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    The "Amalgam Universe" RPG


    This RPG is similar to alomost all others on S.H.H. exept in this continuity based off of the principle of Amalgamation. Two characters from different universes fused together as one!

    Gamemaster: Olcanucklehead
    AGM: Batman
    AGM: Victor Creed

    Volunteers for Gamemasters and Mods are now being accepted at this time.


    *Rules marked in red are those ment to help you understand the premis more easily.

    -You may choose any character from Amalgam Comics or a mixture of any two characters, one being from each universe(Marvel & DC).

    -Many players may want to merge one character with another but one of those choices may have already been used to make a previous character, this will be acceptable as long as they do not have the same name, origon, background, or character fusion.(i.e. Darkclaw was a combination of Wolverine and Batman yet Bruce Wayne still existed and was the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

    -Your character, if self made, can not be an amalgamation of two characters already combined by the comics, or another player.

    -All characters can interact with each other.

    -Characters from alternate time lines are allowed but must be approved.

    -No Killing. Unnamed, faceless NPC's may be killed, but not major characters,or taken characters. Someone else may want to take up the character, or they may be important to another story.

    -You can go anywhere within the galaxy, certain rules may be put in place for planets that have already been long destroyed, such events will be detremined by players posts.

    -You are your character, so act like it. Talk like them, use their dialouge. Do not exaggerate your powers, or pop-up here and there without explanation. BE Your character.

    -Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters.

    -You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post without prior notice, your character is up for grabs.

    -Be serious, no slander, or impractical actions from your character. Example, I found a crystal and now I own the world! You're all my slaves!

    -And of course, all regular rules of the Hype apply.

    -Have fun.

    Be anyone you want to be!

    To apply for a character,please fill out the application below and post it HERE.

    The "Amalgam Universe" RPG SIGN-UP FORM

    Screen Name:

    Character you would like to play and a brief description of his/her powers and Bio:

    Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




    What can you bring to this game?

    How many times do you intend on posting a day IN the RPG:

    Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:

    * For a complete roster of characters see the OOC Thread. *
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    **Lenny's Bar, New Gotham**

    I come here night after night, waiting, watching, listening to the beat of the underground. The heart of chaos and misery in this city is right here, in this bar. The lowlives, and scoundrels, the criminals and the psychos, they all come here to brag about what they've done, who they've done it to, and when they'll do it next. They call me Patch, Patch Malone, they think I'm one of them, hell I've even come up with fake stories of my own. Far as they know, I'm a good for nothin small time crook, I pull bankheists and rob little old lady's TV sets............if they only new. I come here lookin for the ones that the law wont stop, that will keep hurting people until some one does. I look at them all the same way, I dont see their faces, I don't see any individuality, no I look at them and all I see is the guy who killed my parents, doesn't matter that I can't even remember what he looks like I still see him in their eyes. Two shots in the dark, a womans scream, my mother's scream, and in the darkness a terrible smile, and eyes that almost seemed to glow. I just can't help but see it every time I look at these sickos, hell in some ways I'm just waitin for him, hopin that one day he'll walk in and I get to spill his guts all over the floor, but would I do it? I used to kill, I was trained to kill, Weapon X set me up with all the weapons I would ever need, an adimantium skeleton, and my only six friends in the world, but then I was discharged. They told me I was unfit for the military when I refused to asasinate a president I had never even heard of in some third world country, but that didn't stop em' from sendin another agent in my place. Quinn was sent in my instead a' me, he was the only other agent ever to go threw the adimantium bonding process, his Codename was Hyena. The government realized they had made a mistake when Quinn not only took out his target, but also every other member of his family, and 68 civilians near by. He was given a dishonerable discharge and thrown out to the street, the government tried to erase him completly from their files, they didn't want to be linked to someone that was criminaly insane. So now Quinn has a body full a' adimantium, and the urge to kill just about anything that moves. He's sadistic as hell to, I remember runnin missions with him, and he almost seemed to enjoy killin, he would laugh hystericaly as he shot down soilders in the philipeans, then he'd even pick up there corpses and put on some sick sort of pupet show for the squad. Now if all of that wasn't bad enough there's one thing I left out, the two of us, were whats known as metamutants, people who for whatever reason are changed from regualr human beings to superpowered freaks. Some people say its radiation, other say it was drugs developed by the government, I even heard one guy goin on about it just being the next step in human evolution, whatever it is we got it, and Quinn is the one person you wouldn't want havin superpowers. Ya see the both of us have whats known as a healin factor. No matter what happens to us, no matter how fatal a wound, we heal up within a few hours or even minutes, which makes us virtualy un-killable. After I was discharged I started thinkin about what I was gona do with the rest of my life, my parents had left me their company after they died, but I was never a buisness man so thats why I joined the army and left it up to my uncle to run it. He was the only family I had left when they died, he took me in and raised me like a son, but one day I got a call, my uncle had been gunned down by a fella who tried to rob a bank. My uncle was the only one there who even tried to stop him, he died for being the only one who tried to do the right thing. That fulled my rage even further, whenever I was in battle I would kill off every oponent just thinking about my family being taken from me, but when I was discharged I started to rethink my life. I sat for hours just thinking about my uncle, what he did or tried to do. He knew the risk, he knew that he might die but he did it anyway. Thats when I realized that maybe doing the right thing is worth dieing for, and for someone that ya can't kill it should be a reponsibilty. So now I hunt them, the dark creatures of the night, as one of them, the darkest of them all. My claws now surve another purpose, instead of killing, they protect. So when I find one of these scum bags braging about who, when, and what their gona do next, I follow them, then I wait for that perfect moment, and thats when I come out of the darkness, claws at the ready, and every criminal and licebag in this city, my city, will all fear the name of..............................DARKCLAW!

    One a these guys has been goin on about killin his ex-wife for about twenty minutes now. He's been flashin his gun, and even showin off the exact bullet he wants to use. Half of the ********s have been cheerin him on either say they wish they had knocked off their ex's, or tellin him how they HAD! While there aint to much I can do about these other *******s, I can follow this guy. I walk ou the door before while he finishes his drinks, and once he's had enough he comes stumblin out. He walks right past me and up to his car, drops his keys in a drunkin stooper, I can't let him drive in this condition, he might wind up hurtin someone else, so I toss a knife into his wheel while he's busy fishin for his keys. When he stands up he starts cussin up a storm and kickin his car. After his temper tantrums over he shoves his hands in his pockets and starts walkin, guess his house aint to far away. I duck around the corner and change into my "work clothes". He hasn't gotten to far, I can still smell him near by, another gift curtasy of my metamutant powers. I crawl up the side of the ally wall with my claws and hop on the roof. I follow this guys scent, jumping roof top to roof top. Finaly he stops dead in his tracks, I can smell fear all over him. He's home, and he's pulling his gun outa his jacket pocket, he rings for his apartment and I hear him ask his his wife to come downstairs. She says, "I'll be right down, I just hot the kids to sleep.", Oh god, its worse than I thought. Guys still hldin his gun, I wana jump down and just take him out now, but if I do that his wife never finds out what he was planin, and chances are this guy never goes to jail, which means he's free to try again, I can't let that happen. I wait a minute, the door opens, woman steps out, he pulls the gun up to her face and says,

    "I'm sorry....."

    Before he can pull the trigger I toss one of my "throwing claws" into his finger, cutting it off causing him to lose grip on the gun. I have a rope already attached to the building, I swing down and kick the guy in the stomach, wich knocks him down hard. While he's screamin about his finger, I walk up behind him and grab him by the colar. I lift him into the air and say,

    "Boy did you pick the wrong night bub!"

    I toss him face first into a near by car, busting his nose open. I look at his wife,

    "Call the cops ma'am."

    She looks back at me and responds with something I realy didn't expect,

    "You'r not gona hurt him are ya?"

    Like that should be her main concern! The guy just stuck a gun in her face, and she's gona worry about his wellbeing!

    "No......No I aint gona hurt him, I figure I'll let the guys in Arkahm penitentiary do that, after you get the cops here to arrest his ass!"

    "........o-Ok, are you?"

    ".........just a friend. Go!"

    She runs back inside, hopefully to get the cops on their way. I pick the guy up by the scruff of his neck and.......


    He must have had another gun hiden away, cuz he shot me right through the shoulder, of course it doesn't phase me bit. I've had worse injures than a bullet to the shoulder. I start laughin at the guy, and tilt my head downwards so all he sees are the fangs on my mask smilin at him.

    "W-w-What are Y-you!?"

    I pop my claws and shred his gun, grab him with my left hand holding those claws close to his neck, and the others in front of his eyes,

    "I'm DARKCLAW!"

    "Please don't kill me man, please man, I'm sorry, I'm sorry......I, I, I dont realy wana hurt anyone, I'm sorry please dont kill me!"

    "I'm not going to kill you, your job is to tell all the boys in Arkahm about me! Tell every one of those psychos thats planin somethin as stupid as you were, that I'm out here, that New Gotham is MY town, and I aint ever leavin! Tell them that I'll find every one of em' and make what I did to you look like a picknick! YOU GOT THAT BUB?!!

    "Ya, ya, ya, I'm sorry.....your not gona kill me, you swear?"

    "I'm not gona kill ya, but that don't mean ya get off easy!"

