Why did censorship say fists are too violent?), helicopter is dropping, Tombstone and Richard are falling, helicopter pilot wasn't shown to get out of the helicopter before it dropped and blew up.

    Robbie is cleared, the judge looks like an aged up Clark Kent, everyone is happy. And Robbie indirectly tells Peter to never stop being Spidey.


    3.5/5 Jigsaw wrestles

    It could have gotten a better score if not for that awkward alliance.
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  5. Spider-Aziz Spelunking

    Oct 11, 2010
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 02: The Cat:


    Not that kind of nightmare fuel of a creature pretending to be a cat to not be terrifying.

    Episode opens with Spider-Man still upset over the loss of MJ, she was taken by the Green Goblin to get to him. He feels the need to talk to someone about it and saw the sign of the Hardy Foundation Research Labs, his ex-girlfriend can relate to the loss of a loved one after what happened to poor Michael Morbius.

    Felicia in a car returning from a date, she remembered her father who was never referred to in this show up until this point. Forgettable date #33xx opens the car door for her once they reach her apartment building and she goes up. None of the line he has are of any significance to the story, so you don't have to worry about not knowing them, he's less valuable to any story than Jane Foster's forgettable date from Thor: The Dark World.

    Felicia heads up to her apartment and hears her mother talking about a nightmare to an unexpected guest she doesn't like to entertain, Doc Ock still blames her for what his idiocy blinded by his zealous ambition did to him, and he blackmails her for compensations after learning about her connection to a big heist.
    Felicia foolishly walks in to be grabbed by the metal arms of that megalomaniac, fade to black.

    Spider-Man swings to the window while monologuing to remind us (or inform those who started watching the episode after the first commercial break) why he came this way now, and he hears Felicia moaning. The lights were off in the previous shot, and now they're on.

    Spider-Man and Ock tussle a bit, some damage happens, Felicia manages to activate her security alarm in time before Ock breaks it, and he leaves after dropping some weight a normal person can left off of himself with considerable ease on super strong Spider-Man who stays trapped under it for a minute.

    Felicia appreciates the help, her mother is not so pleased and wants him to get out. The ladies argue in front of him, Anastasia doesn't want him to hear details, Spider-Man offers to be a shoulder for Felicia to cry on until the police come to the area, he doesn't want to be seen by them and leaves.

    Next day in the Daily Bugle Peter is browsing through the archives and finds about the Owsback jewel theft, a sum fortune of uncut diamonds were robbed 15 years prior to the events of this episode, and the thief is the guy Spider-Man saw a picture of in the Hardy home last night, Felicia's father. "So Ock wants to embarrass them by revealing this info in public".

    Later that night, a spider-seeker finds Dr. Octavius running to a waerhouse, a bunch of mercenaries barge in, some of them in a tank. Ock proves his tentacles make him a badass until he's hit by a couple of knock-out gas grenades.

    In a flying airplane high above the city, Ock wakes up to be faced by Kingpin. Ock hits him with four tentacles at once and Kingpin grabs one of them with absolute ease while animators forget the rest of the tentacles in the previous frames. "You are jeopardizing an arrangement I'm ready to set with your plan to blackmail Anastasia Hardy", a door under Ocks feet open and he manages to grab the plane in time and bargains with Kingpin.

    Apparently, Herbert Langdon was working for Kingpin off-screen before 'the Ultimate Slayer' episode, and injected Chameleon with a techno-organic virus that gave him his shapeshifting abilities without the need of the image inducer, can emit a homing beacon, and his eyes work like a surveillance camera, showing them John Hardesky, the cat.
    He apparently knows a secret best kept hidden away, that's why both him and Chameleon are imprisoned in S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier.

    Peter is in the Daily Bugle, this is another day for him looking through archives, and he sees the face of Nick Fury before his eyepatch days in every picture with Hardesky. Time to find and use the security pin Nicolas gave old Jonah.

    After a visit to Jonah office and finding the pin framed, Spidey goes high on the top of Empire State Building's antenna and calls. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents aren't happy and want to arrest the guy who offers to come peacefully, but I don't blame them for finding this suspicious.

    He's captured and taken up, Fury welcomes him, but he's not pleased with Spider-Man's request so he tells his agents to send him down, with more respect this time as Fury walks out of his command room. Spider-Man struggles against Agent 13 cause he's not ready to go back empty handed, so he saves info about the Car in a disk.

    Kingpin forces raid the place, they can flyjetpacks with ease (criminals can learn how to use gadgets in this show like they start walking after some sleep, looks like this skill is not Goblin exclusive), it's a distraction to let Chameleon escape and bring in the Cat with him.

    The Cat struggles, Spider-Man sees him, Chameleon catches up to him and disguises himself as him while Kingpin picks up the real get him, Spider-Man is dropped off the ship, the crisis is over with Kingpin's forces captured.

    Peter in his home looks at the info he downloaded from S.H.I.E.L.D., the secret Felicia's dad had access to is the super soldier formula. He was tricked by NAZI's to reveal a dangerous secret to them, and they wanted to use his acrobatic skills and photographic memory in their service, the kid bailed out on them and slipped between them.

    Felicia is kidnapped by Doc Ock to let her know Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin, and to reunite her with her long lost father to persuade him to give in the secret he knows.


    4.25/5 forgettable dates

    This is surprisingly better than expected, but it has some moments of shoddy animation, followed by moments of too fast moving animation, it's like they were overcompensating.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 03: The Black Cat:

    As much as I complained about how poorly designed the CGI landscape is, it still allows for some dynamic swinging shots and motion, like the start of this episode.

    Both Felicia and her mother are gone, but we've only seen Felicia get kidnapped, so I wonder what happened to Annie.

    Camera shifts up from Spider-Man to someone prowling roofs at this night, that figure slithers until she reaches a top floor jewelry store and uses some techniques to rob the store of some diamonds without raising the alarm, and then she sees Spider-Man swinging, smiles, and lets the alarm to be heard by him to come to this roof.

    Black Cat tangles with Spider-Man, he gains the upper hand on her and webs her, she cuts his webs with her claws and use knock-out gas against him. Sometimes.. you wonder why this spider-sense is this selective of when to work and when not to work.
    Catty attempts to unmask the spider, but only raises it up to his nose and give him a kiss, then she jumps off the roof as security guards are knocking on the roof door before they break it and see Spider-Man is up and swings away.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are informed of Spider-Man's siting and follows him, Nick Fury found out the prisoner in his cell is Chameleon in disguise, and wants to know how Spider-Man is involved. He's mad at his agents because the info in Hardesky's hard drive (also known as the gray matter) is too important to fall in the wrong hands.

    In Kingpin's tower the fat man warns the Cat against the late coming of his new trainee, the hostage is not worried and his daughters comes in right on schedule. Kingpin congratulated Langdon on his ability to recreate the formula, and the lieutenant tells his test subject to show his boss the improvements he made on the formula, she can change size and hair color to be the Black Cat and return to normal Felicia Hardy.

    Kingpin: "Did you encounter that pest Spider-Man?"
    Felicia: "No"
    Kingpin: "Pity, I'd love to see how you fair against him"
    The two are taken back to their holding cell, and Langdon tells Kingpin about the necessity of testing the formula for a few day to check for any negative side effects that may occur.

    In their cage Felicia is happy to be reunited with her father, Hardesky is sad cause he wanted better for his daughter, she eases up his grief a bit by saying he couldn't have changed the outcome.
    Kingpin is watching this touching family reunion from his office and admits he will destroy them both after his goals are achieved.

    Back in the Daily Bugle Peter is inquisitive, he's looking for files on lady cat, Robbie's befuddled and has no info to share, but he points at Peter's mouth and Pete is confused, he looks at a mirror conveniently placed on file cabinets, and wonders why there's a mark of a kiss on his lips.

    Jonah calls, he wants to talk, Peter must go to answer questions. Robbie and Pete are shocked he called him Peter.
    Lady Hardy is staying at Jonah's place, Spidey goes there and angers her more, she doesn't like his involvement but he begs to help, and hands her a tracer so she goes home.

    Later that night, John helps Felicia escape, tells her how to leave Mr. Fisk's high little fortress, through some air vents she follows a path, and lands on a timely moving jet going out of that building.
    How do all these aerial vehicles move in and out of that building without making the news? Even the large spider slayers that made the news never had claim they came out of Fisk's Tower.

    Felicia goes home, she hugs her mother, giving her the important details. The mother gives her the tracer to call for Spider-Man's help. Spidey reunites with Felicia, she's the Black Cat, he doesn't know that, but is still miffed at her. Super soldier serum info exchanged, and S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers come down to hunt the spider.

    He's stuck to the roof, they want to ID him, lady cat helps him, the foot is now free to swing. Up to the next roof, the chase is commencing, down the stairs they go, flying jetskis follow, one jetski is lost, they follow on the road. The cat stole a motorbike, the spider is riding. The ride is scary, "New York and relax don't go together".

    They swing away, the bike's in the dumpster. A flying jetski, was blown for no purpose.
    Two jetskis follow, they split and conquer. One jetski is down, another's still chasing. The spider and the cat team up for a hop, the last jetski goes down underwater.
    The two get the motorbike and helmets back, and they deliver the stuff back to their owner.

    Cut back to Fisk's tower, the cat trips security wires to be shoved back to his cell where Black Cat is waiting. Fisk announces that it's time to get rid of the two and his guards walk them out.

    As per Kingpin's orders, Langdon goes back to his lab to use the formula to create more super soldiers. The real Cat who was locked away for decades knows how to hack computers and delete data he wants gone. Sayonara formula, that happens when you don't write down your notes on a trusty old sheet of paper.

    Cut to an airship where the guards are about to skin two cats, a surprise is spoiled when the female falls and the spider snatches her. They fight the mercs until Ock comes out to capture her and force Spider-Man's hands tied.
    Kingpin calls, and he suddenly knew what he did not know. The two are about to be dropped until S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers catch up to the stealth plane that attacked their base and fire as the partners in danger are rolling away from fire.

    Kingpin is looking at the outside of his ship from his home base monitor and is upset at what is happening to his ship. News about the Cat upset him .

    Back to the stealth ship where Spidey and Black Cat are hiding from fire, the roll away and Ock grabs the feline. How did he have time for that with all the shots around them?
    All the fire broke the part under Ock's feet and he and Black Cat are falling, at least he had his parachute on so it wasn't a hard choice for Spider-Man to save one of them.

    Black Cat and Spidey go to the cockpit, Spidey webs the mercs and Black Cat lands the ship in water. No jokes are made in a 90s cartoon about that room's name. Kingpin's men use parachutes to go down but it seems S.H.I.E.L.D. is forgotten.

    Looks like the old Cat slipped out of Kingpin's fortress, he's with his wife and daughter and announces how dangerous it is for him to stay out where anyone can find him to try and take out the formula again.

    Spider-Man's takes him to the top of Empire State Building where Agent 13 finds him after he uses the button he took from Jonah Jameson.


    4/5 stolen motorbikes

    It's a bit of a mess, but not too bad. An inferior sequel to the episode that came before it.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 04: The Return of Kraven:

    Aunt May is moving to stay with Anna cause she's still devastated after the loss of MJ, Peter feels the same way as he's walking his aunt to Mrs. Watson's and carrying another of her suitcases. Peter promises to water plants and do house chores while his aunt is away.

    Spider-Man is swinging in the city, he's angry, and thinking of his duties to help others. Can he balance both?

    In the Hardy conference room they are conferring with Peter about budget for the youth center, security alarm goes off, and they see Kraven the Hunter. Security try to grab hold of him, but he's too agile and slippery for them to even touch. Spider-Man walks into the lab and Kraven makes a mess and gets away, the mess with dropping gas barrels nearly hurt Anastasia Hardy.

    Felicia saved her mother and goes to dress up as Black Cat, and jumps out. Spider-Man swings to another roof where Kraven gets the upper hand and gasses him, sending him back to fall off the roof. Black Cat saves him and tells him to take better care of himself.

    Return to the lab to hear about a serum Mariah Crawford was working on, something she got from Doctor Reeves. And a flashback to a moment Spider-Man did not witness or experience. Kraven took that serum that Mariah should have none of considering what we were told in their debut episode.

    Black Cat and Spider-Man swing the city and Black Cat tells Spidey she owe it to the world to use her powers to help, Spider-Man tries to make her stop once they land on a roof, it gave him nothing but grief, she should spare herself that pain. Cat asks why he's still doing it? And he said he keeps asking himself that question.

    A roar of a wild beast interrupts their conversation, they head to the construction site where the roars and screams of scared men came from, and Kraven got the jump on Spider-Man. His strength gave away that he's the wild man he was when the two first met, and Kraven said he doesn't want Spider-Man to interfere and tossed a bolo on him. Spider-Man evades the bolo to jump to a girder and swing from it back on Kraven to toss him. Black Cat helps and gives Spider-Man time to use the bolo that is stronger than his webbing on Kraven who cuts it with a knife he had hidden in his wrist band and drives a forklift to attack the two and he hits a trash can, that has a cat inside, on a rooftop... what was the cat doing there? How was it allowed to climb up there?

    There are no mountains in Manhattan.jpg
    This has to be a high storey, right? There are no mountains in Manhattan

    The cat being in danger frightens Felicia who jumps to save the cat that was behind the forklift while both characters were in front of Kraven, who turned around with the forklift to strike the street cat? What? This is in the ridiculous zone here, they made some stupid nonsense as an excuse to build tension. Black Cat slipped on some of the forklift oil while saving the street cat and Spider-Man pushes her away, he also had enough time to jump out of the way but he let the forklift strike his torso and pin him to a vertical girder. Kraven exits the forklift to gas Spider-Man and threaten him in case he gets in his way again, and then he leaves.

    How did they move down while on the same floor.jpg
    The floor they were on walked down? How did they move this low?

