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    No worries!

    Thanks :)
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    Finishing up a Cap post, and might have Leonardo up tonight
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    I'm going to apologize for being absent for the last few weeks. I intended to finish my post before I went out of town on business, but I'm back now.
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    So, my apologies. I'm inspired to write by music, and in working to compile a playlist to help me with Phobos' mythology I inadvertently wound up coming up with concepts for 2 different characters. Which, is good indication that while I think Phobos was a good idea, it may not have been a great idea.

    Accordingly, the application for Alexander Aaron is withdrawn. If this concept is approved, the singular Phobos post will be replaced by one for this character.

    The ONE UNIVERSE RPG Application
    Primary Character:
    His Grace, Prince Mordred of Camelot // Mordred Pendragon

    List Of Essential NPC's (Vital To Your Story):
    Silent Knight (Brian Kent)
    Morgaine (Morgan Le Fey)
    Sofia Strange

    List Of Non-Essential NPC's (Open To Widespread Use And Play):
    Doctor Strange
    (Stephen Strange)
    Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood)
    Felix Faust
    Justice League Dark-affiliated characters in general

    Your Main Storyline's Premise:
    Inspired by Marvel's Fear Itself storyline and the Doctor Strange movie set in the Marvel cinematic universe, this take on Mordred borrows heavily from the wealth of literature and the historical literary debate surrounding the role of Mordred in Arthurian legend, with the obvious nod to the DC Animated Universe. Is Mordred the hero? Is Mordred the villain? Is Mordred just a victim of fate? It's true. All of it.

    To some, he is the rightful heir to Arthur's throne. To others, he is history's most magnificent bastard. And none now live who could claim to know the right by any of the deeds he may, or may not, have performed.

    A Plot: "The Mask and the Mirror"
    The Sorceress Morgaine has disappeared. Goswhit, the helmet of King Arthur, has been stolen from the British Museum. Across the globe, artifacts are being stolen, some reknown across the world and others so obscure as to escape notice. Returning to the mortal realm from Annwn, Mordred discovers a sinister plot behind a series of unfortunate events.

    Subplot B
    : "The Minstrel Boy"
    535 A.D. As page to Sir Brian of Kent, the Silent Knight, Mordred is present for the Battle of Mors Badonicus -- in which Arthur famously faced the Wessex Saxons at what is now Dorchester in England.

    Subplot C: "Splinter in the Mind's Eye"
    Whoever stole the helmet, the mirror, and the Sword of St. Peter had help. Someone able to walk through mindfields and re-shape perception to their will.

    Why Are You Applying For This Character?:
    As an undergrad, I killed a couple of electives by taking graduate level studies in Arthurian Literature and Comparative Literature (due to who was teaching them mainly). As a result, the diverse range of characters and material available within the legend of King Arthur is always in my mind. This concept takes the basic premise of the DC Animated Universe Mordred and connects it back to the historical Mordred, using the Gaelic folklore surrounding Annwn as the glue that binds it together.

    Please Provide A Short Sample Post Using Characters From Your Intended Storyline (At Least Two Paragraphs And A Single Line Of Dialogue):
    The interpreter was quite good.

    Daniel Palmer, a member of Britain's National Police Agency, and a native of North-West Wales -- the part of the country where the language had persisted the most. His conversational fluency rivaled that of Lady Gruffydd, which put the boy at ease for the fact that he was at least better understood.

    At the same time, he'd begun to study the variant of the Angles language that these people were speaking. And so just sitting back and listening to how they spoke was a learning experience for him. He wasn't quite ready to start attempting it, himself, as of yet. But it was interesting to listen to the way words were pronounced.

    "So tell me about the sword you were found carrying," the man named Rhys asked, through the interpreter.

    <"I'm not sure I know what you want me to tell,"> the boy answered, looking first at Daniel, and then over to Rhys as he spoke. <"It was my father's.">

    "Your father? King Arthur?" Rhys asked, his tone growing more belligerent, as though growing frustrated by the truth.

    This time, the boy ignored the interpreter and kept his eyes locked on the constable. He let a moment pass before he responded, <"Arthur, son of Uther, king of the Britons.">

    Rhys gave a grunt. "Yeah? And I suppose he ruled in Camelot, too, didn't he?" the man snapped back, acerbically.

