The 'World of Heroes: DC Style" RPG Season II

Savage said:
"I know what you mean." I say standing right behind her. Startled the crap out of her. Love that.:D

"Don't worry about how I got in." I walk over to Kyle and start smackin him around.

"Kyle. Kyle! Wake up ya lazy S.O.B."
OOC: I let you in :confused:
Savage said:
"I know what you mean." I say standing right behind her. Startled the crap out of her. Love that.:D

"Don't worry about how I got in." I walk over to Kyle and start smackin him around.

"Kyle. Kyle! Wake up ya lazy S.O.B."

I awake to the voice ( and fast slaps) of one of my closest friends on the team, him and I have always been the ones who bring he humor to the team.

"Hey Wally.."

"You deal with one of those damn nukes too?"

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I awake to the voice ( and fast slaps) of one of my closest friends on the team, him and I have always been the ones who bring he humor to the team.

"Hey Wally.."

"You deal with one of those damn nukes too?"


His eyes widen as he stares at me. Just before he opens his mouth--

"Just messin with ya man. I took care of it. Sunuva b**ch though. But hey, I got this chick's number...Wait, why am I holding you?" I drop his head.

"Stop being so dramatic and get up. We need to head back to Keystone and Kara--Oh, I'm sorry. "Linda" has her classes."
I fly next to Wally while he runs to Keystone City.

"So, whats you view on MTV today?"

"Been s**t ever since reality tv got popular. I don't know why they even bother calling it MTV anymore."
"Im Telling you........... kids today, only a few turn out as well as Kara and Tim."

I can see the smoke getting closer and closer, we're almost there.......
"Last one there's a rotten--BYE!"

I'm already there standing with big blue, Nightwing and Constantine.

"...The hell'd everybody go?"
What a smart ass... How did he know my secret ID? I haven't had it long enough to have told anyone but Kal and Bart... Oh well, I have two hours to kill now, I think I'll listen to some music before I head back to class. She throws Shinedown's CD into the surround sound system and lays back to relax.

As the music played she faded out. Bart appeared to her again. "Kara, I miss you. Don't worry I'll be home soon. I promise. And thank you for making me proud."

She woke up three hours later, and realized she missed her only other class of the day. Wow... two days into the semester and I've made it to half of a class... Whoops.. I wonder what Bart meant though? How will he stay, he keeps appearing for shorter and shorter bursts of time.
"Dammit man!!!"
I speed up and Im there in a second
see I can be fast if I want to
"what he said"

In the back seat of the car Harley hugged the hyenas.

"Awww my babies mommy has missed you so much.Aren't you the sweetest things,Yes you are oh yes you are" she cooed affectionately.

Harley leaned forward and put her hand on the Joker's shoulder."Ah we're a family again puddin.You,me and the babies.Just like old times.And now we're moving into a new home.Eeeeek I'm so happy puddin".

As the car sped along they drove past a theatre that was playing a run of movies based on cinema's greatest comedians.Movies like Laurel and Hardy and the Three stooges.

"Puddin stop the car" Harley shouted.Joker slammed on the breaks as the car screeched to a halt.

"Looky there.Cinema's greatest comedians.HA! They ain't got nothin on you Mister J.What do you say we go show em a few of your best jokes??" Harley said with a sly wink.
Two men began walking outside of East End Showcase. They laughed as each had two women on there arms.

“Hey! What movie did you go see!” said a sly and seductive voice. At that moment, a whip latched on to the first man’s neck and pulled him to the ground. Another high kick was flown into the second man’s grungy face. The girls ran down the dimly lite street as Catwoman punched the one man. He was out.

“I..I swear..we only went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…” said the breaded man.

“Wow. Tell me, when was the last time anyone has shown a movie in the East End that had a rating under X? Who are you working for?”

“,” replied the thug.

“Well, then I better never see you in the East End again, or I will do much worse than anything Black Mask will do to you,” said the woman.

“I’m..I’m not working for him. I swear to God!”

“You’re swearing to the wrong people, buddy.” Catwoman said as she preformed a flip kick to his face.

“Isn’t that a kick in the face?”

Later, after returning to her apartment, Selina turned on the news. Pulling off the mask, she turned down the volume, trying hard not to wake Holly. In big leaders read, “JOKER AND HARLEY AT IT AGAIN”

“When I thought the finally broke up. Damn,”

Catwoman lunged out the window.
The Joker led Harley Quinn into the theatre, leaving the hyenas behind in the car. He walked through reception, casually shooting the lady in the ticket booth and the popcorn vendors.