    Peter is home working on his web fluid filling some cartridges. He thinks he should be thankful for Kraven, but now he's going to hurt him, why is he doing that? Especially once the mask is on.

    He swings out the window, goes to MJ's house to check on his aunt May, and sees Harry standing outside on the pavement opposite to the house, and he regrets not having anything to say to him now, so he swings away cause he doesn't care for anyone anymore (?) and that makes him a worse monster than Kraven. (?)

    Cut to a zoo where a shadowy figure wrestles a lion and wins, all we see is their shadows. And then the same figure with cat growls attacks people.
    Deborah is investigating one of the attack locations, she has Flash helping her by standing on his shoulders while she checks an air vent over train tracks (is this real in Manhattan?). It's not that easy for Flash to keep her steady as long as she wants, so she struggled a bit before getting the hair sample and seeing claw marks. This is the end of phase 1, and Flash is thinking of future pain.

    Deborah and Flash entered the jungle exhibit in the zoo, Flash guessed her intention of wanting to locate Michael Morbius correctly despite her denial of that, he warns her that the vampire is dangerous (how does he know that? Aside Peter and Felicia who knew that the vampire stalking campus is that guy? Nobody, how did that go public?)

    Spider-Man guessed where to find Kraven and the feline creature he's after, Deb and Flash are lucky he did at the right time to save them, that creature chose to attack them then and there.

    Spider-Man assumed that was Kraven although he should remember that Sergei just pushed him away and left him alone, so he called Kraven's name after swing kicking that creature. Kraven was there too, what a coincidence, and tossed his net on Spider-Man, and some jungle dust (it's the thing I kept calling gas), now he is willing to toss him as lion food.

    Black Cat saved him by kicking Kraven, that dropped Spider-Man in the zebras drinking water and that cleaned up the effects of the dust. Black Cat is tossed aside, Spider-Man checks on her, and they finally ask Kraven what's the matter with him to hear him say "This hunt is my tragedy", and Spider-Man is miffed at Felicia saying he doesn't need her help (you were almost cat food, jerk) as he hops away after Kraven.

    Felicia asks Flash and Deborah what are they doing here, Flash is all googly eyes and is offering to help, Deborah is jealous and pushes him back a bit, and tells Felicia she has a scientific interest in this matter.
    Neither one knows they are talking to Felicia in white hair instead of blonde, but it's more relaxing to just say her name than it is to type Black Cat every time.

    Spider-Man thinks what might have caused this to happen? Does Kraven change to that ferocious monster? Does Spider-Man not remember how multiple personality characters act? They don't hunt the other them.
    He finds that he should head to Brooklyn following Kraven, and he does.
    When did that creature come out to leave the Park's jungle exhibit? And have time to reach Brooklyn?

    Doctor Connors receives a call from Deborah that wakes him up, he goes there.

    In the botanical exhibit in Brooklyn Spider-Man headed to, he's there standing by a canal wondering about Kraven, Kraven jumps him and chokes him underwater, Spider-Man kicks him off and finally asks about the connection, and if Kraven is the creature. Kraven explains that he made the creature unwillingly, and that it destroyed Mariah Crawford.
    Spider-Man is angry and wants to kill Kraven cause he caused the demise of a good friend, not thinking that Kraven wants to avenge his darling.

    Black Cat suddenly comes in (how did she know where to find them? How did she reach them that fast?) and explains that Deborah analyzed the hair, and that it's female (how did the lab get arranged that fast? How was Deborah as fast as she was analyzing the hair?). Felicia said "When Kraven called this hunt his tragedy he said it with love" (he did? the acting did not lend itself to make be believe that) "That creature is someone he loves".

    Blah blah, cut to Kraven's flashback instead of these dramatics and theatrics.

    Mariah went to cure a virus in Africa, she contracted the illness. Doctors said they did not find a cure yet, and that hurts Kraven. In his pocket, the serum Doctor Reeve made, Mariah recreated and improved it, and Sergei hoped it would be her cure from this ailment.
    It had a different effect on her than it had on him, and made her bestial and unable to speak. Why? I don't know, but maybe I shouldn't give this bit a hard time.

    Connors made a cure dedicated to her... (how did everything happen so fast?)
    Mariah is half cured and she swings the jungles with Kraven...

    She had her pink pajamas on when she transformed, but now she's in yellow African villagers jungle garb for some reason, something she made fit and perfectly suitable for her in her feral state... what?


    2/5 gas dust

    What is going on here? At least half of this episode is Batman & Robin level of mess.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 05: Partners:

    Black Cat has a nice theme, and I don't mind the super soldier serum power up made exclusively for this show, or that she's rich.

    The episode opens with her swinging around the city and then stands on a roof thinking "Spider-Man works alone, I can do it too".
    And then she looks down to read the side of a truck from an angle where the text looks unreadable from the height she stands, and the truck rolls around the corner to read 'Hardy Foundation Science Division'. "The Hardy Foundation doesn't have trucks that look like that" and she follows, she lands on it.

    Spider-Man sees her and the truck, he sneakily follows on the truck until they reach a warehouse.

    Well Hello there.jpg
    Well hello there. I was wondering when you might show up next.
    The jersey. I don't know whose wearing it.

    Black Cat stands on a roof, sees warehouse guards tied up and so many masked raiders around, and swings down behind some crates to stay out of sight.
    She gasses a big guy to knock him out, purple jersey there found her and aimed a gun at her, and she had to fight a bunch of hoodlums until Spider-Man decided to lend a hand and told her to hide cause the situation is too dangerous for her to handle.

    Don't worry, he learns.gif
    And he soon learns the error of his judgement

    A missile is launched, Spidey evades but Cat doesn't, and it contained knock-out gas (this cartoon has a lot of gas), so he swings and pull her away.

    Alistair Smythe is a happy go lucky fool, he is happy to work for another enemy of Spider-Man, and so willing to end him he destroyed the wall he was sticking to. Then he picks up Black Cat as hostage to move away, and more thugs shoot at Spider-Man. He's mad at himself for not being ready for trouble.

    Move to a baby diaper factory, and Alyssa Silver is with some goons, supervising them as they carry crates. a Baby cries and she shushes the little tyke. "Quiet father".
    On the communicator computer she receives word from Al, he got all he needs from Toomes Aerodynamics (that company is still active?), and a bonus.

    picks her boss baby and asks him if he wants his bottle. "No, but this body of mine needs it. Give it to me". He also doesn't trust Smythe cause he's up to something.

    Silvermane: "Hey Smythe, do you have the material necessary to make me mature again?"
    Al: "Not yet, I need someone with mutagenic structure to complete the process, and I know of two characters, the old one of them doesn't really have mutagenic condition like he used to, and we never had access to knowlege about him, but I know because deus-ex-machina"
    Silvermane: "Get them"
    Al: "Our little hostage will motivate Spider-Man to find these hidden people for us fast"
    Silverman: "Good work Smythe." "Quick," talking to his daughter now "change my diaper."

    Such evil stare, Alistaire.jpg
    You gotta love the stare he gives in reply to that, Alistaire

    Al enters a room where his father is placed, he will make Silvermane keep his promise of "giving you a new genetically enhanced body to walk the Earth again, but I can get you out of cryo-suspension with ease if you want to suspend your disbelief. Again, I work for promises"

    Cut to Spider-Man swinging -at least we can be glad he wasn't abducted for this episode, like a certain other cartoon- and Smythe sends some of his spider seekers to locate the webhead and send his demand, giving him a signal timer.

    Cut to an old building that looks condemned, Scorpion and Vulture are there, and you hear the new voice actor for Scorpion mad at the caged Vulture, his youth condition comes and goes.
    Scorpion: "I found you sick, and took you. The the footage replacing the footage from the finale of season 2 that sees you fallen by instead of flying away from the wreckage of your old labs? It shows your condition as a Man-Spider, storyboard and character model artists bothered with using your condition that is neglected after that season ended. And I helped you to make me human again."
    Old Vulture: "Release me, and I can treat us both" turns young again
    Scorpion: "You gonna stay here until I collect enough money to build you a lab, and ignore that the episode established that your company is still active"
    Young Vulture: "Steal it, it's your specialty"
    Scorpion: "Nope, I'm going legit. I promised the nice girl."
    Vulture: "You're hiding like a cockroach"
    Scorpion's girlfriend comes in and stops him from walking out, she saved some scraps that made Vulture taunt them at how long it will take for them to collect enough money for their hopes.

    Cut to next day, and Peter is looking for info about the two felons on his computer, he has 8 hours remaining to complete the job Al demanded, so he has to leave Harry feeling down to save the life of his ex-girlfriend.

    Curt Connors makes a statement in the news on some breakthrough experiment in neogenics as a favor for Spider-Man to attract the attention of Scorpion and Vulture. Scorpion swallows the bait and locks his girlfriend in a closet to not be stopped by her from doing what he can.
    I still don't know why he wants to be cured in this cartoon, his condition is stable and he looks very human. The main reason for him wanting to be cured is gone and was never referenced outside of one flashback shot in this episode, and it still has no weight.

    Mac is stealing money and want people out of his way, Spider-Man taunts him and gets the tail, Scorpion accidentally knocks himself out... by falling from a short height, something Spider-Man normally falls from and lands on his feet, because Scorpion poured acid on a ledge of a roof the roof he jumped on collapsed....

    Spider-Man contacts Smythe, and is promised a Spider-Seeker coming his way to guide him.
    Spidey follows the seekers, and he's followed by Gargan's girlfriend Sarah, who drives a car in a normal speed, but can catch up to Spider-Man who can outswing her cause he normally travels maybe 240 miles per hour swinging.


    Smythe makes sure Scorpion is genuine, Sarah is on the roof watching.. how did she get up there so fast? There is no ladder, and the roof is curved.
    Spider-Man is tricked and caged, and this is the time Black Cat chooses to cut her bonds loose.

    Why should Spider-Man be shocked that Silvermane is alive? Should he? Or should he instead wonder how diaper infant can give orders instead?

    Cut back to Sarah's apartment, she releases Vulture from his bonds and begs him to save Mac, mentions Neogenics, he becomes young again, and his voice acting sucks in this lline about crashing her boyfriend's party.
    She leads the way as he flies.

    Baby arms fit in something that are made for an adult body, and he's not falling.jpg
    Baby arms fit in something that are made for an adult body, and he's not falling

    Silvermane: "I want to be a MAAN again"
    Why does he want Spider-Man's powers when he had Scorpion captured? He could have just captured him then and there, they're not using Scorpion's Neogenic abilities.

    Young Vulture interrupts, nobody wants him in, he fights anyway and ruins the process of giving Silvermane Spider-Man's youth and powers, and our titular hero is released from one shackle at least.
    He released himself from the rest of the stuff, released Black Cat and Scorpion, and got zapped in the back by Al.

    Vulture takes Spider-Man's seat, his old age makes Silvermane change from one diaper needing age to the next, and the recombinator is gonna explode for being active with no people being on the receiving end of it...
    They love to blow things up in these cartoons, don't they? How about a small fire? Burn circuits because of overload? Just run out of battery? Something simple and doesn't put everyone in jeopardy.

    A useless fight ensues when everyone around should just exit after this warning.

    Smythe kicks everyone's behind in this fight, except for Vulture who didn't bother to hit him, and then he goes to get his father's bed out.


    I may have been a bit too harsh on the previous episode, so here

    3.25/5 diapers for all ages
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 06: The Awakening:

    Spider-Man is sticking to a building, still upset over the disappearance of MJ. And then he thinks how he's in love with Black Cat now, and wonders if this is a betrayal to MJ, and how much pain will the Cat suffer through by being with him.
    He's swinging to another roof as he was thinking those last few thoughts.

    On the ledge of that next roof, Black Cat suddenly kicks him off (she didn't care to think he might have ran out of web fluid, eh?). As he falls, he reaches a flagpole and grabs it. Black Cat is playing tag with him, and he wonders why his spider-sense didn't warn him. He follows her and is having fun with it, until she jumps to a ledge and it breaks requiring him to swing and save her.

    They swing to another high perch and Spidey expresses how he wonders who she is, she is ready to unmask for him, but he stops her because a villain knowing his true identity is what caused MJ to go out of the grid because of Green Goblin's revenge scheme. He doesn't tell her that many details about the loss of a loved one though, and she walks away disappointed. Spider-Man crouches and sulks.

    Cut to the next day, on an island where Deborah Whitman is with an expedition funded by the Herbert Foundation, she and a guy named Clay walk inside a cave and he asks if the flashlight won't stir him wake, Deborah replies that it's set to be like moonlight. They walk until they see Morbius asleep, Clay loudly claims "That scary thing", and then apologizes to Debbie for being rude about her friend.

    Deborah loves the man, but his heart belong to Felicia. The press and everyone knew that Spider-Man's victim Morbius was the dangerous vampire without any precedence -just like Peter and Harry are suddenly best of friends in season 2- and nobody is "We were unfair to Spider-Man when we accused him of bringing harm to the poor boy".

    The she remembers a time when Flash entered her lab as she was busy explaining to Clay where to find Michael, Flash is upset cause his new girlfriend wants to locate the man who almost killed him. Censorship for this show was skewed, and I love the results of that.

    Back to the present, and Deborah is looking at the Man-Bat. Her crew brought her the solar resistor box, and then scene shifts elsewhere. I want to know how they grabbed Morbius from the stalactite or stalagmite he was suspended from with his real strong grab.

    By the youths science center Peter asks Felicia if she can covers this one class for him cause he needs to take photos of the press conference set up by Doctor Connors, she said she can't cause she had to pack for a flight she leaves in tonight for the West Coast, but he tells her to do the job he asked her to do and runs off.

