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The Skrulls


Jan 28, 2006
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How many Skrulls are there in the marvel universe, not your everyday Skrull but super-powered Skrulls like Super-Skrull.
That one dude/chick from Runaways. He's basically a super-skrull in training.
Articles: Anatomy of a Skrull Fantastic Four 2
by Sean Kleefeld

The Skrulls are perhaps the most widely known and feared races in the Marvel Universe. Their Empire is the oldest in existence and, despite recent setbacks, still is a force to be reckoned with. Since Earth is a strategic planet for them, the Skrulls have made several attempts to conquer it by defeating it's greatest heroes. The Fantastic Four and the Avengers have confronted and repulsed the Skrull invasions several times each, making their plans of world domination known to the general public. Humans, however, still have little knowledge of this space-faring race and this document hopes to alieviate that.

General Description
Skrulls are reptillian bipeds with the natural ability to change shape. They normally look similar to humans with the most notable exceptions being their green skin and hair, pointed ears, and multi-cleft chins. The average lifespan of a Skrull is just over 200 terran years. Like most reptiles, they are hatched from eggs and then nursed by their mothers. Unlike most reptiles, they do bear some mammalian characteristics such as hair, mammary glands (in females), and some degree of "human" compassion.

The Skrulls originated on the planet Skrullos in the Drox system of the Andromeda Galaxy. While still in the infant stages of development, the Skrulls were visited by the Celestials. The Celestials performed genetic experiments on the race and eventually three distinctly different Skrull races emerged. The first was granted extended life, similar to Earth's Eternals. The second was used for genetic stability and diversity tests. The third was given the latent ability to rapidly mature as a species under certain conditions. The most successful of the three races was the second group (who had gained the ability to change shape) that eventually dominated the whole planet and wiped out the other two races.

This group, however, was still undergoing their own natural evolutionary process and developed into two separate races. The larger of the two groups sought to destroy the minority, who they saw as a threat to their own survival. The smaller group used sorcery to flee Skrullos and hide in the Dark Nebula. They would evolve separately into the Dire Wraiths, but would not meet their genetic cousins again until centuries later.

The Skrulls continued to evolve as most species and eventually discovered space travel. They began venturing out and conquering neighboring planets. They used their shape-shifting abilities to secretly infiltrate a society and set up their Empire from inside the cultures themselves. At this time, the Skrulls based their Empire more on free trade than on military action.

Skrull scientists created the first Cosmic Cube. The Emporer at that time took control of the Cube for his own and spent years warping reality to his wishes. The Cube eventually developed a mind of its own; however basing it's thought patterns on its long-time owner gave it a very disturbed mind. It lashed out, destroying two-thirds of the Skrull's Empire and reverting the Skrulls themselves to a significantly lower evolutionary status. The Cube "hatched" into the Shaper of Worlds and the Skrulls eventually rebuilt their Empire.

Approximately 10,000,000 years ago, the Skrulls ventured outside Andromeda and discovered the planet Hala. The inhabitants had not yet discovered space travel and the Skrulls wished to incorporate the planet in their Empire. The Skrulls had found it easier to only deal with one race per planet and Emporer Dorrek choose the Cotati over the Kree, Hala's two dominant life forms. This enraged the Kree, who slew Dorrek, his crew and most of the Cotati. They then spent the next several years studying the Skrull starship, eventually mastering its technologies. The Kree began attacking Skrull outposts and then Skrullos itself. The Skrulls, who had just learned of Dorrek's death, were forced to retaliate and thus began the long-running Kree-Skrull Wars. Although they had not been so before, the Skrulls quickly became adept at using military force and grew into the ruthless tyrants that rule today. The battles became fierce and bloody enough, however, that the two sides eventually agreed to what is known as the Convention of Fornax, which pledges, among other things, that all prisoners of war will get fair treatment and a trial. (The Skrulls have been known to stretch the definition of "fair" however.)

Roughly 100,000 years ago, the Skrulls moved their seat of government to Tarnax IV, which was more centrally located in their Empire. From there, they continued to wage war on other galaxies. By the time the Skrulls began focusing their attentions towards Earth, humans had evolved enough to begin posing a threat. The Earth was seen as an important planet because of its relative proximity to a space warp linking the Earth with Tarnax IV and another linking Earth with Hala. One of their earliest reconnaissance missions was during the 1930s. Some of the Skrulls were so taken with Earth's culture (mainly the mobsters of North America) that they based their entire culture around it. By the time a Skrull invasion force had been prepared, however, super powered groups began to appear and have been able to drive back their forces.

