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The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IV


Dark Lord of the RPG's
Aug 4, 2005
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We’d like to welcome old and new players to Season IV of the DC Universe RPG.
A World of Heroes!
In a moment of nostalgia we’d just like to say that this RPG has gone through three seasons, and a little over one year.
Hopefully this season will exceed all expectations, but that depends on you as players.DC in the last year has made great leaps and bounds in storylines, now it’s your turn as players to do the same.
Have fun!

This RPG is based off of post-Crisis on Infinite Earths and pre-Infinite Crisis.
The game play is similar to the previous three Seasons of The "World of Heroes" DC RPG and the "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel" RPG Season IV in the Marvel Comics Board.

If you want to take part in this, just fill in the application at the bottom of this post and we'll put your name and character on the first post here. First come, first serve.



  • You can choose to be any superhero or supervillain in the DC Universe, as long as they:

Are to be established on Earth, as in, if Lobo is to be involved, he has to reside in a DCU Earth city...

Are NOT deities, gods, or people such as Shazam the Wizard. People like Superman and Captain Marvel are okay, though...

Are true to the personality and abilities of the character, such as NO Pre-Crisis Superman, no moving planets, sneezing away the Milky Way, no amnesia kiss... EVERYTHING is set POST-Crisis, and Post-Zero Hour, in the current continuity of the character you are/wish to play/playing.

  • You can reside in any city in the DC Universe; anywhere is fine, as long as it's on Earth. YOU CAN NOW ALSO TRAVEL OFF-PLANET...

  • This is a working environment, so you can travel to different places using your powers or vehicles. Don't miraculously pop up unless you're a teleporter or such.

  • Don't do anything RANDOM like chopping off board user's heads or what not, unless your a villain chopping off inanimate victims heads, then whatever, go with it, as long as it's not technically RANDOM.
    Don't be killing people without reason.
    Don't randomly kill NPC's.

  • You know your weaknesses and strengths, what you can do or can't. Black Canary will lose against Superman one on one, but may be able to use her allies to help her out or she can run away. (HA! Yeah ri-ght)

  • You should have a ‘home base of some sort, at least in the beginning when you’re not traveling...

  • Don’t kill a PC unless you have a plan to bring them back.
    Don’t kill your character when you quit the RPG, this rob's a person from playing that character.

  • If there is a problem between you and another player,
    or if you have question's please talk to one of the Gamemasters The list of Game masters is at the top of this post.

  • There should be MINIMAL cussing and swearing in posts.
    There will be NO By-passing the censors. This is a Hype rule, and NO exceptions will be made for the RPG.

  • No obscene topics!

What to do in the RPG-

  • Act like your character; ASSUME their traits and personality...

  • You can form super villain gang’s superhero teams, alliances, the works.

  • There can be a number of stories (or arcs) going on at once, using different people.

  • There are endless places to go and endless things to do: ENDLESS possibilities so get creative...

People who disobey these rules, some more major than the others, will get BOOTED a la DEW K. MOSI. As she said about the first thread...

Dew k. Mosi said:
The game is closed. It will start again and the first person to screw it up will be booted.

For more of the ‘rules’ see- RPG Etiquette

Now here are the players and their characters (alphabetized in each group):


Arsenal/Roy Harper
Green Lantern
“Womanizer and proud of it.”

(Cassandra Cain)

Charlie No-One
“Watch out for the claws.”
“... If... she ever gets any...”

Batman/Bruce Wayne
“’Outsiders’ Obsessed and never there when you need him”

The Flash/Wally West
“Green Man to Green Boy to Red Blur”

Green Arrow/Oliver “Ollie” Queen
“Has the name all the Bat Noobies want”

Green Lantern
(Hal Jordan)

Franklin Richards
“Our ‘Dear Frankie’”

Green Lantern
(Kyle Rayner)

“Hottie of the Marvel RPG”

Martian Manhunter
(J'onn J'onz)

“Who knows who he’ll be next”
“FOUR and counting…”
“Check out the Marvel RPG, guy goes through characters like Toilet Paper.”

Nightwing/Dick Grayson
Master Bruce
“Sadly, in real life...no such women as Kory or Babs..”

Robin/Time Drake
“But he’s kinda a jerk. Speedball..not…SpeedballLives..”

Superboy/Connor Kent
Purple Man
“Is he really purple?”
“Don’t think so...”

Superman/Clark Kent
“Big Blue here, Little Green there.”

