Superman: Braniac Attacks Trailer

O dear God that voice Sucks so hardcore!!!! It may grow on me with time but O dear God. I want my original Braniac.
I did enjoy it.:) :up: :supes: So good to see that old Supes Animated Series look back, and Tim's voice back.

I love TAS.
I spit on this. Loosing Clancy Brown and Cory Burton and gaining Tim Daly is hardly a fair balance. And the lack of Timm influence is so apperant. Its MOTBW all over again.
That wasn't Clancy Brown? It went so quick I must not have caught it.
THAT STUNK!!! WHO WAS THAT BRIANIAC??????????????????? :down :down
why have they reverted back to the tas animation instead of using the more up to date JLU animation.
What in the holy ****ing hell!?!?!?!?!
Luthor and Brainiac's voices are such ****:( Brainiac's dialogue might work if...he had the original voice. Without it just ****
so is this before JL JLU or after? i would like to know where in the timeline it falls or if its just some movie that they put out that has no conection to eather.
i bet they made this before they ever started on LJ and released it just now. This is probably like 7 years old. It does look very very bad. This isnt gonna help bring back the DCAU at all..
What have they done??? Why does Braniac sound like that???


Ahhhh! My EYES! They BURN!!!


Ahhhh! My EARS! They BLEED!!!

I must watch Savage Time or Knight in Shadows again, IMMEDIATELY!!!
Wow Brainiac sounds like crap. Lex is ok for now.
Well that sucks.
i think i'll wait for this to hit youtube before i go anywhere near it....
Also, it's written by one of The Batman staff writers. I don't know.
Odin's Lapdog said:
i think i'll wait for this to hit youtube before i go anywhere near it....

Yeah, Id wait for Youtube, too.
That trailer was really cheesy & made me feel like I was five-years-old again being talked down to by an adult,lol.
But the movie will probably be alright.

I have never admitted this before but I don't actually like Superman all that much. I just seem to watch his movies & series more than any other superhero because it is everywhere. I know that all the basics for a superhero are taken from him but he seems dated, too stereotypical & the fact that he is so good & saves every one even the bad guys pisses me off some times. That is why I preffer Batman because he is not the perfect hero, he has flaws & it is just stupid when they try to make a perfect being such as Superman the same.

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