After years of trying to cloak their entire Empire, Galactus found their star system. Tarnax IV had ample energy supplies and Galactus destroyed the world to replenish his own energies. The Empire was thrown into chaos as several Skrulls tried claiming Emporership in the wake of the Empress' death. During the Skrull Civil War, Zabyk relesased the Hyper-Wave Bomb, universally freezing all Skrulls into the shape they were in at that time, thinking he would bring a greater unity to the Skrulls. Although he was immediately imprisoned, Zabyk did in part help coalesce the Skrull factions by forcing the Skrulls to reanalyze who they were as a race.

Their Civil War, combined with renewed attacks against the Kree, eventually dwindled the number of Skrulls claiming supreme leadership to five. With the help of Super-Skrull and the Silver Surfer, S'ybll was able to regain her shape-shifting abilities and impart them on other Skrulls as well. She was hailed as a hero and given leadership over the Skrulls almost immediately. A truce was made with the Kree while both Empires rebuilt their societies. With the exception of a handful of rogue planets who still clamor for a ruling position in the Skrull Empire, the Skrulls have become active members of the Intergalactic Convocation.
The Skrulls have long since established their totalitarian monarchy. It is in fact one of the few still in existence among space-faring races. Like all totalarian states, the Skrulls try to control all aspects of their Empire. Their egotism dictates that all forms of society other than their own are wrong and they have tried to force their culture upon other societies. (Kral IV, where they have based their culture on another, is the obvious exception. Most Skrulls view Kralians as outcasts and have little regard for them.) Ironically Skrulls often use their shape-shifting abilities to immerse themselves within a culture before trying to control it.

The Empire is ruled by a single Skrull, with a Skrull governor presiding over individual planets. (It was these governors that each tried claiming Emporership after the Throneworld's destuction.) Emporership is officially kept within a single family; however, a multitude of assassinations has kept no one Emporer in power for an extended period -- the assassin often marrying another member of the family to legitimatize their control.

The Empire controls each planet with varying degrees of authority. Weaker planets that willingly enter into the Empire are generally given a fair degree of autonomy, while planets that provide more resistance are held under a tighter leash. A few races (most notably the Clegrimites and the Krylorians) that are regarded by the Skrulls as non-hostile have signed peace treaties with the Empire and continue trade relations with them.

In trying to rebuild their society after their last Civil War, the Skrulls have become active members of the Intergalactic Convocation. In their meetings with other cultures, they have been able to obtain several technological advancements from new races, most notably the Ruul. The exact relationship between the Skrull Amabssador to the Convocation and the Emporer remains unclear, but the Ambassador does seem to hold a great deal of sway in them and may well report directly to the Emporer.

The Skrulls' justice system is swift. A jury of six Skrulls review and render a verdict on each case. The verdict is then passed along to a judge before the trial begins. Defendants are given a few moments to speak for themselves, and the judge passes his sentence, generally with no regard to defendants' testimonies. An executioner is on hand to render the judge's sentence immediately, which is very often death. The trials themselves generally takes only a few minutes and are held in very public forums. The system, however, is rather corrupt and judges have been known to be comparitively lenient on Skrulls with powerful connections.

Although not overtly religious by nature, the Skrulls do seem to practice a government-sanctioned religion similar in hierarchical structure to the Norse mythos of Earth. Different tradesmen pray to gods appropriate to their craft with Sl'gur't the War-God perhaps being the most widely worshipped. Many ambitious Skrull youths long to die in battle so that their spirits will live on in the afterlife, Val'kla'mor. Although prelates are assigned to every starship, the Skrulls seem content to speak with their deities in solitude.

The Skrull military is controlled directly by the Emporer. The only soldier that reports directly to the Emporer is the High Commander. Under him are several Generals that direct several squadrons each. Each squadron is ordered by a Major and each ship is in turn commanded by a Captain and his first Lieutenant. The remainder of the crew appear to be untitled. While certain officers above Captain seem to be given the freedom to choose any uniform he/she sees fit, an officer's rank is generally indicated by his/her collar. Majors are indicated by a large dark circle around the neck and upper shoulders of their purple uniforms. Captains use the flared shoulders that the Super-Skrull wears. Lieutenants' uniforms are designated by a solid starburst around the collar, while those below Lieutenant only have a starburst outline. Capes are only permitted to High Commanders and Emporers.

