The "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel" RPG Season II


May 16, 2003
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This is the Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel RPG Season II, similar to zer00's GTA: Hype City thread (now defunct by Dew a la zer00's request), my World of Heroes: DC Style Season II, and Andrew's Heroes vs. Villains thread (which is no longer up and running) in the Marvel board. This is instead the planet Earth (and the whole galaxy if you'd like) of the Marvel Universe.

*You can choose to be any superhero or supervillain in the Marvel Universe, as long as they:

are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Death. People like Thanos and Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel and Galactus are okay, though...​

are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as NO Cyclops moving planets with his optic blasts, Dazzler defeating Galactus, or Aunt May as Galatus's new Herald...​

*You can reside in an place in the Marvel Universe. YOU CAN ALSO TRAVEL OFF-PLANET...

*This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such...

*Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM...

*Don't be killing people without reason. You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Dazzler will lose against Thanos one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away...

*If you want to take part in this, just PM me or list your name and character here and I'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve...

*You can form supervillain gangs, superhero teams, alliances, the works...

*You should have a hideout of some sort, at least in the beginning when your not traveling...

*If you get killed, re-spawn somewhere else like in a hospital or morgue or whatever. Keep playing...

*There can be a number of stories going on at once, using different people...

*Act like your characters, ASSUME their traits and personalities...

*There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...

*People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the last thread...
Dew k. Mosi said:
The game is closed. It will start again and the first person to screw it up will be booted.

*No obscene topics!


Now here are the players and their characters:



Gamma Mike
Bruce Banner/The Hulk​

Nick Fury​



Mr. Green

Silver Sable
Silver Sable​

Iron Man**​

Captain America**​



Jewish Hobbit
Multiple Man​

Bat Child
The Phoenix​

Master Bruce





The Beast​




Duker Jay
The Thing​

Mr. Fantastic​

Invisible Woman​

The Human Torch​



MST3K 4ever

Ghost Rider​








Doc Ock
Doctor Octopus​

Green Goblin​


Silver S


Keyser Soze

The Chameleon​


Dr. Doom​

Electro UK

Mole Man​


** means that the character is pending. In other words, the rule is that if you don't post in two weeks without prior notice, the character is able to be taken away by whoever wants it...


*Magneto walks into his throne room in a pair of trousers and a suit. He has been thinking lately. His son has betrayed him, people never die, and supers are abound. This is the time to bring out what he has worked so hard to put together: his Brotherhood*
'It has been a long time. Far too long since the world above has paid notice to the world below. They bury their trash and poisons here, abusing my world as they do the ocean world of Namor. He may be tolerant of their abuses towards his kingdom, but not I. When they wouldn't accept me into their precious society, I found my own. My strengths made me a King. And still the world above considers me to be of no importance. This shall change. The world above shall tremble in fear at the merest whisper of my name...and I shall make them tremble OFTEN,' the Mole Man thought to himself, seething with every thought progression. He had always felt anger and paranoia towards the top-dwellers that had cast him out, and now he was ready to make the world suffer for his pains.

He rules the ground they walk on. He is the Mole Man.

OOC: Yay!!!! The new season's here, the new season's here!!!!!!
Otto Octavius walked from room to room of this old ramshackle house.Voices flooded his mind.Images of a man towering over him screaming "I can't afford to keep replacing your glasses boy.You've got to stand up for yourself.A man is measured by his STRENGTH and POWER".

Ock grinned to himself and whispered in a soft sad voice "Yes father.I know.I have always known that power is a measure of a man.Knowledge can be power.It's just a question of how you use that power".

Ock looked at his tentacles as the wavered around him like snakes.Hissing and snapping their claws."I've always had power.Even before I acquired you my beauties.My mind is the most powerful weapon of all".

Otto Octavius was raised to truly believe this.His doting mother never let him forget.He could see her as she bounced him on her knee.Straightening the little dickie bow she always made him wear to school.He could hear her words so clear in his ears as he stood in his childhood bedroom.

"Remember Otto you're smarter than the rest of them.No matter what they say and do to you they are all just jealous of you.They know you have something they'll never have.Intelligence.That is your future my darling.Your brilliant mind.You will be somebody one day Otto.Somebody important.Somebody the whole world will know and respect.You will make mother proud of you.So proud.My little genius".