    The Herbert Foundation name is brought up a second time in this episode during the press conference, guess who has that name in this show. I'll assume you guessed right and won't bother saying who now.
    Ned Leeds is ready to write a public stirring article about the resurrection of the vampire, and you get another skippable flashback that lasts... 22 seconds.

    Peter is glad Felicia is going out of town, unlucky for him is she chose to listen to the news while packing her bags, her chauffeur is worried about her getting late, but she takes her time to cry over 30 seconds of flashbacks holding Michael's picture in her apartment, and changing outfit while she's still holding the image and having the flashback.
    "I'm going to need help in this boochums(?)" I don't know what is the last word she said, but it's spoken in such a soft voice immediately after a loud flashback. The number of times one had to rewind tape and raise the volume just to hear that line must have been hard on the tape.

    In the Herbert Foundation labs, Deborah, Clay, and Doctor Connors work on solving the issue of Morbius, but overpower machine failure cliche kicks in to make the unnecessary delay, and the condition of the almost cured Michael Morbius rebounds back to Man-Bat again. Machine needs fixing, let's have a rest Deborah.

    For a moment, Deborah thought she did it. For a moment, so did Kingpin. Kingpin? Then that means... "It was a brilliant stroke of yours to create the Herbert Foundation solely to fund their research" said Langdon. Whoa, no, surprise spoiled, what a twist.
    Herbie wants to cure himself, and make both him and Fisk immortal, that's the purpose of funding the foundation, to learn how to recreate the immortality factor. How does knowing about a vampire cure the two-faced mutation condition Herb? And do you guys want to be immortal by sucking people dry of blood? Not the most profitable strategy there, you boneheads.

    Spider-Man swings by a gargoyle, he wonders where Black Cat is, and asks Bruce if he thinks she's still mad at him. Aaahhh, Bruce, I missed seeing Spider-Man talk to you in this show. Good thing a guy named Bruce made cameos in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, and narrated the games based on them.
    Spidey is swinging to see how Doc Connors progress is going.

    Black Cat goes to the theater lair of Blade and is met by the guy with the cane holding a gun on her, she calls him by name, and he's like "You know my name?", I'm in the same boat Wes old buddy, she haven't seen you or heard your name when she was kidnapped by her boyfriend, she wasn't even familiar with Blade.
    Wes heard her say his name, and the name Michael Morbius, and that makes him lower his weapon to treat her to a cup of tea. She is glad that the hot headed Blade is away out of the country, and asks for a weapon to have ready in case Morbius rises again, he's willing to hand her one to protect the city.

    Back to the Herbert Foundation, Deborah is still in the lab and Flash came in to apologize for the way he reacted earlier, and show support. Suddenly, the wall blows up, Flash and Deb sheltered themselves behind a table. Shocker is with Herbie to take Morbius, Flash pushes Shocker with a tackle, Shocker shocks and the casing is open, Morbius is awakened by a dose of shock blast, he wants to feed. Spider-Man butts in and is about to get the shock of the night seeing Shocker and Herbie who reveals the origin of the foundation's name "All this belong to me", and you could have taken things less conspicuously, it's a wonder cops aren't at the scene now. Shocky blasts until one shock hits Spider-Man and Morbius leaves for Herb and Shock to follow him in the helicopter.

    Morbius reaches a balcony where a red head is staring, Spider-Man who had his head ringing earlier catches up to him before the villains do. Morbius flies away, bothered by Spider-Man's constant torment of him, the villains catch up to them, Shocker cuts two of Spider-Man's weblines and he falls a bit of a height and is tired. Either his power of enduring falls is inconsistent, or all the previous falls have their toll on him now, things are not explained to be the latter, so believe the former.

    Man-Bat wants to feed, Black Cat arrives and kicks him away from tired-man, and hits him with her gun blast. He flies away, she swings after him.
    Spider-Man swings after cat, she got weird on him, and the villains helicopter apparently forgot its purpose.

    In the park Morbius is hungry, he wants to feed, Black Cat tells him to stop and he pins her to a tree, she says she's Felicia and he's "HOW DARE YOU USE HER NAME?". Not many people should know of your relationship together man, that's how she dares. And she shrinks herself to him, telling him she never stopped loving him. He wants help, she tells him to meet him in the clocktower (the same one Punisher destroyed? Just checking)

    Spider-Man is still thinking about Cat, but he can't let her distract him from finding Morbius. He goes to see if Michael went to Felicia's apartment, Langdon and Shocker thought the same thing (How would they know of Morbius's girlfriend? Surely they must have raised some). cat enters her apartment to kick the duo and she and Spider-Man leave.

    Spider-Man asks why is he getting mixed messages from her, and she replies that there is something she needs to do alone.
    Cut to Westler and Black Cat asks him for a more effective weapon, he handed it to her.

    Back in the park, Man-Bat on a branch spotted a couple walking, and he successfully resists the hunger and flies over them and away from them instead of draining their blood.

    In the clocktower, Catwoman Black Cat is waiting for her boyfriend as she said she would (when did they repair it? Nobody mentioned it all this time, or the damaged equipment swiped from campus and placed there). He asks her if she can help him, she offers to put him in limbo similar to killing him, he accepts.and gives her his back.

    How did Langdon and Shocker know every little detail about Morbius to know to come to this clock tower? And at the very exact same time? And which position he will be in to net him and jump down before he gets a chance to attack?

    Herbie (I'm sorry if you thought of that Disney car, and you don't want to consider it evil) wants to execute Felicia, he shoots at her and she evades, blowing some chunk of the clock tower, attracting the attention of Spider-Man. Spidey swings and reaches as they lift off to stick a spider-tracer on their vehicle. Spidey and Cat follow.

    They reach a coffin prop store, witness Kingpin entering the place, follow him, Morbius is half cured, Kingpin is out, Morbius is out, Kingpin escapes, Michael attacks Herbert, Spider-Man is fighting Shocker, he's stopped by a web net for some reason after breaking a lot of webbing before that, Morbius approaches Felicia aggressively then accepts what she told him she'd do to him, but she hesitates and he flies away.

    Episode end, it's stupid



    It has the right ideas behind it, but the execution is really poor.

    I think this might be the weakest season of this series.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 07: The Vampire Queen:

    Felicia Hardy is cuddling her pet black cat -does anybody mention that she missed her flight?- telling it she's about to destroy one man she loves, or betray the other. Catformation happens.
    She swings out of her balcony going down, and Spidey swings above her level.
    "Maybe I should have been more encouraging to Black Cat in her superhero gig, vampire hunting isn't my thing". (But you are more experienced in it than she is. Just reminding myself)

    Cut to a castle, a caped figure is flying out of it going to the town below, she hypnotizes the only man on the street at that time of night to use his blood for a long journey. Blade launches one of his garlic grenades, launches another and the lady flies away, Blade catches the fallen captive and drives after the flying figure on his bike (cool, he transferred it with him to another country. How much does shipping something that heavy and all his weapons cost though?).

    It's amusing how the caped villain is flying over the mountains without taking short cuts like she did to reach town, she allows her hunter to follow her until she uses her hypno vision to cause a rock slide (how does it work? Will this be explained) to either hold him back or finish him. He falls of his chopper and it falls off a ledge to some spot he can probably reach, but he's in too much of a hurry to do so.

    Blade follows the flying figure on foot and is catching up to her (speed differences in this season lost importance it seems) until he reaches the gate of her castle and climbs it as it is being risen (do I need to ask? I probably don't but I'll ask anyway; why is the bridge gate lowered since she flew out of her castle from a roof?) and climbs that up to enter the castle where he keeps the chase on foot, shooting his missiles at her and she dodges them with ease. (Should that be a surprise? She can fly faster than his chopper moves. I doubt she's toying with him though). Hypno vision pushes Blade away (consistent with the rock slide power, and lifting that hypnotized fatman in town) and a shot of sunlight powered grenade flies to burst some flare in her eyes and break the wall behind her (he shot one earlier at a castle wall, no damage happened then), she flies out and he grabs her by the foot (that turns to her cape a few frames later) and she loosens his grip on her by dropping him off with her cape, or cloak, and flies away.

    Blade and the cape survive the fall, her cape pocket has a newspaper scrap from the Daily Bugle (who sent her a copy to Europe?) showing that Morbius lives, and the picture shows him with his coat and shirt on as he strangles Spider-Man (nobody took a picture of that, how is it here?), finds half of what looks like the Double Dragon amulet from the movie and yells no.

    Cut back to the city where Felicia hides in a corner once she sees Spider-Man is swinging, she can't confront him with her feelings yet.
    Spider-Man is wondering how Morbius feels right now that he hasn't fed for days, he must be starving.
    Down in an alley a vagrant sees Michael facing a wall with his head down, vagrant asks if that guy is OK and Michael scares him away. Michael wants to hold back from hurting people, and Blade's target comes to Morbius calling him as she's floating over him, with a new cloak. Her name is Miriam and she came for Morbius.

    Michael: "How did you find me?"
    Miriam: "Once you became a vampire you gained a psychic link with me" is that why you needed a newspaper clip about him? To know he exists? Two seasons later? "And others, just like us" she says that in a spooky 60s cartoon voice delivery "I need your knowledge of the machine that can turn people into vampires" Excuse me, he needed super powered blood, a vampire bat sucking it while getting exposed to the rays, and then he gets bit by the bat. Your plan of just pointing the cannon at people shouldn't work.
    Michael: "No, I cannot"
    Miriam: "Look into my hypnotizing eyes that can push heavy objects with the same rays"
    Michael: "Noooo, stay away" he flies away
    Miriam: "Your mind has told me enough, and now it's time to get the rest" and she flies away.

    Cut to ESU, where Deborah is upset that it's her fault that Michael is on the loose, and asks how can she help him. Flash comforts her that the Herbert foundation being bogus was not something easy to find, and Clay backs him up until the power cuts down and Miriam flies through the window (she got info about the recombinator, how does she know how to cut the power to the building, or one are of it?) and asks using her Hypnotic vision about the location of the spectrum wave gun (Neogenic Recombinator does that, I'll call it just that for the rest of the episode), Deborah says that Herbert Langdon took it.

    Miriam goes to the secured hospital room Langdon sleeps in, she uses her hypno vision to make the guard sleep, and make the sleeping man wake up (this episode is full of nonsense that you probably shouldn't expect to see explained any time, so let this slide?) and asks him where to find the spectrum ray gun.

    Cut to Kingpin in his lair's elevator, he's shocked to see spectrum ray gone is gone... (isn't Miriam simply flying without picking people up with her? If she didn't grab Lnagdon, how did she get in? Oh yeah, I forgot her hypno telekinetic vision helps her read minds too, but she still does thing without raising a single alarm, is it because vampires can't be captured on camera?).

    Outside E.S.U, Deborah and her colleagues are moved into ambulance and Terri Lee is writing her report, Spider-Man jumps down (and he's been barely important in this episode of his cartoon so far), the three victims are victims of blood drainage and Morbius is the only suspect. Spidey still wants to save him, Terri and Black Cat want to destroy him, and the latter doesn't want help from Spider-Man.

    Spidey and Cat are in the lair of Blade, neither wants to destroy Morbius, so I was wrong about Cat, she is grateful that he saved them from Langdon and Shocker. Terri enters and she wants a weapon to end the scientifically produced vampire.

    Westler drives to find Miriam, they locate her using a locator magically attached to her (or maybe based on that ancient vampire locating compass in Blade's bike), they reach an electronics factory and tell Morbius to stop, but it's Miriam, Blade barges in to stop them from destroying her (how did he get his bike back? And how come both compasses worked to find her at the exact same spot in the exact same time?) so that he can do it himself, she's his momma. Spider-Man fights him instead of the group of idiots allying together...

    Miriam almost kills Terri, Black Cat saves her to nearly be her victim Morbius has a telepathic link he used this time to find his girlfriend and help her for reasons and/or coincidence, he's weak and is thrown off Miriam with ease. Miriam carries a box of chips and flies away to be chased by her boy, people give Morbius the serum Westler made for Blade in the theater, it works on Morbius now cause he wants to be human, it's almost dawn and Morbius is tired.....

    Terri is mad at Blade and meet him during daytime in the park, they are lovers again for no rhyme or reason -as if any existed in the first place-

    Harry knocks on Pete's door at night, Pete moves away, completely ignoring that he offered his shoulder for Harry to cry on, but he was never there for him...
    Crikey, this version of the character can be a bigger jerk than he is presented to be in the Amazing Spider-Man movies, and I say that as a fan of both this show and those movies, and both takes on the character.
    Harry knows the secret now, he knows, he knows, and this comes to play in the next episode.

    Westler is talking to Felicia about Morbius, and asks what is it with women and vampires, what is he missing?
    At least between Felicia and Terri, there was some proper build up to why one of them loves a vampire. I wonder if Terri was used for Blade comics, or a cop inspired by her.

    YIKES. Spectrum gun really can turn people to vampires without proper components, and they lose color while other vampires maintain their skin color....
    I don't get this rule.

    I don't want to talk about this episode anymore, cause either it makes no sense without being hilarious, or it moves at an overly fast pace, and that is an exhausting combination.



    This garbage is worse than 'Da Moussey' episode
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 08: The Return of the Green Goblin:

    There is not much wrong with this episode, it might be one of this show's strongest episodes in pacing and storytelling.

    I do wonder how Peter learned to fly the Goblin glider, but found it much harder than every other Goblin who did it with a lot of ease. I'll give Harry Goblin credit though, he's a novice, and the show did not make him an expert in everything out of the blue.

    Marv Wolfman wrote a story for Amazing Spider-Man with Punisher as the guest star in the comics, the scene is more fun in the comics when he tells Peter Parker he knows his secret, cause comic Punisher says something about Peter being in cahoots with the gang he's after cause of how timely the pictures of the gangsters he shot in that story made their way to the newspaper, he said it while sitting pretty chilled in Peter's apartment, and Peter throws off his suspicions without too much hassle.