Uniforms may also be decorated with Imperial awards. While the medal accompanying induction into the Sacred Order of the Scarlet Star is quite an honor, a Skrull shows his membership to this elite group of warriors with a flanged headpiece. It appears that all High Commanaders were inducted at one point. The Royal Skrull Medal of Valor is the highest honor that can be given in the military and is awarded very infrequently. The Fantastic Four and Captain Mar-vell are the only beings known to have received this honor.

Skrulls are generally thought of as militaristic and devious. However it seems that their militarism is intentionally fostered more than it is innate. As stated earlier, the Skrulls did not begin to exhibit their war-like tendencies until after the Kree declared war on them. Couple that with the fact that many Skrulls have been known to go out of their way to avoid confrontations leads one to the conclusion that the Skrulls are in fact a very scared race driven more from fear of domination than a desire to conquer.

Skrulls usually have no qualms about going into battle. Their shape-shifting abilities prevent any severe injuries from scarring and dismembered limbs can be easily regrown. Their shape-shifting powers give Skrulls a morale that makes them fierce opponents in initial confrontations. Coupled with their ability to morph into their enemy's most feared rival, a handful of shock-troops are often enough to scare an enemy's defense sufficiently enough for them to surrender.

Skrulls hold a unusual code of honor. When pit against overwhelming forces, many Skrulls are more than willing to quickly retreat rather than face the shame of being actually defeated in battle. This often fosters a deep hatred for their advesaries, and many Skrulls have been known to revive long-dead battles once they feel they have gained a military advantage. Ironically this often leads to a resounding defeat, as many of their tactical plans rely simply on having greater numbers than their opponents.

Unlike other races that hold high standards of military honor, Skrulls have no qualms with holding hostages to ensure their own safety. They have in fact been known to keep some people hostage for years should their main mission fail. This seems to be limited however to people with some degree of importance in a society. For example, heads of state and those with close connections to Earth's heroes (e.g. Alicia Masters, Rick Jones, etc.) are generally captured, while travelling salesmen and young children are killed.

Skrulls hold their genetic structure sacred. Skrulls that are born with any mutant deviation (from a lack of morphing ability to telekinesis) are killed, unless they can be effectively hidden or have strong political connections. Even so, they are regarded as second-class citizens at best. This is so inherent to a Skrull's being that collectively losing their shape-shifting ability at the hands of Zabyk helped fuel the chaos that followed Empress R'klll's death.

Creative thinkers are few and far between among Skrulls. Skrull art is very bland and tends to stand more as strict representations of moments in time with little interpretation on the artists' parts. Literature, too, is quite limited. Most writings are merely factual accounts with little in the way of fiction. The few Skrulls that can and do think more abstractly often put their efforts towards battle plans and generally rise through the armed forces quickly.

Although scientists in most cultures are creative thinkers, Skrulls seem to be the exception. While the original Skrulls (those before the creation of the first Cosmic Cube) seemed to have been able to quickly make significant discoveries on their own, their re-emergence from barbarism has been a decidedly slower climb. Many of their "discoveries" since that cataclysmic event are either finding and interpretting the notes of their predecessors or simply stealing the technology from other races. On more than one occassion have they led assaults simply to gain someone else's technology.

As stated earlier, Skrulls are basically reptiles with a few mammalian characteristics. Based on available evidence, their closest mammalian relative would be a terran cow. Skrull meat and milk is completely indistinguishable from those of a cow by conventional methods; and in fact requires close analysis by a scientist already familiar with Skrulls to detect a difference.

As a result of the Celestials' tampering, Skrulls have unusually aggresive DNA. Anyone injesting natural Skrull milk will gain shape-shifting abilities. They also will become reclusive and xenophobic, which is further indication that Skrulls themselves are not warlike by nature but instead, fearful beings that do not want to be ruled over. Those affected by Skrull milk also acquire some of the Skrull's longevity and would presumably live nearly as long as a normal Skrull. Reed Richards has developed a gas that will destroy any trace of Skrull milk in the body, reverting people back to their previous human forms.