    I shove my claws deep into his thigh, so they peirce through all the way out to the other side. He lets out a scream and passes out. I grab the rope I used to swing down and tug it free. I them wrap it around his legs and pin his arms to his sides, no way he's gettin out! I toss the end of the rope around a near by lamp post and pull him to the top, tying the rope around it tight. I hear sirens comin round the corner, time to spilt. I use that same little trick with my claws to scale the wall, the cops arrive right as I reach the top. They shine their spotlights up at me and start demanding that I freeze. I rush to the back of the building and open my cape. The memory cloth from Wayne/Howlett enterprises allows me to glide for about a good two thousand feet before I start to decline. I manage to take myself almost all they way to my bike behind Lenny's bar. I land and roll, springing onto my feet, hurling through the air, and landing on my bike. I start up the engine, and head for home. Wayne manor, the estate left behind by my parents, I come in the back way, hoping not to wake up Charles. I pull into the garage and start to park my bike when all of asudden the light switches on, on instict I pop my claws.

    "Master Wayne, if you insist on sneaking in at night, fanatasizing that in some way I am sleeping, could you perhaps use a vehicle that has a slightly lowered decible level."

    Charles Pennyworth, my personal shofer, buttler, cook, and most trusted friend. He was the only person , exept for my Uncle, who was there for me after the death of my parents. He has been with me all my life, he even moved to Canada with me when I had to move in with my uncle and leave New Gotham. He's never left my side, when I went into the army he stayed at my Uncles house preparing everything for my return when I would get off on leave, and when I was discharged and I told him my plans for being a costumed vigilanty, he could'nt have been more supportive if he tried. He tells me all the time about how proud my father would have been. He's the only person I trust.

    "Sorry Chuck, I'll take the bus next time."

    "Indeed, I take it tonights activitys went well?"

    "You could say that."

    "Your outfit seems in need of mending, I'll have it repaired by the morning."

    "You aint gota do that Chuck."

    "It WILL be repaired by the morning. Now you should get some sleep Master Wayne, you have a meeting with the Wayne/Howlett board tommorow. Perhaps I can offer you some warm milk and toast?"

    "How bout a stogie and a brew?"

    "Right away sir."

    I take off my cape, cowl, shirt and gloves, handing them to Charles, then I make my way up to my room. This place is huge, never realy been my style to have a house this big but it was my parent's and I have so many memories here, I just couldn't leave it behind. It also has giant caves and buroughs runnin through it underneath. Should give me plenty of space for the projects I have in mind. I already got a butt load of tech from the company, my cape, some military speacial projects from our defence contracts, and enough supercomputers to blow Bill Gates away, but I have some ideas of my own, bigger things that wont fit in my belt or in the livin room. Once in my room turn on my TV and start doin pushups. The local news comes on sayin they have a speacial report, I sit up and listen closey.

    <We come to you tonight with breaking news! In east New Gotham tonight, there has been another sighting of the mysterious figure known only as "Darkclaw". The police were called by Mary Ann Webster, a local resident, who reported that upon her husbands arrival he pulled a gun on her in an attempt to end her life. The man was disarmed and brutaly mauled by someone who the woman desribed as being a "a large vicious looking man with fangs and claws". The woman reportedly asked the man his name and his only respone was, "I'm just a freind". Upon police arrival the man had scaled the top of the apartment building and police camera's were able to catch a slight glimps of the man before he fled the crime see. (shows unfocused picture) The woman's husband, thirty two year old Brian Webster, was arrested at the scene on charges of spousal abuse, disturbance of the peace, and two unpermited weapons charges. If Mr. Webster is convicted it will be the tenth conviction of which "Darkclaw" will be responsible for.>

    Guess I'm becoming a popular guy. I guess in a way thats what I wanted, to be well known, so that way every time on of these punks thinks about comiting a crime they have to look over their shoulder for me, should put an end to alot of it. Charles walks in holdin my brew and stogie on at tray.

    "Here you are sir, your Canadian special lager, and a fine Cuban cigar."

    "Thanks Chuck, but I would have settled for a cheap Gacia & Vega, but I apreciate it, ESPECIALY the Canadian brew.

    "Your most welcome sir. I see Darkclaw has monopolized the nightly news."

    "What can I say, good television."

    "Indeed, try to get some rest sir, you do have a rather large day ahead of you."

    "Sure thing Chuck. Night."

    "Good night to you Master Wayne."

    "Cant you ever call me Logan?"

    "Fine, good night Master Logan."

    "You.........never mind. Master Wayne is fine, has a better ring to it."

    "Good night sir."

    I chug down my beer, smoke up my cigar and crawl in bed. Soon enough I'm asleep and dreamin the same dream I have every night. My parents death flashes through my head. Two shots, the smile, the eyes, my parents falling to the ground, and a voice.........

    "You ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
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    I wake up in a cold sweat. Its mornin, the suns out and I gota get ready. I wipe the sweat from my brow, take a quik shower, and toss on a suit. I hate suits, if it were up to me I'd burn every one I owned, but its like Chuck's been tellin me, I need to keep up apearences if I dont want anyone sniffin around and figurin out who Darkclaw realy is. I head downstairs, Chuck's already fixed breakfast, I scarf it down and we head out to the garage and get into the Rolls Royse. About fifteen minutes later we're at Wayne/Howlett enterprises. I enter the building, Chuck stays behind and keeps the car ready, I'm gona try and make this meeting as quik as possible. I take the elevator up to the 60th floor, and walk up to the pretty secretary sitting at her desk.

    "Why hello darlin, how are you doin today?"

    "OH! Mr. Wayne! I get you anything, soda, coffe, anything at all?"

    "Anything at all?"

    She gigles softly behind her desk. Right then I'm greeted by Hank Fox, leader of Wayne/Howlett's technology devision, he's the only reason I have half of the gadgets that I do.

    "Logan, how are you doing today?"

    "Good, good, how bout you big man? You still comin up with genious inventions down there in the tech department?"

    "ABSOLUTELY! I have new ideas all the time, but rarely the funding to see them though."

    "Well consider yourself funded, how much do ya need?"


    "How much do ya need, ya know for whatever your doin down there?"

    "Um......I mean, this is certainly unexpected, but......I suppose it would cost somewhere close to six million dollars to fund everything I have at the moment, but you don't......"

    "Don't say another word, its done."

    "Why......why thank you! Thank you VERY much. Thats very generous of you."

    "Just remember me when ya win the Noble Prize."

    We are then interupted by the office doors opening and Mr. Earle Trask greeting us with his normal happy self,

    "Where have you been? The meeting started fifteen minutes ago. Please Mr. Wayne, we would like to conclude our affairs promptly, not all of us can afford your luxeries."

    "Nice to see you too Earle."

    I walk inside and take a seat at the head of the table. Now I don't in any way run this company, when my Uncle died, eveything bit of power I had given to him was divided amoung his chairmen. During there time in charge they took the company public, and now everything is based off of stock shares. Luckily for me I was left a rather large inheratence, I bought my way back into a seat of power with a 5% stock holder share, cost me about 200 million dollars. Usualy I just let the stiffs handle everything, staying out of their buisness affairs, unless of course its something of a rather important nature. Otherwise, the public just veiws me as Logan Wayne, playboy with a never ending stack of his parents cash. I look around to see all of the companies big wigs lined up on each side of the desk, and very unexpectedly a few U.S. military generals sitting in what are usualy empty seats. Now Trask starts to open his mouth,

    "Ladies and gentleman, members of the board, you have all been called here today to discuss the futer. The futer of our company, and our country can be decided today, in this very room."

    What is this guy goin on about?

    "We are facing a new era, one in wich we will be faced with new dangers, the likes of wich this world has never seen. There is a growing threat within our own poulation, and the U.S. department of homeland security is concerned greatly with it. The problem of wich I speak is the growing threat............of METAMUTANTS!

    If it was possible for my jaw to hit the floor it would have.

    "The government has designed a way to control these individuals, a way of arresting them, and seperating them from the general public, but they need a company with the technological advances only Wayne/Howlett can offer."

    Thats it, I aint keepin my mouth shut any longer!

    "And why would Wayne/Howlett suport bigated ideals? How can you sit there and call these metamutants a problem, as if they were an infestation of rats, have you forgotten your talking about people here?"

    'No Mr. Wayne, people, ordianry people can not shoot lightning from there hands, ordinary people can not breath fire, and ordinary people can not control metal with their mind! These metamutants are....are......FREAKS! And they are a danger to us all, the President and the department of homeland security understand this, why dont you?"

    "Just because some idiot Texan has it in his mind that KILLING innocent people is a good idea, doesn't mean that I should agree in any way!"

    "We're not talking about KILLING Logan, we're just talking about building something to round them up, to study them, understand them."

    "You have got to be kidding me! Study them? Understand them? you know what your problem is, you fear what you don't understand! What exactly were you planing on building anyway."

    "I'm glad you asked Logan."
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    I emerged out of this...thing...that has heeled me in for so long...kept me from the outside. I wake up to see myself in an armor of some sort. This keeps me alive...but yet its a curse to me.

    I contuinue walking down the street trying to find my house which i fantly remember. I get there to find a huge mansion.

    NOW I REMEMBER, Ima a millionaire! But i was doing something...working on a...flight...something with flight...A SIMULATOR! IT was attracted a...a...wreak...with...aliens.

