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The Official Green Lantern Thread

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SouLeSS said:
Early phase without any special effects on a piece of **** picture. It WILL look glorious on the screen.

I hope that it will
I re-read Red Son yesterday and I have to say that Hal Jordan in that is the best Version of Hal i have ever read. He actually has CHARACTER!
Anyone read Emerald Warriors? Not bad. It's pretty much the exact same tone and style as GLC which is fine by me. Anyone know who [blackout]the snake guy[/blackout] was at the end?
Emerald Warriors was great. As of late it's been more like the Green Lanterns are power rangers of sorts and not a police force so the opening pages where Guy was just doing his police duties was amazing to me. Seemed so natural for him to just ride up there on a green motorcycle, straight at a turret, turn it into a giant baseball bat and smash his aggessors ship all up.

But I'm with you Womp. If that guy was supposed to be someone we know, count me out. Count out a ****load of others, as just about every other review I've read on it (after you asked, wanted to see if anyone knew) mentioned they had no idea who he was either.

My question more than WHO he is, is if he's the same force that's gathering all the lantern avatars.
Emerald Warriors was definitely good stuff. I'm looking forward to Kilowog and finding out whom Guy was recording that message for in future issues. My bet is on either Ice or Kyle. They're the people closest to him as of his departure from GLC.

I have no idea who the guy at the end was, either. I was on the second-to-last page and I could feel the big cliffhanger coming, so I was all psyched for it... and then it just turned out to be some dude. Oh, and Guy referring to himself as a GL of sector 2814 was kind of wonky, too. You're an Honor Lantern, Guy. Remember? But those are minor nitpicks. I'm sure we'll learn who snake guy is eventually and I guess maybe Guy still thinks of himself as a beat cop.
Another aspect of it I really enjoyed (upon reading it a second time, that is), was the distinction of what "Emerald Warriors" is going to be about - other than the secret pact that is. Exploring uncharted space.

Just like frelling Farscape. Awwwwww yeah.
Haha, if it gets half as bats*** insane as Farscape got, we're in for a treat. I'll be waiting for Kilowog to somehow appear in a tacky golf outfit.


I can totally see this happening with Guy/Atrocious too


Man, when that show got bizarre, it got bizarre
I don't think snake guy is gathering the entities. That seems to be another rogue guardian.
Jesus. There are only like 10 or 12 of the little buggers and they always seem to hang out in the same room. Don't they notice when one is off doing random s*** for long stretches?
Well, apparently back in the day, there was a dark guardian or some **** who was banished from the kingdom, so it's probably him.
I thought it was obvious that they guy had three eyes and was Despero, but hey I may be ******ed.
He didn't have Despero's big fin on his head, though. He had white snake-hair.
Character re-design? Or maybe those things are covering his head fin.
I don't know. Seems unlikely, especially since Despero is currently being used in REBELS, I believe. But I suppose it could be him. It sure seems like he's mind-controlling those GLs, and that's one of Despero's main schticks.
Plus how many purple/pink alien dudes do you know that can mind control? Kinda limits your options.
Well, he did just go through a transformation over in REBELS didn't he?

Maybe he picked up a new motif while at it.
I don't remember white snake hair being part of the transformation, but I could have forgotten that part. Whatever, I'm sure Tomasi will clue us in next issue.
Finally read Emerald Warriors #1...

I found the book interesting enough, brings us in and leaves us with a few dangling plot threads already, which I like as a way to draw in new readers to the book (But I'm kinda crazy like that :awesome:)

With both sides already plotting against each other, I can't see this "alliance" between Atrocious and Guy/Ganthet lasting for too long (My over/under is four issues before one side backstabs the other)

I get the feeling that they will find something out in unknown space that forces them to genuinely ally with each other.
TheCorpulent1 said:
I get the feeling that they will find something out in unknown space that forces them to genuinely ally with each other.

Probably a threat that none of them can defeat on their own
You know it makes sense mind-control guy has snakes. Just watch any (Robin Hood, Jungle Book) Disney movie, and you'll sssssssssssssssSSSSSSSsssssssssssee.
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