Skrull meat has some unusual properties that are in some ways similar to Mad Cow Disease. Some humans are unaffected after eating a "Skrullburger" while others die quickly and painfully. A handful, though, survive and are dramatically changed. Those affected will gain shape-shifting abilities and some limited telepathic abilities (which would imply that Skrulls also have latent telpathic powers). An affected human can communicate telepathically with other affected humans and can "see" through a normal Skrull's disguise. They also experience some of the memories of the Skrull that they ate.

However, Skrull meat is still toxic and will slowly consume a humans' brain. During the following weeks and months, the individual will have an increasing amount of epileptic-type seizures. Each seizure will result in leaving their normal body "scarred" in the form of what the individual hates most. Eventually, the human will become incapacited and then die. (In that respect it is similar to many forms of cancer and most earth doctors would probably diagnose it as such.) No "cure" has been discovered yet.

Skrulls' dynamic genetics also appear to enable them to propogate with other species. While no cross-bred Skrulls have been shown in the Marvel continuum yet, it has been implied that it is certainly possible. Presumably, the Skrull's DNA would be predominant in the resulting offspring and the child would grow up with shape-shifting powers; however, it seems that such cross-breading is difficult and the Skrulls have had to invent special birthing equipment to handle such situations. Skrulls would likely join with a race this way to further infiltrate a planet's before trying to conquer it.

A Skrull's healing abilities are not particularly well-known, like their shape-shifting, but it is yet another powerful genetic enhancement they collectively have. When a Skrull is on the brink of death, he/she lapses into a deep healing coma that lasts for several days depending on the extent of the injury. Power resembling that imbued on enhanced Skrulls speeds up the process and, presumably, Power Cystals can hasten it in all Skrulls.

Skrulls are one of the most prominent races in the Marvel Universe. Their fears have driven them to dominate as many other races as possibile, and they have established themselves as a force to be reconned with. Fortunately, their inherent fears and lack of creativity have prevented them from conquering the Earth, but it's key spacial position will always make it a target for attack. The Skrulls' powers make them worthy advesaries, but it is unlikely that they would ever be able to win against Earth's super-powered protectors.
Appendix A: Skrulls