    In this episode Punisher follows Peter to one of the Goblin's lairs to tell him he knows his secret, he knows that Peter is the Green Goblin. Peter uses Goblin gadgets to get away from Punisher until he falls in a park, Punisher is now more convinced that Peter is the Goblin until Harry tosses a pumpkin bomb on them, leading to the funniest line in the entire episode (and it has a few of those): "Look. That must be ME up there"


    It's nice to see another good episode this season, especially after the crap that is like a cross between Batman Forever and some other crap placed in a blender and is played in fast forward motion, or the lesser crap that came before it.


    Peter still should have listened to his Spider-Sense about being followed, even though he was in a bit of a hurry this time.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 09: The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson:

    This episode starts in a pirate masquerade of a fundraiser, Jonah doesn't like it cause his get up is horrible. Peter takes pictures of him and Robbie and miffed Jonah "Take one more picture of me in this getup and you're fired", to which Peter replies "Aye aye, sir" and walks away.

    A speaker on stage is standing next to a treasure and says this is a real treasure recovered from the coast of Florida "loan from the George Cocteau foundation", Mr. Cocteau walks next to her and she tells the audience to applaud.

    Spider-Sense time. Robots on the ship inside this building start moving and attack party attendees, Jonah thinks this is another party and Robbie says this is a real assault. Everyone should hide, but Jonah Jameson loves his story, and got out from behind the table after removing his fake pirate mustache. (You don't need to leave your safe place to witness a story Jonah, that is survival tip 101)

    Spider-Man fights robo pirates, Mysterio shows up in his first appearance after the Insidious Sinister Six arc (third appearance in the entire cartoon) to steal the treasure. Robots pile on Jonah and Mysterio vanishes while a spider-tracer is tossed his way. (Mysterio flew the treasure table by rocket engines, he had no reason to brag).

    Spider-Man tries to swing Jonah out a window, but there is a blast door that shuts down on every window in this large complex Mysterio probably has no ownership of, but had the time and resources to complete this part of his plan.
    They see a door that is not locked and Spider-Man carries Jonah swinging through it. Spidey senses an illusion and it suddenly disappears (did the Spider-Sense kill the batteries of that hologram?). Oh well, Spidey needs to swing away from the 4 robots but he's out of webbing, so both Spidey and Jonah are stuck between water and hard blade carrying robots.

    Time to take a dive, robots look to see if they can see Spidey and Jonah, the two are hiding under the jetty and Spider-Man breaks the part topped by the four robots and pushes it in the waters below. Jonah and Spidey climb up and J.J. is worried robots might swim.
    "No way" says Spider-Man "It's *bzzt, covered word* that gives them buoyancy, or hot air, which means you can never drown"
    Funny exchange between Spider-Man and Jonah and Spider-Man leaves him behind to hunt Mysterio.

    Tracer attachment was a success, Mysterio is an an alley moving the loot (which surprisingly stuck to the table the whole flight) to a bag. Spider-Man's web release sound must be too loud that Mysterio turned around while Spider-Man is swinging high above and far from Mysterio (Mysterio, and far from. Far From Home second trailer was new today, makes it a great coincidence that it is time to watch a Mysterio episode now) who has enough time to see the tracer on his cape (Spider-Man should really consider lowering the sound effect of his webbing, it's a surprise he managed to surprise enemies -and didn't turn deaf- as long as he did with this) and toss a holo-cube on the ground and a smoke screen to stay concealed from Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man remembers seeing a fire hydrant though he landed on a building by the villain as soon as the hologram was activated, kicks it, and the water pushes the cube away. (he should have seen it first with this logic)

    Swings to another location, a fancy part of town that includes a local deli. Ah-HAAH, Mysterio's location is given, Spidey swing to the place and kicks him,

    If you're not reminded by this, I shall pound this funny image in your head

    You may or may not be reminded that Quentin Beck in this show looks like Tom Hawke from Ultraforce

    Beck is in a high security cell in prison cause he's an Ultra, one guard tells the other one a flashback from his debut episode about his Mysterious motivations, with an added bonus about an actress named Miranda Wilson (character is exclusive to this show), an action star from that movie.

    Flashback narration transitions to Mary Jane Watson when it came to talk about Spider-Man's part in the event, and introduces the mystery of Miranda Wilson's disappearance from the scene.
    That movie was unfinished, producers wanted to finish the remaining two scenes that weren't filmed, and MJ was chosen to play the rest of the scenes cause she resembles the missing actress (I don't see much of a resemblance, but ok).

    The remaining two scenes are filmed in Wonder Studios (that place that was deserted and was Mysterio's lair in season 1), Peter walks with MJ to the set, but he's uncomfortable being there. MJ is playing the role to maintain her sanity after all the crap she went through before she returned in this season.
    She has dreams that feel awkward and out of place, she can't connect with them.

    In her dressing room. she hears voices, and sees the ghost of her dad, she falls for that trick again after season 3's opening episode.
    Director is looking for her, Peter goes to check up on her.
    Peter knocks, there's no response, he breaks the door lock (or maybe wonder why she hasn't locked her door, not sure) and enters to see her nowhere.

    She leaves footprint marks on the rug, that is sure to make rug washing expensive. There are secret stairs leading to underground caverns, (why?) and MJ is following Ghost dad until he vanishes and Spider-Man saves her from falling to her death. A tremor happens and the two leave the cavern.

    Back to prison, Spider-Man pays Mysterio a visit. Sees he's real, and attaches a Spider-tracer under his collar.

    Mysterio builds a holocube using the battery in the tracer, he escapes and takes his items.

    Miranda Wilson knows too many details about MJ including what her dad looks like, when she's in the studio, and how to use props to drag her to her location.

    Mysetrio loves the idiot woman who had the accident because of him, she loves him back, they commit suicide together and that's game over for Mysterio in this show.

    Miranda wanted to have MJ's body, she turned to a cyborg after her face was burnt, looks like she didn't know about the wondrous world of plastic surgery and correction of dysfunctional changes.

    Movie is dead, game over to the burning studio.

    Spider-Man tells MJ he's Peter Parker.

    This episode is stupid, who drowns someone to steal their body?

    Why are there traps where Spider-Man shouldn't follow, designed to look and act like some of his villains?



    It's stupid, but there is still enough good to save it from falling to poor.


    I spend two hours watching a single episode and pause it at every detail to comment on it, and move between posts and notifications that it's exhausting.

    This season is mostly poor, it feels like they didn't care.
    I'm, impressed they didn't cancel the show with this season, maybe children still enjoyed the goofiness of it all.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 10: The Lizard King:

    Written by John Semper jr
    Teleplay by Gordon Kent (like Wayne Grayson, this is an awesome name)

    This episode picks up where last episode ended, Wonder Studios are ablaze, nobody pay attention to all the lost souls in the explosion from the catacombs that went all the way up to destroy the studio housing film crew who weren't ready for the explosion nor did they have a clue about it, fire trucks are on set way too soon.....
    The episode before it is really dumb, and some dots outside the building in this one seem to try to rectify the lost souls from that one, but it's still dumb.
    I'll try to not let that soil my judgement of the quality of this episode.

    Spider-Man unmasks himself on a roof facing Wonder Studios: "You see Mary Jane? It's me."
    Mary Jane: "Peter? But this is impossible."
    Peter grabs her and shot web: "Here, let me prove it"
    MJ: "Wait, Peter.... there's so much I have to ask you."
    Peter: "Fasten your seatbelt" swings "Don't worry Mary Jane, I won't let anything ever happen to you, believe me"

    Cut to the two sitting beside Bruce, Spidey is perched on the gargoyle and MJ is hanging to her life on the small cornice.
    Peter: "So? What do you think?"
    MJ: "How could you have kept this from me for so long? Makes me wonder what other little secrets you're hiding"
    Peter: "How would you like to take a lifetime to find out?"
    MJ: "What are you saying?"
    Peter: "I lost you once cause I didn't act fast enough." (do you mean when she went to Harry? Or when she fell off the bridge?) "Will you marry me?"
    MJ jumps off and Spidey swings after her with his mask off (he's lucky that was before every kid had a camera and all the instant messaging at their disposal back then, otherwise he'd be a celebrity)
    MJ did that to prove to herself that Peter will be there when she needs him, and she agrees to his proposal.
    Peter swings to a building facing the one they were on and sticks to a well lit all windows side (where anyone can see his unmasked face), stays there, and gives her a spider-tracer ring (since when can the tracer do that?).

    Cut away from that romantic scene, and Doc Connors is rushing into ESU building. Three lizard people leave the sewer to follow him.
    Lizard arm is out again, Connors uses it to break a locked drawer and get a mini Neogenic Recombinator out of it to shoot himself with it. The lizard trio knew exactly which window to climb to and look through to see his arm, after his dosage was taken completely and he had his sleep due to it.
    Lizards call him the one, and say they must have him.

    Back to romance. They announced the news to their aunts the next day, and Anna is as grouchy as ever. She's not right about him being young for the responsibility of marriage, but "Where?" and "How will you live?" are worthy questions. Anna has her moments being right in not approving stuff Peter does, and other moments when she's just hard to sit with.

    Cut back to E.S.U, and Connors is analyzing his DNA data, he's not pleased that Peter and MJ knock his office door at this moment and hides his mini recombinator. He lets them in, tell him about the news and wish him to be the one to give the bride away in their wedding.. the power is cut off from the basement fuse box by one of the Lizard people (how did he know where to find it and how to shut it off?), all three of them sneak at once through the window, and it's night again (either daytime shot was stock footage, or they waited about 24 hours to give Connors the news of their wedding)

    I'm not sure how I should word what happens next, I don't know what's the clearest way to say it, I'm shaking my head in confusion.
    Peter lit a benzine burner before the lizard men (two guys and a girl) came through the window, it somehow lit off, MJ breaks a bunch of vials to cause a distraction and female Lizard grabs MJ as she runs away while Spider-Man is changing suit.
    Biggest of the Lizard men "See how human looking guy I threateningly grab fears for the sake of human woman? He can't be our father"
    Female Lizard walks away from MJ saying she feels it in her blood (censor the word only when that fluid is sucked by vampires, I guess) and walks away from MJ (did they forgot the lizard arm they saw after it was gone two scenes ago?)
    Biggest lizard man doesn't believe he owes anything to a human and is ready to scratch him, Spider-Man comes in and webs his arm.
    Fight ensues, blah blah blah, Spider-Man surprises them with his strength, MJ is kidnapped with the doc for no reason, Spider-Man is tossed out the window and lizards walk out the door.

    Spidey swings back and uses MJ's spider-tracer ring (aaah yes, someone should see that ring and tells her congratulations that Spidey asked her hand for marriage) to track her, and doesn't find them walking in the halls, he opens a lid to the sewers and walks after them......

    The one with a horn: "Let's get rid of the woman" (Why did you pick her up? Do you know she can call cops or something?), large one: "No, he has a soft spot for humans", female: "Unlike you, I think all living things should be treated with respect"
    Where did the lizard people find two ropes to tie the people with? When did they learn to tie knots? And why are they wearing tattered clothes when they don't need them?

    MJ asks: "Why do you think the doc is your father"
    Pointy head: "It is in our blood, we search our feelings" (quoting the lamest Star Wars line ever) "We were in sewers, drank orange mutagen and became anthropomorphic. That was his blood," (it's now alright to say drinking blood :shock) "we had his intelligence" (like dwarf in the flask from Fullmetal Alchemist, stuff just happen. That show still has much better writing than this episode)
    Pointy head continues: "You gave us life father, now you must fulfill your destiny, and ours"
    Connors: "What destiny?"
    Female Lizard: "To lead us into the future, to let us know our purpose" (You need to kidnap him for that?)

    MJ doesn't believe he made them Lizard men, Connors reveals something that contradicts his origin episode, and make us shake our heads as to why there was no build up or even a hint to the current nonsense.
    He started to randomly transform into the Lizard once again, ripping his bonds, tearing hers with him to let her escape. She runs away and trips, Spider-Man grabs her arm from below a grate and comforts her a bit. Spider-Man tells his wife to be to exit and he runs after the doc without any preparations to revert their mutation. MJ walks out and tells the audience she won't just sit and wait.

    Doc Connors is not fully transformed yet, he's struggling with those who call him father. Spider-Man comes in, kicks the trio with one blow and tells Connors to fight and hold off the transformation as he webs the three. Female does her summoning scream (how does she know to scream? How can they talk? Why do they instinctively speak fluent English? You ever heard of a baby capable of talking without learning first? They are more fluent than Hulk who is a genius who transforms). Spider-Man walks Connors away instead of swinging, and female lizard -who sounds a lot like D'Vorah from Mortal Kombat X- "No father, don't leave us".

    Cut to MJ ringing the house of the Connors, Margaret answers the door and she instantly recognizes Mary Jane (they've never met, I'm confused by this decision, and how this mostly lazily executed season wasn't the end of this show. How did MJ know which neighborhood she should visit?)
    MJ relays the tale to Margaret who invites her in. Mrs. Connors plays a tape of emergency, extreme measure that need to be taken in case he turned reptile again:
    Take Billy to his maternal aunt's house (wow, extreme)
    Open the safe, there's a genetic neutron bomb, harmless to all life not affected by neogenics (why should it kill you?). Destroy the Lizard.

    Margie tells MJ she needs someone else familiar with neogenics to fix the bomb, someone like Peter Parker, MJ suggests Deborah Whitman cause Pete told her she's better at that.

    Cut back to the sewers, where two guys and a girl lizard men are released from the webs, the summoning brought nobody to them, blood will be spilled.
    Censorship didn't care for this episode, maybe they read the script and thought no one in their right mind would watch this poorly scripted episode.
    I'm reminded of something; Mighty Max is a children cartoon and it went past censorship when it comes to a tribe invited to drink the blood of a dragon, transforming them into Lizard men. Maybe Orci and Kurtzman saw these cartoons and were influenced by them when it comes to magic blood plot device.