    Its all coming back now

    Thats where i got this armor. I landed near the crash and was close to death. This came together to keep me alive...powered by a battery, of alien technology, it game me some sort of powers that could be vertualy unbeatable...but I fight for good...justice...I'm Hal Stark...I AM THE IRON LANTER.

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    "Colonel Wayne? Please forgive me I--"

    "Save it for someone who actually has time to hear it Grayson, this is the third time this week. Your lateness is inexcusable, you know what day it is today and we've been planning it for days. Yet you're still on your hide, while everybody else has been ready since early this morning. Report to my office immediately for your mission observation, and try to make it quick."

    "Sir yes sir."

    The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier has been my home for years, especially after my parents death during my days in the circus. I used to be the man on the moon, and hell I probably still am. It's just been different these past few years, but Colonel Wayne saw potential in me. And gave me the best training I could have and supplied the best arsenal of weapons, to make me what I am today. Moonwing.

    Today, I'm being sent to New York City where the Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker aka Baron Zemo is thwarting to unleash one deadly virus that could wipe out the entire city along with everyone stationed there.

    "Time to suit up."

    I grab my suit and quickly put it on, I'm wasting to much time again! I grab my toys and attach them to my belt, next I strap on the cape. I'm keeping my mask and hood off until I'm done being told what exactly I'm doing.

    I reach for my com link, and notify Bruce that I'm on my way.

    "Coming now sir, mind if I nab something to eat first?"

    I run down the long hall way where all the computers you could only imagine are, about two more halls down is where I go for my morning grub. I grab whatever I could find, and run to the office of the Colonel.

    "I'm losing my patience with you Dick, now take a seat while I explain your mission objective."

    I pull out the chair next to me, and do exactly what I was told.

    "As you know, Zemo has been planning to realease this toxin of his for months. Our S.H.I.E.LD. operatives only found out about it three months AFTER he had actually begun planning the whole damn thing, he's based somewhere around the NYC territory where he's gaining access to all the nuclear weaponry in order make this little plan of his work. Your mission is to find the location of this hideout of his, and stop him from harming the people of New York. If you don't, the damage that could be done to the city will be on our shoulders. You're one of the best agents we've got Grayson, even if you aren't here 90 percent of the time. I trust you'll use everything you've been given to stop Zemo."

    "Sir with all do respect, do you really expect me to go in on this alone? I mean, I know I've faced bigger threats before, but me trying to stop one man from letting a devasting virus destroy the Big Apple seems rather doubtful. Think about the men he could be carrying with him, they'd probably twice my size."

    "Now you're thinking Grayson, thats why I've taken the liberty of asigning The Black Bat to assist you on this one."


    "Yes, Barbara Gordon. You two have alot of history from what I hear, I think you two would work great together, especially on a mission like this one."

    I was speechless for a couple minutes, gathering my thoughts on what exactly just happend. I wanted a parter for this job, but I didn't expect it to be....Barbara. The last time we worked together, we didn't leave things on such a good note...

    "Your plane will be leaving in an hour, so I suggest you get yourself ready and put on the mask of yours. Ms. Gordon will meet you on the lauch pad, make sure you don't keep HER waiting."

    "Sir yes sir!"

    I walked up from the chair and placed it in, I then walked out of the office and made my way to the launch pad. Once there, I pulled on my mask and grabbed one of the jet packs beside me so that when we reach our destination, we could have a stealthly landing. I walked closer to the plane, and I see a woman standing on the edge of the pad with auburn hair. There she was, she hardly changed since the last time we saw eachother.

    "It's good to see you again, Barbara."

    This, is going to be some trip...

  6. Noon cephalopoda

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    Themyscira; until now it has been my home, a wonderful paradise like home....but since it was discovered that I was also a metamutant I've felt, I don't know, just out of place.

    My mother, Queen Hippolyta, of course does not treat me any differently, nor do an others, but I feel sometimes their eyes upon me, curious or suspicious, it's hard to say. I do know that many believe my defeat of my sister was unfair as I used my powers.

    We Amazons have power anyway; most notably strength, flight, and indestructible silver bracelets. However I also have my metamutant power: weather manipulation. This allows me to create or dissipate any type of weather phenomenon, as well as making me very aware of the state of the atmosphere around me.

    This awareness means that I can feel the expanse of the atmosphere that spreads so much further than our little island, I know how big the world is and my curiosity pains me.

    For these reasons I know I must leave Themyscira, and these are the reasons that I now pack my few possessions to sneak away from my beloved home.

    The slight swoosh of my flight is the only sound in the cool tropical night. I approach the shore and turn to take one last look at the beautiful land with the moon shining down on it. Suddenly a loving voice startles me.

    "Ororo, what are you doing?"

    "Mother, I did not plan on seeing you before I left...and do not try to dissuade me, I have thought about it long and hard and I have made my decision."

    "I know, dear, you always were a stubborn one. Promise me you will be careful, my daughter, the outside world is very different from our home, there are many dangers you do not know of out there."

    "Do not worry about me mother, for who could pose a danger to an Amazon like me" I smile at her and form a little ball of electricity in my hand, then snap my hand shut, cutting out the electricity.

    I walk forward and embrace my mother for what be the last time on the fair sands of Themyscira, kissing her fondly on the cheek.

    "Farewell, mother." I turn and take to the skies, soaring above the endless waves of Poseidon's abyss to my unknowable destination.
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    Great, I cant wait to see this. Trask pulls down a drape from a near by cue card stand. On it is a drawing of what looks like a robot.

    "The government is calling them.......Sentinels. They are the new stage of robotics and artificial intelegence. Once infused with Wayne/Howlett pattented technology, they will be able to read the very genetic code of any person on the planet."

    "Are you kidding me here? This takes invasion of privacy to a whole ne level!"

    "It is for the good of the country, and it is aproved under the U.S. Patriot act! It has a presidential decleartion on aceptance."

    "I will not let this company be resonsible for something as ignorant as this!"

    "Well thats not realy within your control now is it?"

    He's right. I only control 5% of Wayne/Howlett stock. It aint gona be up to me.

    "Well then I guess we're gona have to take a vote then huh?"

    "I dont understand why, I think everyone here is patriotic to their country!"

    "I said, we ARE going to take a vote Trask, so sit down, shut up, and hold the **** on!"

    Obviouly I made my point, cuz the idiot sits dumb ass down into his twelve hundred dollar chair. I look around at the board members, I count eighteen including my self, someones missing, but before I can figure out who Trask opens his yap again.

    "S-so......Lets begin. All in favor, say aye."


    Nine people.

    "All oposed, say Nay."


    Eight people, wait who didn't.....Hank Fox begings to stand.

    "I most adimantly vote NAY! To invade privacy, to harm inocent civilians, that is most certainly NOT what this company, or this country is about, and I for one will die before I ever see that kind of ruination!"

    Alright! Good........but that still puts us in a tie. Whos missing..........OSBORN! Harvey Osborn!

    "We're one vote short! Osborns not here."

    Right as I say it the doors open, and in walks Harvey. Hes always so cool, so calm and colected, hardly ever cracks a joke, just so damn serious all the time, but hes a good guy, I known him for years.

    "Mr. Osborn! I'm glad you could grace us with your presence! As it turns out you are the decideing Vote on an issue that will MAKE or BREAK our company!"

    "Realy? Well by all means I will do whatever is necisary to insure the future of our company."

    "The current issue is that..."

    Harvey interupts him,

    "Spare me, I don't need to know what the issue is, just tell me wich side Mr. Wayne stands on?"

    ".......but you realy should..."

    "Listen baby, I don't have time right now, just tell me, Logan, which side you sittin on in this debacle?"

    "The Nays."

    "Good! Thats settled I'm a Nay!"

    Man did that put a smile on Trasks face! Hehe, he realy pissed him of good, but maybe the final straw was when he leaned over to the intercom and said,

    "Ma'am could I get a Coffe and a little choclate donught?"

    <"Comin right up sir!">

    Its like he didn't even care about the issue, he just put all his trust in me. He is a good guy, little strange sometimes, but a good guy.

    "FINE! If this will not be taken seriously........I QUIT! I have had offers from the people at Magnus corp. for weeks now! I simply chose to stay here because I thought Wayne/Howlett would want to protect America! I see thats t the case! your just a bunch of children, runningaround on you dead parents fortune like MR. WAYNE!"


    "FINE! And perhaps the government can actualy be assited my someone who cares about protecting NORMAL people!"

    "GET OUT!"

    I get so angry i nearly pop my claws. The edge of one pokes through my hand and a single drop streams down my hand and hits the table. Trask leaves the room with his Army stiffs, and I sit back down in my chair.

    "Take it easy L.W., don't let that guy get under your skin!"

    "I just......You know I don't like it when ANYONE talk about my parents."

    "I know but dont worry, shake it off. Ya know I always got ya back."

    "Ya, so it seems."

    "Logan, you are the only part of your parents thats alive in this company, and so there for, I trust you above all else here. Capeesh?"

    "Ya, ya. Well it was good to see ya again, but I gota go."

    "Were to?"

    "Oh ya know, just some N.G. hot spots. take on the town ya know."

    "Sounds like fun, just don't get into any trouble, I'd hate to have to become a lawyer again just to bail yo ass outa jail."

    "Hehe, I'll try and make sure the cops don't see me."

    "Good man. Don't party to hard, try to take some time to relax, ya look stresses. I'll see ya tommara."

