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Mar 7, 2005
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This thread is for The Ultimates. Anything you want to talk about on this title, you can discuss it here.

I recently read The Ultimates (1) and I enjoyed it. Its pretty obivious that since I read this just now that Ultimate Avengers DTV made me and led me to the book.

I liked the story, the hollywood-like action, the characters. I can tell that there was something here in this book that the mainstream Avengers didn't and doesn't have. Maybe its the gritty parts, but I doubt it. I think its because that in the Ultimates, the superheroes are seen as celebrities just like the ones today. Which isn't what the Avengers in the mainstream are nor what they care about. This aspect is what I believe would happen. Imagine today; a real-life Superman doing things that are just his Golden Age counterpart or much like he is in the modern world (superpowers-wise). People would go nuts and treat him like he was Brad Pitt.

So I guess its your guys turn.

But I have a question: delays on Ultimates 2 (which I haven't read and kinda won't until the whole series is done) has lead me to ask Issue 13 which is said as "Part 7 out of 6". What happens in issue 12? Does it have a finale that an issue 13 may or may not be needed?
Isn't there already a thread for Ultimates? :confused:

Just sayin :o
Yeah, it's been so long since the last issue that the thread kinda just dissapeared.
just like the SumOfGod. *cue erie music*
Yea alot of threads have disappeared like the old Ultimates one as well as the official threads for Hulk and Cap.

Anyways,there's nothing really to say at this point.I've expressed all my feelings of awesomeness I have for this book all over the net.

I eagerly await the double sized #13,it's going to be quite a moment with Millar and Hitch leaving this badboy.

I really look forward to Loeb coming onboard,I've read most of his stuff with the exception of the Marvel "color" series,and I think the change in direction is much needed.Millar took the political aspects all the way to the end,and it would really be beating a deadhorse if the political aspects were continued.

Whatever Mark has lined up,he's promised it's completely different in tone from Ultimates and CW,which is a good thing.I just wish we wouldn't have to wait until 2009 for his jump to DC.
I'm anticipating Ultimates 3 and what members of the team are still around.
I've only been picking up the trade paperbacks and so far I've been blown away by the story. I like most of the titles in this Ultimate Universe, best of all The Ultimates and Ultimate Spider-Man. I hope they come out with The Ultimates 2 Vol 2 very soon.
Mehhhh, I'm tired of waiting so long between issues. I mean, past experience has told us that the wait is worth it, but still, I want to see Thor beat down on Loki.
Hopefully once Loeb picks it up it will become monthly, eventhough he is known to also have delays, but I think it's more the artist that creates the delays, so hopefully Joe Mad can keep up with the schedule, same goes for McGuiness on Vol 4, but I'm optimistic because atleast Joe Mad has had all these months of delays to ork on Vol 3.
Hell yea two of my Favorite artist's, hopefully they stay on schedule, cause I really dont wanna wait 3 years to see McGuiness draw the Ultimates.

Beast is returning soon in UXM 81, I hope he becomes an Ultimate, maybe not be Mad's run but hopefully by Ed's run. I would love to see Beast as an Ultimate. He wouldn't be the first mutant, since Wasp is a mutant in the Ult universe.
I can't wait for McGuiness on this. I keep forgetting he's following Mad.
I can't wait for the next issue to ship. Oh wait, I can.

Ultimate Beast an Ultimate?smm,you are quite a comedian...

But yea...I'm looking forward to the change in artists of Joe Mad and McG.
I didn't get The Ultimates 2 but let me ask: did #12 of TU2 have a type of ending that maybe you didn't need #13?
Not really. There was one loose end that still needed tying up, which the end set up to be done in #13.
anyone else notice that during ultimates vol 1(i think its volume 1) theres a shot of tonys satalite that houses his spec iron man suits?

they really need to get preview art out for the next issue,its beyond a joke now.
Wow I just reread Ultimate 12 Vol 2, what a good issue. Many people say the Ult Universe is supposed to be more poweful, but not for Quicksilver. I know 616 Quicksilver doesnt even have the same powers anymore, but when he did he wasn't nearly as fast as Ult Quicksilver. "Mach 5? Mach 10? I was hitting those numbers when I still had pimples". Boy did Abomination get torn to pieces, literally, and that was only the grey Hulk. Hopefully Abomination will regerate from that, I would hate to see Abomination dead already, Hurricane I can deal with, Quicksilver really schooled her.

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