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Resistance Star Wars Resistance Discussion Thread

Thrawn might not be Palpatine and Vader, but he's still fundamentally anti-democratic. He's spoken at length in both canon novels that he found the Old Republic to be inherently flawed and something like the Clone Wars to be an inevitability based on those flaws. It's why he flatly turned down Anakin and Padme's offer to come to Coruscant and set up an alliance with them back in the day, and it's why Vader was so quick to point out Thrawn's hypocrisy when he explained that the Chiss were on the verge of their own Civil War. Plus, you take into consideration that the New Republic were quick to turn to demilitarisation...they're not exactly the kind of allies Thrawn would want, if indeed the Chiss are even still around.
I didn't need the avatar to tell me who made it...

Wish those designs would show up in the movies. Getting what amounts to just X-wings and TIE fighters again has been disappointing.
Inside look at The Aces:

Donald Faison voicing the Rodian? That is awesome. The ship action is looking really, really cool.
Color me silly, but I bet if in the first taste they'd given us of the series, they'd used some of the footage from this version, albiet cut differently... reaction would be far less lukewarm than it has been.
I am definitely loving all the ship stuff. It looks to be a fun series. Though, I still wish they would get a bit more creative with FO fighters.
Hmm. It seems to be a good concept, but I'm just not really feeling the animation so far. Maybe I'm just too used to Clone Wars and Rebels and it will grow on me.

I am definitely loving all the ship stuff. It looks to be a fun series. Though, I still wish they would get a bit more creative with FO fighters.

As someone who grew up on the X-Wing book series, I do like that it's featuring ships fairly prominently. A lot of the new ones feel a bit average to me though. I'd love to see more developments of OT ships.

It looks like this show may do for the sequels what the Clone Wars did for the prequels; fill in a lot of the gaps and holes and make the movies themselves have more of an impact. Hopefully some of the characters will become great additions to the world, like Ahsoka, Rex or several of the Rebels crew.

Not gonna lie, I was hoping they would go for something set closer to the OT, maybe even a Rogue Squadron series :p
Also I spotted Kylo Ren's Force Awakens ship in that trailer. Hope we get to see him and Snoke. Itd be cool if they show up in Resistance like Vader and Sidious did in Rebels.
Give me some Knights of Ren.
The Knights probably aren't that interesting, honestly. Nothing indicating they're force users in TFA, still think they're more than likely just the criminal gang Ben fell in with as a youth, Snoke tolerated them as they're so small-fry and unthreatening. They really do just come off like Kylo groupies to me, sharing the Vader fanboy thing and dressing up in scary costumes, carrying blasters & regular non-force-y melee weapons.

So like...yeah, they're big & scary to regular space-peasants or whatever, Kylo with a saber and force tricks makes everyone assume they're all capable of that. It's a theatricality thing with nothing behind it. *Shrugs* Way it seemed to me from TFA, and JJ's comments about a backstory for them. Seems like they're probably from a time before Snoke really tightened the noose and started molding Ben into his tool.

EDIT: Heh, weird, typed "saber" ( er ) and the forum changed it to "sabre". Looks like it's on British-y spelling function or something.
Saw the premiere. It was fun. Really enjoying the ship stuff. And it has a fun mix of new and old alien races.

As for the Knights of Ren, as long as they are on par with Snoke's Praetorian Guard.
If they are Luke's former students, and I dont know why they wouldnt be, I'd hope they are at least on a typical Jedi's level. Those Praetori werent impressive at all in TLJ. I want the Knights to be Jedi Hunter Killers. Like attack dogs, and Kylo is their alpha. Even more cruel and viscous than Kylo. I hope everytime Snoke punished Kylo, Kylo turned around and punished his Knights even worse. Make them emotionally and physically mutilated and abused psychopaths. Only barely kept in check by Kylo.

That's my hope anyway. But I'm not sure Abrams or a kids show has the will to do that with them.
Not crazy about the art style or character designs so far, but I do think the animation at least is there. Like it's better animated than say Dragon Prince with that really choppy framerate.
Honestly, I would watch this just for Donald Faisons character :D
Watching the first episode now. I love that red tie fighter! Wish that had been the standard First Order tie design in the films.
I'm loving this show so far. The ship designs, the characters, the slick animation, the humor...its firing on all cylinders.
I'm loving this show so far. The ship designs, the characters, the slick animation, the humor...its firing on all cylinders.
Nice :up: I'm not even gonna try and watch this as it airs but whenever it finds it's way to streaming services I'm gonna check it out.
I think the show is fine. It's clearly aimed at a younger demo than Rebels, but that's OK. I think Freemakers is cool too.

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