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The New and Improved "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel" RPG


May 16, 2003
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This is the NEW Heroes vs. Villains RPG, similar to zer00's GTA: Hype City thread (now defunct by Dew a la zer00's request), my New and Improved World of Heroes: DC Style, my Star Wars: New Dawn, and Andrew's Heroes vs. Villains thread (which is no longer up and running) in the Marvel board. This is instead the planet Earth (and the whole galaxy if you'd like) of the Marvel Universe.

*You can choose to be any superhero or supervillain in the Marvel Universe, as long as they:

are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Galactus. People like Thanos and Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel are okay, though...​

are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as NO Cyclops moving planets with his optic blasts, Dazzler defeating Galactus, or Aunt May as Galatus's new Herald...​

*You can reside in an place in the Marvel Universe. YOU CAN ALSO TRAVEL OFF-PLANET...

*This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such...

*Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM...

*Don't be killing people without reason. You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Dazzler will lose against Thanos one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away...

*If you want to take part in this, just PM me or list your name and character here and I'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve...

*You can form supervillain gangs, superhero teams, alliances, the works...

*You should have a hideout of some sort, at least in the beginning when your not traveling...

*If you get killed, re-spawn somewhere else like in a hospital or morgue or whatever. Keep playing...

*There can be a number of stories going on at once, using different people...

*Act like your characters, ASSUME their traits and personalities...

*There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...

*People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the last thread...
Dew k. Mosi said:
The game is closed. It will start again and the first person to screw it up will be booted.

*No obscene topics!


Now here are the players and their characters:



(Was once Spiderman)​

Silver Sable



Doc Destruction

(Was once the Hulk)**​


Photon/Captain Marvel​

MST3K 4ever

The Punisher​
(Was once Deadpool)​


Mr. Green

Iron Man**​


Human Torch​

Super Ferret
Dr. Strange​

Duker Jay
The Thing​

Nick Fury​

Ghost Rider​



Doc Ock
Doctor Octopus​

Green Goblin​


Keyser Kingpin

Dr. Doom​

Spike x1

Dr. Curt Connors
The Lizard**​

Electro UK

Venom UK


(Was once Venom)​

dark knight fan



** means that the character is pending. In other words, the rule is that if you don't post in two weeks without prior notice, the character is able to be taken away by whoever wants it...

*Magneto sits in his throne room. He is the ruler of Genosha, an appeasement to halt his efforts. But his efforts are no longer on the surface. They are between the lines...*
Deep below the bottom of long island sound lies a fortress.A fortress built by a genius,a scientific and criminal genius know as Doctor Octopus.

"Radiation.So powerful,so beautiful.And yet vastly untapped by mankind because of their fear of it.Radiation should be feared.But it should also be mastered.While others fear radiation I alone am able to make it my servant".

Doc Ock rose on two tentacles and walked across his lab to a large table and unfolded a map of New York.
"And soon this city will learn why radiation should be feared.And how I am its master......and theirs"
*Bruce Banner sits at home reading, trying to stay as calm as possible due yo his "problem" which has been occuring all to often recently. Getting tired and to avoid falling asleep, he decides he should go out and get some cofee*

*Banner leaves his apartment*
Matt Murdock is standing on the steps of the courthouse answering questions from a throng of reporters gathered in front of him. He patiently answers each of their questions.

*"Mr. Murdock, when did you know your client was innocent?"

He replies, "I knew my client was innocent from the beginning. People can hide many things on the surface, but there are somethings you can't hide..like the truth. The truth will always find away out, and I am just glad that Mr. Clawton has been proven innocent by Mr. House's confession on the stand." And a late night visit from Daredevil didn't hurt either. If it wasn't for his form of gentle persuasion Clawton would be in jail right now.

Murdock then says, "Now if you all will excuse me. I have put in a lot of late nights and a lot of time on this case, so if you will all excuse me." Murdock begins walking away and allows himself a small grin.
*Magneto sits, and by his side is a photo of him in hs younger days and his wife, Magda*

"One day you and I will be together"

*A tear drips down his cheek*

"One day..."
A woman runs down a dark alley screaming into the night. She hits a dead and and turns to face her persuers, 3 young men armed with knifes. They step into the light, grimaces on their faces.