    Spider-Man and mid Lizard transformation Curt are in a cross road, Spider-Man stops to pick the right line by going eenie minie miny moe instead of continuing moving, and goes forward with confidence.
    "Stick with me doc, I make these kinds of executive decisions all the time." Does Parker luck allow him to find the right path instead of getting lost? I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.
    An army of Lizard men want to hunt them both, big guy wants to kill who is not fit to lead them and does not know the way to their home, why so persistent on killing him when you don't want him instead of just letting him be? Aside from the main three lizard men, the rest of the army have the same design, all look inspired by stereotypical Mongolian military outfits from the days of Genghis Khan (but you can be sure this is not how they really dressed up, Mongolians had a better sense of modesty, and good clothes).
    The full on assault fully awakened the Lizard, and he threw the soldiers off of him with ease.

    All Lizard Men bow down before their human father, he acknowledges being their dad, and regrets that he tried to "help" humans before, Spider-Man is his worst enemy.
    Girl Lizard tries to reason with her "FATHER" and make him sensible, big Lizard calls her a traitor and says both her and Spider-Man have one punishment. Dada Connors "I am no longer that weakling Connors" approves.

    Cut to E.S.U., Debbie loosened her ponytail and wants to pick Flash for a party, Flash is tired of all the partying for the last two weeks and tells her he needs to study, and invites her to go to the library with him after trying to reason with her, she doesn't want to go, "Fine" and he walks. She's down crying after he reminded her of Morbius, MJ and Margaret knew where to find Debbie's room, talk to her roommate, and find Debbie in a real short time.

    Debbie works with Margaret to save Curt, she works on readjusting the neutron bomb to cure instead of kill mutated targets by neogenics, at least she can try.

    Spider-Man and girl Lizard are chained underground (where did they get these chains from? As a fan of the Ninja Turtles, I keep questioning how Splinter got all his equipment and his skill to forge weapons in the sewers, their origin is the most questionable part in their story, but the 2003 series made room to give good explanations to a lot of things after the origin, something even Mirage Comics did not find much time to fit into their stories. This episode is stupid crap, and I'll repeat that it is a cartoon made to be taken seriously, fans who think it's excellent take it seriously, and this episode is garbage on those standards), in a moment of bad voice acting from both characters, she's not happy with the revelation of their condition being an accident.

    The two are taken to a Colosseum (I'll stop asking questions now), lots of torches lit by these reptiles, Lizard orders the release of the poorly animated Centurions (or gladiators, whatever you'd rather call them), and their shadows cover Spider-Man until he's cornered.

    Deborah and her gang follow footprints until they reach torch lit area, they knew which manhole cover they need to open and walk down through, and followed through the tunnels with no lights where every character is walking without relying on lights of any kind. MJ compliments Margaret for being not afraid, Margaret admits she's afraid, and gives her a pep talk on how to be a wife of a superhero (although Mrs. Connors in unaware of that fact).

    Back to the combat arena "The scent of your blood... YOU'RE A BELMONT" (is wanted to quote Symphony of the Night here, and I chose the line from the PSP port, that means Spider-Man's voice actor Yuri Lowenthal read it).
    Spider-Man dodges and attacks the Lizard men opponents he faced with ease, Lizard said he is his superior, he will fight him, and Spider-Man forgets how to evade a tail swipe all of a sudden, same tail swipe he easily evaded in the pilot episode.

    The human girls walk past a tent (I realize some vagrants sleep in the sewers in U.S.A., but this deep?) and see a brick constructed building.
    Deborah in her high heels can run fast and knock a lizard man soldier down on his back, but he drags her into the ring pretty fast, her moment of badassery is short lived.

    Margaret and MJ were unable to reach the center of the ring to press the button of the bomb, lady Lizard knew how to activate it after a speech she delivered to her kind and being ignored by Centurions, everyone is cured, exit sewers.

    Deborah realized she should focus on being a scientist again, the Connors go home, Spider-Man and MJ swing to a roof, and MJ confesses she's in for the ride, and is still ready to be Mrs. Spider-Man.


    I hoped this would be an improvement on last episode, I really wanted it to be so.

    At least it's better than 'the Vampire Queen', and 'Da Moussey' episodes.
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    SEASON 04 - EPISODE 11: The Prowler:

    So, the season finale. Could it be an improvement? Or is it another crappy episode like most of what this season offered? I hope it's the former.

    This one is the last episode of the series to be titled strictly by the antagonist's (or is he?) name, and that makes it the story/episode no.. how many?
    1. Kraven the Hunter
    2. Hobgoblin (part 1-2)
    3. Hydroman
    4. Morbius
    5. The Ultimate Slayer
    6. Tombstone
    7. Carnage
    8. The Spot
    9. The Prowler
    I won't count titles that are team names, include words like 'Day', 'Night', and 'Enter', or are things the antagonists are known as among these episodes.

    This episode opens with Spider-Man swinging around, three guys (one of them wears Peter's season 1 shirt) in an alley greet him with an empty can and get out of here. Spider-Man narrates to us that this is his new neighborhood, it might not be so bad. An alarm in a pawn shop goes off and Spider-Man webs the guy who is about his age, and wonder if he lost touch with the real world with all the super villains he normally faces.

    Landing on a roof, Peter changes clothes and thinks he can protect himself her, but can MJ? Does he have the right to marry her when this is all he can afford?
    And he enters his apartment to be attacked before he turns on the light. Narration tells you Pete is new in this neighborhood, so how did this guy know where he lives exactly?
    "You've got something I need and you're going to give it to me, cause I know all about you... and Spider-Man"

    Assailant: "I know you and Spider-Man are partners. He sets you up to take pictures, and you split the cash. Real cozy"
    Peter: "Right, right. You want a cut"
    Assailant: "That's chump change"
    Peter: "And you are...?"
    Assailant: "Know your enemy, huh Parker?" Unmasks himself "You will never forget Hobie Brown"

    Origin story about how he took a necklace from a bag of goods he and two of his pals stole for an ice powered crime lord named Iceberg in an elevator, there is only one camera above them, and ice hair showed him a bunch of cinematic shots from all angles to use that as an excuse and freeze his feet. "Send him for the fishes". Ice hair forgot that ice floats in water.

    A distance later by the harbor, as Iceberg's minions are still shoving Hobie and the ice on his feet haven't melted yet, Hobie reaches a ladder and kicks the two while swinging from a fire escape ladder, drops down to break the ice, and runs away with the fallen gun.

    Hobie runs to the apartment of his girlfriend Angela, he's in trouble, she wants to be with him, but is not a fan of the kind of trouble he attracts. She cries and promises to leave him, and he goes out the window.

    He's running by the streets, he passes by Parker and MJ in an empty street, and follows them as they do apartment hunting until they leave one building to snatch MJ's purse, runs to an alley and Spider-Man webs him and warns him.
    A cop car shows in the scene of a robber caught without anyone filing a report of disturbance, and Spidey did not take the purse and money of his fiance back.

    Hobie went to prison for breaking his parole, he saved Richard Fisk in prison, Wilson rewarded the guy who saved his son by hiring a lawyer to end his prison sentence sooner than anticipated, Hobie visited Kingpin and was given powers, and Kingpin had a suit for him on the ready, gave him a lot of good abilities that Hobie never had in the costume he made in the comics, charged the suit as Hobie is wearing it, and Hobie exits the building.

    Suit test, name given. He goes back to Iceberg's lair to defeat him, Spider-Man shows up while Prowler (Aaron Davis? Nah, that name was made for the guy who is the uncle of Miles Morales, this one is the original Prowler from the 60s -in name only- not some guy created in 2011) was winning against Iceberg, he defeated Spider-Man and got away before Spidey broke his bonds and exits water.

    Prowler goes back to the lair to terrify his nemesis, he leads now, his suit's battery is running out, it's shocking him, or rather Kingpin is doing that to him to encourage him to return and recharge cause "Batteries are not included". Unbuckling the belt will blow the suit up, the man is trapped in it, his permanent diapers, or until he dies of hunger.

    Hobie did Kingpin another favor by knocking down the hard to control Iceberg, but he's not thanking the man for this favor, his choices are; "die, die, or come to me, my slave."

    Hobie goes to see his girlfriend, some news footage captured him without being around him, and the revelation of him being the Prowler was a bad shock for her.
    Whooops, she has a boyfriend she can rely on now, tough luck Hobie. He leaves.

    Peter is required to help him, he can't with the limited technology he has access to, he needs Kingpin's devices to deactivate the explosives cells in the suit, so Pete tells Hobie he will let Spider-Man help him.

    Hobie enters fine, punches two of Kingpin's guards, Spider-Man sneaks into the building, Hobie is shocked to his knees, Kingpin is bragging, Spider-Man kicks Fisk and breaks his remote before deactivating the shock mechanism, but Brown is somehow saved.
    The two lock themselves in a lab, explosives deactivated, Spidey is stunned, the two manage to swing out cause Spidey doesn't need long to get better after the stun blast, Prowler is grateful.

    Peter and MJ meet and are fully approving of the marriage.



    Easily better than a lot of crap that came before it this season.
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    This is how season 4 concludes, and it saddens me to admit how poor this season is when it comes to storytelling, and it suffers at more moments from shoddy animation than any of the previous seasons did.
    Not going to excuse the restricted budget this time, this season is the shortest in the series, two episodes below the average episode limit per season.

    Average rating for the season

    The weaker episodes hurt the average score real bad, which is a shame given how good the good episodes truly are.

    EDIT: Thanks for reading this and reacting @Kuwolski
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 01: The Wedding:

    First episode of the last season. I remember it being really fast paced last time I saw it.
    I'm a bit concerned.

    Was it necessary to waste 17 seconds of time by showing a few CGI buildings and street before showing the National Bank?

    "I wonder what Aunt May has in mind as a wedding gift that brings us here."
    I don't hate the line or have anything against hearing his inner monologue, but it was a waste of money to record this line. Don't forget the retries until they capture the best way of reading the line.

    The wedding rings of May and Ben. Peter feels like he can't accept them, and May says "These are my blessings, and wishes that you and MJ will be as happy as your uncle and I were".

    Spider-Sense. Scorpion is in the bank to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but he's out of bubble gum, so he robs the bank and destroy guard guns.
    Acid melts the counter, and Scorpion jumps over the counter he melted. Why melt when you can jump? Especially if you jump anyway?

    Spider-Man kicks him, Scorpion drops a chandelier on him, and the dude who can dodge faster projectiles in this show didn't dodge this.
    Scorpion melts the vault door hinges with his tail acid (how come he never runs out of this? It's possible that two years have passed since he became Scorpion, and nothing recharged his backpack. How does he find the right kind of acid for a refill anyway?) and tosses the vault door at Spider-Man faster than the chandelier dropped, Spider-Man evades this with ease and the vault door hits a column to turn entirely to rubble.

    Scorpion picks up things from the vault, sees May, steals her rings and kidnap her, and then shows her to Spider-Man to keep him from attacking to get out of the bank free.

    Spider-Man: "I don't want to rile him, or he'll drop Aunt May"
    Two seconds later: "Hey you, hiding behind a defenseless old woman? You must be chicken. Cheeep cheep cheep cheep cheep"
    Sure he's in the middle of a roof while insulted, but still.

    Mama jokes for taunts, Scorpion leaves May on a scaffold to fight, Spider-Man drops him in the waters below, Scoprion shoots acid front while May is in a completely different direction from where Spider-Man is, and she's in danger from acid eating scaffolding.
    Scorpion's suit is acting up, it's suffering from short circuit, probably due to him being in water, and he goes away swimming.
    Why is his suit electric based? That's unnecessary.

    Spidey goes to pick up his aunt, she's more afraid of him than she was of the Scorpion, and she faints. All the remaining loot is Scorpion's bag is the two rings (what happened to everything else?), Spider-Man places them in his aunt's hand and walks away.
    Peter runs to her as she is escorted by two cops, she hands him the rings, he turns around for us to see his face as he thinks "What else will happen to me?"

    Harry talks about his dad, Spider-Man, and MJ. Dr. Kafka eases him up to let him deny reality, and the twisted take that drives him mad.

    MJ and Liz visit Harry, Liz feels bad about Harry. Harry is told by MJ that she and Peter will get married. He walks away, MJ and Liz leave the place, Harry breaks the plastic glass of water in his hand and sees Green Goblin again and talks to him "I need you again" Harry replies in frustration.

    Cut to Peter leaving a limo to visit Wilson Fisk.
    Wilson: "I've read about your marriage, I will arrange the details". And a rival news paper he bought to outscoop the Daily Bugle.

    J. Jonah Jameson is not satisfied with this and decides to fund the wedding himself, but Peter can work it off until he pays him back.
    J.J. calls Wilson, and they have a hilarious exchange about who has more influence and can make a bigger wedding.

    Cut back to Ravencroft, Harry escaped.
    Norman Goblin told Harry to forge alliances, and pointed him to Smythe and Silvermane.
    Scorpion is now working for the guy who kidnapped and caged him, but he worked under him before he kidnapped and caged him and rejected him, and now things go back full oval without making proper sense within this continuity.
    Not to mention Smythe working with Oscorp again after feeling betrayed by Norman.

    Harry gave Smythe plans for giant gliding robots, Smythe built an army, and the performance of Garry Imhoff is scene chewing as he talks Goblin mode.

    Cut to the wedding. Robbie is the best man. Flash, Deborah, and Felicia (when did she leave her vampire hinting quest?) are all invited. Flash admires the horse carriage MJ is brought to the wedding in, Kingpin agrees.

    Harry tells Smythe they will attack a wedding, Smythe is shocked, Harry glides and tells his compatriots to follow him. Looks like a newspaper announced the location of the wedding off screen, Harry knows exactly where to go.

