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The Hypester ABC Game Thread


I Work Too Much
Staff member
Apr 29, 2004
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I thought this could be a fun lil thing for us to do.

For those who don't get it, we will be listing a hype member for every letter of the alphabet. Once we hit Z, it's back to the beginning with A.

The Rules are simple:
1) you can't post your own name
2) no username can be used in 2 consecutive rounds
3) another person must post before you can post again

As the game goes on, we can do themed lists such as male hype member, female hype members, join year, banned lists, more than 10k posts, etc.
B is for Bubonic
I tried doing this before but Dew closed it. :(

E is for Erzengel
L is for Lightning Strykez

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