Iron Man 3 The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - - Part 11

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No. If you notice just when he breaks out from the crate, he clenches his right hand shut.
that tv spot was pretty awesome. They caught the lighthearted side of the movie with this one.
i have to start avoiding tv spots now,
next spots would most likely feature money shots.
I;m really excited for the reviews to start flowing in the next couple of weeks. I take early premieres to be a sign that the studio is very confident in the movie
Heavy Duty armor looks even better there. The angle looks different too. I wonder if they are re-doing or touching up some FX shots.
Of course they're touching up the FX shots. They'll probably be working on them until the day they have to send off the movie, like they did with The Avengers
T"Challa;25444331 said:
It really does remind me of Ruffalos hulk


Ever since I first saw that armor in motion I've thought that Tony made it to mimic his BFF Bruce, not to take Hulk down. Or maybe both, to move like Hulk and to fight him.
I think at first it'll be to move like Hulk. Eventually the purpose of the armor will be to fight him.
Did anyone notice towards the end of that spot, you hear Stark say "Wooooo". That was TOTALLY from his test flight of the Mark II in the first Iron Man. :funny:

The way IM flips and lands on that platform is amazing, I don't think IM has ever showed that much flexibility on film.

That scene is just so got dang beautiful. :waa: *Hank Hill voice*
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Man, I can't wait to see the finishing touches for the Hulkbuster armor.
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Maybe I'm a little bit late on this but has anyone else seen that this movie is only 1 hr 49 minutes?
Namor!, we've seen that number. It's not necessarily unbelievable, but still not officially confirmed as of yet.
@Namor and All the people who are worried about the movie length : I remind you that the Thor (Marvel's Thor) movie length was of 1 hour and 54 minutes . So don't about the movie length . The Incredible Hulk''s movie length was of 1 hour and 52 minutes . So don't worry , Marvel knows what they does and they've already did movies like these before (like said before : Thor and Incredible Hulk) .
it's over 2 hrs (2 hrs 20 mins) according to a big australian cinema website
Yeah, there was also a run time of 109 minutes, so who really knows at this point
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