* Anelle - R'klll and Dorrek VII's daughter. Killed alongside her mother. (Fantastic Four 257)
* Aptak - Premier combat tactician. Followed Kylor during Skrull Civil War. Killed by Nenora. (Silver Surfer 10v3)
* Bartak (Silver Surfer) - Was genetically enhanced and attacked the Kree as the Silver Surfer in the name of Karza. Destroyed by Ronan the Accuser. (Silver Surfer 14v3) Powers duplicate (to a lesser extent) those of the original Silver Surfer.
* Craddock, H. Warren - Spy that was appointed head of the United States' Alien Activities Commission. Tried to shut down the Avengers, claiming they were trying to help establish a Kree base on Earth. Eventually discovered and captured. (Avengers 97)
* De'Lila - Low-level telepath that led attempted assassination of S'ybll. Eventually captured on Earth. (Fantastic Four 349)
* Dezan - Younger brother of Dorrek VII. Imprisoned as a traitor for attempting to establish peace. Only prisoner to have escaped Klarr. (Avengers Annual14) Current whereabouts unknown.
* Donahue, Floyd - Kralian owner of Big Casino, a Zepplin-shaped interstellar casino styled after America's 1930s. Has assumed the form of Humphrey Bogart.
* Dorrek - Emporer that began trade negotiations with Hala. Choosing to deal with the Cotati over the Kree began the long war between the two races. Killed during Cotati negotiations by the Kree. (Avengers133)
* Dorrek VII - Emporer that ordered Super-Skrull's genetic enhancement, nearly depleting the Empire's resources. Came to power by slaying the previous Emporer and marrying his daughter. Assassinated by R'klll. (Fantastic Four 209)
* Drexxon - A upper-level "scanman" under Dorrek VII. Presumably killed during the destruction of Tarnax IV. (Fantastic Four 257)
* Effigy - Posed as human super-hero with shape-shifting abilities. Member of First Line and was one of the last heroes to thwart the Great Skrull Invasion. (Marvel: The Lost Generation 12)
* Fiz - Mutant with the ability to grow and shrink in size and mass. Originally employed to be a replacement for Giant-Man. "Defected" to join forces with the X-Men. (Uncanny X-Men #376) Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Hagar - High Judicator of the Skrull High Court. Presumably killed during the destruction of Tarnax IV. (Fantastic Four 257)
* Henkor (Storm) - Pilot aboard Captain Sumpremor's ship. Captured by Gladiator. (Fantastic Four 250)
* Intelligensia - Ruler of Skrell. Designed to be Skrull equivalent of the Kree's Supreme Intelligence.
* Jaketch - Apprentice Executioner for the High Court. Presumed assassinated under Dorrek VII's orders.
* Kalimari - Current High Commander of the Skrull armed forces.
* Karza - One of five would-be Emporers during the Skrull Civil War.
* Kl'rt (Super-Skrull, Invincible Man, Iron Fist) - First Skrull to be genetically enhanced with super powers. (Fantastic Four 18) Prominent figure in Skrull society until after several failed missions. Severely fallen from the Empire's grace and is currently running routine recon missions. Powers duplicate (and improve upon) those of the Fantastic Four and include a powerful hypnosis ability.
* Krat - Agent working for S'ybll during the Skrull Civil War. Was able to release Kl'rt from the Van Allen Belt (Silver Surfer Annual 1) before being fatally shot. (Silver Surfer 14v3)
* Kreddik - Ambassador to the Intergalactic Convocation.
* Krilok - Captain aboard Ptakr's ship. Committed suicide when overtaken by the Kree. (Silver Surfer 3v3)
* Kylor - One of five would-be Emporers during the Skrull Civil War. Killed during a battle against the Kree. (Silver Surfer 13v3)
* Kurov, Wassily - Spy impersonating the president of Slovinia, a small Baltic country on Earth. Identity is known to Skrull Kill Krew, but it is unknown if they have killed him yet.
* Lyja (Alicia Masters Storm) - Former liason officer turned Skrull spy that took the place of Alicia Masters to get close to and destroy the Fantastic Four. Fell in love with and married the Human Torch. (Fantastic Four 300) Presumably branded a traitor. Current whereabouts unknown.
* Merrek - High-ranking official who began several Fecundity-Supplement programs.
* Morrat - High Commander of the Skrull armed forces. Engaged to Anelle. Branded a traitor and killed when his plot to assassinate Dorrek VII was discovered. (Fantastic Four 37)
* Myrn - Scientist that developed the Hyper-Wave Bomb. Killed by Zabyk. (Fantastic Four Annual 19)
* Nenora - Agent K6@ that infiltrated the highest ranks of Kree government for Kylor. Deposed the Kree Supremor and took the title Supreme Intelligence (Silver Surfer 8v3) for herself. Killed by S'ybll and exposed as a Skrull to the Kree. (Silver Surfer 31v3)
* Nuro - Mutant with ability to tap into nervous system of others. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Paibok (Power Skrull) - Lyja's superior and former lover who oversaw her mission. Inadvertently brought Devos the Devastor to the Throneworld and branded as a traitor. Last seen fighting Devos in single combat as his starship was permanently sent into sub-space. (Fantastic Four 383) Powers include flight, enhanced strength, ice generation and a 50,000 volt electrical discharge.
* Ptakr - Trade relations ambassador for Kylor during the Skrull Civil War. Committed suicide when overtaken by the Kree. (Silver Surfer 3v3)
* Raksor - Warrior chosen to represent his race in a one-on-one battle against a single Kree, whose outcome, judged by Uatu to be a draw (Fantastic Four Annual 18), would determine the final victor in the Kree-Skrull War. Later helped Dezan escape from Klarr. (Avengers Annual 14)
* Raze - Freelance bounty hunter. Born without the ability to change shape. Current whereabouts unknown.
* R'klll - Dorrek VII's wife. Took command of the Empire after his death. (Fantastic Four 209) Died when Galactus consumed the Throneworld. (Fantastic Four 257)
* Ripan - Kylor's personal assistant. Killed alongside Kylor. (Silver Surfer 13v3)
* R'Tee - Mutant with ability discharge shards of energy. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Sensational Hydra (Captain America) - Spy that took command of Hydra. Sent several incompetent agents against Captain America to increase the hero's popularity before capturing and impersonating him, causing nation-wide hysteria. Captured by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. (Captain America 7v3)
* Shaper of Worlds - Formerly the first Cosmic Cube. Eventually matured into current pseudo-Skrull shape. (Captain America Annual 7) Very intelligent and powerful but requires imagination of others to utilize powers. Powers include reconstructing reality (rate is approximately 21 hours per planet) up to an area approximately 5.3 x 1011 cubic miles. Unattended, his altered reality will last for 4.23 terran years.
* Skragg - Power-hungry trooper that was quick to follow power-wielding leaders. Eventually joined forces with Super-Skrull and Thanos. Turned to stone by Thanos. (Captain Marvel 26)
* Skrull X - Robot programmed as the successor to Kl'rt. Given identical powers, but amplified significantly. Destroyed by Johnny Storm. (Fantastic Four 214)
* Sl'gur't - Skrull god of war.
* Spunje - Mutant with ability to absorb energy. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Strzya - Spy trapped on Earth that helped to insitigate "Capmania." Killed during a riot at a press conference. (Captain America 6v3)
* Supremor (Colossus) - Skrull captain that led an assassination attempt on the Fantastic Four. Mission was discovered and thwarted by the Fantastic Four, Captain America and Spider-Man. Last seen as Gladiator's prisoner. (Fantastic Four 250)
* S'ybll - Current Skrull Empress. Was able to sieze control during the Skrull Civil War by returning the Skulls' shape-shifting abilites to them. (Silver Surfer 27v3) Powers include the ability to "breathe" in space, flight, and the ability to return a Skrull's shape-shifting powers.
* Syrro - Major that helped the Avengers defeat Zabyk. (Avengers Annual 14)
* Talos - Uncle of R'klll. Born without the ability to change shape. During Kree/Skrull War, allowed himself to be captured by the Kree instead of committing suicide. Eventually released, but was severely dishonored. Sought his own death at the hands of the Hulk and regained some of his honor. (Incredible Hulk 419) Current whereabouts unknown.
* Vranx - Murdered his parents as a child. Was later fusion-enhanced and spent decades as a powerful, murderous pirate. Eventually tracked down and killed on Calculex by his brother, Raze. (Silver Surfer 89v3) Powers include powerful energy blasts.
* Xalxor - Pilot of the Imperial Flagship. Served under Dorrek VII and probably R'klll.
* Yorak - One of five would-be Emporers during the Skrull Civil War.
* Zabyk - Power-mad Skrull that universally disabled every Skrull's ability to change shape. (Fantastic Four Annual 19) Presumably imprisoned on Klarr.
* Zankor (Jay Stevenson) - Skrull captain sent on a infiltration mission to Earth. Apprehended by Reed Richards and turned over to the First Line. (Marvel: The Lost Generation 11) Current wherebouts unknown.
* Zcann - Mutant telepath. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Zedrao - High Commander of the Skrull armed forces under R'klll. Intentionally avoided taking sides during the Skrull Civil War, believing it to be a waste of time. Spent duration of the war protecting others from the various factions. Current whereabouts unknown, but was most likely demoted by S'ybll for not assissting her.
* Zirksu (Doc Rock, Richard Nixon) - Spy during the 1950s who tried enciting violence among American teen-agers via rock star Vince Rivers. (Marvel Premier #36)
* Zkrodd - First High Commander under S'ybll. Presumably stripped of rank for not preventing an invasion of Poppupians. (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular 1)