Otto smiled again.That same sad smile."Well mother you were half right.But who needs respect when they fear you?? Fear your very name.Doctor Octopus commands fear.And with fear comes respect.".

Octavius sat down on his little childhood bed and looked around the room."I think it's time to go back to basics.I thinks it's time this miserable city remembers just how powerful Doctor Octopus truly is".

One of his tentacles flexed out and turned on a little kiddies radio that was on the side table by his bed.The melody of 'London bridge is falling down' came playing out in a sweet tune that filled the room.

Ock stood up and grinned."I think it's time Spider-Man and New York came falling down" He said with a fiendish laugh as he walked out of the room.
OOC: Hey it's a great time! New season and Doc Ocks back :D

"Oh dad it got stuck again"

"Huh, what's that Maxie?"

"My kite, it's stuck in the tree again"

"Oh okay sport wait right there just let me see to the burgers and I'll go and get it"

"Be carefull George that tree's awfully close to that power line." Said a woman, standing in the garden of a house along with a man and a small boy.

"Oh it's okay Anita, I'll be fine" Said the man begining to climb a tree with a kite stuck in it. After a couple of seconds, the man reaches the kite a grabs it. "Catch Max" He said raising his hands, preparing to throw the kite down.
Suddenly, the kite snatches onto the wire above.

The boy and the woman watch in horror ass the man starts screaming and vibrating. After what seemed to be an age of torment for the boy named Max Dillon, the screaming stopped and the man fell. He hit the ground with a thump, motionless. Max runs to the man, tears flying down him.

"Dad, Dad!" He urges out hoping that the man would raise up, and would be ok. Reaching the man, he kneels down and turns the body over. His face looked straight at him, burnt and black. Max flinched fear.


"AHHHHHHH!" Screamed Max Dillon sitting up in bed gasping for air. His startled face looked up to the ceiling of his shield prison cell. It was just dream. A dream that long ago was a reality. Electricity had ruined his life years ago. And just when he thought it got better. Electricity ruined him again. Putting him in this place. A speically modified cell designed to keep him from harming anyone. Years ago electricity had harmed him. Now, electricity was all he had in the world.

Except for one person. A girl named Mia. Long ago Max lived a life of hookers. Lonely and frustrated. Now he had found someone. Someone that had meant something to him. And now because of how foolish he had been, he doubted she would ever want to see him again. Mia wanted him to stop being someone. Someone that was closer to him than Mia herself. But as hard as he tried... Max Dillon could never stop being Electro.

He couldn't sleep now. Sleep would bring back the nightmare. So he just sat in his bed waiting for morning to come.

OOC: George is made up. Max's real father was called Johnathon but he left Max so George is a Step-father
William Baker sat in silence on the edge of the bed inside the small, cold room of the maximum security cell block on Riker Island, called The Vault, brooding to himself. He held a lighter in one large, rough looking hand, flicking the lid opened and closed again and again.

Clink... Clink... Clink.

There was nothing to do in these cells but brood, really. They had told him isolation and solitude gave them time to think about what they've done, and how it might be possible to rehabilitate and become a upstanding citizen again; resume public life as if none of this, none of their pasts, had ever existed.

Yeah, well. You might take a tiger out of the wild, but you ain't gonna take the wild outta the tiger.

Clink... Clink... Clink.

He scratched at his neck just above the restraining collar they kept bound around their necks at all hours of the day. Made it so he couldn't transform. He idly ran his fingers along the warm metal and dropped his hand back into his lap, lifting the lighter in front of his face as he snapped back the lid and flicked it to life. An orange flame danced before him before he snapped it shut again with a grimace.


It wouldn't be long till he was outta here anyway. All you had to do was talk whatever bullsh_t they wanted to hear. And they'd move you down the block for good behavior. Closer to where he needed to be. It was just a matter of time.


Norman yelled out in front of many Goblin troopers.
“Are you okay” A Goblin commander came and said
“GET OFF ME “ Norman yelled and throe him away.
“WHAT?” He asked when he saw The Goblins staring at him.
“GET OUT” They all left.

