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Alive and ****ing **** up. Constantly
at least there is that. its kind of nice to have two marvel universe continuities(spelling?)
The funny thing for me is, I'm a bigger fan of Ultimate Cap than 616 Cap.
The funny thing for me is, I'm a bigger fan of Ultimate Cap than 616 Cap.

I'm a fan of both versions.But Ultimate Cap's badassery is just too awesome for words.

And yes,ang hulk is thee saddest and most pathetic soul to ever grace the superhero hype boards.His posts above are testament.
Ultimate Cap is pretty much the worst parts of America rolled into a single being.
The funny thing for me is, I'm a bigger fan of Ultimate Cap than 616 Cap.
i only need ONE piece of evidence to support this opinion:

Newsarama said:
Q: Sweeps 02-19-2007 08:42 PM

So why once again the delay for Ultimates 2 #13? Didn't Bryan Hitch complete the pencils in December? And is there any particular reason why it is taking so long to get the inks done? I remember a once proposed January 31st release date, then bumped to March 21st, and now it's been bumped again to April 11th. If that date holds it'll be seven months between issues #12 and 13? Doesn't that seem kind of ridiculous to you? Does the delay have anything to do with the release and timing for Ultimates 3 #1?

JQ: Hey, Sweeps, I can’t publish a book I don’t have. I don’t know when Bryan announced that the book was finished, but we don’t have the entire thing in house. Bry and Paul Neary shuffle the pages amongst themselves (as they live close to each other) so it makes it very tough to know at what stage the book is at. Plus they do go back into the work in order to add those extra little details that everyone loves. My understanding is that at this point we’ve seen a good portion of the inks done and coloring has begun, but we don’t have it all and we don’t have a cover for the issue yet as well. So, the truth of the matter is that it’s really a question that you need to ask Bryan as he probably has a better idea of where everything is than we do.

Updated info.

Chef Smash?:p:D
Did captain carol danvers survive ultimate secret/galactus? If so Mabey theres still a chance for an ultimate ms marvel.It be cool if she go ahold of some kree tech.

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