Appendix B: Places

* Andromeda Galaxy - Home of the Skrull Empire. One of the closest neighbors to the Milky Way galaxy, M31 (31st object in a catalog of non-stellar objects compiled by French astronomer Charles Messier in 1774) dominates the small group of galaxies of which the Milky Way is a member.
* Carpiax IV - Creche-world serving the hubward reaches of the Empire.
* Hlavek - Believed to be the Skrull equivalent of Hades.
* Imperial Power Asteroid - Originally used to direct power toward Kl'rt and Bartak from an orbit over Tarnax IV. Eventually converted to the largest power generator in the Skrull Empire.
* King's Crossing, NY - Town where three Skrull spies were turned into cows after their first encounter with the Fantastic Four. (Fantastic Four 2) Locals became infected by the Skrull "milk" and gained shape-shifting abilities. (Fantastic Four Annual 17)
* Klarr - Skrull maximum security prison-planet.
* Kral IV - Skrull planet that has modelled itself entirely after early twentieth century Earth. Conisdered extremely eccentric by the majority of Skrull society. Permanent site of galactic gladitorial tournaments.
* Pleasant Valley, WI - Small town completely taken over by Skrulls disguising themselves as the original townspeople. Once discovered, the entire Skrull population was eradicated. (Skrull Kill Krew 5)
* Satriani - Current Throneworld.
* Selandiar - Home of the Intergalactic Convocation.
* Skrell - Rogue planet founded by scientists. Generally ignored by the Empire and allowed much autonomy.
* Skrullos - Original birthplace of the Skrull race and first Throneworld. Located in the Drox system. Presumably destroyed by the first Cosmic Cube.
* Tarakar - Planet in the Andromeda Galaxy formerly governed by Kylor. Probably considered the Throneworld by it's inhabitants during the Skrull Civil War.
* Tarnax IV - Long-time Throneworld. Destroyed by Galactus. (Fantastic Four 257)
* Val'kla'mor - Skrull equivalent of Valhalla or Heaven.
* War World - Giant spacecraft disguised as an asteroid that concealed many of the Skrull's weapons research laboratories. Destroyed when the Fantastic Four rescued the imprisoned Alicia Masters. (Fantastic Four 358)

