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The "Heroes vs Villains: Marvel" RPG Season VI Signup Thread

Ok, wierd, my latest post which I put up a day or two ago isn't there :confused:
any suggestions on what i can do with felicia? :/
Boy, as sucky as the situation is, Brand New Day has got me rearing to get into some Spidey action. :up:

It is just sad that One More Day had to occur for Brand New Day to come into play. Although technically...they could've avoided it and still do the story in BND; just slight edits.
We still on course to end the season next week-ish?

We still on course to end the season next week-ish?

I believe X is trying to ask something, people. :ninja:

I too am curious because with a few other RPGs also ending, and me not returning with some characters, I can avoid "character overload" and perhaps make time for Marvel.

Damn you trusty you broke my super secret code :cmad:
As I told X over IM, I have no idea when the season is ending. I haven't discussed it with the other GMs and am content leaving it up to the others. :yay:
I got my answer a week or more ago, I'm happy to wait for people to finish.
Just aheads up bkhedr hasn't disappeared he's just still on holiday.
People, its time to wrap up a.s.a.p. Season ending as soon as everyone is finished. :up:
Can the new season signup thread go up?
Just waiting on Watchman to wrap up our skirmish in the park...
how much time is gonna pass between this season and next? A month or two? Also I'll get a final Ben post for this season up sometime today.
I think it tends to range between 1-3 months. I'd suggest a 2 month ago personally.
Hey guys

Just to let you know, as X said, I am still on vacation but I will be right here and ready to post for start of next season. I am also done for this season.

2 months works for me
I'll be posting my last BP post of the season tonight.
No offence MB, but I'm a little unclear exactly on how you're 'done'. You left Moon Knight raving insanely in the MS-13 fortress.
Darn I was going to post an app for Scarlet-Spider.. but Twy is playing him.
Actually Venom160 is playing him. Twy is playing Sarah Stacy, who is the Scarlett Spider.

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