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The "Ultimate Marvel" RPG Season IV OOC Thread

yeah but the IC thread won't be up for a couple days afterwards. :hehe:
Yeah but I don't see a reason to rush for the OOC thread. I mean, awards should be posted here in the Season 4 thread when the deadline hits tonight. Just my personal opinion.
Wow....MB picking up a heavy hitter.....even money says we'll never see him last past four posts with Cap.
I'll elaborate on my choices later but for now here are the winners.

Best Storyline:
Spider-Clone Saga (II)

Best Hero: Tie: Spider-Woman (EBJ) and Iron Man (MM)

Best Villain: Shaun Lot/Charles Xavier

Best Multiplayer Character: Matt Murdock

Best Developed Character: Heimdall (Sensei)

Best Rivalry: Spider Carnage and the Clones

Best Fight: Tarantula Vs Scarlet Spider/Spider Carnage

Best Newcomer: (Have we had any??)

Best Post: (get back to you on that)

MVP: Matt Murdock (He's setting up pretty much what EVERYONE will be doing in Season V, takes some skills and guts)
Gotta hit the road.

Colossus' epilogue will be up tonight.

TEASER: Expect things to get gay! :cwink:
I'm am gonna gay this place up so bad, you'll think EBJ and Syn were having one of their arguments!

Yeah, I went there. :heart:
Thank you for the votes, NUFD.

My final Daredevil post should be up pretty soon, and my Nexus season closer should be up around 9 or 10 tonight, no biggie.
Thank you, NUFD. I appreciate it greatly. I love you and want you.
Daredevil finale is up.

If nobody has any objections, I'm gonna post my Nexus post now.

Screen Name: Mr. Marko

Character you would like to play: Wolverine

Powers and a brief description of the character in proper English: Wolvie's got all the usuals. Claws, healing, and that other stuff that I don't wanna write.

Three reasons why you have chosen that character:

1. I beat you all to him!

2. I wanted to!

3. I've never played him, want to give him a shot.

What can you bring to this game? Wolverine and Japanese Chicks.

How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG: Enough

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards:Yep

Provide a small sample post for your character, about 4 paragraphs with at least one line of dialouge: (working on crappy computer, can't figure out the colors and stuff, this will have to do)

Unknown Location, Japan, Twenty Years Ago...

Its funny how things had worked out. No resistance. Just blood and screaming. Logan snickered to himself. "I see you were expecting me."

The man in silver armor chuckled. "You snuck in here as gracefully as a baboon, Wolverine. Did you think it was your skill that enabled you to get to me?"

Logan sneered. "Nice try, bub. I ain't a fool."

Suddenly, the man held up an object that Logan hadn't expected.

"Where did you get that?!"

The man sneered. "Let me tell you a story, Logan."
Yeah, it was serious. Haha. This computer is so ghetto. I can fix it later if it means that much to you.
I still have to make one more post, so you still have time. I don't think this is like the League in that your posts won't be considered in continuity if they're after 9:00.

If they are, I'm ****ed.

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