The Question
The Question

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince



Mystery Woman
“Who IS that masked Woman?”

Charlie No-One
“Watch out for the claws.”

Jason Todd
“Hasn’t turned J.T into a squid…..YET”

Ravenger/ Rose Wilson
“The best at what she does.”



“Meet it as I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and still be a villain…”
Hamlet, Act 1

Captain Cold
“Under surveillance.”

Killer Croc
Electro UK
“Now he’s playing in my territory.”
"Oh I'm scared, how about I just delete this post and run away? MWAHAHAHA!... please don't kill me for being on your roster."

Lex Luthor
MST3K 4ever
“Is he never evil?”

“Is he really the main man?”

Ra’s al Ghul
The Red X
“The Demons Head”

Shaggy Man/General Wade Eiling
Johnny Blaze
"Actually set a man named Johnny ablaze"
"Makes me hot."

The Joker
Keyser Soze

The Parasite
“He’s jealous.”

~~ Reserve/Part time player

*** Player placed on notice;
These are people who have posted below or on the 7 post mark and/or have been absent from game play a week or longer.
After another week they will be taken off the roster and they can re-apply for their character again.



DC RPG Season IV Application

Screen Name:

Character you would like to play:


Group your character is aligned with (if applicable):

Three reasons why you have chosen that character:




Write two complete sentences using proper English grammar explaining what you plan to do with the character you've chosen (i.e. What are your goals? Will you be doing anything different with the character than is usually seen?):

How many times do you intend on posting a DAY IN the RPG:

Color and font you plan on using for your characters speech (Might not be applicable but it makes the roster pretty):

Do you have an Instant Messenger? Which one, and what is your screen name?

How did you find out about this game, Recruitment thread/word of post/seeing the RPG OOC/IC thread?

Please provide a small sample post with original content in the style that you plan to write your character in:

Fill out the application and post it in the "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season IV Signup/OOC Thread

And for those who are new to Role-Playing...

Previously in the DC RPG…

At the beginning of the season, The Joker threatened to destroy Gotham with an anti matter bomb. The Justice League and the Teen Titans banded together to stop him.

Meanwhile, the other heroes and villains were having solo arcs.
Promithius (whose player has now retired from the RPG, I'm sad to say) got himself a side kick.
The Question began fighting some mob types in Hub City, and then started investigating some paranormal phenomena.
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Metamorpho (who has also retired) hung out in a bar.
Azrael was resurrected.
Sinestro came back to Earth.
In the future The Legion of Superheroes prepared for a trip to the 21st century, to reinstate a companion into the proper timeline.

Back in Gotham, the heroes scoured the city for the bomb. Meanwhile, The Joker kidnapped Barbara Gordon, who last season regained the ability to walk, and her father. Wonder Woman was exposed to The Joker's gas. Her superhuman metabolism allowed her to survive, but she was driven temporarily insane and killed several Arkham inmates.

The Joker then took Jim Gordon to an abandoned carnival. Barbara Gordon went there with Catwoman to rescue him. A trap was laid, and Harley and The Joker left Catwoman to die and took Barbara and Jim to an abandoned mansion they were staying in.

Batman, after curing Wonder Woman, went after The Joker with Catwoman. Nightwing and The Flash followed.

Supergirl, along with the Teen Titans, found and disposed of the anti-matter bomb.

Superman took Wonder Woman back to his apartment to recuperate there, he found Lois Lane, who had died in a previous season.

Batman and The Joker faced off in the mansion, and The Joker detonated the bomb, not knowing it had already been destroyed. Batman, in a rage, beat The Joker within an inch of his life. After coming to his senses, Batman tied up The Joker and Harley, and hauled them out of the mansion.
The Flash went back to Keystone, and Catwoman, Nightwing, Batman, and the unconscious criminals drove away from the mansions. They found that the city had not been destroyed, and so took the two killers to a police station.

At the police station, they had found that The Black Mask and Deathstroke had slaughtered all of the police officers as part of The Black Mask's most recent bid for power in the Gotham underworld. A fight broke out between the three vigilantes and the cold blooded mobsters. In the confusion, The Joker and Harley escaped.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) and Metamorpho had been confronted by Sinestro, who was asking for Hal's help. Sinestro wanted to be the Green Lantern he once was, and he wanted Hal to teach him how to de a hero again. While Hal and Sinestro were talking, Prometheus and his side kick, Phobos, attacked Hal. Hal defeated them, and imprisoned Prometheus on a deserted island. Prometheus escaped and rendezvoused with Phobos. They have not been seen since.