Norman sat down on a chair, he needed a glass of water. SPIDERMAN, SPIDERMAN.

“ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Norman needed too rest, the plan was at hand Roderick was already ready he was waiting for The Green Goblin. Norman felt pressure, as he tried to relax Norman realised that Spiderman was going to go insane and his plan for him to be The next Green Goblin was going too work. He got his suit on and feet on the glider and to his part and went to Roderick

“Our Targets will come here and show our conquer”

The man lay in deep slumber. He had rented the room, in a small roadside Motel, to rest from his days of travel. He was looking for peace and quiet. Unfortunately, for Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, even deep in sleep, this was never possible. He tossed and turned in his bed, as his mind drifted into a common dream. A dream he suffered through often. A horrible dream. His dreams never gave him peace. He walked through a familiar landscape. One that he often walked through. It was created by his subconcious. although he knew he had been there often, he could not remember the details. Only a pervading sense of dread was allowed him to realize it was a Nightmare. A cold certainty gripped him as he made his way throuh the hazy dreamscape. He felt he should know more, remember more. He walked through the barren dreamscape, obscurred by fog. Fog of his own mind's making. Why? Why would he imagine the fog? Suddenly realization dawned on him, and he lurched into a frantic run. He was hiding. He made the fog to hide himself. as he ran, another thought hit him. If he was hiding, then who or what was he hiding from? More appropriately, What? What made him so afraid that his stomach clenched as he ran. What made the hairs on his arms, and back of his neck stand on end. What, terrified him beyond reason. He was a logical man, a rational man. He was an inteligent man, so why was he running like a scared child in the dark?He heard a terrible sound off in the distance. It was a grunting chuckle. A monstrous chuckle. He heard the movements of something immense. another realization came to him. It's looking for me. It's searching for me. It wants to harm me. The wisps of the fog thickened as he ran. seemingly clutching at him as he passed, as if it embodied the searching.........beast. in a panic, he ran himself ragged. Fearfully, frantically, doggedly, he ran. He scanned the fog as he ran, and barely registered the movement in time.

He stopped, frozen, staring at the spot for long moments. Precious moments.He screamed to himself to run, but he was rooted by fear. He saw the wisps of fog dance, and slowly give way as a shape emergered. It was a Giant shape. A brutish shape. a horrible shape.It took everything he had, to keep himself screaming as the shape came into full view.


It was the Hulk. His emerald green skin rippled with muscle and sinew. He wore a bestial expression, that was quite frightening, on the face of a creature that seemingly dwarved mountains. Banner met the Hulk's gaze, and saw contained in it, an intense hatred. a hatred that was beyond human capability. A hatred directed soley at him. He was paralyzed with fear. He couldn't even force himself to move as he saw the Hulk slowly lower his behemoth skull, placing his baleful scowl on the level of Banner's own head.

" Puny Banner! Bring Hulk his Betty, or Hulk smash! the monster said, in what passed for a low whisper for him, but would be equivalent to a shout from another. It was low and threatening. Banner watched in horror as the behemoth's impossibly huge hand, slowly streched towards his throat..................................

He awoke suddenly, drenched in a cold sweat. He shot from his bed like a rocket, still in a panic and searching for the Hulk within his room. He then became fully aware of his surroundings, and made his way to the chair on the other side of his bed.The chair on which, his pants lay folded. He reached into his front, right pocket, and removed his most precious possession. A letter! It's paper was worn, from constant handleing. The creases deep and well formed. The Letter! The letter he had mysteriously recieved, while in Bahgdad. The letter that offered him another chance with ...........Her! He had left right after Jean Gray's funeral, and had been traveling hard. He would be reunited with Betty. He would do anything in his, or the Hulk's ability to get her back. Though, it may dam his soul. the truth was, without Betty, he was soulless. He was going to get his wife back, and God help anyone who got in his way!!!!!.......................................
Matt Murdock was finishing a stack of files at his office. Foggy was in court and would be there for the rest of the day. More than likely the better part of the upcoming week as well which was fine with Matt. Frankly Matt was in the mood to be alone for a while and he couldn't figure out why. He hadn't contacted any of the super-heroes since Jean's funeral, but he kept thinking that maybe he should contact Peter and see how he was doing. He had been out as Daredevil only a couple of times, and he stopped a mugging and a robbery here and there, but it just didn't seem the same. It was like he was going through the motions.