"Yo, lady...you didn't give us the purse, so now you gots to pay with INTEREST."

The other young men laugh. As the woman turns her cheek slowly from them...

"Hey, bub...how about you take out that withdrawl from me?"

Stepping into the light is the familiar blue and yellow costume of Wolverine, dragging behind him the unconcious form of the Vanisher. He drags heavily onto a cigar before flicking it to the ground and smashing it with his boot.

"Hey, meng...'dis ain't your fight, get me?"

"It is now, punk."

With blinding speed, a flash of claws and a loud growl, the three young men drop to the ground, writhing in pain. Blood spurts from their hands and they begin crying in Spanish...mostly to their mothers. The woman jumps up, screams at Wolverine and runs out into the main street.

"You're welcome. Women...can't live with em,...ah, screw it. Gonna be a long night, eh Vanisher?"

Grabbing the Vanisher by the scruff of his neck, Wolverine begins walking him to the main street.

*spidey was just reading when he hears gunshots*
"Man just when it was getting to the good part."*He spots 3 men stealing a amoured car.soon he jumps in front of them"
"Wow you'd think common crimes wouldn't happen no more.I mean come guys do you know how many superheroes are in this city?You'll eventually run into one.Captain America,Daredevil,Wolverine.Oh you really don't want to run into wolverine.His always cranky.I think it's all the hair.But anyways where were we?Oh yea!'*Spidey jumps up kicks one guy in the head,Elbows one in the gut and punches another in the face.Then he webs them up on a traffic light Ok guys you just HANG around here until the cops come.OK even I'll admit that's a bad joke."*Spidey swings away to the top of a building to continue reading his comic*
Deadpool sits perched up on the corner of 8th story building, sniper rifle in hands aiming ever so calmly at his target, a man named Berry Thomson whose wife was really not happy about his girl friend.
DP:"Well Mr.Bushbeater, Its time you said hello to my big bang stick."
Deadpool began to softly pull the trigger when out of no where he heard the star wars theme song, come from his cell phone.
DP:"Oh fuddole dudle...........did I just say fuddole dudle?." he reaches to his side and grabs the phone "Hello?, ya.......uh.....ya, 5 o'clock Sunday? sure."
He hung up the phone and relined up his shot, "Ok, where was I? oh yes, I was just a about to wack the bush wackier." he again softly began to pull the trigger when out of no where, Duh! Duh! DuhDuhDuh! Duh!...... "Hello?,ya....sure.....ya,6 o'clock, Sunday? alrighty then." he again hung it up.
DP:"Alright, I'm going to kill you and the ****e road in on." He once again he took aim, and once again he began to pull the trigger, but his cell phone interrupted again.
DP:"COME ON!" he pulled out the phone once again, "Hello?, ya.........um sure, 4 o'clock."
He was just beginnings to take aim when the same thing happened again.......and again........and again, and as he took aim for the last time it rang, he didn't answer it, ring after ring, he tried not to notice it but could not, he pulled it out slowly and brought it to his face took a deep breath.
On the other end he hears the voice of a small child crying,"Have you...*sniff*....seen my........puppy."
DP:"Oh.......no.....sorry" he hung it up and placed it to his side. "Now to do what I came here to do." He took aim, and started to pull the trigger, when his phone once again rang, and with a small twitch in his eye he answered "Hello?........uh ya.....WHAT! BUT IT WASN'T!.......no I understand but it was the.........come on it was the phone, no its not........DON'T HANG UP!"
DP:"SHE CANCELED THE CONTRACT!..........and I'm talking to myself again......" His eyes shot down to his phone and with rage in his voice he yelled "WHO SON OF A B****!" he ripped it from his side and throw it in the air "SEE YOU IN HELL!" *BANG!* the phone was ripped into pieces by the bullet, his eyes shot open and his jaw dropped as it fell to the ground, and with the same twitch from early on in the day, he realized, all the clients for the week where saved on the speed dial, and he had not written them down.
Iceman walks out of a movie theatre .
"Heh, heh, man, Adam Sandler is a genious." Bobby says to himself.
"A night to myself and a comedy is really what I have been needing lately. Now that i am unwound, I gues Ill head back to the mansion and see whats up with the rest of the gang."
The Blue Area of the Moon. . .