The Joker and Harley went to the Gordon’s' house. There, they found The Question, who had been waiting for Batman to share some strange findings. A fight ensued. It ended when The Joker tasered The Question, leaving him to die. Fortunately, Batman (who by this point had lost all of his money and his home to Lex Luthor and was living with the Gordons) returned home and gave The Question medical attention. The Question told Batman that evidence suggested that The Scarecrow (who had died in the previous season) was mystically affecting people. Batman and The Question looked further into it together.

Meanwhile, Black Mask began committing crimes based on the Bible, to both solidity his power base and satisfy his theological curiosities. Batman became aware of this. He and The Question confronted Black Mask and Deathstroke on the GCPDHQ roof. Soon, The Question left to go on his little quest.

During all of this, The Parasite (who had been pretending to be Lex Luther) had been up to things. His cover as Lex was blown, and he destroyed Lex’s empire and went on a small rampage. Then, he was confronted by a quasi mystical alien called "The Unity" .
The Unity had been secretly aiding The Parasite for several months. It wanted Parasite to help it "unify" the Earth. In actuality, it wanted to strip the Earth's people of free will and turn the world into a hive mind collective. The Unity gave Parasite a power upgrade and told him to go out and spread the unification.

Meanwhile, Zoom had come back to Keystone City. He killed his wife, and then went on a rampage to lower the Earth's population. He came into conflict with Wonder Woman, Robin, and The Flash. During the insuring battle, Linda West was left mentally scared, and Zoom was trapped in a mystical hourglass. The Flash took Linda to a mental hospital and then hung up his costume.

Meanwhile, the Question went to Keystone City, the last place The Scarecrow was seen alive. He fought The Scarecrow in a metaphysical realm, and with the help of Dr. Fate , was able to pull him back to life and hand him over to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the unification continued. The Parasite unified a good chunk of Metropolis. Superman was then met by The Unity. It had been The Unity who had brought Lois back, and it promised to make everything better. Superman, in a state of emotional weakness, agreed to help The Unity.

The Legion , using Brainiac 5's time machine, came back to the 21st century. Kid Flash , who had disappeared in the previous season (DC RPG Season II) and was presumed dead, was in fact trapped in the 31st century. He'd been trapped there for 3 years. Before they came back her was de aged to the age of when he left.
The Legion brought him back and after having some trouble in the time stream after the events at the end of last season, caused by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, they arrival in front of the Titans Tower. While in the Time stream they meet the young Kal-El, Superboy .

Batman had been captured by Black Mask, and then crucified at GCPD headquarters. Right on the Bastioned.
After Black Mask left Batman to die, The Unity came to Batman and made him an offer. The Unity promised to bring Batman's loved ones back in exchange for his services. Batman agreed.

Wonder Woman, after helping defeat Zoom, turned herself over to the GCPD to answer for the murders she committed while she was driven temporarily insane.

The Joker and Harley Quinn became aware of the unity, and teamed up with The Riddle, Deathstroke, Black Mask, and Two Face in an attempt to stop it.

The Question came back to Gorham to tell Batman how things went down. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman got into a fight with several unified police officers in the GCPD. The National Guard (also unified) showed up to stop her. The Question came upon the scene, and incited a riot as a distraction. He and Wonder Woman went back to the bat cave. There, they saw that The Joker was making a broadcast to Gorham, telling the citizens to rise up against The Unity. The Question and Wonder Woman tracked down The Joker and the rest of his band, and joined forces with them.
They were soon joined by Batman (who had come to his senses and stopped working for The Unity) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). The Question suggested that the should find more allies, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and the villains headed off to Star City to look for Green Arrow.

Meanwhile, The Scarecrow escaped from The Slab and went back to Gorham City.

The Legion, consisting of Live Wire , Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5.1 met with The Teen Titans. They then headed for the East Coast accompanied by Kid Flash and the young Superboy (Kal-El) . Who took on the alias Kent to preserve what was left of the fragmented time stream.

The Question, Wonder Woman, and Batman went back to the bat cave to get some supplies. They then went to Metropolis. There, they found Supergirl and Superboy (Conner Kent) , who had just seen the Legion off. They began to plan against Superman and Parasite.

Meanwhile, Superman realized what he was doing was wrong, and fought against Unity. Unfortunately, The Unity had gotten too strong a hold of him, and took complete control of his body.

