The Incredible Hulk script choices...

Hmmm, you're right. Okay, you can be Alfred.
but i wanna be Batman :(
I still feel Hayter's script would have been the best choice, hands down. It's a shame Schamus only felt it pertinent to take a few paltry elements from it for the first film- it had the makings of an intelligent yet fist-filled Hulkfest.
Never mind...:whatever: The buffoon has done "copy and paste" of an old AICN article...
What was with the rehash of an old article? The scripts are no where to be found online and even if they were, it would be a travesty to get distributed before the movie release anyway IMO. In think Penn's script/draft will be fine and with the type of crew, f/x guys and cast, we are in for a great ride!
Reviving a dead thread sorry, but I seen the majority of all hulk scripts (Turman, Hensleigh, Lees, Nortons, and even a couple handfull from the tv series). However, I've never heard of Zack Penns draft before. Does anyone have it? If so, feel free to message me
Can you please send us a draft of Zak Penn's Hulk Script?
If so, That would be great!
I really wish they would stop with these click bait articles about this character and that character is more powerful than MCU Hulk. Newsflash MCU Hulk is weak and shouldn’t be considered Hulk at all! It ticks me off because they always seem to use him as a litmus to show how powerful other characters are. Like the recent article says new characters in phase 4 more powerful than the hulk. Hell half of the characters in phase 1-3 are more powerful, so what is that really saying ..

There was a time when I wished they would just go back to the Norton Hulk and forget the nightmare that is the comic relief known as the current MCU hulk, but honestly they should just end it and let hulk go . Focus on the she hulk and all these other characters and leave Hulk out of it. They really knocked Spider-Man out the park with no way home and have done justice to every other character sans the hulk. Ruffalo is just not the right guy for the role and the direction they took the character makes me upset to be a fan.
If the only way the Hulk could be viewed as a good character is "by being powerful", then the Hulk was never a good character in the first place.
If the only way the Hulk could be viewed as a good character is "by being powerful", then the Hulk was never a good character in the first place.

Not sure the argument you’re making there, but different people like characters for different reasons. Staying close to the comics is a good way to stay with the character in that it keeps with what drew the fans to the character in the first place. Hulk’s tagline was always strongest there is and he always increased strength with rage. Those are two character traits that were left out and makes the character unrecognizable in the MCU.

There are a lot of marvel fans who don’t like the hulk. I can respect that, but again they shouldn’t change what’s endeared the character to the fans since the very beginning.
Just read the first comment on this thread!!(yeah I know you m 15 years late) but the only thing I question was the writer said that “new suits” came on board and balked at the price of $130 mil!! If I’m correct marvel made the movie marvel paid the president ce all over niversal did you as distribute the price!! Wouldn’t be on marvel to pick the right script not universal??

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