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    The "Ultimate Marvel" RPG

    GameMaster: Matt Murdock
    Assistant GameMasters: Catman_Prb, Gallagher, SenseiofCheese, Johnny Blaze

    This game is similar to the Marvel RPG, only based off of Ultimate continuity.


    -Players can choose any hero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Players who have proved themselves as good RPer's will also have the option to Ultimize a character, and/or take up a second character. No God-Like characters.

    -Everyone exists in the Ultimate Marvel Timeline. No 616 or other alternate items may be used.

    -No Killing. Unnamed faceless NPC's may be killed, but not comic characters. Someone else may want to take up the character, or they may be important to another story.

    -You can go anywhere on Earth, or travel off planet, but do so within your characters means.

    -You are your character, so act like it. Talk like them, use there dialouge. Do not exaggerate your powers, or pop-up here and there without explanation.

    -Several stories can be going at once, and you have the freedom to interact with other characters.

    -No Time Travel.

    -You must post at least once every two weeks, though it is preferred that you post more. If you go two weeks without a post without prior notice, your character is up for grabs.

    -And of course, all regular rules of the Hype apply.

    -Have fun.

    The Following Continuity Cut-Offs Have Been Established:
    Ultimates - The Ultimates (#1-13)
    Ultimate Spider-Man - Public Scrutiny (#28-32)
    Ultimate X-Men - Return of the King (#26-33)
    Ultimate Fantastic 4 - Tomb of Namor (#24-26)


    The OOC thread can be found in the Marvel Comic Based RPGs section of the forums.

    If you are looking for ideas or background information, try this website:
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    "Sir", the large man with the mohawk and tattoos saluted as he entered his general's room.


    "At ease, Rumlow. Are we ready?"

    "We're ready, Skull", Brock Rumlow answered.
    Rumlow was easily six and a half feet tall, and had to weight close to two-hundred and fifty pounds of muscle. To the casual observer one would see the worn fatigues, white-laced boots, dirty white T, and the leather jacket and think he was just a run of the mill thug.
    But Rumlow was a soldier. A soldier in the new war to take back the country, and trained in the skill necessary to do it.

    He was the Skull's right hand man. His own Crossbones, as evident by the massive black and gray skull and crossbones pattern back tattoo Rumlow wore with pride.

    "Very good", the Red Skull adjusted his uniform.
    With a click of his boot heels, the Skull marched out of his room towards a small, well-lit den with a dozen small cameras trained at a single seat. In front of the seat, and behind the cameras, sat a table with an equal dozen of small monitors.

    The Red Skull stood before the seat, and once more adjusted his uniform, making sure all was in order.

    "We're good to go, sir", spoke the cameraman.

    "Then I mustn't keep my commanders waiting. Start the broadcast."

    "Ok, we're on in, five, four, three, two, one..."

    The video monitors on the table suddenly flashed to life with the image of a dozen different men, each saluting their leader as he appeared before them.

    "Gentlemen", the Red Skull saluted and then sat down.

    "The day we have waited patiently for, for over five years now, has arrived. It's time we take back this country, and save it from the ethnic cancer that is eating away at it's core."

    The Red Skull's eyes looked like white pools of hate sitting inside a black void as he leaned closer towards the cameras.

    "It's time for the revolution to begin."
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    The crowd erupted in one giant mosh of elbows and fists.
    Crossbones screamed like a madman and jumped into the fray, knocking a big bastard with green hair's front teeth out.

    The Red Skull, dressed in camo pants and jacket, white swastika T-shirt, and German army issued boots with perfectly white laces, leaned against the back wall with his mask on.

    "It's funny the truth you can find in the lyrics", he said after taking a swig of his beer.

    "I know, right"
    , replied the petite girl standing next to him in camo pants and boots and a black Slayer T-shirt. Her red hair cut short and spiked up, the girl head banged along to the music.

    The man Crossbones elbowed tried to swing on him, but Rumlow leaned out of the man's reach. Instantly, Crossbones smashed the tip of his steel-toed boot into the side of the man's kneecap.

    Screaming along with the song, Crossbones kicked the man in the chest, sending him to the floor of the pit where others began to stomp him.

    The Red Skull chuckled as he took another swig of his beer.

