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The Official Young Avenger thread


Don't. Blink.
Apr 8, 2006
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not sure if this has been started yet. i searched for it but couldn't find it.
This thread is for anything Young Avengers. your thoughts, questions, and general info about the YA.
one question i have.
If Speedball joined the YA after Civil War, would you be angry or be cool with it?
one already.I hate the search feature.angry since hes to old.
really, how old is he? he looks like he should be 17 or so.
This thread is for YA, not for Runaways. it's completely seperate.
SpeedballLives said:
This thread is for YA, not for Runaways. it's completely seperate.

But it clearly says it's for both books, considering it has to do with teens and that both teams will join forces in Civil War.
Who else should join the Young avengers, or should the roster stay the same for awhile?
I'd actually like to see a YAer modeled after Moon Knight....:up:
lol, i know this is stupid, buti would like to see a YA Spider-man. imagine an all new Spider-man(but not called that) who is still in high school and is the opposite of what Parker was in high school.
ye thats what i think that pete might not have been the only one bit

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