"My love, you are wanted in the counsel meeting chambers. It seems there is a disturbance on Earth. . . something dire."

Medusa studies her husband for a moment, as he stares out the window into the ebony blanket of space, silent contemplation etched upon his entire being. His deep thoughtful breaths the only sound upsetting the cold, still serenity of the chamber.

Silent, indeed silent. Silent not from an injury or from a simple inability to produce intelligible sounds. Silent out of necessity, for the safety of all those around him. Those who know this man, the benevolent patriarch of the powerful Inhumans, are all too aware of the deadly consequences of even a gentle whisper. So, it is no surprise when a reply remains wanting.

Medusa, too, waits in silence, patiently, until finally her mate exhibits a sign of acknowledgment: not a single sound, merely a turn of his head.

"Shall I tell them you're on your way, my lord?"



A nod.

"Very well, my lord."

She turns to exit, her long, flowing, scarlet locks trail behind her, strangely lifelike in their graceful movements. A final gentle whip from one of the crimson tresses signals her departure.

And again, all is silent.
*Magneto takes off his helmet and puts on civilian clothing. He then walks inconspicuously into the crowds of New York*
Bullseye loved baseball. He always had. When he was a kid, he had dreamed about being a world-famous baseball player, and he could have done it too. He was better than any of the so-called pros. He had a natural, God-given talent, a perfect aim. But as he got older, baseball began to get dull, and he discovered other, far more entertaining uses for his gift.

And he did manage to get famous anyway. His face had been in the paper a few times. As a matter of fact, his face had been in the Daily Bugle recently, accompanied by an aritcle claiming that he had escaped custody, and that no civilian should attempt to approach him.

Of course, now he was in close proximity of thousands of people, and they were completely oblivious. He didn't have his costume on, and the bullseye he had carved into his head was hidden by an NY cap, so to all the Yankee fans, he was just your average baseball fans. And to him, they were cattle, just waiting for the fatal blow to strike and end their meaningless little lives.

It wasn't that Bullseye had no value for human life. Oh no, far from it. He knew that every extra day he managed to survive was a miracle. It was this goddamned brain tumour, a ticking time bomb in his skull. He could very well live to be 100, but on the other hand, he could drop dead with a fatal seizure in the next five minutes. That knowledge would be enough to drive anyone crazy. No, it wasn't that Bullseye had no value for human life. He could just see life for what it was: a sick, malicious joke.

Bullseye absently twirled one of two baseballs he'd bought in the giftshop. He loved the texture of the ball, the sensation of the stitching caressing his fingers. It brought back waves of nostaliga. The first weapon he'd ever used to kill someone was a baseball. Baseballs would always have a special place in his heart. And now that he was here, at Yankee Stadium, he was going to have a little fun, Bullseye style.

Suddenly, the crowd erupted in a huge cheer. Andy Lime, the Yankee's new star player, had just hit a home run. The crowd rose to their feet, and Bullseye stood up with them. His eyes scanned the rows in front for a target. His twitching eyes settled on two people about three rows down. A father high-fiving his son, a kid that was maybe about 7 or 8. They'd do just fine. The crowd was still jumping up and down in celebration, and nobody noticed Bullseye swinging the baseball out of his hand. And no one heard the sickening crunch as the ball connected with a skull.

"Bullseye," muttered Bullseye under his breath.

The boy looked up at his father with a look of joy, but the smile faded when he noticed that his father was staring vacantly ahead. Suddenly, his dad collapsed forward, dead, a dent in the back of his skull. Bullseye laughed as a little Mexican wave of horror began to spread, as people gradually began to notiice what had happened. He briefly considered taking the boy out as well, but one person was enough of a distraction. He could care less about the kid's welfare - Bullseye's father had died, and he'd turned out fine - but he didn't want to waste his second baseball. He had a different target in mind.

While everyone was distracted with the dead father, Bullseye tossed the second baseball as hard as he could. It went right over the heads of the crowds, and right into the stadium. Andy Lime was being carried on his teammates shoulders. They kept on carrying him a few seconds after the baseball had connected with his windpipe, oblivious of the fact that he had been killed. By the time they did notice, Bullseye was long gone.