He put the last file-folder in the file cabinet and sighed. What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe I hold myself partial resonsbile for MJ's death, maybe I am getting tierd of the same crap. I stop a criminal here and there but then someone like Bullseye manages to get under my skin and make things personal or Doc Ock comes along with grand scheme that we stop, but then they slip away as always...why do I even bother any more? I have failed Karen, Elektra, & now MJ...Bullseye took them from this world and now the world seems a little darker. Bullseye...I should've killed him when I had the chance...I should've but...but I know I couldn't. So does that make me a weaker or stronger person?

He sits down in his chair and begins to drift off to sleep and then he hears Elektra's voice in his head clear as day. She says,"All-right Matt snap out of it! You do this to prevent others from knowing the pain that you have had to deal with all of your life. It's time to stop this self-pity malase crap and get back to living. Your father fought even when he knew he had no chance of winning and he took his shots but he got back up and kept going. He did it for you damnit because he knew you were counting on him! You have had some hard hits lately, and now it is time for you to decide...are you just going to lay there or are you going to get back up in time for the next round...for the people who are counting on you?"

Matt suddenly woke-up. He took a couple of deep breaths and cracked his knuckles. He stood up and felt the "DD" underneath his button up shirt. He makes it to the rooftop and hides his business suit in a favorite hiding spot. He re-emerges as Daredevil and for the first time in what felt like weeks he smiles and says, lowly, "Ding-ding...round two is now underway." He swings into the city.



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Rogue dived, dodging the stream of energy.
Bringing herself out of the roll she flew into the air and towards the “Sentinel” that was firing at her.
Hitting it’s chin with a right cross she watched as it toppled over.

“Gonna have ta set it on ‘difficult’ next time.” she thought as another “Sentinel” came at her. Throwing out a flurry of punches she felt the simulation of the Sentinels metal skin dent and buckle. Flying back she watched as this one too, toppled.

The Simulation shut down and Rogue gently landed on the floor. She could feel the sweat on her face and she brushed her face against her arm.
Punching the panel the Danger room door opened, and she stepped into the quiet hallway on the lower levels of the mansion. Looking down that hall she saw the doors to Cerebro, she often wonderd what it was like for the Proffessor and Jean to use it. Jean....the silence of the hallway seemed deafing

It was quiet, as was probably the rest of the Mansion, everyone else was asleep.

Rogue walked down the hall and grabbed a towel, wiping the accumulated sweat off her arms and face. She stopped mid-motion grasped the towel to her body, causing the towel to cover the lower portion of her face. She should be in bed too.
But memories and images that weren’t her own kept creeping into her dreams, and they seemed to course through her on a physical level, the excersize in the Danger room had helped.

She was one of the older X-Men, and she had been entrusted as a Team Leader once. She shouldn’t have these ‘problems’. She had gone through them so many times and she felt as if she burdend the Professor and her teammates whenever it happend.

Rogue has seen many of the students come to the Xavier Institute, and leave in better mental condition than when they came. Trust had been planted, and hope had been patched back together. They overcame their weaknesses and grew stronger. Why not her?

After she absorbed memories of Wolverine, she had been haunted at night, waking up in cold sweats from horrific visions. It had also seemed to breach the tentative mental barrier holding back other peoples psyches and lives.

Bringing the towel up, she buried her face in it and gently rubbed it. Feeling the terry cloth against her skin. Remembering that she could actually feel things. She became lost in the darkness of it as she closed her eyes. White shapes and squiggles danced beneath her closed eyelids. Random shapes and splotches. They started to shape and meld into a face unknown to her. It was a gentle face, a seemingly kind soul. Feeling tired of the internal fight she allowed it to take shape more. The face distorted and formed into an animal/human Hybrid and ‘launched’ itself towards her.

Starting, Rogue jerked her head out of the towel and dropping it she took a step back shaking her head.
Grabbing her bag she headed quickly for the showers, through the silent halls. She had a team to meet with and a day to start.

