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First look trailer:

do we know if there will be any Jedi in the main cast of characters?
The animation is great for the fighters, not so much for the people. Looks fun, though.

Though, once you see it as Fast and Furious, it can't be unseen.
Wasn't the type of anime-inspired look I expected. Reminds me of Iron Man: Armored Adventures.
Expectations are lower now. The faces are weird and it seems much more kiddie than Clone Wars and Rebels. Plus Filoni isn't showrunner so that's a concern. I'll give it a try tho.
Not impressed by what I saw, but I'll watch the first few episodes at least.
I'm not really seeing the anime inspired look at all. It does look very juvenile and kiddie-ish but I will still watch it for at least a few episodes. I don't think it's great or love it, but I can even watch Freemaker Adventures every now and again.

Not even sure why they had to go the 3D CG cel-shaded route, unless that's supposed to be cheaper than a really good 2D animated series?
That animation style is quickly becoming a popular one for anime. See the Godzilla animated movies.
Reminds me of Iron Man Armored Adventures and the Tron animated series. Never been a fan of that style. I'll still watch it, but from what I saw... not that excited. Was really hoping for a more traditional looking anime style. Or like The Last Airbender
That animation style is quickly becoming a popular one for anime. See the Godzilla animated movies.
Those are two movies out of dozens.

Even the first CG Appleseed movie, which had the cel-shaded look, didn't look quite like this. That movie came out in 2004. The subsequent two ditched that look.

I'd almost prefer less episodes to have something that looks closer to the Castlevania anime. Not closer in dark, edgy content, but just the general animation and art style.
I'm guessing this show is gonna be a short run. A couple seasons at most. Just to cover the gap between Rebels and the launch of the streaming service which will probably have the next Filoni show right out of the gate.
I have to imagine that's the case. It'll probably hew closer to the ROTJ side of the 30 year gap too.
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I wasn't impressed with the trailer, but yikes. Maybe it'll be a surprise hit. Can't say that I've liked what I have seen so far myself.
Isn't he working on Clone Wars revival now?

That probably started a while ago and it's one abbreviated season so it shouldn't have stopped him from doing work on a new show.
So a prospective next show would be an Ahsoka/Sabine show?
It'd probably feature them, without necessarily just being about them.
Thrawn and Ezra as well at some point. I suspect they are in the Unknown Regions and might make their way to the Chiss Ascendancy. Itd be cool to see Eli Vanto as well.
With the entire Seventh Fleet lost with them, and Captain Pellaeon's inclusion, I could see them having Thrawn return from the depths to threaten the New Republic in their own Dave Filoni version of the Heir to the Empire storyline.
I think he'd throw in with the New Republic in the new canon. The Chiss in the new canon want an ally. It was the Republic, then when it fell Thrawn hoped the Empire, without Palpatine, could be that ally. A year after ROTJ the Empire runs to the Unknown Regions and exists as nothing but a miniscule remnant of a military force. Its not a viable government ally for the Chiss, and building the Imperial military back up in the Unknown Regions and retaking control of galaxy from the New Republic would be a costly unnecessary venture when the Chiss could simply align with the New Republic.
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