Appendix C: Technology

* Augmatron - Hand-held device that amplifies human emotions of anger and hostility.
* Cosmic Cube - Could transform reality to the desires of wielder. Developed by pulling an unknown "x-element" through a meta-singularity. Eventually matured into Shaper of Worlds.
* Encephalo-Link - Data transfer device. Takes accumlated knowledge and places it in the mind of recipient.
* Handcuffs - Seem to be a semi-sentient life form. Capable of continually analyzing a Skrull's shape as he/she is changing and adapt accordingly. Can be broken if the captive can alter forms fast enough.
* Hyper-Beam - Light ray composed of specific frequencies to force Skrull "sleeper agents" to full consciousness.
* Hyper-Wave Bomb - Releases a shockwave attuned to Skrull DNA. Disables all Skrull's abilities to change shape.
* Hypo-Ray - Similar to the Hyper-Beam. Used for planting subliminal suggestions in the recipient's mind. Often used on aliens.
* Inhibitor Mask - Restraint that prevents a Skrull from using his shape-shifting abilities.
* Intelligensia - Ruler of Skrell. Designed to be Skrull equivalent of the Kree's Supreme Intelligence.
* ISDAI - "Infra-beam Spacecraft Detection and Identification." Similar to terran RADAR.
* Lacaroo - Skrullian birthing tool. Presumably only needed for complicated births (such as those between species).
* Metabolic Booster - Weapon that dramatically speeds up the aging process. Generally used to prolong an execution.
* Photon Blaster - Standard issue military sidearm.
* Power Crystals - Main form of power and currency in the Skrull Empire. Absorbs ambient cosmic energy which can then be used to power blasters, ships, and enhanced beings such as Kl'rt and Bartak.
* Radiblaster - Hand-held disc that can channel solar winds into specific wavelengths of radiation. Generally used as an offensive weapon.
* Stealth-Hawk - Prototype starship of war. "Borrowed" by the Fantastic Four. (Fantastic Four 383)
* Sub-Photonic Spectro-Analyzer - Hand-held device that detects any programmed energy configurations on a planet.
* Technotroid - A robot that "hatches" and imprints on the first creature it comes in contact with. Generally used as personal guards for the Empress.
Wow......I'm not gonna go that in depth.

There is the Super Skrull...And I remeber a Power Skrull....And Titannus...and Hulkling.

Oh and Kadre K.....I don't know if they were mentioned above. For a while Xavier left the X-men to train a team of Mutant Scrulls. Fiz.....Is the only name I can remember. one could grow (Which is odd cause all Skrulls are shapeshifers.) One was a telepath.....I cant remember them all. There was 5 of them.......Kadre K. I'm gonna read the posts above then look it up.

And perhaps I will mention the Skrull Kill Krew. And older Mark Millar/Grant Morrison collaboration that involves some folks eating Skrull Cow meat and gaining powers then going and hunting down and killing Skrulls. TPB is out in a month or so.
* Fiz - Mutant with the ability to grow and shrink in size and mass. Originally employed to be a replacement for Giant-Man. "Defected" to join forces with the X-Men. (Uncanny X-Men #376) Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Nuro - Mutant with ability to tap into nervous system of others. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* R'Tee - Mutant with ability discharge shards of energy. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Spunje - Mutant with ability to absorb energy. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.
* Zcann - Mutant telepath. Member of Professor Xavier's Cadre K.

Yep they were up there.

And I never knew the Shaper of Worlds was actually a Skrull. I though he may have been.

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