    "'re him, right? The guy who's organized all the gangs? The Red Skull?"

    The Skull turned and smiled devilishly at the girl.
    "What gave it away?"

    "Holy ****! This is ****ing awesome! What you're doing, man, is what's needed to be done for a long time now. Just nobody's had the balls or the brain to do it before."

    "I'm happy to know you're a fan", the Skull said as his eyes slowly stalked her body from toe to head.

    "I'm more than a fan. I practice what you preach"
    , she said as she indicated several tattooed tear drops on both eyes. All the drops were either solid black in color, or brown.

    "Do you now", the Skull turned his attention to her fully.
    "Tell me, my dear. What is your name?"

    "Allison, but everyone calls me Sin."

    "A pleasure to meet you, Sin"
    , the Skull said as he chugged down his beer and smashed the bottle on the concrete floor.

    "Don't go anywhere", he grinned maniacally, "I'll be right back."

    With a frenzied howl, the Red Skull dove into the mosh pit, elbows up and swinging.
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    "Wow, that was intense", Sin bit her bottom lip as she lay, naked, next to the Red Skull in bed.
    The Skull rested on his back, looking blankly up at the ceiling fan spinning around above them.

    She leaned over and kissed him on his scarred cheek, resting her head on his shoulder.
    The Red Skull sat up quickly, knocking her off of him.


    "Quiet", he said evenly as he moved to sit on the side of the bed.

    "So", she smirked as she moved in behind him, wrapping him in her arms and pressing her chest against his back.
    "I guess since I've seen the man under the mask, you're gonna have to kill me now?"

    "The thought has crossed my mind."
    The Red Skull shot her a stone cold look that made Sin pause.

    "Wait", Sin spoke up after a few moments of tense silence.
    "You can't be serious..."

    "And why not", the Skull replied as he sat up and retrieved his mask from the nightstand next to the bed.
    "Only a select few have seen my true identity, my most trusted associates."

    "Well, surely the Red Skull's girlfriend is a trusted associate"
    , Sin purred.

    "That remains to be seen", the Skull said calmly as he put on his true face.
    "But do not worry. You'll be given ample opportunity to prove yourself loyal to me in arenas other than the bedroom."

    Suddenly somebody began to beat on the bedroom door.

    "Boss! The van's all prepped and ready to go. The boys are down in the garage, waitin'."


    The Red Skull stood in front of a line of six of his best men. Each man stood still and at attention as their commander, the Red Skull, walked the line.

    The Skull's looked each of his men in the eyes as he slowly paced in front of them.

    "Do you realize how vital this mission is?"

    "Sir, yes, sir", they said in unison.

    "If we fail in this, the entire operation is finished. And that is something I shall not tolerate. Are we clear?"

    "Sir, yes, sir!"

    "Excellent. Now...mount up and prepare to move out."

    The six men jogged off to the waiting van, loading inside of it and starting it up.

    "Crossbones, issue Sin a sidearm. She'll be joining us."

    "You got it", Crossbones nodded as he winked to Sin who stood next to the Skull.
    Crossbones walked off to grab Sin a weapon when she looked up at the Red Skull, unable to contain her happiness.

    "So, I take it this is my chance to impress?"

    "Indeed it is", replied the Skull.
    "Don't make me regret this."

    "Don't worry, baby"
    , she smiled as she leaned in and kissed him, biting his bottom lip and drawing blood.

    Pulling away, Sin licked the Skull's blood off of her lips, her twisted eyes fixed madly on her lover.
    "I won't let you down."
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    "Isn't it beautiful", the Red Skull said as he looked out the car's window as it drove by the Washington Monument.

    "What's that, baby?"

    "The Monument. It is a sign of the power and righteousness that is the American destiny. Sadly it is a destiny we will never see thanks to the ignorant fools in charge. Well...currently in charge."

    The car turned down Constitution Ave, and the Red Skull turned away from the window and looked at the other people in the van.
    Crossbones sat across from him on the opposite wheel well polishing his combat knife, and Sin sat beside, her attention focused up at him. Six other of the Skull's most devoted and skilled followers sat silently in the back of the van as it bounced down the road towards the Potomac.

    "That's why we're here though", the Red Skull stated as his stare went from person to person.