    "Got ya."
  8. Watchman Adios, Cowboy

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    Your laying down on a comfortable cold steel table with a bunch of scientists picking and poking at you the next thing you know your in New Gotham Park watching over abunch of party goers. A man in a suit walks over to the video camera and begins to speak.

    "Welcome one and all to New Gotham in the Park!" the mayor said. The person jumped down from the tree and begins to waltz on over to the mirror. "For this year's I help you" The man wearing the red jump suit and mask staring right at him. He pulls out a giant six shooter and points it at the mayor's head. A cop pulls out his gun and blows a hole through the man's head. The person falls down dead and everyone is relieved.

    "Hehehe HAHAHAHAHA" the man gets back up and stares back at the cop. "HAHAHAHAHA" he rips off his mask and there is a scarred bleached white skin "Now let me show you mine" he takes out an uzi and sprays the cop "HAHAHAHAHAHA....Now if you excuse me mayor I have to send out a message to an old friend" he takes out a sword and starts swinging at random people.

    "I'm singing in the rain Just singing in the rain What a glorious feelin' I'm happy again I'm laughing at clouds hhahhahhhahhah that just should be enough" he started pulling the bodies and lining them up. After they were finished it read HELLO DARKCLAW. "Now mayor were going to wait right here for are friend hahahahaha"
  9. Logan Howlett Registered

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    Its been a long day, and I've only been up for two hours. I take the elevator back down to the lobby, once there I pass a few employes, tell them how good a job their doing, and walk outside. Charles is waiting right out the front doors, not to my suprise, but......somethings wrong, I can smell it.


    "We should leave imediately Mr. Wayne."

    "Why? Whats going on?"

    "Here is not the place to discuss it, its a matter that concerners your OTHER daily activities sir."

    ".....Right, ok lets go."

    He opens my door and I climb inside the back seat. He imediately starts tinting the windows so no one can see in.

    "So whats wrong?"

    "I think you should have a look at this Mr. Wayne."

    He remotely turns on a television in the headrest in front of me. I see a man in a red and black unitard holding a sword and covered with military grade weaponry, bodies strown around him. The Camera zooms out, the bodies have been aranged to spell somthn.........."Hello Darkclaw!"

    "DAMN! Alright, lets head home so I can get my equipment, but make it FAST!"

    "No need sir."


    "I took the liberty sir."

    "Always thinkin ahead with that big brain a yours, sometimes I would swear that your psychic!"

    " I just do what I can Mr. Wayne."

    He says this as he hands me my suit. He actualy went and repaired the bullet holes, not that it matters, I'm sure I'll be picking up a few more. I rush to put on the suit, the top, the pants, the gauntlets and gloves, the boots, and of course the good ol' utility belt. Nothin that a little bit a prep time, and five pounds of C4 cant kill! Always come prepared. Lastly I slip the mask over my face, and look into the mirror. I embody ever part of fear now, a fear I once had, I fear that my enemys will share.

    "So where is this Whacko?"

    "This whacko sir, is in New Gotham park. I believe the were having some sort of festivel today."

    "Oh my God........Women and children.....familys.......parents and loved ones."

    Images of my family flash in my mind, an anger starts to grow inside o' me.

    "Master Wayne, now would be a fine time for that control we have talked about. Concentrate, don't let you emotions control you."

    "Y.....yur right Chuck. Ok pull over behind this building."

    He pulls the car over and I spring out the door.

    "Don't wait up Chuck."

    "I always do Master Wayne........Oh and Master Wayne?"


    "You know I have never viewed violence as solution for the worlds problems but.......kick his arse."

    "You got it Chuck!"

    " them.......Darkclaw."

    I rush away from the car, hrurling a high tension line into a tall tree in the park, this alows me to gain more momentum and swing right into the middle of this carnage. I land only a few feet from the guy on TV. His face is pale white, his lips are ruby red, and he looks disfigured or deformed somehow, like he was brunt to a crisp, or acid ate away at his flesh, whatever it is it aint half as bad as what I'M gona do to him! I look at him in his pale yellow eyes and say,

    "Listen pal, I don't know who or what you are, but I'm about to find out if your insides are as ugly as your outsides! So how do ya know my name? You watch alot of TV? We'll if you were aimin to grab my attenion, you got it! Any last words......bub?"
  10. Noon cephalopoda

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    After what seems like endless ocean, my heart leaps when I see land on the horizon. It speeds toward me and in what seems like a few seconds I am standing on a new shore. Empty sand stretches out for miles and I wonder if I have landed on a deserted continent. These thoughts are dispelled when I hear voices approaching from the tree line that marks the end of the beach. Two young males appear, tanned and wearing shorts, they have large oval shaped pieces of wood under their arms. I have never seen a male before, only in pictures, but I have heard stories. I do not wish to interact with them, but they are the only people I have seen so far.

    "Miguel, what do you think you are doing asking out Sara, I told you I liked her."

    "You said you weren't gonna make a move, what did you expect me to do? Can we talk about this later, man, I can't surf on a bad vibe"

    They do not seem to notice me so I walk toward them and speak.

    "Hail strangers, I am Princess Ororo of Themyscira, where might I converse with your Mistress?"

    They look at each other in apparent confusion.

    "Hey lady, this aint no tourist beach, you want to head up that-a-way for about eight miles"

    "Who is this Princess Crazy?" The young male whispers to his friend.

    "I dunno, tourist....Like I said lady, you wanna go about eight miles, that direction" He points north along the beach.

    "You are strange and insulting, but I shall follow your advice.If you attempt to deceive me though, be warned your fate shall not be pleasant."

    "Crazy tourists"

    I take to the air and speed off, leaving the young men gaping and shouting obscenities behind me.

    As I speed across the land the ground becomes less sparsely populated, I notice more buildings and people, and some kind of roaring transport that gasps out fumes into the air. I do not stop yet, I feel I need to find a some leader to introduce myself to, surely she will be civil in some way. I head inland, passing over many cities. I doubt many notice me as I fly fairly high and at some speed. Occasionally I spot a flying machine similar to the ground transport, I stay well clear of them. As I move further North and inland the cities become larger, until a large cloud of smog appears before me. Has one of the cities had some kind of terrible fire? if so I must go and assist. I fly in closer, the massive structures of the city teetering at such great hight. I can see no sign of disaster, but many roaring vehicles pumping smoke out into the air. I frown in discomfort at this, these people pollute their own living space so much, how can they stand to breathe these noxious fumes. I land down in the street, many people gasp, shout, run toward or away from me, some even scream, most just gawk. I do not understand their shock but I approach the nearest one who does not seem to afraid.

    "Please, could you tell me the name of this land I have arrived in, Sister?"

    The woman makes some motions like a fish gasping for breath then simply turns and walks away. I realize these people will not be too helpful. I look around for any sign that might tell me my location.

    The building across the street from me seems to have large letters embossed above the doors, it looks fairly important.

    New Gotham Library
    Ah, a library, these are usually preceded by the place name. I must assume for now I am in the city of New Gotham. I smile in pleasure, feeling I am doing rather well for my first venture out into the world.

    "Put your hands behind you head lady, don't give me any trouble"

    I turn and see a man in a uniform, he points a projectile weapon at me and shelter himself behind the door of one of the vehicles.

    "I am Princess Ororo of Themyscira, please direct me to your leader so I may introduce myself to her"

    "I always get the crazy ones"

    "This is the second time I have been referred to as 'crazy', I assure you I am in my full mental health, please desist from pointing your weapon at me"

    <We need backup at New Gotham park, multiple civilians down, request immediate backu-arggghh!>

    The sounds of distress come from inside his vehicle but seem to be communicated from a different location. The uniformed one looks from me to the vehicle in indecision, but finally jumps hastily in and speeds off.

    I think that some people must be in distress, and I cannot simply stand by, I must help if I can, even these strange people. I fly after the vehicle as lights glare from it's roof an a siren sounds loudly.

    When it reaches it's destination I am filled with horror as bodies lay strewn across the scene. Two oddly dressed figures confront each other in the center of it all. One in dark clothing that reminds me of some kind of animal, the other is pale and deformed looking, and wearing a red garment. I fly closer, not too close, trying to determine which one is responsible for this horrific massacre.​
  11. Victor Creed Registered

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    (IC: Mr. Savage)

    I am a man of many faces. I’ve donned a thousand names, ruled a hundred different kingdoms, and conquered and destroyed civilizations that are now long forgotten. I am the ultimate being; an immortal.

    I stand on my balcony, looking down at the world below the 53rd floor. I hold a glass of wine in my hand and swirl it as I sniff the night air. People scurry across the sidewalks below like rats and I look down at them in disgust. These humans are my progeny. They are what my kind has become; what I, in a way, have become.I hear a knock at the door. Downing the last of the wine in one gulp, I walk back inside and over to the door. I open it to a familiar face.

    Come in Mr. Bailey. Am I correct in assuming you have the item I asked you to obtain for me?

    Yes Sir, Mr. Savage.
    He said, walking through the door carrying a small knapsack. I got hold of it just last week in Germany. Apparently it had been kept in the museum basement since its arrival. He reached into the knapsack and pulled out the gold bar.

    I pulled it from his hands and sat on the couch to inspect it. The swastika engraved on its face gleamed under the light and I could see the authenticity in its quality. I was an expert when it came to treasure because, at one point or the other, it was once mine.

