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The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Action Figure & Merchandise Thread.

i just hope we get some decent 12 inchers from TDK (im looking at you takara medicom hot toys). maybe dc direct will step it up this time and do some decent stuff because mattel's line will surely suck yet again.
i just found a site where i can buy John Mclane from Die Hard - im buying it
i just found a site where u can buy the Joker from B89 but you have to paint the model and build it ur self

thats nuts
I want these :(



I liked everything but the Bruce Wayne one. Looked like he had a pencil neck.
New book out next year by the artist who's design had a big influence on the TDK crew.

Joker: Dark Night with Lee Bermejo. It will be out next summer in time for the new Batman film.


Batman Unauthorized: Vigilantes, Jokers, and Heroes in Gotham City (Smart Pop series) (Paperback)
by Dennis O'Neil (Editor)

List Price: $17.95
Price: $12.21


Book Description

Compiled by a veteran writer of the comic series, this collection of essays explores Batman’s motivations and actions, as well as those of his foes. Batman is a creature of the night, more about vengeance than justice, more plagued by doubts than full of self-assurance, and more darkness than light. He has no superpowers, just skill, drive, and a really well-made suit. One of the most recognized superheroes ever created, Batman has survived through campy TV shows and films, through actors like Adam West, Michael Keaton, and Christian Bale. It covers both the silly and the solemn, asking questions like Why is the Joker so good at pushing Batman’s buttons? What does Batman’s technology say about the times? Why are Batman’s villains crazier than average? and Why is Batman the perfect, iconic American hero?

About the Author

Dennis O’Neil is a former comic book writer and editor for Marvel Comics and DC Comics; wrote the novelization for the film Batman Begins; and is the author of Batman: Shaman and Batman: Sword of Azrael. He wrote the main Batman title in the 1970s and 1980s and is the former group editor for the Batman family of books. He lives in Nyack, New York.

Product Details

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Benbella Books (March 1, 2008)
Language: English
Judging by the prototype toy of the new Batsuit the Dark Knight action figures are going to be just as lousy as the BB ones. We'll probably get a Joker that looks as much like the character in the movie as the Scarecrow figure looked as much like the one in BB, and no doubt we'll get at least half a dozen Batman's featuring costumes that he doesn't even wear in the movie.

The only BB toys I bought was the large Batmobile and one of the Batman figures which I repainted to look more like the film costume, and the 'Action Cape' 12" Batman (but only cos I found it at the supermarket or $5.00).

This is still my fave Batman action figure:

Thats awesome!

But yeah, most of BB's action figures were terrible!
I'm not picky. I liked some of what was done. Actually REALLY liked some of it. Some of you however have to realize this is a broad line, pointed at reaching children and not adult collectors. You all are smoking rock with what you want and are asking for from this merchandiser of the movie.

As long as we get stuff similar to BEGINS, and matches the scale of the first movie ... I'm good.
Thats awesome!

But yeah, most of BB's action figures were terrible!

Yeah that's the 13" DC Direct Deluxe Batman, just got that bad boy yesterday and he's standing atop my TV set right now.

The BEGINS Scarecrow was awful..really if I found this thing out of the package I'd have NO idea it was either from Begins or that it was supposed to be Scarecrow:



Off topic a bit but here's a part of my Batman collection - very Batgirl and Catwoman heavy:

Hopefully the final Dark Knight action figures will look a LOT better than THIS:

That DK figure looks so good, and it's just the proto. Love that thing.
Takara figures. New suit, Joker, Harvey, Gordon...ect. Pretty expensive, but the Begins figure is by far my favorite piece from the movie.
Pretty cool collection Grave.

Yeah man, I actually remember seeing that Scarecrow figure before Begins came out and I was expecting him to look like that in the film!
That DK figure looks so good, and it's just the proto. Love that thing.

Each to their own taste I guess, personally I think that prototype is a complete eyesore, it looks like those bootleg Batman figures you see over here in Australia in those cheap Asian department stores....

I have seen some images where people have photoshopped the grey underneath so that it is all black and it looks a lot better, still far too busy though for my own tastes.....
^The ending credits listed "Zsasz" for Tim Booth.
and Crane mentioned Zsasz's name too, to petition for his Arkham stay.

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