    "To save this country from the cancer that's slowly eating it away."

    "Amen to that", Crossbones nodded in agreement before cracking his neck.
    "Bastards have ****ed us over for too damn long. Time for a change."

    "We're here, sir", called the driver as he pulled into the dock area, driving all the way down through the warehouses towards a large freighter anchored at the end on a private dock.

    "You all know what to do", the Skull looked to his men. They had been over this dozens upon dozens of times. Ran over the schematics of the dock area, practicing simulations of the exchange...everything the Skull could think of to make sure they were ready for any scenario.

    The van doors opened up and the six soldiers filed out and secured the area. Crossbones, carrying a book bag, and Sin exited the vehicle next, and then came the Red Skull.
    The Skull pulled his black trench coat tighter around him as the cold breeze picked up a bit.

    Moving in a disguised formation, the Skull and his team headed towards the large warehouse down from the anchored ship.

    Entering the main door, the Skull made his way to the room's far side, and the man that stood waiting for him.


    "I do so love punctual people", he smiled.
    "So, we ready to get down to business?"
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    "Indeed we are", the Skull smiled.
    "Klaw, my friend. You look well."

    "Skull, it's been a while", Klaw nodded.

    "So, you're working for Jakkara I see? Interesting."

    "With him running Wakanda now, it's ripe with opportunities. How could I pass up a chance to get blind, stinking rich?"

    "Yes, how could you", the Skull said with an almost bored look.

    "Now, where's my weapon?"

    "It's right here", Klaw snapped his fingers, and a man in civilian clothes that was sitting on a crate gets up. Cracking his neck, the man then proceeds to push his seat towards the Skull.

    "One high grade vibranium warhead. The vibranium in the bomb magnifies the blast, doubling it's destructive power. This **** here is better than what even the good ol' US-of-A is packing for small scale, tactical nukes."

    The Skull inspected the crate and opened it. Inside, surrounded by protection that held it in place was a small device the save of a carry on suitcase.

    "Perfect", the Red Skull grinned as he ran his hand over the weapon.

    "Now, let's see the goods."

    "Of course", the Red Skull turned and nodded to his men who brought the briefcase up to him. The man who wheeled the bomb to the Skull inspected it's contents and then nodded the "ok" to Klaw.

    "We're good then", Klaw smiled.
    "You're getting a deal here, Skull. Don't forget that. And you never acquired this from us."

    "Auf Wiedersehen, Klaw. As always, it has been a pleasure"
    , the Skull clicks his boot heels together and gives Klaw a curt nod.

    "See you around, Skull. Have fun", Klaw chuckled as he and his men exited out the back.

    "****ing swine", the Skull grumbled when the Klaw had left.
    "It figures he'd be in bed with a ******. Crossbones..."

    "What's up, Skull?"

    "Secure the weapon into the van and let's get back to the base. We have a message to send, and we need to get ready."
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    Two Weeks Later...

    "Can I help you", the Secret Service agent asked as the young man approached, showing his credentials.

    "All right", the agent said after looking his papers over, "go on through."


    The young man in a fine, white and black business suit, carried his briefcase down the hallway passing quite a few government officials as well as many armed security.
    Not to mention the numerous visible cameras he passed. But he knew those were just for show. Many hidden cameras littered this building as well. There wasn't a place in the house that you weren't being watched in.
    Making infiltration virtually impossible, unless you've got the proper tools and a well thought out plan.

    "You're nearly there. Coming up on your next right."

    Crossbones smiled at passing woman as the Fixer's voice buzzed in his head.
    Comm link via implant just inside the ear, something Crossbones would never be able to get used to.

    Coming the the door on the right, Crossbones opened it. It was a spacious bathroom for employees and was currently unoccupied.
    Crossbones moved quickly, entering one of the stalls and opening the tank's lid. Opening the briefcase, Crossbones pulled out a small device and gently placed it into the tank.

    He placed the lid back on and, after gathering his briefcase, Crossbones calmly exited the bathroom and left the building...


    The hallways of the building bustled with activity as the morning sun finally broke through the cloud cover.


    "Morning, Steve", the President smiled to one of his Secret Service guards as he walked passed him with a mug of coffee.

    "Morning, Mr. President."

    "See the game last night? Damn shame."