    Good job Mr. Bailey. Now, as agreed, I have something for you.

    I walk over to my mantle and grab a small wooden box. I walk back over to Mr. Bailey and open the box to reveal a velvet sack. I open the velvet sack and dump the coins out into my outstretched palm.

    Five, genuine, Ancient Egyptian gold coins as requested. I think that you’ll find these coins to be in perfect condition. Well worth your trouble I assume.

    I dump the coins back into the sack and close the box. I hand it to Mr. Bailey and walk him back to the door. I open it and he turns to me.

    As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Savage.

    Yes, Mr. Bailey, a pleasure.

    I close the door behind him and walk into the kitchen. I reach into the small wine case that is built into the wall next to the refrigerator and pull out a bottle. I open it and pour myself another glass. I walk back over to the couch and sit down to examine the gold bar more closely. The engraving on the bottom is still there. It reads:

    Eigentum von Herrn Wildem (Property of Mr. Savage)

    As a top advisor to Adolf Hitler, I was given quite a bounty in gold for my services. This bounty I engraved personally to ensure that it was not taken from me. All 23 bars were given this inscription and now I am in possession of 20 of those bars. I am already one of the wealthiest men in the nation, if not the world. Gold has no use for me. But as I have learned in this modern world; gold is always useful in getting your way when more messy ways are unacceptable. I have had my time to kill senselessly on whim, but I have grown bored with such things. I now hold myself to a much more……civilized, way of life. I am a businessman now, and killing is an art.

    I finish the glass of wine and leave the glass sitting on the table. I carry the gold bar with me into my room. I press a button by the light switch on the wall and a piece of the wall folds down, revealing a hidden room. I keep a few prized possessions here. There is a case of Egyptian artifacts; golden rings, a scepter, and more gold coins. There is another case that holds ancient weapons; a sword from Rome, a dagger and shield from Greece, and a Japanese chokuto. I open the last case, which contains the other 19 bars of gold and I place the 20th gently on top of the others. I walk out of the room and press the button by the light switch once more. I undress and lay down in bed, thinking about tomorrow’s board meeting.

    Morning comes as soon as I close my eyes, or at least it seems to. I am woken up by the sound of my phone ringing on the nightstand beside the bed. I reach over pick it up.


    Hey boss, It’s Dan, I was just calling to let you know that the board meeting is about to start. We need you to make it here as soon as you can.

    Fine. I’ll be there in a few minutes.
  12. blah Registered

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    Location: Egypt.
    Time: Ancient Egypt, noon.
    Event: The building of the pharoah's Pyramid.

    "Work, Slave!"(whip)
    "I am not a lowely slave, I am Em-Ghan-El. I am Everything!"
    "Silence, Insolent cur!"(whip)

    "What in Ra's name is that? (Light shines on slave) Run, slave, it is an omen of doom!"
    " 'Tis a fate more welcomed than subservience"

    location: in the flying scout ship belonging to Warworld.
    Time:Exactly the same.
    Event: Ascension.

    " Are you Sure about this, Zen-tarr? He is but a lowely human...."
    "'not Human, Ren-vett. He's a mutant. Now come, our work has merely begun.'"

    location: Chamber of Evolution, inside the scoutship.
    Time: Noon-ish by earth standards.
    Event Transformation

    "We are killing him, Zen! Please, stop!"
    "'Duff of, impicile! We must complete the Metal-Bonding process, or he's worthless.'"
    "In all my years on this job, I have never seen anything so...gruesome."
    "'It is almost done."

    "What is happening to me?!?!?"
    "he has fainted. I thought that would easily kill him!"
    "'I told you, he is no ordinary human. Lord Warr will want a name for him'"
    "How about the Earther?"
    "'Not dramatic enough.'"
    "hmmm. He said somethin to that other Earther, he said he was everything. What if we call him that?"
    "'It's a stupid name. We'll introduce him as Sigma.'"
    "Wasn't that what I said?"
    "'Are you defying me, assistant?'"

    Location: Warworld
    Time: Noon
    Event: Galactical Gladiator Games

    "This is Ren-vett"
    "'And this is Zen-tar, live at the GGG'"
    "Today we have a special treat for our fans today"
    "'That's right, Ren. We have travelled across the cosmos to find a replacement for Tongon, the terrible. And You'll love what we have came back with from a mudball planet in the mugy way galaxy.'"
    "Presenting to the Empire of Warworld, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's SIGMA"
    "'Here comes the challenger; Blithian, the miner.'"
    "For the newbies in our stadium, Blithian is from a mining world that gone completely hallow. His strength is phenomenal, and he can withstand extreme heat and cold"
    "'That means he can withstand the hotness of my love life, and the coldness of yours, Ren'"
    "Hey, that's such a low blow! Leave the fighting for the professionals."
    '''(Chuckle) And I would say those two are definetly....Wait a second! WHAT HAPPENED TO BLITHIAN?!?!?!'"
    "I didn't think it was possible to do that to his neck!!!"


    location: Warworld.
    Time: 33 hours later.
    Event: Slaughter.
    "We've created a monster"
    "'Hey, he's about to say something'"

    "Is there no one who dares challange me?"
    "Oooh, good Question. I think we ran out of fighters."
    "'Wait! The Emperor himself is rising!'"

    " My lad, I can destroy you in an instant. Therefore I declare our match over before it even started! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
    " ARROGANT SWINE!!!" (Blasts Emperor into oblivion!)
    "H-he was toying with all the rest of the fighters! He didn't use a blast on them, not even once!"
    "'H-he's a monster!'"
    "Shhh, he's about to say something"

    Event: Godhood

    People of this wretched planet, heed my words! I have come to you in chains, but I emerged in Gold and Sapphires. I was born into slavery, and I have become your Emperor. Nay, Thy GOD! But none can say that I am an unjust God. For I declare that any who defeat me can be crowned Warworld's God. Is any of you are prepared to receive that honour??
    I suspected as much.
    Thy God has spoken!
  13. Watchman Adios, Cowboy

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    He sees Dark Claw jumps down right next to him. He moves his sword in front of him.

    "GASP BATMAN!" he screams "No wait that somebody else sorry" Dark Claw just stares at him. "What your telling me you don't recognize me we grew up in the same backyard you know Weapon X. I though we could catch up on old times and..." he looks over at the carnage "....Paint the town red hahahahhah!"
  14. Victor Creed Registered

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    I had taken a shower just before Mr. Bailey had arrived the night before, so I slowly stepped out of bed and walked over to the closet. I open the door and pull one of the hundreds of black suits in my closet off a hanger and lay it on the bed. I dress at a moderate pace, indifferent to the fact that the meeting is waiting for me. They will wait for as long as it takes and their patience will be a factor in whether I do business with their organization or not. Over the years I have gained a certain fondness for anticipation, thus I have become a very patient person.

    I straighten my tie in front of the bathroom mirror and slap a little gel into my hair and slick it back. After a light spray of Armani cologne, I walk out the door and whisper &#8216;verrouiller&#8217; as I close it. That activates my security system which will only open the door to the correct word in my vocal pattern. I walk down the hallway outside my door and down to the elevator. I step inside and press the number 50 and watch the elevator doors close in front of me. The ride lasts but a moment as the elevator hums to a stop. I step off and walk down a corridor to a set of large cherry oak doors. I open one of the doors and enter the board room. The room is quite large, but is taken up almost entirely by an oak table and twenty or so high-backed chairs. Earle Trask sits at the far end of the table surrounded by a group of soldiers. He stands as I enter.

    Ahhh, Mr. Savage, how good to see you.

    Hello Mr. Trask, I assume that those soldiers are house broken. I say, pointing to the group of armed men standing beside Earle. I also assume that your plans were denied by Wayne/Howlett.

    You are correct, Sir. I came to you now because Wayne/Howlett is not committed to their country and has decided to ignore the metamutant threat. Mr. Trask snaps his fingers and one of the soldiers pulls out a long tube and hands it to Trask. These, he begins as he unrolls one of the charts, are the plans for the Sen&#8230;&#8230;

    There is no need to give me the plans Mr. Trask. Eliminating the metamutant &#8220;threat&#8221; would be a personal favor of mine to humanity, thus I will build them according to my own plans. This will no longer be a military or government matter. I will take control of it and oversee it personally. Let the President&#8217;s superiors know that the metamutants will be dealt with.

    I understand Mr. Savage, but&#8230;&#8230;

    That is my decision. Now you can either remain professional and leave quietly&#8230;.
    I place my hands on the table and hunch over, breathing deeply, slowly becoming angry.
    &#8230;.or I can take care of you. I say, standing back up, composure regained.

    Trask grows nervous.

    Fine. I will let the officials know and I am sure they will be in contact.

    I&#8217;m sure they will.

    Let&#8217;s move out men. He says as he walks past me and out of the room.

    I follow closely behind them, all the way to the elevators. I wait until they have all started down before I step onto my private elevator, which is activated by my fingerprint. I press the large B4 button and it lights up as the doors close. I must make my way to the laboratories and speak with Dr. Magnus, the head of robotics as well as the figurehead of the company: Magnus Industries. I have known Magnus for many years. Magnus and I, along with Lex Luthor, worked together in World War II on a robot named &#8220;Ultra-Metallo.&#8221;

    The elevator doors open and I find myself in the lowest point of the building. The labs are built into the basement levels in case anything goes wrong we have escape tunnels running underneath the city. The basement is also built within the foundation of the building so any explosions leave the area above unaffected as the basement levels are encased within high grade steel six feet thick. I step out of the elevator and am in the large, underground tunnel that runs through the middle of the B4 area. Carts and trucks come in and out of the evacuation routes from our secret entry points throughout town, bringing in any materials (legal or not) necessary for our experiments.