"Oh goodie, Harley," he quipped, "I think couples get in free!"

The mad lovers sneaked into the cinema hall. "Laurel & Hardy" was showing on the big screen. Bah, how dull. They should be showing the REAL classics, like Looney Tunes. Now, THAT was comedy. Characters were flayed, set on fire and thrown off cliffs - it was all so deliciously cruel!

"BORING!" sighed The Joker loudly, letting out a theatrical yawn. He got a few hyshes from the front, obviously from people who couldn't see who was sitting at the back of the cinema hall.

"Let's give these schmucks something they can really laugh at," whispered The Joker, pulling Harley out of the cinema hall, "Watching crap like this, I'd say it's a mercy killing."

Once they were out the cinema hall, The Joker tossed a handful of laughing-gas smoke grenades through the doors, before locking them shut.

"Films like that are box office poison! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

From inside, The Joker could hear quickly rising laughter, loud and manic, coming out in sharp, painful spasms. And then, in less tham a minute, the laughter was replaced by an eerie silence. The Joker took his ear away from the door, and turned back to Harley Quinn.

"Now, THAT'S entertainment..."
Several minutes later after the gas was aired out of the theatre,The Joker was sitting in the centre of the seats with a large soda and a big bucket of buttered popcorn.

Seated around him were the corpses of the audience.Their faces twisted into a hideous grin.

Harley came skipping down the aisle and seated herself next to the Joker.

"The reel is all set up puddin.The REAL comedy will be starting now" she said as she dipped her hand into the popcorn bucket and began munching it.

The screen lit up and the large Warner Bros symbol came on.Then the Looney Tunes music began playing.

The Joker clapped his hands and began laughing hysterically."Now this is funny.Check out the audience.They just can't stop smiling hahahahahaha".

"Awww Bugs Bunny is just the cutest wabbit isn't he puddin??...........Puddin??".Harley looked sideways and saw the Joker rubbing the leg of a young blonde womans corpse in the seat next to him.

"Oy" Harley shouted as she grabbed the bucket of popcorn and tipped it over Joker's head.

"You lousy creep.Here we are having a romantic tryst in the theatre and you gotta go feel up some dumb blonde's goodies???"
Selina Kyle slinked into the theater. She could hear Looney Tunes music playing in the background. Silently moving into the screening room, she sat in a seat behind Harley and the Joker.

“I love this part,” Catwoman purred as the two jesters gasped. “I thought you broke up with old smiley, Harley? Did he pawn you back into the game? How sweet,”

The leather clad feline flipped into the air. Claws came out of her gloves and she landed in the front row of the theater. The anti-hero looked at the grinning corpses. Her people. The people of the East End. Dead.
Harley looked in surprise as Catwoman had appeared out of the blue.

"Oh great.It's the kitty woman.I think I preferred the blonde corpse next to you puddin" Harley said as she jumped to her feet.

"My puddin doesn't need to pawn me sweetheart.Me and Mister J are forever.You're just jealous cos you don't have a fella who's as loyal and as loving to you as my puddin is to me".

Joker winked and blew a kiss at Harley.

"Awwww" Harley said as she caught the kiss in her hand."You sit tight puddin.I'll just throw out the kitty litter then we can get back to our movie".

Harley did a flip and landed in the aisle.She whipped out a gun and pointed it at Catwoman.

"So how many lives have you got kitten??" she said as she opened fire.
Selina watched as a shower of bullets came towards her. The woman did hit the ground and barely missed the spray of lead. Taking her whip, she ripped the gun from Harley’s hand.

“Did the death of junior affect your aim, Harley?”

Lunging forward, Catwoman’s claws shredded the jester’s pale white skin. Harley pushed Selina back a seat.

“You see, this would have never happened if you didn’t stop in the East End. You’re going to bleed,”
I worked with Mid-Nite on trying to mass produce the antidote. I feel the enormous sense of Deja'-Vu, having just a few days done the same thing with Crane, trying to stop the Gotham plague of this. I can almost see Dinah lying across from us trying to get herself back together after having a bout against it.

Dinah... Now I'm doing the same thing with her ex.

We were in Dr. Fate's tower. There, time didn't matter. My mind and body didn't agree to that, so I worked as fast as I could. My brain was trying to tell me that I have time, there's no need to rush. But my body and soul tells me to hurry before more lives are lost.

I don't think I'm cut out for this type of thing.