    "No, sir. Afraid I missed it."

    "Bears were up by fourteen with five to go, and ended up letting the Bucs come back and win."

    "Sorry to hear that, sir."

    "Definitely need to do something about that defense", he said as he entered the oval office and made his way around the presidential desk to his seat.

    "So, what's on the agenda today", Obama smirked as he put his mug down on the desk.

    He didn't even feel the blast as the bomb went off. None of them did. Every living thing inside the White House was incinerated along with the brick and motor that made up the historical building.

    The people outside had equally no time to even react as the blast burnt them to bone and ash. Thousands died not even knowing as the bomb went off.
    But they were the lucky ones.

    Towards the outer limits of the point of detonation, the shockwave demolished weak buildings, shattered windows, and turned over small vehicles.
    Those left alive crawled to hands and knees and looked up to see a large mushroom cloud rising high into the sky.

    At exactly 10:10 AM, EST, on a Monday morning, Washington D.C. was wiped off the map.
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    "Holy sh-t" Fury whispered. The entire staff of the Triskellion stood in shocked silence as the banks of screens showed images of the utter carnage.

    "...There's been no word yet on who is responsible for this blast, the worst act of terrorism since 9/11. There is widespread panic as emergency services and the US Military are scrambling to evacuate the survivors of the attack. There is no word yet on the status of President Obama. This is Wendy Richard reporting for NBC..."


    "Nick, I've just heard"
    Hawkeye growled, walking up to the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. "What's the plan?"
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    Purplehaze66 has Logged On.

    The digital landscape of New York loaded up on screen, the artificial sun blazing between the skyscrapers, the scene spoilt only by a complex looking HUD and a pop-up box.

    You have recieved a Message from Jumpin'JackFlash89

    The gamer sighs slightly as he hovers his cursor over the message, clicking to display it's contents.

    Re: Hey

    'Sup bro? You ready for our parent's lame D&D super-club thing tomorrow? I'll bring back your John Carpenter DVD's man, sorry I had 'em for so long, got held up with School this year.

    Escape from New York was ****ing amazing, you were right.

    Peace out bro, see you tomorrow night.

    Closing the message down, Alex Wilder felt himself sigh again. If there was one thing worse than his parent's extra-curricular activites it was having to stomach the other children, especially him, Chase.

    As Alex ran around the digital New York, using his avatar to move around and take in the sights and talk to his 'friends', he felt a wave of complete boredom wash over him.

    "There has to be something better to do than pick pretend super-powered fights over the internet."
    He groaned taking off his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

    Purplehaze66 has Logged Off.

    He pushed himself away from his computer, letting the chair take him across the room and idly switched on his television, holding the remote loosely in one hand as he stared off into the middle distance. Flipping through the channels, he found the same thing on every news station. The same thing that had been on ever since the Ultimates were formed, ever since first sightings of a so called 'Spider-Man' were taken seriously.

    "Super heroes."


    "Alex! Get down here sweetie the others are arriving!"
    Mrs Wilder shouted in a sickly sweet voice, one that always made Alex cringe, at sixteen he had grown tired of his mother's 'Baby voice'. A few of the other parent's and their respective children had already arrived.

    Chase and his parents the Stein's, Gertrude Yorkes and her Mother and Father and the youngest child of the group, Molly, along with her parents the Hayes'.

    The children themselves were always thrown together in the 'entertainment room' whilst the adults discussed their own greatness. Once a month they would get together and the children would be forced to play nice.

    "We're just waiting on the Dean's and the Minoru's right?"
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    One Month Before Washington...

    T'Challa looked outside his new apartment over looking the river. The overcast sky draped the bustling city in a blanket of gloom, that T'Challa thought rather appropriate.

    He had arrived in America two months ago, and has seen more crime then he had ever seen in his life spent in Wakanda. He was already making a name for himself on the city streets as the vigilante known as the Black Panther. It was only a matter of time before S.H.I.E.L.D. approached him, a meta-human not operating under their watchful eye.

    There was a knock at the door, and T'Challa didn't even bother to take his gaze away from the world outside his window.

    "Come in."

    The door opened and in walked a man in military fatigues smoking a cigar.

    "General Fury", T'Challa said as he turned around.
    "I was wondering when you'd show up."