She had to get over this, and this time, no one was to know.


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*Deep in the ocean, within the ruins of the Titanic, a man sat reading the pages of a DC comic book.*

"Ugh, so boring. I had hoped this underwater training would have helped."

*Unlike most people, Cain Marko considered underwater training as how much pressure a man could stand before he was crushed. In hopes of testing his strength, he traveled under the seven seas only to discover it was no different than when he was on land. Unfortunately for many, this boosted his ego even more.*

"HAHAHAH! Nothing stops the JUGGERNAUT!"

*As a further test of his abilities, he did not summon his armor or helmet, in attempts to further his own physical strength...It didn't do much.*

"Well, time to go find something to smash." Cain said as he walked through the walls of the Titanic.

*As he was walking out, he turned around and saw the entire ships skeleton was falling towards him.*

"Right..." he said, followed by a "weak" punch, which shot the ship further into Davey Jones' Locker.


*Just then, he recieved a message from an unknown psychic messenger, telling him to head for Genosha*

"Agh, F**cker, stay out of my head."

"HEAD FOR GENOSHA, NOW", was the reply in his head.

Juggernaut replied, "I'll head there alright, and when I find you, I'll deal with you as well."

*To prevent any further disturbances, he summoned his armor from the Crimson Cosmos and leapt forward. He figured that if he went straight, he would hit land eventually.*

[Some time later]

*In the midst of a city, a hulking mass arose from the water in dripping wet clothes.*

"***** I need to find something to wear."

*Cain entered a clothing store and told the cashier to get him some clothes. Unfortunately, he chose to walk through the door...when it was closed, causing many people to run out screaming.*


*To emphasize his point, he transformed into his armor and smashed the counter. The cashier, in tears, scurried off and returned with his clothing. He then cowered behind a counter while Marko went to the changing room. Moments later he came out.*


*Cain then walked toward the exit, but paused momentarily.*

"Oh yea, here, this is for the damages. A little souvenir I found."

*He tosses the cowering employee a sack of gold coins. Then walks through the wall.*

*The employee can be seen with tears in his eyes with an expression of happiness and terror.*

"OH YEA! One more thing" Cain says as he walks back into the store.

*The employee screams and wets his pants.*

"Can you tell me where Genosha is?"

*The employee runs into the back room and comes back with an old dusty map and points at both the continent, and the direction.*

"Thanks!" Cain says and slaps the man on the back, sending him flying into a rack of clothes.

*Cain then changes into his armor again.*

"Genosha here we come." and Juggernaut exits the shop, and leaps into the air.
A lone, black figure swung through cold night of New York City. His name is Venom. Now his life had only one purpose, to kill Spider-man and all who stand in his way. "Nothing will stop usss, this timesss" He said to himself. He had failed countless times before, but not this time. This time he would win. His destination...Peter Parkers Apartment.
Spider-man leapt up, his back to the wall, his hands clinging to it by his sides. He kept moving, so as to avoid the pumpkin bombs being thrown at him by the Hobgoblin. As he reached the top of the roof, still dodging the bombs, his spider-sense alerted him of incredible danger from behind!

Leaping into the air, Spider-man dodged the Scorpian's tail, but now Spider-man's spider-sense was going nuts, as he still had to dodge the bombs. He was just about to web up the Scorpian when sand suddenly enveloped him. The Sandman!

Coughing and bruised, Spider-man jumped up out the sand, web-slinging back towards the Hobgoblin. Only to have his web line sliced by the Green Goblin!

Spider-man did not panic, however, and shot another web line, and swung himself to another rooftop, only to be followed by the villians. He was pushed to the limits of his agility and strength and Electro blasted him in the back!
Spider-man looked up, seeing the frightening form of Doctor Octopus, with all the villians standing behind him.

With Bullseye. Holding a bloody sai.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Peter Parker yelled in his sleep, instictively reaching over to the side of the bed MJ used to sleep on.

It was a nightmare. Nightmares had plagued him since MJ's funeral. Never the same, but they always ended with Bullseye, holding a bloody sai. And him, powerless.