    I look across the tunnel and see Dr. Magnus at his computer behind the glass walls of his office. His robotic lab assistant, Jocasta, is at his side. I walk to the door and knock as I enter. Jocasta walks out the door and closes it behind her.

    Hello William.

    Victor. Is the meeting with Trask already over?

    Yes, I decided that the building of the &#8220;Sentinels&#8221; was something that perhaps you would like to be part of personally. I also had a few ideas of where to start.

    The doctor&#8217;s eyes gleamed.

    I think it is an interesting idea. It definitely would be something I would treat as my highest priority. What kind of ideas did you have in mind?

    I&#8217;ll let you know soon. I have something I need to go pick up first. You see if you can get to work on the metamutant detection system and I will be back at the end of the day.

    He grins and I walk out of his office and back to the elevator. I press the large R button, which will take me to the roof. I press the Call button and my secretary picks up.

    Yes, Mr. Savage?

    Tell the men to prepare my helicopter; we&#8217;re going on a field trip.

    By the time the elevator arrives at the roof level and I&#8217;ve walked through the doors leading to the helipad, the helicopter (a CH-54 Skycrane) has already been fueled and is ready to go. Three members of my security team are also waiting for me, fully geared for a deep dive. We all hop on the helicopter and set off to the north Atlantic Ocean.


    It takes a while to get there, but luckily we know where to find our target. We spent a few weeks looking for him after he crashed into the waters, but we left him where he lay to keep him safe. Now that we needed him it was time to resurrect Ultra-Metallo. He would serve as the base for the Sentinel prototype. He was the perfect model. He withstood Super Soldier and was one of my most amazing creations.

    We lowered the helicopter close enough for the security team to dive into the icy waters. The large cables in the back of the chopper lowered down as well. The divers went down with the cables until they reached his remains and secured them around his body. After the divers had resurfaced, battling hypothermia, and boarded the chopper we turned on the winches and they slowly drew him upward from the ocean. It was a slow process, as the water weighed him down and obstructed his upward movement. Finally, he broke the surface and hundreds of gallons of water poured from his body. We made our way back to the city with our treasure safely hoisted.


    Carefully we landed on the helipad and I hopped out to inspect Ultra-Metallo&#8217;s remains. Everything looked fine, as if he was just dropped into the ocean after assembly. Aside from a few bumps and scratches it seemed like....

    Wait a minute, I whispered, what is that. No. It can&#8217;t be.

    I stared at Ultra Metallo&#8217;s chest and lodged right into the middle of it was a shield with a giant &#8220;S&#8221; on it. It was Super Soldier&#8217;s. He must have been using it to help shield himself from the radiation and ended up using it to make Ultra Metallo&#8217;s grip loosen at the moment before they both plunged to the bottom of the ocean.

    I crawled up on top of Ultra Metallo and yanked on the shield. After the years of being lodged in, it took a few tries to loosen and I was now the proud owner of Super Soldier&#8217;s shield; a nice addition to my personal collection. While up on the robot I reached inside and removed a few pieces of the now fragmented meteor inside; the power source of Ultra-Metallo.

    My security team stood, awaiting instruction. I looked at Ultra-Metallo and back at them.

    Men, take this robot to Dr. Magnus in the fourth basement level. Use the freight elevator and tell him I will be with him shortly.

    The team obeyed without question and began unlatching the cables from Ultra-Metallo&#8217;s body as I walked through the door and into my personal elevator. I pressed the 53 and the doors closed, opening a moment later in front my door. I walk out and say &#8216;&#1086;&#1090;&#1087;&#1077;&#1088;&#1077;&#1090;&#1100;&#8217; unlocking the doors and deactivating the security system. I head straight to my room and press the button by the light switch, opening the room of my secret collection. I remove the Egyptian artifacts from one of the cases and put them into a vault underneath. I lay the shield in the center of the case and pull the meteor pieces out of my pockets. I remember Super Soldier had a weakness to them, so I surround the shield with the pieces I had collected from Ultra-Metallo. They are almost like the meteor that gave me my powers.

    After I make the finishing touches to my new collection, I lock up the room and my home and make my way down the elevator to the B4 level. I see Ultra-Metallo being inspected by Jocasta as Dr. Magnus begins to take him apart.


    Magnus turns around to face me.

    Now I think it is time I let you in on my idea. Did you finish the metamutant detection system?

    I have gained a sample of the metamutant gene and had begun to identify its structure when this &#8220;gift&#8221; arrived. I will continue my research once I have assessed what components are still useable from Ultra-Metallo&#8217;s remains.

    Yes, he shall serve as the base for the new sentinel model. Also, I have had an idea for a biological agent that will attack metamutants, so I will need an untainted sample of the metamutant gene as well. When you have the time, make sure a sample of it is transferred to my lab on the 52nd floor.
  15. Darth Wolverine The Dark Squire no longer

    Dec 18, 2005
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    Perhaps I should never have retired.

    I look at the world today and the eternal frown that I wear deepens. In some respects, it is worse than World War Two. It seems the nations of the world don't learn from their mistakes. Petty arguments and trivial disruptions cause civil wars and destruction. Terror and evil has overrun the seems that there aren't enough heroes to combat it.

    Or maybe there are enough heroes...just not enough icons. I learned very early on that they are two very different things.

    My shield, my symbol, makes me an icon. Or made me an icon. I was an inspiration during the war...I helped those in need, and I was good at what I did. If not for me, perhaps the war would never have been won. Or maybe I was right when I retired...maybe the world doesn't need me like I used to think. Society was growing and evolving around me. Suddenly I didn't fit in any more. So I abandoned them. I vanished.

    Here I am now, shrouded in the blizzards in a small wooden shack hidden in Canada.And I now know that although the world appeared to stayed exactly the same. And unless I can do something about it, then it always will.

    And that is the reason that, for the first time in over two decades, I pull on my gloves, slick back my hair, don the painfully familiar costume...and complete the age-old transformation from Clark Kent to Super-Soldier. There's only one thing missing...and it won't take me too long to find it.

    I need my shield.

    Digging into my wardrobe, I retrieve a small device and hit a switch. There is a hiss of static as it reaches out with its electronic senses and connects to the same device held by an old friend.

    "Darkclaw," I say. "This is Super-Soldier returning to active duty."

    Dammit, that felt good.
  16. His hate left him cold and alone. Once a simple man. And like every simple man, his life was torn into small pieces for no reason other than that the corrupt must exist and heroes are too sparse in these times. He is left shattered and alone, hidden. His name spoke in whispers, his existance denied and unbelieved. Aside from all that though, he was still once a simple man. You see he loved a woman. Unfortunately love is an endless spiral that is frail, easily and most often broken and caved in. His one true love was stolen from him. Not in the conventional sence however, stolen none the less. His voice can be heard still mumbling poems down in deep alleys. He wished for a normal life, but for reasons not of his undoing, he was forced to take action.

    Hope. Is hope not the ultimate yet most impossible answer for the salvation of corruption? Although it faintly lingers in men of weak heart, there are those who would stand by it. In this world of balance, rationality can only exist with an equal, opposite counterpart taking from it what it is. For with Hope, it's only balance is fear.

    Fear. It feeds on hope and hope feeds on fear and like the endless spiral of all that is, it feeds and it feeds and it feeds. Not in vein, for the one who we speak of in the shadows understands this simple, necessity of an emotion. This creature, as he must now be called for lack of sheer humanity, has full understanding of fear, and because of this, knows how to use it. Use it he shall. Not just use it, but he will teach it. He will teach it to the corrupt, the life theiving bastards that think that they have some small understanding of what fear is. Of what pain is. They will know, oh and how they will know. This creature knows no bounderies in his justice. For corruption has taken from him, the only thing he valued...Life.

    A man took his love from him and now he wants her back. Deals have been made, lives have been reshaped and because of this, salvation for this lost soul, and so lost as he is, will come swiftly in time. All that he waits for now is time. He waits quietly, only whispering his rhyme to the deaf. If you would listen carefully to the silence in the sheer of night, you can hear a certain sound that silence makes. And oh, what a sound it makes. A sound that cannot be descibed by words, and for a simple person, could not even be explained with sound. I have heard of this man spoken in secret. I have a certain sympathy for this demon, although he has long passed from the grips of life. I feel a need to feel for this creation of evil.

    You see, I understand this lost one. Not because I have studied him, or because I care so much. It is not because I can hear the sound of the silence, the sound of the dark deep evil existing as the counter of corruption but because we share a certain bond. A bond unshared by many. In order to understand this bond, one must look deep into his self. Look hard and ask a simple question. Who am I? Why do I exist. What sort of bond do I share with my own inner self.