    "I like to do my homework on people before droppin' in on them", the General said as he took a puff from his cigar.

    "My condolences", he said with a curt nod.
    "I knew your father, he was a good man."

    "And it's because of him", Fury continued as he moved to stand next to T'Challa by the window, "that I'm paying you a visit now instead of sending in a squad of agents."

    "Do you mind", T'Challa said as he motioned to the cigar.

    "Yeah, I do", Fury stated as he took another puff.

    "You've been busy since coming over, T'Challa", Fury said as he took out a small datapad from his coat pocket and looked at it.
    "Took down two waring street gangs, as well as stopped some C-list super villain-wannabe, one Lawrence Cranston, from peddling his hallucinogens in Harlem."

    "Yes, a good work out", T'Challa stated.
    "Really the only way I figured I'd be able to meet with you, short of breaking into the Triskelion."

    "That a fact?"

    "I figured S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't let some unknown costume run wild on the streets for long. You'd do your homework on the Panther which would lead you to me. Given your history with my father, you'd naturally come yourself."

    "That right", Fury chuckled as he took a puff from his cigar.
    "Not a bad plan, though you left a lot of room open for error."

    "Like I said, it was the best I could come up with short of breaking into your headquarters", T'Challa shrugged.

    "And that wouldn't have ended well for you", Fury replied and is met by a silent stare from the Panther.

    "So, you got me here", Nick shrugged, "what is you want to ask me?"

    "I need your help, General"
    , T'Challa stated.
    "Your help and your team's, the Ultimates."

    "Somehow, I bet this has something to do with that little power play your brother made", Fury stated as he exhaled a large cloud of cigar smoke.

    "He murdered my father and mother, took control of my country, and oppressed my people", T'Challa growled in disgust.
    "He needs to be stopped before he gets out of hand."

    "T'Challa", Fury sighs, "you should know that we don't like playing international politics. Not if I can help it."

    "My brother is a greedy warmonger, General", T'Challa said flatly.
    "Right now, his policies are only affecting my people. But it's only a matter of time before his politics begin affecting the entire globe. With my brother's greed and ambition, what's to stop him from funding terrorists, or worse?"

    "Don't worry about that. We've had our eye on your brother since his little takeover. If he does anything shady, we'll know it."

    "So you think", T'Challa scoffed.
    "You underestimate my brother, General."

    "And you underestimate me, Prince", Fury said as he blew smoke in T'Challa's face.

    "Since you're doin' a good job, I'm gonna look the other way", Fury said as he reached out the window and flicked off the cherry of the cigar.
    "But recognize and realize that you're on the list, T'Challa. So, keep your nose clean, because we're watchin'."

    "See you later, your Highness", Fury smirked as he exited the apartment leaving T'Challa alone to contemplate his next move.
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    "Fear not, for we have arrived,"

    Karolina rolled her eyes as her parents posed for a second, before bursting out into laughter as they entered the house. Disgusting; couldn't they at least act their age.

    She noticed the Wilder's son Alex hanging around outside the playroom they were about to get shoved into.

    "Hendrix," she said wryly, curtsying with a smirk on her face.
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    "FURY!" Steve Rogers bellowed as he charged into the packed room. Rows of people stood in shocked silence, only shaken from their trance by Captain America's furious cry. The entire room turned to look at the war legend, dressed in his civilian clothes, his face red with rage.

    "How in the hell does this happen?!!" Steve screamed, a sort of rage he had not felt in over 60 years coursing through his veins. With a silent nod from Fury, two SHIELD agents made their way towards Rogers.

    "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to-GRRHNGK" the man had not even finished the sentence before Captain America had twisted him down to the floor, the second SHIELD agent thrown up against the wall, the weight of his equipment bringing him down on his ass.

    "On your watch, Fury, HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!" Steve raged, his finger pointed accusingly in Fury's face.
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    Alex allowed a small smile to appear on his lips as he was greeted by the blonde teen bombshell.

    He nodded knowingly. Each of the children had given themselves tongue-in-cheek 'codenames' one night whilst particularly bored, naming themselves after their respective musical heroes, in a way to rebel against the type of heroes their parent's aimed to become.