"MJ...I'm sorry I let that madman take you from me. I'm sorry!" Peter Parker yelled as he flipped his bed. He smashed a few objects before taking a few deep breaths.

"Don't hulk out Parker. Calm down." Peter Parker said to himself. There was one way he knew how to calm down...He reached for his mask...
Bobby Drake sat in the X-Mansion's Med Lab in the dark. Sitting over the unconscious body of Deadpool, a.k.a. Wade Wilson. Bobby sat there, wishing he would have gotten there in time, in time to save Wade from being trown out that window, leaving him in this state. Sure, his spine healed from his healing factor, but something happened to his mind also, something that wasn't so easily healed.

Bobby was flooded with memories of times he wasn't there to protect someone, friend and family. Images of his beaten and bruised father, of a dead Jean Grey and of Deadpool. Of course Jean was alive again. Well, maybe not Jean, but the Pheonix anyway. Bobby knew that none of those was his fault, he couldn't have known what was happening to his friends, but found some part of himself feeling responsible. It was probbaly because he knew that he always held himself back. Always scared of what might happen if he reaches his full potential as Iceman.

Bobby got up and walked to the door, opening it, turning to take one last look at Deadpool's body and vowing to himself that he would do what ever it took to prevent anybody else he knew from getting hurt.
Thor rushes into the halls of the kingdom of Asgard. His father called to him with news of trouble. Thor has ran as fast as he could. He was worried. "What could be troubling my father?" He thought. He walked into Odin's throne room to see his father waiting for him.

Thor: Father! How fairs thee? What is wrong?
Odin: (confused.) What is wrong? Nothing is wrong... (Odin smiles.)
Thor: But you called me here. You said something was wrong.
Odin: Oh, I am fine. (smile grows sinister) You however...

The hand of a frost giant smashes through the castle walls and grabs Thor. Odin transforms into Loki.

Loki: And I am not Odin. Hahahaha!
Thor: Loki! I should have known!

Thor was then taken out of the castle and thrown to the ground.

Thor: Do you really beleive a single frost giant can stop me?!

Thor dodges a punch from the giant and smashes it's hand with his hammer. The frost giant screams in agony. Thor is caught off guard however when the giant hits him with his other hand. The giant is about to step on the thunder god when Thor's ally Balder jumps from the castle top and stabs the frost giant in the back. Balder is hanging from the sword.

Thor: I say thee nay!

With those four words, Thor flies hammer first in to the chin of the giant knocking it down. Balder swings out of the giant's way just in time. Before the giant can rise Thor smashes it's head apart.

Balder: Are you alright, Thor?
Thor: Aye, my friend. This was too easy! (Thor is happy to see his good friend Balder again, but his smile suddenly fades.)
Balder: What is it?
Thor: Where is my father?
Balder: He and I had just returned. He is fine.
Thor: Good. Something is wrong though. Loki knows that a single frost giant cannot beat me. Why would he even try?

Just then they are interupted by Volstagg of the warrior three.

Volstagg: Thor! Odin's ravens! They are missing!
Thor: Loki! It was all a distraction!
Odin arrives on the scene.
Odin: Thor! He is not far. Just past the mountains. He should realize that I know where the ravens go. I see what they see.
Thor: I shall return shortly.

Thor spins his mystic uru hammer and creates a portal. He steps through and arrives at Loki's location. Surrounded by giants, frost giants, and other monsters.

Loki: Two traps in under 10 minutes? Time to die brother!
The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning


Henry McCoy sat in his room, surrounded by piles of books. He was trying to lose himself in them, trying to forget what had happened. It was a monumental feat, as much has happened. Victor Von Doom tried to conquer the world. The president of the United States was assassinated, and former Senator Kelly, a foe to all mutants, had taken office. Jean Grey, his friend, his teammate, had died, only to be reborn again. But something felt different this time, like she was really gone for good, and all that came back was the Pheonix. That troubled Hank. But what troubled him more is President Kelly. In his new seat of power, Kelly could do a lot of damage to the cause Hank had pledged himself to, to attain a world where humanity and mutant kind can live in harmony. Suddenly, Hank had an idea, an unorthodox idea, but one that would definitely make a statement, and if it worked, well, that would be very good for Xavier’s cause as well. Hank put his book down, he had a phone call to make.

