The New horror franchise.

Sloth7d said:
Different ending? I hope not. Changing the crazy ending to "And then there were none" is like changing the twist ending to Phycho. Take their conclusion away and the impact left on you is ruined.

In the 1945 version, I think, the movie ends the same way as the play version (which was written by Agatha Christie) with
Lombard and Vera surviving and becoming a couple.
SuperFerret said:

I miss real horror movies.

Blood and gore isn't scary, it's just shock value.

Man, what I would give to see Psycho for the first time, NOT knowing the ending. Now that's a horror movie.

The Saw movies are scary because it's a ordinary guy doing this to people. He isn't super natural.
Saw II was kind of disppointing to me, Saw I was much better. It just wasn't as scary to me and Amanda was a pretty lame villain. Hopefully Saw III will be better.
I still don't understand why the franchise is named "Saw". For part one that makes since, but part2 and possibly part3 not so much.
The problem with Saw is that it turned into something it shouldn't have been. The first film was an original thriller in the vein of Seven, but it kinda fizzled out in the last 15 minutes or so (with rediculous overacting by the characters). Then they just crapped out Saw 2 and now part 3 within a year of each other. If they had taken their time, this could have been a great franchise for adults and the teenage audience. Now its just teenybopper crapfests with gore. The same as all those other horror movie franchises.

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