    "Jagger and Rotten are in the kitchen."
    Alex informed the girl. "Dunno where Jett is but she's around."

    A small fist slammed into Alex's back, he turned and looked down at the 12 year old Molly.

    "I told you that my name is Jonas!"
    The pint-sized member of the group said, pouting.

    "And we told you to choose a proper name."
    Alex scoffed, turning away trying to conceal the fact that the little girl's punch had actually hurt him.

    "Where's Nicks anyway?"
  14. Catman_prb Sad Clown

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    "Easy Maverick!" Sergeant Britain shouted as he slammed the embodiment of all that is American against the wall.

    "Why don't you take a few seconds to cool off before trying to poke your superior's other eye out," he growled, before turning to face Fury.

    "The man has a point though Fury. Taking out the President? That's some heavy ****,"
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    "Slitting her wrists probably," Karolina said, leaning against the kitchen doorframe.

    "Nico's nice!" Molly protested.

    "Scram Jonas," Karolina sneered at the younger girl. Molly scowled, before running off into the kitchen. Karolina smiled sweetly at Wilder.

    "Got any papers?" she asked the afroed youth as she pulled a small plastic bag out of one of her pockets.
  16. Optikal Professor Chaos

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    Fury watched the exchange between the two men non-plussed. "I don't know gentlemen but that's what I intend to find out."

    An aide came an thrust a sheet into the Generals hand. Fury scanned it and glanced back at the trio of superheroes before him. "Whoever this was, it was someone different, someone out of left field. All of the usual been crossed off the list. Al Qaeda, IRA, Magneto, Doom. All of them are clean. Whoever this is wanted our attention".

    Hawkeye folded his arms and shook his head.
    "Well you can bet your last dollar that they have just got it."
  17. Matt Murdock Registered

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    "And what about my last dollar, Clint?" Anthony Stark asked, entering the room. He was wearing a fine, tan suit with a sharp white oxford underneath. No tie. Ties were too formal, and Tony Stark was anything but, as was made perfectly obvious by the martini he held in his hand. "Will you be betting that as well?"

    He sat down in a fine, black leather chair supplied to S.H.I.E.L.D. by way of Stark International grants.

    "Because that will take quite a lot of betting."

    "Stark." Fury said, coldly.

    "General." The billionaire responded coolly, smiling curtly. Then, addressing the rest of the team, he continued, "Afternoon, everyone."

    He adjusted himself, sitting up straight, taking things seriously.

    "Looks like we've got a busy day ahead of us."
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    "Yeah sure."
    Alex said absent mindedly as he handed her a small pack of white papers from his jeans. "I'm afraid you'll have to smoke it outside though, parents... Ya know how it is."

    Alex heard the chatter build from the hallway and noticed that the Minoru's and their daughter, Nico, had arrived.

    "Look who decided to show up."
    Alex said to Karolina, nodding in Nico's direction as she walked timidly into the room. "... and who got hot." He said, mostly to himself as he chuckled, jaw slightly agape.

    "I heard the word hot."
    Chase boomed as he strode out of the kitchen. "Someone musta been talkin' about me or Lennon here, surely."

    Alex rolled his eyes. "Hey Jag." He greeted him, unenthusiastically. "You and Rotten finished sucking each other's face off in there?" Wilder sneered.

    "Screw you buddy, you know I only got eyes for one girl here."
    Chase retorted with a wink in Karolina's direction, causing Alex to roll his eyes once more.
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    Karolina leaned in and licked her lips theatrically as her hands wrapped the joint expertly.

    "Any time you want it baby, I'll show you things that'll make you go cross-eyed," she whispered. Chase gulped visibly.

    "Seriously?" he gasped.

    Karolina snorted and leant back against the kitchen frame, a superior smirk on her face.

    "Please," she said "I'm more interested in your pig of a **** buddy,"
  20. Gallagher Shaman of Sexy

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    Alex smiled to himself as Karolina shot Chase down.

    "I told you! We're no-"

    "What's a **** buddy?"
    Interrupted Molly as Chase went bright red. Alex forced back a laugh as he looked at his feet. As he looked up he noticed the last member of their little group, Nico, aka Nicks, was walking toward them.