Outside the stadium, Bullseye closed his eyes and looked up to the sky, a sneering smile crawling across his lips as he heard the rising choris of screams coming from the stadium. Lime had been his target, the one his employer had paid him a healthy sum of money to eliminate. But he had managed to mix business with pleasure, and Bullseye felt that any satisfying career had to allow you to do that from time to time.

And Bullseye did get great job satisfaction. If you were as good as he was, being an assassin was a highly lucrative occupation. And Bullseye put the money to good use. Just recently he'd splashed out on some reconstructive dental surgery, for example. His teeth had always been terrible, and that was before that scumbag Daredevil (and he was gonna get his some day) had knocked a few out. But now he had a million dollar smile to rival Tom Cruise. So maybe when he killed a mark, they could take some measure of comfort in the fact that their death was contributing to their killer's welfare.

And speaking of money, it was about time to see about getting the rest of his money. Bullseye took out his mobile and called the number of his employer.

"It's done." was all he said.

But before he could hang up, the voice at the other end of the phone started to speak. A smile spread across his lips as his employer informed him of his next target.
Cyclops paced up and down in front of the Danger Room, waiting for his X-men. They weren't late just yet but they were about to be.
He barked into his communicator.
"X-men. Report to the Danger Room for training immediatly."
<you guys dont have to role play all the training... i just want a roll call for the Xmen who show up>
*door opens into the danger room*
iceman:"whats up cyclops! You really should have wnet to see the movie with me, lord knows you could use a good laugh or two, or is your corn hole so tight now adays that you've forgotten how?"
*iceman laughes to himself, knowing that he is pushing the right buttons on scott summers, a long time friend and teamate*
The Puniser walks out of a gun shop with some "special equitment" for someone special.
Someone as in Bullseye.He's a person who got to be stopped,so ill go on a roof and wait for Bullseye to come in sight to stop him who will probaly start hurting innocents form the stuff ive read and heard from Spidey(a former enemy but now a loyal friend) telling me that Bullseye was on the Daily Bugle's front page,so thats y im here and Spidey also said he found a perosn who paid Bullseye to assinnate Andy Lime(a proffesonial MLB player)which was a sucess,plus a poor kids father at the game.Both killed by baseballs to the head so which means hes has great aim but that wont help him stop a bullet on the bullseye on his head.*starts laughing* and takes out a a lil gun called a sniper rifle to get Bullseye with,but if someone else finds me up here im got back up plan(i always have a backup plan and to prove it ask Spidey when i got him in the shoulder when i ran out of darts).
Scott frowns.
"This isn't funny, Bobby. I specificly told all of you to be here for training about twenty minutes ago, and you went and saw a movie. I'm pretty ticked off. If we can't train as a team and act like a team, we'll never get anywhere.
Scott frowns.
"This isn't funny Bobby. I specificly told all of you to be here about twenty minutes ago. If we can't train like a team how will we be able to defeat the Brotherhood and Magneto? The Professer puts alot of money into our training. It's too bad that none of you can appreciate it. Now go suit up. I'm ready, so I'll wait for the others."
Speaking into his communicator, Logan sneers.

"A little busy here, Slim. Did you want me to train, or do the real thing here with my sleeping friend. You didn't exactly give me a time frame here or anything."
The Punisher sees Spiderman reading a comic and jumps up to see him for a sec.where is bullseye....tell me ive got everything so it can be done!ur a loyal ally and if u dont tell me i WILL shoot u right now if i have to,even though im on ur side i dont care,u even no ill do it if i have to.

*Eric Lensherr walks the streets of New York in search for meaning. He sees a couple muggings and some street-level scum*

"Do they deserve any of this God-given life?"
OOC: Master Spidey, clean up your dialogue... spell check and use better grammar... other than that, nice to have Punisher aboard...
"Hey what' the matter?Your panties riding up your crocth..I haven't seen Bullseye.Now can I finish my comic?You know what forget it.I'm going to get a hot dog."*Spidey swings away from the punisher.*


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