The Independent Political Party’s New York Headquarters

Three men sat around a table, disappointed looks all over their faces. This was an election year, and once again they were without a candidate that could appeal to the voters of the nation. And this year it would be easy for them, the active President Robert Kelly had an approval rating that just breached the 50% mark, it seems his anti-mutant hate mongering had backfired with a good portion of the public. Kelly’s opponent, a Congressman from Kansas named Daniel Straub, was boring and stiff. They had a chance this year, and nobody noteworthy had been available, or suggested.
Suddenly, a young woman burst in her face a mix of surprise and glee.
“Mister Parson! Mister Parson! You have a phone call from a Dr. Henry McCoy, he wants to speak to you about running for office.”

Ben Grimm sat in a large, empty room in the Baxter Building.

His team...his family was still gone. He had had some time since Jean Grey's "funeral" to relax. It seemed that the high-stakes world of super heroes and villains had taken a breather after the utter calamity that had engulfed the world during the threat of Doom's invasion and the various subplots that surrounded that whole episode of four or five days.

Now, it was back to relative normalcy for the one known as The Thing. Although, literally saving the world from the indomitable forces that sometimes threatened it had become the Fantastic Four's day-to-day job, they rarely saw the all-encompassing war that had broken out.

For his part, Ben had taken it in stride. Though it didn't usually occur on earth, this wasn't the first time Ben had been in the middle of a cataclysmic battle to decide the fate of an entire world. Just a few weeks prior to Doom's bid for dominance, the Fantastic Four had been in the far reaches of the galaxy (at the request of some of their many alien acquaintances) involved in a war between worlds.

No, what Ben had seen hadn't been too much out of the ordinary, but when these sorts of events happened on Earth, it always hit close to home.

But, now the world was safe again. The bad guys had been stopped...for now.

Just then, a low rumble can be heard and felt throughout even the vibranium-enforced Baxter Building. The room that Ben Grimm sits in, shakes with great ferocity.

The Thing looks up...


"Man...I'm hungry."
“Let me get this straight, you, Dr. Henry McCoy, publicly known mutant, former Avenger, and world renowned doctor, want to run for president.”

“Why, yes, is there a problem? Other than my obvious mutant hood?”

“Well, that would be a problem, but we can sidestep that issue, and push your former Avengers status. The people would love a superhero president.”

“Yes, well, that helps my case a lot. I think there’s a lot of good that can come of my candidacy. I really want this to happen.”

“Well, I’d have to discuss this with my people first, but I’d like you to come by, say, later today, around noonish?”

“I’ll bring the Chinese food. What’s the address?”
As Parson recites the address, Hank grabs a pen with his left foot and jots it down. He smiled as he hung up the phone, imagine, being the first president to sign bills with his feet. Though I think Nixon used to do that too.
The Chameleon walked into a New York City airport with a coomon apperance of your average tourist but he was more than an average tourist.

He had been in a Russian airport just hours ago and had first taken a security guards apperance. Then, once inside the lobby, past the weapons check, he had taken the form of the commoner that he appered to be presantly, he kept the guards handgun though for safe keeping, as he always did. then he had just walked onto the plane like nothing had happened.

Presantly, he began strolling through town looking for a place a common, average, civillian would live in. He always went with average appearances because anything out of the ordinary made him stand out, and that was something he hated. After all, blending in was his specialty.

Finally, he found the place that would serve as a fine place to live in so he went in and rented a room.
The people on the street could barely feel it, nothing but a small gust of unusually warm wind. Nothing to take great notice of. At least, that's what they thought.

High above the New York streets, Johnny Storm, the world famous Human Torch and 1/4 of the Fantastic Four, flew carelessly through the sky. Flying had become one of his great loves since he became the Torch, and it helped him clear his head and kill time. It was also a great way to scope out pretty girls, which happened to be the agenda on this evening. It was rare that the FF got a lot of time off, so Johnny was making the most of it. As he rounded the Chysler Building and made his way to Times Square, he caught glimpse of a figure swinging through the city on a thin web.