    "Hey, Karolina, you go have that smoke without me, I'll be back in a bit."
    He said with a smirk, setting off to meet the dark haired, pale girl. "I see you managed to not do yourself an injury since last month, Nicks." He teased.

    "Har-har Hendrix. You know what? I might just go to the bathroom and cry about what you just said."
    The young black-haired beauty responded, mock sadness showing in her face.

    "I'm afraid we don't keep the razors in the bathroom."

    "Ohh, snap. Keep this up and I might get my feelings hurt."
    She quipped, moving closer so that the two could feel each other's breath.

    "Keep this up and I might actually care."

    And like that the closeness and the breath was gone as Nico took off in a huff.

    "Ha, never could take a joke Nicks."
    Alex called after her.
  21. Optikal Professor Chaos

    Aug 14, 2008
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    Throughout the hundreds of years that humanity had existed, conflict had always been waged between minorities. Humans had abused, enslaved or even murdered their own kind all because of differences. Whether it had been religion, appearance, language or culture, conflict always existed and always will exist. Humanity has also been known to label, Germans once believed themselves to be the Master race, Africans had at times been called Negro’s, dogs or just plane slaves. With the discovery of a new “race” came a new label. “Mutant”, “gene-freak”, “threat” as the government once called them. Though the government tolerated them, the people still feared them, and that fear evolved into hate.

    As he sat there, on his plastic chair, shifting plastic pawns across a plastic chess board he knew that he was right. Homo-Sapiens with their guns and their camps and their prisons. Scurrying like rats over the face of the earth. Violently attacking anything that insights their oh-so simple fears.


    They knew. Each and every last one of them. From Presidents to Paupers. They knew that their time as the dominant species on Earth was drawing to a close. That was why hundreds of feet above this plastic prison that they had built for their resident boogeyman they tampered with science to try and create Super-Soldiers. To try and create the next step. A step that their feeble fearful minds could control. A step that nature had already taken.


    And when they suceeded, they paraded them around like saviors. Their artificially created heroes and protectors were praised and worshipped. Idolised like Gods. But he knew the truth of it. Fake dieties in the face of real truth and real power. A plastic prison would not hold him forever. Only so long as it took for their minds and their attentions to be cast elsewhere. Knowing the homo-sapiens, that would be sooner rsther than later. Only then will their true Lord rise. Their King would return. Their real savior would make his move and cleanse the Earth of their filth.

    He would pave the way and eradicate their species. His would be a Utopia and soon it will be realised.

    Soon the pieces would be in play.

    His greatest move of the game.

  22. SenseiofCheese has been expecting you.

    Aug 6, 2007
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    Steve Rogers' heart was racing, his head swimming. To see the United States, his home, attacked like this set him off like a rabid dog. But he knew, deep down, that taking his anger out on his fellow Ultimates and SHIELD was not going to help them. As Captain America he could do many things considered impossible, but changing the past was not one of them. So all he could do, was find the monsters responsible.

    "People don't buy those kinds of explosives at their local mom and pop store." Steve forced himself to keep a level head; to keep calm. "This could be someone with connections and very deep pockets or..." he sighed. "Hell, this day and age, it could have been one very powerful metahuman."
  23. Matt Murdock Registered

    Jun 29, 2005
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    "People don't buy these weapons anywhere, Steve." Stark added, agreeing with his teammate. He rose to his feet and pulled out a small device, shaped similarly to a PDA. With a flick of his wrist, the lights dimmed and the mechanical shades on the windows lowered.

    He placed the device on the table and pressed a few buttons, displaying several holograms of various devices.

    "You build them."

    The holograms floated in the air, waiting for explanation.

    "There are only a few people in the world capable of building a weapon that shows the power of the one that took out Washington D.C."
    He shifted as he walked around the table, "If my math is correct (ha.), then we're dealing with someone with high resources, and, perhaps, government connections. The only way this could be done would be if it was done by way of a proxy, like a security agency."

    "We're dealing with a far more harrowing problem, however." Stark pressed another button, this time displaying a holographic bust of an elderly gentleman. "This is Senator Michael Thompson, R. South Carolina."

    "Luckily, he's one of the few senators who wasn't present during the disciplinary subcommittee on what to do about Senator Wilson's outburst during the late President's most recent speech on Health Care reform."

    Stark put his hands in the air and moved them giddily.

