The Multiversers RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

Call me a woman, will you? :cmad:

You're lucky we're on the same team, you razzin' frazzin'.....
Or what? You'd take me out like you did in DC? ... or in UDC? ...
If I could give someone the evil eye 'til they died, you'd be in some serious trouble, mister! :cmad:
The mission is not active because trusty and I need to finish our preliminary posts for our respective characters. I already have mine planned out - it's just a matter of finding the time to write them.
I sincerely hope that the space-time continuum doesn't implode, but I wanted to get things moving. Superman is in position, so we're just waiting on trusty - correct?

My imagination has been distracted. Yesterday turned out WAY different than expected when I went out.
By the way, who made the Chosen and Agents banner? Obviously they have both changed, so I wanted to know who to send the picture I wanted to show as being my evil version of this Aquaman.
I'll have my last post later tonight so we can finally start this.
**** all of you, ********! I'm changing the ****ing thing already. :cmad:
It damn well better not be, this is the only RPG where I'm playing Green Lantern. Don't take that away from me! You're welcome to my child but NOT HAL JORDAN!!!!

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