"Hey, Spidey's out tonight!" The Torch let out a burst of flame, speeding up to meet his wall-crawling friend. As he got closer, though, he noticed something strange. Spider was buff, and wearing a black costume?!

"Aww, shoot," He moaned. It was Venom, no doubt up to no good. Johnny knew he couldn't take him by himself, so he quickly changed course and shot straight up into the sky. Using his flame, he spelled out a warning for his bud.


"I just hope he sees it in time," Johnny mutters to himself as he makes his way to the Statue of Liberty.
OOC: Just as a note, Venom might know where the "usual place" is.
Ignore me, I'm just starting trouble.
OOC:That's true, he has access to Pete's memories, but Johnny may not know this, which could make for some interesting "fun", or is just being impulsive. (Also, Johnny is forgetting the fact that he could force the symbiote off Venom with his flame)
A lone, black coated figure walks against the crowd. He is FRANK CASTLE, THE PUNISHER. He passes many places, but one catches his eye. A dark alleyway. There, a man grabs hold of a woman, demanding her purse. Frank walks there, calmly, and taps the man on the shoulder. The thug turns, asking "What do you want. The Thug is 5'3, black hair tied in a ponytail. He wears a hooded sweatshirt, covering his eyes. Frank says, "Leave that woman alone." The thug pushes the woman to the ground.

"You gonna make me, a$$hole?" he asks, taking out a switchblade. Frank eyes him, clearly annoyed. "You can't kill me," he says. "I'm already dead." With that, he grabs the thug, breaks his arm, which makes him drop the knife. "You shouldn't play with knives," Frank says, as he throws the guy to the ground.
The thug, whimpering, cries "Who are you!?!". Frank opens his trenchcoat, revealing the signature skull symbol.


"Oh, no," the thug whispers. "Oh, yes" says Frank, taking a sawed off, double barreled shotgun from behind his back. "Please, I just got married." Frank blasts him in the face without second thought. "Honeymoon's over," he says.

He goes to help the woman up. "Thanks," she says. "For what?" Frank inquires. "For saving my life!" she yells, as if stating the obvious. "Right," Frank says as he turns and walks away.
Paris, France..

"OH, bonjour petite dame, soin pour payer quelques francs une belle chanson a fourni par le votre vraiment?!", yelled a frighteningly exstatic french man in his thirties to a young lady having brunch.

As she moved her head back and took a closer look at this person, her flowing red locks swayed idly in the gentle breeze of this beautiful French morning. The said man had long, sharp goatee and a striped sweater, bean hat placed upon his slicked back hair. He was asking intently if she would pay a tad bit of currency for a song played by him and his fellow band-members.

The prospering look of thought stained her face for what seemed an eternity until she finally gave away a few French dollars; Francs. She found it rude and almost inhuman of her to do otherwise, the man seemed almost desperate for cash...

The romantic an ambient tunes provided by the band-members began to fill the streets abound, helping out the young men trying to woo-over their fair dames in the nearby restaurant...

In the shadows of a building's back-alley, a baker's dozen feet away from the omni-growing crowd beamed two faint and chilling sources of light. They shut on and off, like a morse-code and were red as ember. Still, they layed hidden from all else by the darkness surrounding the figure, this strange, yet...unseen figure.


He grabbed a cigarette and match..his last match, striking it sharply against the surface of his rugged cheek, flicking it's gentle flame to life. He lit the end of the cigarette and placed it firmly inbetween his stern lips, fiddling with the ace in his left hand as he placed his right in his pocket and stepped on the match with his foot.

He looked up and sighed within his own breath, staring at the red locks of the young woman as she smiled, clapping her hands to the music, which was now on the verge of climaxing. He sighed, he did'nt know what to feel when he saw that hair..Jean..Mary-Jane..His Rogue..

He needed to get away from the hardship, get back to his roots...There was both great sadness and joy in that sigh..sadness for the two women that had been murdered, which had managed to pound on his cerebrum like a jackhammer of guilt even after a week or so since those days...and joy because atleast the Pheonix had come back..And because he had someone to go to at the end of his trip..

He looked back down and took a long drag of his Malboro...

Like they know anything about being inhuman..


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