    "One of the more astounding aspects of mathematical probabilities is that they can be applied to everything, including what is seemingly random. Shooting stars, ocean swells, weather, even human behavior. In fact, in the late 1840's, there was a French theologian who theorized that every decision a human being makes can be predicte--"

    "Stark." Fury said. "You were saying?"

    "Right. Well. Senatorial records indicate that there's a piece of legislation that Senator Thompson has been trying to push through, since the Chitauri incident. It's nothing so incredibly insane. He wants to enact a policy that states that damage caused by superhumans should be absorbed and fixed with state money, instead of federal grants."

    "So?" The General said, an uncaring tone in his voice.

    "The consequences of such legislation have proven to be, in calculation, somewhat disastrous. An algorithm I created in Iron Man HQ and ran through a simulator seems to indicate that passing such legislation would make superhuman acts matters of the government. The logic is that the money that saves superhero asses is owned by the state, therefore, the state owns the hero."

    "Tony." Rogers said, "We don't have time to this. Cut to it."

    "It's not that simple. All of this is hypothetical at this point. All of it could happen, and none of it could. It's all relative. It could be 10 days down the road, or 10 millennia, if it even happens at all."

    "If what happens?" Captain America hissed, impatience lining his voice.

    Stark said, simply. "All-out war."
  24. Johnny Blaze Freethinker

    Feb 25, 2003
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    Eight Hours After Washington...

    T'Challa walked through the wreckage in his pilfered radiation suit, scanning the debris field.

    He had been finishing his morning exercises and just getting ready to study his intel reports from his sources back home when the attack happened. He couldn't believe it at first. It was like a bad dream that he couldn't wake up from. The American capital building, the President, the joint chiefs, most major politicians...all killed in a single instant as the nuclear bomb went off.

    Something didn't sit right though. This was too precise an attack to be some podunk terrorist group.
    T'Challa went onto his computer set up, hacking into the government mainframe. Over the next hour, T'Challa confirmed that there were no missing nuclear devices from any government compounds. And there had been no break-ins in any area that would contain parts to create a sophisticated bomb.
    Which meant that it had to come from outside the country...

    T'Challa stepped over what was left of a light pole as he made his way towards the White House. The place which had been identified as 'ground zero' for the attack.

    "Strange", he said as he bent low, his scanning instrument buzzing noisily.

    "Oh no", his eyes went wide as the device gathered the data. Deep down, he knew it was a possibility, but he didn't want to believe it. Still, he had to make sure he was right before bringing this information to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fury.

    T'Challa gathered a soil sample and placed it in his coat's pocket. Calmly, the Panther put his scanner away and made his way back out of the danger zone.
  25. Johnny Blaze Freethinker

    Feb 25, 2003
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    Five Hours After Washington...

    A thin smile creased the Skull's lips as he lounged back on the couch, watching the news reports of the devastation.
    Sin snuggled in closer to him, and he put his arm around her as they sat quietly fixed on the television.

    "...still unknown who could have been behind this heinous act. Though S.H.I.E.L.D. and the US military are narrowing down a list of possible suspects as we speak. Rest assured, as soon as any answers are discovered, we at CNN will bring them to you. Once again, if you're just joining us, at exactly 10:10 AM this morning, a nuclear bomb detonated, destroying Washington DC along with..."

    "So", Crossbones broke the silence as he walked up behind the couch.
    "When you gonna break the news?"

    "All in due time", the Skull replied.
    "For now, let them scramble about like headless chickens. Let them second guess themselves as they try and figure out who or what was behind this attack. When the time is right, I will make our presence known."

    The Skull turned pushed Sin away and got off of the couch. Stretching the wrinkles out of his KKK T-Shirt that read "The Original Boys in the Hood", the Red Skull lit up a cigarette.

    "Where you going?"

    "I have some business I need to take care of", the Skull stated.
    "Stay here and enjoy the calm."

    "But I want to-"

    The Skull glared at Sin, silencing the young woman with a look.

    "Let's go Crossbones", the Red Skull said as he and his trusted friend and ally fell in line behind him.

    "Where we goin', Skull?"

    "We're off to prepare for the next stage of the operation", the Skull answered as he headed for the garage.
    "And I'm driving."

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