    The boy's shoulders flexed, his posture elevated in the seat as the young prince found himself annoyed at the attitude being displayed. Before he could respond, however, the door to the room opened and the lady of red hair, who had been introduced to him as Gwyn, stepped just inside the doorway.


    It seemed a summons of a sort, as the two departed, leaving him in the company of Daniel the interpreter.

    As they left, Daniel leaned forward and said, <"You know, I'm not familiar with a town or castle called Camelot. Could you tell me where abouts it is?">

    His posture relaxing some, the tow-headed boy just looked at the man in somewhat disbelief. Not familiar? With Camelot?

    Had the world gone mad?

    <"Do you know Usk?"> the boy inquired finally.

    <"It's a town isn't it? In Newport by Caerleon?">

    Now it was Mordred's turn to look frustrated, and somewhat in disbelief. <"Caerleon?">

    From inside an observation room, the two detectives peered in on the conversation unfolding between Daniel and the boy who claimed to be Mordred Pendragon from behind a one-way mirror.

    "If it's his imagination, he knows the characters and story backwards and forwards," Gwyn noted solemnly.

    "If?" Rhys echoed, his mounting frustration more than apparent in the tone.

    Turning, the woman held out a portfolio for him to inspect. "Lab report on the sword," she prefaced, as he took the folder and started flipping through the documents within. "For some reason, they're having difficulty dating the sword. But they did find one thing... blood."

    Rhys immediately looked up.

    "Trace elements of blood on the blade. Indications of a rather substantial amount, actually. And that's only the start of it."

    "So drop the other shoe," Rhys demanded, slapping the folder shut in his hands.

    "They were able to carbon date the blood, and came up with fifteen hundred years..."

    "That's got to be an error."

    "They ran three different samples through two tests each, and came up with the same result each time," Gwyn stated. She'd expressed the same doubt when she'd heard the news. "And that's not all... the DNA they recovered from the samples was run comparatively to the oral swab we took when we ran Mordred through the missing children's database."

    Rhys tossed the folder down, crossing his arms across his chest in a clear statement that he neither believed, nor liked, where any of this was going.

    "The DNA is a close match," Gwyn stated flatly. "Lab believes it's his..."

    "...father," Rhys uttered, finishing the sentence for her. Uncrossing his arms, the man pulled his hand through his hair. "Look, Gwyn, I get that the lab results are what they are, but you can't tell me that kid is fifteen hundred years..."

    As he pointed to the boy visible through the one-way glass, the lights overhead suddenly flickered.

    And then a sound of illumination emerged from within the interview room. Rhys felt his jaw go slack as, beside him, Gwyn uttered.

    "Oh, my God..."

    <"No, it's East of Caergwent.">

    The man clearly had no idea about geography. Mordred had no idea what this Caerleon place even was, but there certainly hadn't been anyplace named that around Camelot. Yet, Daniel seemed to at least recognize all the other landmarks. Usk. Caergwent.

    <"It will be easier if I just show you,"> the child said finally, bringing his hands up to gesture and wave over the table top.

    Words had meaning.

    Words had power.

    The invocation of the word, and the will to invoke its imagery, came to life as a kind of palpable energy seemed to leap from the child's fingers. All throughout the building, the lights flickered, the surveillance cameras recorded only static, as technology was suddenly confronted with its complete opposite.


    Across the top of the table, a living diorama sprang into being. Trees. Forests. Rivers. miniature animals springing through the foliage as villages dotted a landscape, centered around a few motte-and-bailey castles.

    At the center of which was a castle with a large Roman amphitheater at its heart.

    <"Caergwent,"> the boy said, pointing to a motte-and-bailey fortification on the table's edge. Then, ran his finger along a river, until he stopped at a village. <"Usk">

    Then he pointed toward what history recorded as Isca Augusta.

    For Reference, Post A Picture Of How Your Character's Going To Look:
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    Mordred is APPROVED. Still waiting on a plot premise for Thor and a sample post for Supergirl to approve those.
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    Hey all. A bit behind on posting. Should have some stuff up this week tho
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    So this dried up (not that I helped... having not participated in well over a decade). Just throwing my name out there if ever there's interest to start up another run.

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