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The Art of X3 Thread


Aug 11, 2004
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How do you guys feel about the posters and sheets?

They're quite cool but they're not quite there yet. I mean they should not have put the stupid 'Outcast-logo-Hero' thing on there or atleast they should have moved it to the bottom or so.

I like the outcast hero line, but theres already threads about this
I've liked every piece of artwork TBH
i cant diside which poster i want to buy.......must......buy..... ALL!!
I like all of them, except the Polish poster looks a little cheesy.
I like all the poster apart from the Bige one with the light backround and also i don't like it that Huge and Halle name are above everyone else they did't do it with the other posters so why now.
the new individuals are MUCH MUCH better then the "take a stand" posters.... in my opinion, we need some high res pics of these new ones!
There really needs to be just one poster thread, now theres four on the front page...
So far art/trailers so on are great. Lets hope so will the movie.

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