    Doctor Connors walks MJ to the aisle as he promised, the pastor sounds like Alistair Smythe, wedding crashers come through the main gate before the pastor pronounces the couple as husband and wife, and Harry Goblin voices his objection. Attendees are terrorized to exit as Harry is holding MJ hostage to marry her.

    Spider-Man and Black Cat crash the party to fight some robots, Scorpion has an acid bag that was charged by Smythe this once.
    Inside the church Harry wants to rush his marriage to MJ, MJ rejects and Harry holds a bomb, the pastor faints.

    Cut to Fisk's tower (how did he leave that rural church and reach this place this fast?) the boss told the no longer hospitalized (Deb and Flash aren't either, this shouldn't be a surprise) ad no longer imprisoned Herbert Langdon to activate that last mega slayer Alistair built for Kingpin.

    Cut back to the wedding, Scorpion is mad at stupid Spidey. Robots attack, mega slayer destroys some of them. Scorpion attacks Fisk bot to lose his tail as he is tossed far away.

    Harry awakens the pastor to resume the wedding, Spider-Man and Black Cat are still fighting outside, Spidey gets in as Harry is forcing the marriage to commence, Spidey talks to bomb carrying Harry, Liz walks in with open arms cause she didn't run away with the rest of the terrified guests, tries to calm him, and confesses her love for Harry to stop being a terrorist (That was quick) and ask to be returned to the asylum (to make cheap movies ripping off or mocking blockbusters :oldrazz:).

    Back to the fight, Black Cat pushes a heavy fast moving robot away by letting a tree branch strike it (and this succeeds? Cartoon physics, please be saner). All of Smythe's bots including the one controlled by Fisk are destroyed, he offers Black Cat a job and she kicks his monitor screen a couple of feet away.

    Crisis is over, wedding commenced, Anna Watson is smiling for the first time as she looks at Peter walking MJ out. A funny exchange between Peter and Jameson, the couple drive away, and Norman Goblin is mad.



    Not the breakneck speed I remember.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 02: Six Forgotten Warriors - Part 1:

    An old man enters a taxi in a crowded street, and the Taxi driver looks a lot like one of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents from 'Day of the Chameleon'. The car enters an abandoned alley to shift design into a flying vehicle, and the flying taxi lands in S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Me describing the taxi driver was a waste of time.

    The old man is greeted and is taken to his old pal Nick Fury, he's an old commander sent on a secret mission to stop May Parker from selling her old house.

    Cut to Moscow where mercenaries in flying cars have trouble catching an old man with a cane running slowly, the lady who was driving her flying car a shot earlier magically waited between pillars awaiting the old man to come out, and they both start firing. She wins by dodging his cane's laser and using a knock-out gas on him, and he's picked up by a VTOL. Silver Sable: "Mission.. accomplished".

    Cut to the Daily Bugle, day time, Jonah receives a fax about the abducted guy who was presumed dead since the 40s, a former NAZI (censorship probably thought it's terrifying, and replaced the word with enemy) scientist. Robbie has to make a phone call in his office, and he presses the '#' button 5 times to contact an old man "I've got some very bad news". Robbie knew an info that surprised Jonah Jameson about the kidnapped NAZI scientist in hiding.

    Cut to the Parkers residence, Peter is concerned that May wants to sell the house now that he and MJ are married and moved to their own apartment. It's ok by him that she wants to move in with Anna instead of being lonely, but it feels hard to sell the house he grew up in with his uncle and her.
    Anna Watson is as annoyed as ever that Peter only thinks of himself (she's a nicer character in the comics, much more mellow and accepting of Peter Parker), and Mary Jane tells her that she's in Peter's life now, Anna tells her that doesn't mean he has to like him.

    The sound of a broken dish takes them all to the kitchen, the news of that kidnapped old man startled weak and frail old May, you'd probably guess that it's because an awful man presumed dead for 5 decades is suddenly alive. He must be in his 80s at this point. The picture of him young looks pretty similar to that of Michael Morbius, like they could be relatives.

    Cut to Kingpin's office where him and Landon (I used to spell his name wrong, for more than 3 seasons) converse about the old Dr. Wolfgang Croitzig's sudden resurgence and the key he holds to one of the greatest powers known to mankind. Fisk wants to know more than the little information he has about the matter, and for that he bands the Insidious Six again (at this point, I don't have to wonder why broken alliances and servitude are amended out of the blue, you won't have an answer for that, roll with it). Vulture is now here to replace Mysterio in the crew, and 5 of them need to break into S.H.I.E.L.D. to break out the Chameleon, who has the information he needs.

    Cut back to the Parkers residence at night, Peter is taking trunks out of the attic to help his aunt move out, steps on a toy truck he used to play with and trips. The trunk in his hand is dropped and opens, one of its contents is passports of his parents who traveled out a lot (didn't they die in another country? Why are their passports here?). He wants to ask May something and the bell rings.

    The commander of early in the episode is here, his name is Keen Marlowe, he's an old acquaintance of May Parker. John Cleese lookalike was an old friend of Ben Parker, he shakes hands with Peter Parker and asks if he can come in, May invites him in.

    Tea and cake time, Peter tries to learn his occupation, the old man is not good at the smooth talking out with fake job info. Pete asks his aunt about the passports and she's startled, time for a private conversation, and the old man tells Peter he should probably take a walk. Spider-Man crawls on the outside of his house to listen to the conversation from a window. He gets vague hints that the guest knows about his parents, and that he came for something being hidden in this house that May refuses to give him.

    Out of the house, S.H.I.E.L.D. cab picks up John Cleese lookalike, Spidey lands on the car without stirring it or making his usual noise of bouncing off cars after jumping from a roof (?) and the car transforms in the middle of the neighborhood to its VTOL form to head back to base, and Spider-Man is confused.

    Marlowe and Fury talk about secrets kept, Fury inexplicably answered why May did not want to see the passports of his parents, and looks like they had different passports as Russians, so that explains why their normal passports are home while they were travelling. The names of the couple must not be cleared, this bit of info Fury spat out frustrates Spider-Man and he wants to exit ventilation shaft to ask him, this is when five of the Sinister Six assault the helicarrier.

    Kingpin has a lot of resources at his disposal to build air vehicles that can breach S.H.I.E.L.D. security with ease. Spider-Man fights the 5 and loses, they go to release Chameleon and eject as their mission requires without facing much security.

    Keen needs to go back to his mission, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents chase the enemy plane, it hides, they remove Spider-Man from the ship and he stands on a flagpole to bounce off to a wall, and is mad and in need of answers.

    Back at his home May is finally willing to answer, she shows him an album of his parents, revealing they were spies for Russia. Marlowe tells him he was an agent himself, and knew his parents. He tells him about them revealing news of a secret weapon, but he's not telling him that they had to conceal the doomsday weapon and let the world believe Peter is the son of two traitors, and Peter is pissed off.

    Peter tells MJ outside about what he heard from Nick Fury that his parents might be innocent, so he has to find out the truth. MJ gives her approval.

    Spider-Man swings wondering how will he go to Russia and he can't afford it on his freelance fees, and this is when he remembered Jonah Jameson and convinced him in a funny way that Spider-Man wants to be a global menace. Robbie says he believes Peter and shocks the other two, the phone call from early in the episode is valid.

    The guy Robbie called then is in the airport, giving him a note and his secret ring. In the plane Pete asks him about that guy, and Robbie is secretive.

    In Russia they check in to a hotel, a room for each. Robbie tells Peter he should sleep this night. Spidey swings, he's lost, and can't understand the people, so he goes back to the hotel only to see Robbie leaving the place and follows him.

    Robbie is talking to Colonel Sanders without glasses, he's too stressed to share anything, and suddenly the Wild Pack blow up the wall to kidnap the old professor. Spider-Man fights them, but they win with knock-out gas and take the hostage. To prove they were never here to connect them to the broken wall, they toss a bomb with 10 seconds countdown to detonation.


    4.7/5 Sinister Secrets

    This episode has Spider-Man able to fight, I can't wait to watch the rest of the story and see Spider-Man in need to be rescued.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 03: Six Forgotten Warriors - Unclaimed Legacy:

    Time limit for the bomb extends, Bomb Squad Man (maybe I should quit quoting GodzillaMendoza on this one, but it's catchy) can't handle the bomb, Robbie takes care of it cause he has enough experience in his old unit in the army as a member of the bomb disposal unit. "What are you doing here" both ask and reply with the same thing, cops are on the scene real fast, maybe less than a minute fast, and Spider-Man swings up taking Robbie with him cause they don't need to be imprisoned.

    The Wild Pack are tying that professor they captured, a masked man tells them they did a good job, and tells them to leave him alone with the captive.
    Captive: "Who are you?"
    Masked man babbles and unmasks, the exclusive reveal to him terrifies KFC logo man.

    Morning, Peter puts on his civilian clothes and thinks of his parents. He looks out the window to see Robbie secretly walk out again, and picks his camera to catch up to him. They both ride the cab together against Robbie trying to push Peter away.

    In the police station, they meet a dear old friend of Robbie, a police supervisor named Boris. He's too friendly for my liking, cause I'm not fond of that sort of greeting. Robbie and Boris knew each other from the days Robbie worked here in a wire service.
    Boris gives some details about Grotsoic and revealed pictures of the professor, his daughter, and son in law. Boris gave them the address, and the two foreigners were forced to leave the Russian Police Station.

    Cut to the apartment of nee Grotsoic, she hears the name Parker and asks Peter if he's related to Richard and Mary, flashback to the 70s and their cover as Russian spies were blown and they are unable to help the professor, so they gave the old man a box of secrets. The daughter of Professor Grotsoic in the flashback was a child, and the only little girl in this cartoon to not wear lipstick.

    She reveals hidden secrets, turns out Chameleon was in disguise as her husband and takes the chest, the villain gets away by stealing Carl's car with the real Carl tied up and the Chameleon throws Spider-Man off his trail by jumping out of the car with Carl tied in it.
    Chameleon lures Spider-Man to a trap laid by the Sinister Six (how did they know he was here?) and get the upper hand on him although he was ready for a trap, but he's made useless in a fight again.

    The six take Spider-Man to Kingpin's lair, Kingpin tells him he'll die, and in classic supervillain tradition exposes his plans to his enemy while Spider-Man is tied to a remote controlled table. Doomsday device planned by the Red Schkull in New York.
    Kingpin wants to unmask Spider-Man, Wild Pack gas them and pick them up with the weapon box.
    [I'll reference this moment when I comment on Spider-Man Unlimited, to say something show did better than this, although this is supposed to be the better show.]

    Spider-Man, Kingpin, and the Six wake up. Silver Sable has a chat with them, moral conversation about pity criminals, mercenaries, vigilantes, blah blah blah. She considers herself the morally superior one.

    Masked man from earlier enters the room carrying the box, Kingpin breaks out of his chains (remember the strength difference displayed between Peter and Wilson in the episode 'Enter the Green Goblin'? The reverse is done here) and grabs the masked commanding man, mercenaries want to shoot Fisk but they don't although he's a very large target, to keep the idiot who hired them from harm.
    Idiot commands mercenaries to unchain the six goofballs, they do that, Ock places the mercenaries in chain, Kingpin unmasks that idiot guy, he's the Red Skull, but no, not really, he's the chief of police, but no, not really.
    He's the son of the true Skull, wants to regain his glory.

    Skull 2 shocks Kingpin, Kingpin accidentally unchains Spider-Man, Spider-Man unchains Sable. Spider-Man swings away, Vulture cuts the line, Kingpin gets the box again, Ock grabs Spider-Man by slow movement of his tentacles (Spider-Man can dodge faster things than Rhino, but he's sluggish in this episode). Skull 2 activates self destruct, people are chained again off-screen, Kingpin and his Sinister goofballs exit the stairways, Spider-Man unchains the Wild Pack, and they get out.

    Skull 2 has his getaway car ready, his two hostages are tied up there all along out of nowhere, he gets out pretty fast.
    Everyone else is running.

    The hideout in in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, they have to leave, why is there a hangar in a nuclear reactor with a plane ready when Skull 2 has getaway train. Kingpin's men fly away, Sable's pack stay and chat for a minute before they too fly away.

    Peter and Robbie are flying home, Jameson is mad for the lack of a story and pictures, May is happy by the revelation that Richard and Mary weren't traitors. Peter said the word 'Die' against censorship.


    3.5/5 hideout nonsense

    Yeah, this is a downgrade from part 1.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 04: Six Forgotten Warriors - Secrets of the Six:

    Spider-Man swings and narrates with some shoddy voice acting for that narration.
    Flashback to Mr. Omar Mosely, the guy Robbie contacted the last two parts. Joseph and Peter went to his house for a story, and the old man showed them the shield of Captain America.

    "The story of the Six American Warriors began in 1942". Talks about the origins of the Captain America and the super soldier serum, something most of you know at this point in time, but it doesn't include HYDRA and the submarine. Plus, this was made in the days when Bucky was younger than Cap in the comics, and wasn't a fully grown muscle mass fighter, Bucky was a kid (and he has no role in this story, Cap wasn't indulging in child endangerment). And the lab burnt this time.
    Captain America's suit is very brightly lit here, I don't like the color scheme chosen for it.

    The scientists who escaped the burning building tried to copy Dr. Reihnstein's formula, but the results were unstable, and the 5 were almost dead in the process before it was stopped.

    While they were testing their powers; speedy guy, girl who can shift her mass, screaming guy, and two guys who were able to move just like Cap himself, one of them was black. All faces were exposed during the experiment and power test (this point will come important later).
    Unstable powers that might go off permanently, scientists gave these 5 power rings to activate and deactivate powers as needed.