    You may find a shocking revalation. The outside of a person rarely reflects his inside. If face, almost nothing relates. What may come out of your mouth, almost always surely does not come from your heart. What you see, is not what you understand. The silence your ears percieve is surely not the lingering sound, dreampt up by your mind to fill it. Silence after all, becons fear. In fact, it may instantly seem that what is inside of you does not have any relation to your outer being, what you and everybody else knows. However there is still one common relationship, one small thing that you and your insides share. It is the same for me and this creature that I fear and hate and love and hope for.

    We share the same name.

    Because I know that although I am Blaze Allen, simple peasant, fiance of a beautiful soul stolen from the tips of my fingers, Blaze Allen is a dead name. He died along time ago. And so now, here I am, sharing the home to a demon, a creature of hate. A creature of fear. There is only one name known to me now. I will now and forever on be known as the SPEED DEMON!!!
  17. spartin2008 Registered

    Feb 15, 2006
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    "Orange, purple, red, green, blue, yellow"

    I say to myself

    "There, are...6...i have 4...thanks to you, Access"

    Now looking down at the pethetic fool in a cage which is imposible to get out of...well i made it.

    "I have know further use for you...I would let you go...but could i trust you? I have the time and find the people who have my other 2 gems...and with the strength and mind gem...i could easly crush anyone who stands in my way. So what do i do with you? You are know threat to me...even if you get "heros" to hold a resistance against me... I will just let you go you pethetic fool"

    Now unlocking his cage as he poofs away.

    "The day of Thanoseid's rule is apon infinats go find the one known as Iron Lantern...destroy him, make him suffer for his trechery...tell him Thanoseid sent you. MUAHAHAHAHAH"
  18. spartin2008 Registered

    Feb 15, 2006
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    (Iron Lantern)

    I begain to fly around this city after leaving my mansion.

    "What is this place and why do i remember so little"

    No sooner than the words come out of my mouth about 13 infinats begain to come out of know where. All saying "Join Thanoseid or die!"

    "Finaly some action"

    I say as i begain shouting a green beam from my hand taking out 2 infinats, while one jumps on my back...i reach with my left hand and grab it by the head as i throwgh him into another one of them. I then find a rock on the ground...

    "Now its starting to come back to me"

    I shoot my beam at it and it turns into a bolder... i pick it up and through it at the remaining infinats crushing all but one. Who begains to get away but i chase him all doging buidings all the way through town. When i finaly grab him and slam his head into a water tower as he begins to say...

    " wil..l mak...e a..ll yo.u PAY"

    "Bring him on anytime"

    i say as i begin to start my boosters and fly away..."That was fun" thinking to myself. I fly toward a park and see two people fighting...i just decide that its none of my buissines...for now...
  19. Logan Howlett Registered

    Oct 22, 2005
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    "Batman huh?.......You read to many comic books bub."

    Suddenly theres static in my earpiece,

    "Darkclaw,........ this is Super-Soldier returning to active duty."

    What the hell? SUPER SOILDER! Ain't that great, I gota deal with this red sack o' psycho, and now Super Soilder's pipein through the speakers in my mask! I aint heard from him in damn near twenty years, when he came back discretly during the "Secret Wars" and then disapered just the same as he did in WW2, and he picks THIS time to make a come back! I aint sayin I don't apreciate the notice, but lets face it, now aint a good time! Hell I wish he were here now, he's the one who originaly nicknamed me "Darkclaw", long before anyone in New Gotham new that name. Before that my military code name was "Wolverine", I never liked that anyway, to cheesy. I put two fingers to my ear and say,

    "I'm a little busy Clarky Boy! This is realy gona have to wait."

    The psycho looks at me like I'm talkin to myself, but I could care less, in about ten seconds I'm gona tear that smile off his face!

    "Now, back to buisness bub. Yur sayin yur from Weapon X, but I don't remember any albino fried Chicken ever workin with ME bub. So all I'm thinkin, is that yur sent by someone I knew to off me! Should figured they'd send someone sooner or later to finish me off! I just always figured it would be Hyena, but judgin by yur style, I don't think my numbers up yet!"

    I fake a lunge attack, jumping over his head and slicing my claws down his spine. Thats gona leave a mark!

    "I warned ya bub! You mess with the best there is, and yur gona get hurt!"

    I look at him and see the same thing I aways see, my parents killer. I feel the urge to raise my claws, to sink em' deep in his skull.......but......I can't. I can't do it! I know its wrong, I'm not an animal! I'm NOT! It ain't like he'll ever move again anway, I severed his spine!

    "YOU!.....You......Your goin to jail pal!"

    I walk over to him and grab him by his neck.
  20. blah Registered

    Feb 26, 2005
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    The Mind Journal of Em-Ghan-El. Currently Know as Sigma, God of Warworld.

    "Journal Entry I:
    My name is Em-Ghan-El. To my people, it means ,literally, everything. And I have truley witnessed Everything. From the Liquid viscous fluids in my mother's womb, to the fear in the eyes of my newly acquired subjects.
    Let the galaxies tremble, for I am a conqueror of souls. I gain new powers and abilities from my fallen victims.
    'Tis an Ironic how fate throws the bones; for I am now a tyrant God, after I served a Tyrant Demi-God. The Phearoh Ozymandias was my father who, disgusted by my grotesque skin, ordered my death. However my Angelic mother clutched me from the soft embrace of the cradle to the rough gentleness of the mighty Nile.
    I drifted into the hands of the Phearoh's slaves. I loathed their subservience, and thus spearheaded many revolutions. I was ready for them to end my life; for the meaning of Everything is nothing without a suitable end. They threw me into the Crocodile Pit. As I saw into the reptile's predator stare, I had the feeling...nay, The absolute face that I can destroy it.
    I fought that first crocodile long and hard. untill it decided that this has gone long enough. It put everything it had in one last thrust at my midsection, then I had my chance. I grabbed its open jaws, its teeth cutting deeper into my flesh. But I ignored the searing pain, and I touched the crocodile's upper jaw with its scaly back.
    Then something strange, yet very familiar, happened. I still don't know if I actually saw it or felt it, but it was real nonetheless. It floated up, away from the corpse of my executioner, and into me, surrounding me with energy, and the desire for more!
    I killed every crocodile in that glorious day. Then suddenly, from above, I heard the incantation of the High Priest. I didn't know what he said, but I felt groggy, and fell into a persumably deep slumber.
    I awoke in the Middle of the Dessert, with Ha-Reekh the slave driver. He had more weapons on him than an entire battelion. And he was brandishing his famous Whip.
    End Journal Entry I
    "Journal Entry XII:
    No Challengers! None at all! What's the point of conquering brave warriors when one is surrounded by fearful Weaklings!
    I have grown bored with those on this planet, yet I will not leave them. I made a commitment to them, I am Their God; I shall never abandon my people. I shall simply bring the challengers to me. With Warworld Technologies, I'll send a message across the vast cosmos.
    Someone will hear my call, and I'll conquer once more.
    End Journal Entry XII. "
  21. Darth Wolverine The Dark Squire no longer

    Dec 18, 2005
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    "I'm a little busy Clarky Boy! This is really gona have to wait."

    Clarky Boy?

    Super Soldier couldn't help but roll his eyes. Slipping the earpiece into position, he turned and strode towards the front door. A determined grimace had set in, dominating his facial expression. He reached out and his hand fell on the doorknob. A single twist of this...and there was no turning back.

    He withdrew his hand and swivelled on his heels. He didn't have to leave now...

    "I need some information," Soldier responded. "You're a genius, right? Oh, and Logan...don't ever call me Clarky Boy again."
  22. Noon cephalopoda

    Oct 3, 2005
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    I observe the battle before me, my heart filled with hopelessness and grief. I have left my home and come to this...this vicious and strange place. People care not for each other. I cannot even tell which one battles for the side of good.

    As sadness rises in me so strong and overwhelming, clouds roll in and a hard rain falls. Within a few seconds all of this New Gotham is soaked, the blood from the gruesomely arranged bodies runs into the street and drains away. My white hair sticks to my face, my clothes saturated.

    The clawed man now is soaked, like everything around him, the seemingly slaughtered man he holds sagging like everything under the weight of the rain.
  23. Watchman Adios, Cowboy

    Nov 21, 2005
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    He fealt the claws down his back, "HAHAHAHAHAHA". The wounds started to heal. "I'm going to jail that's rich I'll just bust out like every other villain". He took out a a knife and stab him in the shoulder. He also landed a kick to the face. He took at his gun and pointed at the grounded Dark Claw.

    "I guess you wouldn't remember me I was X's dirty little secret. While they put you out into the open I was locked away in the closet only let loose to take care of the really good stuff. Consider me your long lost red head stepbrother. Now aren't brothers suppose to play nice". The rain started and his smile widen. "Let the fun begin" he point his gun at the mayor and he opened fire. "HAHHAHAHAHA" he leapt back back into a tree and took out a grenade.

    "How about a parting gift" he pulled the pin and threw it. he jumped back to the outside of the park. He opened a nearby manhole cover and jumped down.
  24. Such chaos...Is it such a world where chaos roams, corruption truimphs and the meak can do nothing but falter as they stand watching? Yet even in such franticness I can not help but feel indifference. I was wrong to think that heroes were sparse in such times. There are heroes and there are villians, weak and strong, good and evil, the fearful and the hopeful. It is only now, when I look upon the simple people of our land, that I truly realize the utter horror in humanity. There is nothing for me here, even if there was, there would be nothing I could do to salvage it. So all I can do is just wait here, lying inside the body of a maniacle demon, searching for the one who has condemned me. I am even starting to like just being along for the ride. After all, he does the acting, it doesn't matter any longer to me. I am truly lost, I am without a home.

