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The Cleveland Show

Cleveland is boring, Funny but boring.

Do a show with Quagmire or continue with the Brian and Stewie adventures.

hell id give the closet monkey his own show b4 Cleavland.
I'd prefer Cleveland not to get a show... :confused:
I LOVE Cleveland, but I can't imagine an entire show focused on him :huh:
I'm just glad we'll finally find out what ever happened to Cleveland Junior.
This strikes me as strange. Cleveland is a non character, his whole thing is being uninteresting which strikes me as a weird premise for a show.

A Cleveland and Quaqmire show might have potential but it would almost certainly be overwhelmed by Quaqmire quickly.

Now an Adam West show would be great :applaud
cleveland is so dull, and boring, Quagmire show please.
I would much prefer a Stewie&Brian show. But I would still watch the first one of Cleveland..just to see where they got the idea to this new show. Maybe they have a big twist they are not revealing
So where was this thread moved to?

Edit: Ah, I see...
Things god hates:
-Family guy
-American dad
-Seth MacFarlane
...this concept is only 1 step better than a Meg only show.
I heard about this but couldn't quite grasp the point/appeal of it.

Quagmire would have been better, if they made his cartoon a 15 minute one, but even that would get repetative.

The thing with Cleveland is he was always wallpaper, to provide Peter with a neighbour and friend, and the source of black jokes. He isn't interesting or quirky enough to provide a full series of his own.

Family Guy works because of many reasons; Stewie is so absurd he's funny, Brian is a talking dog and it's accepted, Peter is rude and dumb and Meg is the butt of all jokes. Cleveland and his family cannot bring any of that.
This is a bad idea. Family Guy hasn't been good since the third season.
Yeah but how is it Cleveland's family if his wife isn't around anymore?

I don't care much for American Dad because its basically exactly the same as Family Guy. Futurama at least was consistently different than Simpsons and brought a lot different to the table.
Meh I dont see how they can pull this off. Cleveland wasnt that funny. Now a show all about Quagmire would be hilarious
Meh I dont see how they can pull this off. Cleveland wasnt that funny. Now a show all about Quagmire would be hilarious
Quagmire would be like a cartoon Benny Hill. The joke is alright in small doses on Family Guy, but would get boring on his own show.

The Crazy World of Mayor Adam West would work :up:
What?! This is so stupid and needless. Cleveland can be funny sometimes but not that much to deserve his own show. Why not a quagmire show?! This will be a waste of money and time :down

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