    Six warriors names are:
    1. Captain America
    2. Destroyer
    3. Ms. America
    4. The Thunderer
    5. The Black Marvel (Black, Blue... I wonder how many more Marvel characters can be created to carry color and company title as their super names)
    6. The Whizzer (His powers are not urinating)

    Peter mocked their names and asked if they were expected to be taken seriously with these names. The guy who calls himself Spider-Man asks that, and was mocked for his name of choice by an old man with powers similar to him for choosing a target name and a female doctor friend of Reed Richards who said his name is a creature that people love to swat with their morning papers.
    Did I mention that Peter is a jerk in this show? He can be a massive egotistical jerk.

    Peter asks how does Omar know this to get the reply "I was his sidekick, his chauffeur. His real name was Dan Lyons" And they've shown Dan to be white. (the note I mentioned in the paragraph before the list is important since now, LOL. Peter and Robbie don't know that though)

    The six attacked a warehouse of a shady meeting, took a matchstick case with the face of the Red Skull on it, and they found a microfilm on it with plans to that doomsday weapon.

    Mask man exits a submarine via helicopter (great design there) and flies all the way to a rooftop where a group awaits him, the bunch descend down an elevator to open the gate to the deadly device. Masked man removes his mask to show he is Red Schkull.

    The deadly six enter the chamber, and Skull compliments the work to immediately say "Die Dr. Neeman Grotsoic, only to be immediately disrupted by Captain America and his commandos. Numbskull activates a portal to trap Captain Solid Snake, Cap traps his evenly matched enemy with him.

    I think this episode first aired 7 or 8 years after that goofy 1990 movie that made Skull Italian and chops his arm off before making Cap kick a missile to save the life of a kid who grows up to become U.S President Dick Jones.

    The remaining 5 warriors took the keys and kept it a secret, and vowed to release their compatriot one day, the Black Marvel took two keys, and it's been over 50 years since their pal was gone and they made their vow.
    The 5 disbanded and decided to split ways, and the government ordered them to do that in case they become a liability.

    Dan funded the education of his confidant, he became a college professor, Dan died.

    Someone is after the keys now, that someone is Kingpin. Spider-Man is swinging and is worried about what he would do when he find the keys, or what he's up to now.

    Kingpin is in his tower hugging Scorpion "You worked for Silvermane, are you the traitor?" (have I made a point of picking the continuity of alliances here apart? I think I did)
    Scorpion says no in pain, Kingpin drops him to look at the other 5 sinister soldiers asking who might be the traitor who told Skull II about his location last episode. Smart man Kingpin did not consider questioning spyman Chameleon.

    Landon uses a beam cage on the box they have to find locations of the remaining keys, and I don't know how it works, but it did.
    Landon gave the six stooges info about the keys to go hunt for them.

    Rhino went to an art school to see the Whizzer in his art school. Vulture was hunting Ms. America and Spider-Man was swinging for a long time, Vulture snags the purse when her power went off and let her go, Spider-Man grabbed and saved her. The two share the hidden knowledge and Spidey leaves.

    Nick Fury is mad at John Cleese cause he did not share information with him that could have saved the keys from Kingpin. May, Anna, and Mary return to May's home with groceries and the Shocker and Scorpion pay them a visit.
    Spider-Man needs the web cartridges in the house, comes in time to web Shocker and pull him out while saying "I've had it frog face" (one of the taunts from season 1 in Oscorp, Spider-Man taunted Scorpion before zapping him). Spider-Man lures acid tail out and May finally agrees to give Marlowe his items back.

    Destroyer joins Spider-Man in the fight until his powers wane, Scorpion picks up the key and leaves him be so he and Shocker leave.

    Anna and May leave, MJ stays. Marlowe tells the couple his backstory, and Marlowe and Spidey go to S.H.I.E.L.D. after taking more webbing and the revelation was done.


    4.5/5 Deadly statues

    Better than the last two.

    So far this season is an improvement to the last one, I hope it sticks to this.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 05: Six Forgotten Warriors - The Six Fight Again:

    Dr. Omar Mosely sees the news about attacks and the stealing of two statuettes on TV and turns it off. Robbie knocks the door and tell's him Spider-Man requests to keep the keys for safety measures, Omar takes his coat and the vibranium frisbee for protection before he leaves.

    They head to a warehouse full of lockers, Dr. Mosely gets a box out of a locker and Robbie has a sinister smile on his face. (that surgery revealed in last season came to fruition in this episode, the mystery was used here properly).
    Fake Robbie pushes the old man aside and takes the statues to show he's the Chameleon, Spider-Man is with the Destroyer there and he webs and grabs the two keys (Destroyer wasn't supposed to know the place).

    Chameleon jogs out, Spider-Man drops the statuettes for Omar to pick them so he can lock them up again while Spider-Man swings after the master of disguise, and our swinging friend can't find the elusive spy. (At least here he had some time to move ahead, what was his excuse to be able to get away from Spider-Man in Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends?)

    Spider-Sense tingles to warn Spider-Man of a danger and the direction it comes from, but here he looks left and right when the danger is behind him, and it's Ock's tentacle grabbing him and tossing him to a shutter door. Scorpion, Rhino, and Shocker surround him.

    Dr. Mosely is walking carefully with the shield in his hand, Kingpin flies over the area with his helicopter and announces he will be king, Rhino has a new voice actor for no reason and claims he will get Jersey (another throwback line in this arc to season 1, first meeting between Spidey and Rhino in the shuttle). Spider-Man can't fight in this episode (the arc goes like this; odd numbered parts show he can fight, even numbered parts made him useless) and Destroyer's powers are deactivated once again.

    Kingpin decrees that Spider-Man's life must be terminated (eradicated, terminated, genocide, Carnage, and disintegrated. All these words are scarier than killed. I love how they rolled around censorship in this cartoon). Black Marvel comes to the scene to lend a hand, and is a good fighter, tactical in using Cap's shield. Spider-Man can suddenly swing Doc Ock around now for no apparent reason, and Kingpin declares "ENOUGH" and shows his hostage to get the keys.

    They got the keys, fly away, Spidey follows, there's no change, Robbie is dropped, Spidey catches with web, Shocker pushes him, web fluid is out. Black Marvel catches them and this is when Destroyer (who saw the face of Black Marvel during the experiment and power test time) is surprised cause the white man the audience were led to believe was the real Marvel is dead, and he's shocked at the reveal.

    Dan was going to be lowered into the tank instead of being placed in a container, but his rich father denied that and the driver took over the duty of getting in the serum (although he had a different origin last episode. Points deducted for lack of consistency in this arc) to be the next super soldier.

    Thunderer remains, time to assemble, ring signal lights in the sky.
    On top of the building that used to be their headquarters, Ms. America and Whizzer join them to complete the gathering of the crew members we were shown so far.
    They're in their costumes, but Ms. America and Whizzer don't think they are fit to fight this battle (and they're right), Spider-Man motivates them to join the fight by saying he'd rather side with them over siding with the super youth of today. (Sure, have the people with random on/off powers instead of having guest stars with more consistent powers and fewer moments of vulnerability that would make a hindrance of them when you can't fight). The current five grab the shield of Captain America to show allegiance and join the fight.

    Kingpin's tower. Landon found the deadly device, but not the final key, they go to the coordinates while Landon continues his search for Thunderer and the final key.

    Kingpin and his troopers go to the location, it's in an area where only street rats can live. Scorpion grabs one and Fisk orders Shocker and Vulture to kill the old man, and fast old man comes in to punch them all and save the old vagrant.

    Spider-Man and the other three come in, Ms. America wants to exact her revenge on Vulture, and Spider-Man kicks Scorpion. Black Marvel kicks and punches Chameleon as Rhino stands and looks dumbfounded, John Cleese headbutts Rhino. Scorpion is webbed to a wall and forgets how to cut webbing.....
    The heroes get the upper hand until the lady and John Cleese powers deactivate again, and this is when Angar the Screamer chooses to reveal himself and yell at them all, hurting them real bad. Thunderer changes clothes like a snap of a finger and faces Kingpin to tell him he protects this place, but his powers choose now to press on the turnoff switch. Rhino grabs him, heroes try to help their friend, Chameleon binds them with his binding gun.

    They found the last key and are entering the place of the deadly weapon, while Landon is off screen still shaking his head as to where would he find the last key, unless they contacted him. Kingpin gives his sinister six the keys to the weapon, the gate is unlocked, Chameleon is the traitor and Spider-Man says nothing.
    Numbskull II is on site, everyone beside Chameleon and him are knocked-out by Chameleon's gas grenade, black screen.

    Revelation time; Chameleon is the adopted son of the Red Skull instead of being Kraven's servant and adopted brother in this story (works for this show).
    Dr. Grotsoic and KFC logo spy are brought in, the doctor is not allowed to stall, and Red Skull is set loose from Captain America's eternal grasp to be freed on the world again.

    Reinholdt is the name of Red Skull's son, family reunion hugs, Chameleon is in his 50s. The Skull sees his enemies bound by energy beams and brags, and gives exposition, and releases the doomsday big robots, and the doctor (who?) releases Captain America from limbo, and robots are activated by Red Skull to fight his young old (I mean age, not the history between the two) enemy. Silver Sable shows up (will it be explained how she found this place? No) and frees Spider-Man and Destroyer. The rest of the American Warriors are freed, and Cap retrieved his shield.

    Wild Pack push one robot by shooting its face, and it unchains Kingpin and he unchains the rest, and they battle robots. Chameleon is squeezed by Kingpin after the robots went down.

    Spider-Man and Silver Sable run after Red Skull and his son, she tells Spider-Man she's a freedom fighter after he asked her what is a mercenary doing here to fight this battle for freedom.


    4/5 Wild Surprises
    Not a bad episode, better than I thought it would be.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 06: Six Forgotten Warriors - The Price of Heroism:

    We follow Spidey and Silver Sable as the continue moving down the corridor after Skull and his son, until they finally reach footsteps.... nothing makes you wonder why footprints exist in this part of the tunnel with no alternate paths.

    Spider-Sense senses danger, and Spider-Man doesn't dodge like he used to, or like experience should allow him to move.
    Red Skull: "Aaaahh, you have fallen into my stasis trap" that makes them float, and follow as Skull is walking.
    Spider-Man: "Why don't you give up? Your robots have already failed."
    Red Skull: "They did what they were designed for, to safeguard... this" continues using the machine he was using before the two 'S' heroes reach him to charge his son in his Electro suit. (I think it is an interesting change to the story of Electro, even if I'm not fond of the son of Skull angle, it may be the least goofy origin of Max Dillon Electric Breath gaining his powers)

    The American Six are trying to go through the blast door that closed behind Spider-Man and Silver Sable, Kingpin is still crush hugging Chameleon, and promises he will do the same thing to his adopted father.
    An explosion happens, blasting the door and throwing Spider-Man and Silver Sable at the group, and introducing Electro as the Doomsday Weapon.

    Kingpin is disappointed, Cap cautions him against underestimating Skull's plans and charges to receive a bad shock knocking him back.
    Red Skull brags about their power, power got into his son's head as he attacks Spider-Man after being webbed, and the electric aura weakens Fisk who is made to be an idiot in this moment of this episode.

    Electro calls them all pathetic and brags about his powers he can use and manipulate to make a twister without any training. The schlock overused his powers and is taken away to the emergency exit by his family to a plane.

    Cops and paramedics arrive to the scene, the doomsday device was below more modern structures and a distance away from the old ruins. Destroyer shows his badge to cops and Fisk is carried away by an ambulance after being walked to it by two Wild Pack mercenaries (I wonder how these explain their presence here to the cops). Doc Ock, Scorpion, and Rhino watch inconspicuously from a roof (last character raises a few questions) and walk away cause there is no profit to be made here.

    Wild Pack, the Six heroes, and Spider-Man are on a roof. Cap tells Sable and her men they should stay put instead of letting themselves get hurt, this annoys Sable a bit but Spider-Man calms her down without mentioning Electro's blast from a couple of minutes ago, Sable sees reason and gives a great quote: "I see. One cannot afford liabilities, even well intentioned ones"
    She walks away, but is ready to take the fight in case the superheroes fail.

    Meeting of the 6, Cap is well, the rest are alive. Keen offers their old headquarters in a junk (what happened to that fancy place they said used to be their lair?). Cap fears he's out of date, Spider-Man encourages him to not think that way.

    In another wrecked old place, Skull is concerned for the well being of his son who is adapting to his new powers (I think one fan of Cap said this guy was trying to drown his daughter, this guy is made less of a monster here). Reinholdt is mad at his father's promise to let his son join in his new world order, "You risked my life in that machine" to which Skull replies "The risk was minimal" (I believe him) and Electro electrocuted his father. "He can sense electricity all around him, even in bodies" shot Chameleon from shooting him and teleported away.

    Heading to J3 Communications, he broke the roof and sent a signal of his message to the whole city by sucking electricity from cars and subway cars as he relays his message, Electro even showed his face on the big screen in Times Square.

    Whizzer received signal on his portable TV (imagine the days when TVs were smaller than your phone, they were not in color back then) giving away his location to be found. He flew with cameras away from the satellite dish relaying the signal, but it remained strong with him (ok :dry:) as he gives his new commands to his slaves to be.

    Mary Jane decides to go to that area cause her husband will be there, her aunt doesn't want her to risk her life just cause her husband does that (Anna is right in this case), MJ eases her concern and marches outside like a fool.

    The seven heroes reach their lethal foe and push him to a roof where they fight him, the roof can be seen from the streets as a light show filled with electricity and MJ decides to disregard her safety and walk stupidly to the risky roof, you don't need to imagine what happens next, you know she receives the blunt of the shock Spider-Man is able to dodge with ease this time (although he has moments dodging nothing when he could in this very arc, his dodge ability is inconsistent).