    However, I do refuse to believe that such evil is a part of me. I will have to learn to control this weapon of myself. It seems no matter how hard I try to stay out of things, I can't help but get involved. Hell, I don't even know what I am quite capable of yet.

    Hell, that's a funny word. I guess that is where I truly can call my home. After all, what is hell without it's demons? And what a demon I am. I don't know what is going to come of me. What happens when I find my beloved? I am nothing but a dead man sharing room with a demon. There is no room for me in life, Hell is my home and that's where I shall be. I wonder what kind of place it is? You would think it would be a place perfectly fitting for a guy like me. Someone who doesn't care. Someone with nothing better to do than to sit, sulk and question the existance of himself. But hell is not a place for me.

    I know hell, I have seen it before. Hell is the face of man who sits on the edge of the alley waiting for a nice old woman of about 65, wealthy and frail. Hell is a bruise on the eye of a young womans face, her husbands signature, the mark he leaves her because he like no other, truly loves her. Hell is voice of the man with the slick back hair telling you that you are the traitors to this world, the ones who have condemned humanity. Hell is not a home for anybody. It bears no welcome mats, no fancy blue and red mailbox in the front yard, no happy go lucky ding dong when you call for it's master. Hell by definition, is a place that nobody, but the purist of evil, belongs.

    So here I am, standing atop a dark building watching a madman laugh away at the torment of others. A victim of his own insanity.
  25. blah Registered

    Feb 26, 2005
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    I am Sigma, God of Warworld. I thought myself unbeatable, untill the day I met him.

    'Twas a lazy afternoon in my castle at the centre of Warworld's finest city. I believed the universe have dried up from worthy warriors. Suddenly, I heard the faint telepathic cries of my servants via the diluted telepathic powers of that Krogan in my 248th fight. My servants alarmed me that, at last, someone answered my thirst for conquering.

    As I trod outside to the Arena, I saw a magnificent ship, bearing the proud insignia of the Thanashia'rian Empire.

    I have heard much of that race of winged warriors, I half expected them to come to my planet sooner than later. They are finally here, and I'll conquer them as I did to Warworld.

    The lower ranking winged soldiers of the Thanashia'rian emperial guardsmen stood on both sides of the opening of their mighty ship. Then a tall, imposing figure emerged from the deep darkness of their conveyence. He wore a fullface helmet resembling a Hawk's face, but there was something protruding from the top of his head (is that hair?). The warrior was covered in a large robe, that didn't hide the strength of his body at all.

    I stood firm on the ground, just as any God would, and said in a booming voice

    "I am Sigma, God of Warworld. I presume you have come to me to answer my challange. Did I persume correctly, Warrior?"

    The warrior of Thanashi'ar lifted his full-face helmet reveling the deep purple visage of a man who's used to commanding armies to victory. He threw open his robe reveling not two, but four wings. Clearly he's a mutant from his race, very much like me on Earth. This creature fascinated me, he clearly was not the victim of prejudice from his peers, not like me. He answered my inquiry in an equally confident voice:

    "I am the Imperial Guardsman known as Gatar Hol. I have fought for the honour of representing the Thanashia'rian Empire, I will not fail my brethren! "

    " YOUR brethren?!?!" I questioned, "MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! haven't you eyes to see with, Warrior? You're a freak to them! Haven;t you considered the possibility that they sent you here to die?"

    " I know not of the experiences you suffered through to mold you into the bigoted pessimist you appear to be, but I assure you that appearences are the least of my people's consideration. We merely test another's worthiness in battle."

    I was enraged by his insolence, but fascinated by his confidence. He will be a worthy apponent, I can feel it.

    "Very Well, Imperial Guardsman Gatar Hol of the Thanashia'rian Empire. We will fight at sundown. You may rest untill then, and I would advise your cook to prepare the best meal you ever tasted. For it might be your last."

    Sundown on Warworld is a pleasent sight, for the entire planet is composed of different shining metals. They shimmer and sparkle as the sun breathes its last breath; how I love to give my victims a one last beautiful memory, untill they are wiped to oblivion.

    The Brave Guardsman came to the ring, and his soldiers acknowledged him with a proud salute. He then approached me gracefully upon the lift of his quad wings, the look of determination in his eyes.

    "In your boastful challange that the Empire intercepted, you have neglected to mention choice of weapons."

    Weapons? Why would I need weapons? My bare hands are my weapons! If you require weapons to fight me, then bring me the best you have! I do not wish to fight an unfair match.

    "Very Well, Tyrant! You should tremble now, for the empire have researched your origin. And you should know that we are the true creators of your oppressors' might! This mace is crafted from the depth of Anubis' domain, and is equipped with the most precise gyros to enable swiftness and balance! YOU SHALL YEILD TO THE EMPIRE!!!

    "Quiet, whelp! Mentioning my former tormentor will aid you naught, for I fear none! I am Sigma, Conqueror of Souls!"

    I shouted the most bloodcurdling cry that my mighty throat can release, I've learned this technique from a wailer fighter in my 301st fight! But my nemisis responded with an equally strong shreik that resembled Horus' Mighty Cry. But I will not yeild; I have challenged this abomination, he has accepted it, and I will conquer his soul.

    He lunged at me with his mace, a powerful roundhouse that carried a powerful mix of scientific precision and mystical might. I Ducked under it with the swiftness of a Bornotian, fight #491, but then Guardsman wings carried him over me. He performed a perfct loop-de-loop and managed to graze me with his mace. The mystical energies emitting from the weapon wreaked Havoc with my mutant power. I couldn't control my invulnerability and strength ,accumulated from hundreds of fights, for just a fraction of a second. Unfortunately, that was all the time the wretched Thanashia'rian needed!
    Instead of delivering another blow from his mace, Guardsman dealt a strong kick to the back of my neck; a kick that was propelled by all four wings! That was the last straw!!! I called upon the flames of a conquered Mercurian to burn Guardsman wings to ashes. Startled by my power, the accursed Thanashi'arian didn't have enough room to save all his wings. He cried in sweet, sweet agony as the Mercurian flames burned his two lower wings. I assumed him not acustomed to flying with only two wings, and my assumption was correct! He began to falter in midair, I decided a little variety in my coup d'etat. So I called from my subconcious the Icy might of plutonian Ice giant. I blasted Gatar Hol with the icy coldness of a plutonian summer day, wich was a little too cold for the Thanashia'rian. I grabbed the Icy Neck of the Thanashia'rian, waiting for the tingling sensation of subservience....but it didn't come!!! I stared down at my nemisis, and I saw that samw look of determination in his eyes. I snarled at him:

    "Curse you! Why don't you kneel before me? Why don't you surrender your will to me?"

    "I'll never surrender, nor will kneel before you! For my will and dignity belong to the Hawk God and the All-Highfather Odin; I'll kneel only to them, surrender my will only to them!

    "Do you not fear Death?"

    "Like you said, Sigma, I was dead the minute I set foot on your planet! I fear not death! For if I die, I'll earn a seat upon the fabled table of Valhala, wherein Thorion, Hawk God and the All-Highfather Odin reside!

    "Do not mock me with fairy tales, whelp! For I am a God; if there is such blasphamous creatures in my domain, I would conquer them! The same way I do to you!"

    I was bluffing, I could not conquer him. He wouldn't surrender! I can kill him but I won't conquer him. I wouldn't be able to feel the exhilarating sensation of the conquest. I wouldn't be able to able to add his power to mine, a welcome addition to my hundered-odd powers and capabilities. This I cannot allow! So I released him, and I pay for that action for the rest of my life. However, I used my imposing charismatic personality to put the situation in a different light; as I said:

    "You, Guardsman Gatar Hol, are not worthy to die by my hands. Thus I condemn you to a life of utter shame by your own people. You shall know the wicked touch of hate, as I have suffered her blows before! Sigma hath spoken"

    I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for theose meddling, bloodthirsty kids in the Arena:


    I stood in a very awkward spot, a God should not be swayed by the demands of the public. But to leave this Thanashia'rian alive is a contradiction to my commandment. then again, a God must not go back on his word; I have deemed my nemesis unworthy of my wrath. The vicious cycle spun in my head a billion times; the cries of the spectators and the piercing eyes of the Thanashia'rian mocked me relentlessly! But I am every bit as relentless:

    "Enough!!!" I shouted,"Or you will suffer the wrath of the God Sigma! As for this Thanashia'rian..." I lifted my index and middle fingers, preparing to fire a digit flare, into the eyes of the Guardsman.


    The hisseng and booing of a million spectators almost drowned out the Thanashia'rian cries. I-I don't believe this! My worshipers have forgotten themselves. Time to put them back in their place....

    Time: The following morning
    Location: The God's Chamber
    Event: Reflection

    The Thanashia'rian ship left hours ago, they have given their champion a lot of anaesthetic to ease his pain. The clean up crew are having a hard time cleaning up the corpses of half a million spectators destroyed by the fires of my natural fury.
    But the deepest loss is the blissful ignorance that I carried all my life. thought I only need to kill my oponnent in order to conquer them. I was wrong. The conquest exists only by the complete and total surrender of my enemies at the last moment of the battle.
    My life will never be the same again.

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