After...I have no idea how long--time doesn't matter, and that screws your enternal clock up like nobodies bussiness--we were able to finish the production.

"Fate!" I yelled out to him. "We're finished, lets get the antidotes to Keystone."
"Oh, this is wonderful. All we need now is for you two hotties to get buck naked and wrestle in mud."

While Catwoman had been preoccipied with fighting Harley Quinn, The Joker had sneaked up behind Catwoman, and now had a gun pointed at the back of her head.

"I see that you're holding your own against my dear Harley," cackled The Joker, "But that's because, bless her little booties, she isn't too bright."

The Joker gave an apologetic glance over at Harley Quinn.

"I, however, am very smart. Smarter than you'll ever be, toots," continued The Joker, "And I'm about to prove that there's more than one way to skin a cat! HA HA!"
“I thought Crane put you to sleep, Joker?” as Catwoman said this, she did a split under the Joker and threw him into Harley. She pulled out two sets of cuffs from a small bag. She pulled the first silver ring around on of Joker’s hands and the other ring on Harley’s hand. Now the clowns were connected. She put her hand on Joker’s shoulder and walked over to the other side of the couple. CLINK! Harley and Joker’s hands were linked, forming a circle.

“Aww, a circle of love. You’re going back to Arkham you sick *******s,”
Harvey was in the bathroom of a theater it was the only place he could go with out being noticed. He sat there alone with Two Face. These past few days we’re hard. Janet his good friend was gone murdered by a maniac called Zsasz. And his father died a more peaceful death.

He was here because of his Father. They always came here. They we’re a happy father and son team, Harvey and his Dad would always pick the same movies to watch they always raced to the theater. They always picked popcorn instead of candy, his father always said “You never thirsty until you have something salty”. That was before the incident. Harvey screamed every time he thought about it. Realsing about that he looked. No one was there. He gave a sigh of relief. And went back to the good times of his Father. Just then a maniacal laughter struck Harvey.

“I know who that is…”

“So do I you don’t need to be a geniuses Harvey old boy. It’s “Mr. J”.

“Joker. If he’s here then oh my god the people are…”

“Dead? Yeah”

“ We have to do what needs to be done.”

“NO! Think Harvey your Dad just died do you need a clown fighting you?”

Harvey got his coin. He flipped it. Mr. Apollo won. Getting out his gun.

“All right Joker” Harvey stopped at the sight of someone else he knew well

“Hello Cat woman.”
The Joker gave Harley Quinn a kiss, then threw his head back in laughter.

"Oh no! Whatever will I do!"

Still laughing, The Joker tucked with all his might, until he finally pulled his hand right out it's socket! The Joker started screaming, but it turned back into laughter as he produced his real hand from under his sleeve and the fake hand fell on to the ground.

"But wait, there's more," giggled The Joker with sadistic glee, "You're going to love this! HA HA!"

The fake hand suddenly came to life, scuttling along the ground and crawling up Catwoman's leg. It latched onto her throat, choking her with a vicelike grip.

The Joker turned, and spotted Two-Face standing in front of the entrance.

"Ah, Harv, some advice for you," declared The Joker, "When you've not got someone to love, a hand ought to do the trick! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Dragging Harley Quinn, still handcuffed to him, The Joker began to walk past Dent, heading for the exit.

Without saying a word, Fate strides up to the containers holding the antidote and casts the required spells that will reverse the damage caused by the fear gas. After a few minutes, the job is finished. Hector Hall raises his hand and immediately teleports them all back to Keystone, the antidote in tow.

Arriving on the scene in the midst of a gathering of heroes, Fate goes to work. Rising to the heavens with the containers behind him, Fate begins to chant. After a minute of chanting, the containers holding the antidote light up blue and clouds began to form in the skies above…dark clouds. The blue aura surrounding them brightens and becomes almost blinding. Lightning bolts arced through the heavens and deafening thunderclaps echoed through the entire city.
Suddenly, the tops of the canisters exploded sending the mystical antidote rocketing into the cloudy sky above. The skies churned and the clouds turned a shade of blue. And then it began to rain. It started as a drizzle at first, but soon became a downpour of epic proportions. But, this was no normal rain. As soon as the drops made contact with the ground they harmlessly popped with a hiss and transformed into a soothing light blue vapor. The drops landing onto the sleeping populace, however, were just quickly absorbed into the skin.

Soon the entire city was covered in the light blue mist and the people began to rise from their slumber. They rose and yawned and smiled, finally their nightmares were gone.

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