    Paramedics are taking MJ away, Cap gathers she's important to him, and gives him a great speech "A lot of people are counting on you, people just like her. I know you want to go with her, but if you do, she may not have a world to wake up to. That's the price you pay.. when you do this job". Cap words sound better when you know you hear them from Big Boss himself.

    Electro heads back to the old doomsday place to wake the robots with his powers and march them to the U.N. assembly building, he announces his tyranny again. Dr. Omar Mosely is concerned seeing their new enemy is getting more powerful, Cap tells them Skull must have a fail-safe, something to keep his weapon in check, Spider-Man mentions the vortex. Cap and Spidey head to the vortex as the rest go to protect the delegates on their old friend's orders.

    Giant robots keep the 5 occupied while Electro continues his speech about electing him as the ruler of the the Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D. finally take action in this urgent matter and Electro is ready to attack, and he drops a lot of one man fighter jets.

    Cut to the lair of the Skull where we're in the middle of the tussle between red and blue tights duo and their foes, Spidey dodges shots and we cut back to the continuation of Fury troops being buffoons continuing their useless attacks until the evil one shuts down all power to the flying headquarters and people are forced to abandon ship. Nick Fury activates emergency parachutes manually to slow the helicarrier's descent into water and he jumps off to use his chute. The ship seems to have a nuclear core, blast radius is large. Fishermen in that area are left without a job for quite a while.

    Cut to Cap and Spidey as one of them repairs the vortex generator, Chameleon shocks Cap by coming in disguised as Spider-Man and shoots Cap with a stun blast and Skull shoots Spider-Man to declare his pleasure knowing that his plan of waiting for the generator to be fixed by his enemies was successful. (This is where some of the audience notice the switch in scene placement showing the earlier scene before the next one. Maybe everyone was tired when they allowed this mistake that affects the story's quality to slide).

    Electro senses the vortex is activated, Spider-Man breaks Chameleon's gun, Cap pushes his nemesis into the vortex and the two are tussling there again, Chameleon is webbed to not escape again. And Electro comes to the scene.

    The five warriors defeat the robots, people cheer for them, their powers are not deactivated suddenly anytime for plot purposes this episode. They run to see how Spider-Man is doing. He taunts Electro, the bad guy is too full of himself, Spider-Man uses his smarts without needing Madame Web to give him another lesson he knew without her pounding it in his head for plot purposes, and Electro is out of the picture, with no comic retcon in his future. (something this show did gracefully well).

    Spider-Man explains it to Cap's buddies, they walk, he takes a picture of them walking to the horizon, and then swings home to his poor wife who is no longer hospitalized.


    3.75/5 Vortex Disruptions

    Not a bad ending to the arc, but it could have been stronger, like how three parts of it are stronger.

    Looks to me like when they did this bit with the MJ shocking, they weren't planning ahead the best way possible. There was a plan, but mistakes were made.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 07: The Return of Hydroman:

    Water, bubbles, what a start. MJ is swimming in the middle of nowhere, and Dracula's giant eye from Castlevania Circle of the Moon is dropping on her, it makes her yell and hold her ears.. . DARKNESS. Pennywise the clown is after her, she's suddenly in a wedding dress running up platform stairs. She falls in a desert that suddenly becomes lemonade, it doesn't burn her eyes to dive into it.
    Some strange guy who looks like Pee Wee Herman in orange jacket and purple pants reaches arms to her, she grabs them, and scenery changes to a walkway in a park, and now he's a red bearded pirate all of a sudden, forcing her to walk a plank...

    Zoom in on her face, she's porfusely perspiring, and wakes up in a van by the side of her husband who is driving it, and is concerned about his poor wife whose been having a dream that made her scream for nights in a row. (I feel bad for his ears), she shrugs it off and point to Niagra falls.

    Peter had a bonus? He was excused after Jameson wasted money on his long trip to Russia? Either that or this is missed continuity mistake.

    The last boat is leaving, Peter grabs their bags and the two run, Peter does an amazing leap that people on the ferry cheer for.

    Hydroman (oh no, the title did not give his return away) attacks MJ and Peter in their isolation on the ferry (though, how did he know where and when to find them?), attacks Peter and kidnaps MJ against her saying Peter is her husband. Peter swims behind the two after the kidnappers takes his lovely for a dive that doesn't make her suffocate. Peter finds her jacket, and he's lucky that Bench said he will take MJ back to New York, so he has somewhere to search.

    Cut to the van in Manhattan, nobody questions anything about the missing couple in the ferry, no time or budget is provided for that stuff. Spider-Man swings between tall buildings to locate the two where water is near, and starts with the aquarium he first experience Hydroman's powers in. Water station, plants, sewers.. anywhere there's water, but he fails to find them after hours of non-stop search.

    Peter heads to Terri Lee to ask for the police's help, Anna and May are there two, MJ's aunt is upset that Peter did not come to the police right away under the excuse of not wanting to waste time, she doesn't know he's Spider-Man, so she has the right to be upset about this, but then she gets annoyingly grouchy with "Peter's actions are directly responsible for this" that ticks Peter off he blows a gasket and yells at her. Terri calms him down and requests that he doesn't involve himself in this as Spider-Man (she doesn't know the secret, we do), and tells him to sit home.

    He's in his fancy apartment in a ruined building in a cheap hood (seriously, the comics of the 70s and 80s placed him in a place cramped and cheaper cause he could afford that much, his life is fancier in this post inflation era compared to the two decades before), Felicia visits to ease his pain despite her needing to be in the airport for a flight, and the two hug like lovers more than friends, with the way he holds her head. She tries to convince him to act before she leaves the place.

    Spidey swings out the window, and I'd like to know where Felicia leaves her civilian clothes once she changes to Black Cat since she changes in an alley and not her convertible car. And what does her mother tell her about neglecting her duties and flights like that.

    In the forensics lab, a blonde named Betty (I'm thinking of both Betty Ross and Cooper, and even Barry Allen as inspirations for this made up for this show character) is laboring on MJ's jacket to find clues about where she may find her under Terri's supervision, Betty requests a break this late at night to be able to sleep, and Terri gives her the time and they leave. Spider-Man picks his wife's jacket (how does anyone know which window to look through in this show?) and heads to ESU.

    It's morning, classes are going to start soon, so Peter webs the lab door shut as he resumes his late night work. He finds clues on where to find her, while Deborah urgently needs to get in the lab to continue her experiments, Peter says now is not a good time and tells her to wait, but she calls security to open the door for her.
    Peter takes the web cartridges from episode 16 that are still in his locker all this time later and exits, but his webbing is not strong enough to keep hold of the door long after two guards continue hitting the door with their shoulders, it's no wonder super villains can break his webbing with ease.

    Spidey swings, Black Cat locates him and follows to an oil tanker where Spidey steals a speeding boat and hot wires it (or uses the key, whatever) to go there.
    He saves her and delays Morrie by webbing him with his cuagulent, tells MJ to leave via boat so he wouldn't worry about her and make mistakes, she stops being stupid and follows his instructions.

    Hydroman breaks free, cuts loose, and the idiot smashes the place to drop it so he can get rid of one enemy. Why was this essential and expensive place so abandoned with no cops around?
    Morrie hams it ups and leaves, and we're reminded yet again how weak Spider-Man is in this cartoon, he's so weak he can't remove one small iron bar from the rubble to clear enough path for him to move through, and is in need to be saved by Black Cat.

    Anyone else watched a video taking quotes from Edge of Time when Miguel goes to save dying Peter, but is placed on pictures of this Spider-Man swinging side by side with a picture of Spectacular under the rubble adapting that scene from Amazing Spider-Man 33? This Spider-Man can't save himself, there is no way he will save a stronger -albeit younger- counterpart of his.
    I can't find the link to that video.

    MJ reaches the shore and is greeted by cops, she's happy to see them and is given the gray bracelets of handcuffs.

    Spidey and Black Cat are on another boat coming back to shore, Cat says she was tired of Blade and Michael's obsession to hunt vampires and took a break from it all to come with a more light hearted person (the dude who kept yelling at you that you should stay away even after you saved him a few times?).

    MJ is hauled into the police car cause she was accused of robbign the speed boat, Morrie follows. Spidey and Cat wonder where could Hydroman and MJ be at.

    In the precinct, MJ is telling her story, cops don't believe her story despite her repeating it a few times. Morrie is at the reception, in a Terminator-esque moment, but he doesn't say "I'll be back", he doesn't need to.
    Cops interrogating leave her, she runs out to get away from that maniac.

    She enters plant of something, fireworks developing place, she flashesback to Peter explaining how they produce different fireworks colors, and Morrie activates the sprinklers.
    She tries to light some matches to light her chemicals, Morrie is ready to save himself this time.

    Factory chimney fumes look wrong, that signals Spidey and Cat to go where MJ is. A fight happens until MJ discovers her hydro powers, and this raises a lot of questions about her need to be hospitalized last episode, and how the first responders and doctors had to deal with her and file reports about the lady made of water.


    3/5 cars through windows

    Not a good episode, but it's a serviceable one.
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    SEASON 05 - EPISODE 08: The Return of Hydroman - Part 2:
    MJ is scared, she called her husband by first name and he went to her up the cat walk, she asks what Hydroman has done to her and he hugs her, he's confused.
    Black Cat swings in through the window, she asks them how sprinkler boy was defeated, both are lost for words. An explosion happens and they all swing out.

    Felicia thanks Spider-Man for teaching her how to have a sense of commitment with a hug, she needs to get back to Europe and aid Morbius, and jumps away.
    MJ: "For a minute you seemed like you forgot about me. What is it between the two of you?"
    Spidey: "We were partners once, she helped me while you were gone."
    MJ: "I want to know what is wrong with me, but I'm afraid it will lead to my destruction"
    Unmasked Peter is shocked.

    In the NYPD building where Terri Lee works, they relay the story -with some edits- and the sickly worried aunts are there. Anna hugs her Hydro niece and thankful she's alright. Hydroman is elusive, so Peter suggest he and MJ stay hidden for the while. Anna hugs Peter.

    In Doctor Connors lab in ESU science building, they want to know about MJ's nightmare, so the doc uses a hypnosis device to let her relive that dream (I want to know why is she wearing a scuba diving suit for this). She relives her dream and describes it, she also describes some sounds we haven't heard in the opening scene of last episode (a train moving, her father calling), and the smell from a bakery.
    Connors wakes her up remembering what she saw in her dream, she hugs Peter and Connors states that the images may be clues to her disappearance, Peter says they will track all clues down.

    In an underwater base (why do they have this many of those in adaptions after the Master Planner arc in the comics? I understand why Spectacular and Ultimate cartoons did it, and the first PS1 game, but why in this show?) Morrie talks to a professor about how difficult it is becoming for him to reconstitute himself, the professor pulls a blood sample out of the man of water (these things don't happen in real life, so no scientific basis for this at least. But there is no inherent logic within the arc to explain how come he can still have blood). Morrie is in a hurry to get MJ that he doesn't want to wait for the results to come out.

    Cut to a water faucet, May is talking on a phone a distance away from the kitchen sink and mentions Pete and MJ going to the George Washington bridge. Hydroman heard that call with his eye (the way he can manipulate his body, that seems legit).

    Peter and MJ are on the bridge walking down memory lane, MJ recovers a few thoughts and Hydroman butts in and kidnaps her "We were made for each other".

    Spider-Man follows the tracks she described in her dream, and the first clue is a boat restaurant. Spidey enters and speaks to the receptionist, he repeats the line "You can't go home dear" MJ described from her dream, and continued "not until we get you in some dry clothes" (why does he care?). Spidey asked which way did she come from, he answered North.

    He swung until he landed on a roof, the scent of cake made him walk down street level to see a wedding cake bakery. And then he remembers Pennywise the clown to see around him and find a Toy Store.

    Inside the shop, a Transformer is constructed, it attacks Spider-Man "Why do I get the feeling Alistair Smythe is into the toy business?" (it helps that that Decepticon has traits of a Spider-Slayer, but how do they guarantee the toy components of this construct won't be bought by some kid?). The robot destroys a wall hiding behind it a fast track, and he cart has the Oscorp name on in, but not an official logo.

    Spider-Man moves on train tracks, Decepticon slayer follows, and both machines derail hard off the tracks after Spider-Man was tossed away to both machines be safely destroyed. A light at the end of the tunnel is the eye in MJ's dream, and the under sea lair looks like the one from 'Enter the Green Goblin' cause it is the same facility, but how was it used for alternate purposes when it's not discarded by Oscorp? Surely a big company would retrieve their property.

    Spider-Man finds his way in, Morrie and MJ are there, a fight ensues, Morrie is tired, Spider-Man's shirt lost a piece, Miles Warren made Hydroclone MJ cause Hydroclone Hydroman insisted on having one, he had the mind, the physique, the abilities, the memories of Morrie Bench. How did he make him? There were enough traces of his DNA on the roof he died on.

    A fight happens, Miles escape, he contacts Alistair Smythe and promises Silvermane of a Spider-Man clone, this cliffhanger is left for another world to resolve.
    Hydroclones evaporate, Spider-Man cries in a hilarious way before he exists the building, and Madamme Web kidnaps him for her promised space adventures.


    4.5/5 clonestaches

    This episode is reasonably good, almost great.

    8 episodes in and the weakest of the episodes is almost as good as the average score of last season. The 5 remaining episodes could be better, hopefully good enough to make the season nearly great.
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    I'd rather leave reviews for 'Secret Wars' in one page instead of letting them spread between two pages, there will be something more comfortable about it when it's looked at that way, more so considering that I don't place my reviews in spoiler tags to make scrolling down the page more comfortable for you kind viewers.
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    Oct 11, 2010
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    There, now this page should be more comfortable to scroll through and navigate.
    To those who are not members and don't know how to read the reviews; you can click on the spoiler button to see and read the content of the post.

    Now, on to Secret Wars.

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