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Sep 8, 2004
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when i first heard about the MMO-RPG, i hated how it was pay-to-play at first, but was overwhelmingly overjoyed when it went free to play. i play this game from time to time, and even though i've gotten to "endgame", i still like to go around, boldly going, etc...

how does everyone else feel about this online RPG?
I haven't played it extensively, but I like it a lot.
i do wish that they included a few more things in the game, such as the Ambassador Class, the enterprise J (whatever class that was), and a few more other customization features.... i'm a bit of a custom nut when it comes to character creation
Some screenshots I took of my dude and my ship:





right now, I'm using a Constitution class starship for me Liberated Borg character... I'm wanting to go from that to a refit, just like the old movies :)
never have been happy about the lock boxes and what not, but the idea for the temporal lock boxes was actually a really good idea. i really like the things they were offering in that particular lock box. makes me wonder what next are they going to offer
for those who dont know, season 7 will finally releasing the ambassador class starship.

i've been hoping for this starship to be released for some time.
How much of your own ship's interior are you able to access? In other words, can you just walk from Engineering to your Quarters to the Bridge?
you can pretty much access the basic areas of the ship:

ready room
conference room
10 forward
captains room

the only problem, though, is that besides the bridge, the game really doesnt let you customize how these areas look
I first signed up on Star Trek Online for the last few weeks and in that span until now, I'm getting the hang of it. I'm going from Ensign to Commander and have captained 4 ships.

Love it when it's free and I feel immersed in the 25th Century Star Trek.
It wasn't intentional, but when I was finished he reminded me a lot of Sinestro.
I am currently level 7. Trying to get to my first 'real' ship.
my first real ship was the constituion class... i stuck with that one for a long time, but there are lots of other cool ships in this game.
they did have a chance to get the Ambassador class ship at one point, but unfortunately, they dont offer it anymore :( maybe sometime in the future, though.

looking forward to their update though... they're redesigning the outlook and character creation design part, so it's more user friendly... at least, thats what they say
for those who play this game, stay away from the season 7 pre-patch... dont bother downloading it. it is causing SOOO many problems right now, it's not even funny
yes they have, and season 8 is now up and running
anyone else besides me and soapy play this game?
I played when it had a monthly fee. But I haven't had a reason or desire to recently.
They just released Romulans
Thinking of replaying this game again. Anyone want to maybe invite me?

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