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The "Man of Steel" April Fools Jokes "news" thread


Aug 29, 2005
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I thought it would be cool to have a temporary place for the upcoming bs stories that will be made starting at midnight of April Fools. Any "breaking" superman news that gets released on April Fools could go here as to not clutter the legit threads.
everyone who visits Supermanhomepage, get ready for Steve to most likely give us some of the funniest reports.......again :funny:
The first one was pretty lame, claiming MOS was delayed till 2014.
The SupermanHomepage attempts were too over the top and easy to spot imo.

Less is more..
I just find it pointless now because everyone knows they're pranks these days
Agreed. Maybe back in 2005 it would've been funny, but now it's just lame and time consuming.
Christian Bale shows up.
Mark Whalberg has a cameo as Doomsday
Jor-El is the master of scheduling for the intergalactic stock market.
Seth MacFarlane is the voice of Bizarro in his cameo
The Fortress of Solitude is outside Vancouver.
John Malcovich plays Lex Luthor.
Superman constantly gets away from General Zod on a bicycle while he tries to take over the world to pay off gambling debts (watch Premium Rush)

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