The villains left Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and headed back to Gotham. Green Lantern talked to Green Arrow, and then headed to Metropolis to find the others.

Deathstroke left the villains and joined the heroes in Metropolis. Superman and The Parasite showed up, and a battle ensued. At the last minute, Deathstroke betrayed the heroes and joined The Unity. The battle raged on. Zoom was let out of his cage to help stop Superman. The Legion showed up to try and help.

Meanwhile, The Joker and The Scarecrow detonated a chemical bomb in Bludhaven, killing everyone in the city, in an attempt to wipe out The Unity’s numbers.

Superman and The Parasite retreated after hearing the news, and Superboy, Batman, and The Question went to Bludhaven top search for survivors. While Saturn Girl put Zoom into dream like state, a mental loop to keep him contained.

After finding that there was very little they could do, Batman and The Question left Bludhaven for Gotham. Green Lantern Guy Gardner , on special assignment from the Guardians, came to Earth to aid in the fight against The Unity.

The Parasite was teleported out of captivity by The Unity, and joined Deathstroke and Superman in The Unity's ship. Meanwhile Zoom broke free of the state Saturn Girl had put him in.

Batman and The Question were soon joined by Saturn Girl, Sinister, Guy Gardner, Kale (Young Clark Kent/Superbly), and Livewire. They began to plan against The Unity. The Joker and the rest of the Arkham criminals set a bomb in Blackgate penitentiary and sprung loose the inmates. Guy Gardner and Sinister went to deal with the situation. The Unity's lieutenants went to handle The Joker and his cohorts.

After The Joker and his cohorts freed the inmates from Blackgate penitentiary, Sinestro and Guy Gardner tried to contain the situation. The Parasite showed up and began worsening the situation. Guy Gardner tried to stop him. Somehow, the ensuing battle caused Guy Gardner's ring to start drawing power from the Unity. He struggled to make it work even with its drastic change, but soon was unable to make nit function properly. Sinestro saved him from falling after his flight went out, and took him to safety.

The Question had taken data that Lex Luthor had compiled on the Unity, along with several other files from his computers. The Joker stole one of the copies, which he planed to use for some as of yet unknown scheme. However, The Question was able to make other copies afterwards.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Superman realized that the extra dimensional energies that The Flashes drew upon as a power source interfered with The Unity's mind control signal. Wonder Woman went to fetch Jay Garrick and took him to Superman's Fortress, while Superman went to New York to look for a now retired Wally West.

Meanwhile, Nightwing met with and did battle with Deathstroke. Nightwing survived the fight, but was badly injured. Batman tended to Nightwing's wounds, and then left with The Question via borrowed Legion flight ring to Superman's Fortress.

Meanwhile, The Parasite followed Wonder Woman to the Fortress and did battle with her and Jay Garrick. He nearly killed the two of them, until Superman and The Flash showed up. Superman began fighting The Parasite.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Live Wire of the Legion had joined the Unity. Saturn Girl then went into his mind and rescued him from the Unity. This caused her to fall deep into a coma. The Question, after having been shot by Deathstroke, went to the Fortress' infirmary, and was soon joined by Batman, Sinestro and Guy Gardner (who had come to the fortress), and Live Wire.

Live Wire returned Saturn Girl to Happy Harbor the temporary home of the Legion, under the care of Brainiac 5.1. Zoom then arrived and kidnapped her, taking her to the now ghost town of Bludhaven and covering her in dead bodies.
She soon awoke from a Unity induced dream and confronted Zoom, she was beaten badly before she entered him mind. Upon that she triggered a change in Zoom, causing him to return to the man he once was, unbittered. However Live Wire arrived and attacked Hunter (As Zoom was being called). Saturn Girl broke it up and Live Wire returned Saturn Girl to Happy Harbor, where upon they discovered that Brainiac 5.1 had fixed the Time Platform with the help of Hourman.

After much fighting with Superman (who had been joined by Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan in the struggle), Parasite finally realized that Unity had been using him, and sided with Superman. After draining the knowledge and powers from jay garrick, Parasite and The Flash permanently scrambled The Unity's signal, returning the world to the way it was.

The heroes were returned home. Bruce Wayne, taking advantage of Lexcorp's financial crisis, bought up many of Luthor's sub companies. Lex Luthor awoke from his chemically induced coma, and captured The Parasite, turning him into a living battery for Metropolis as a form of revenge. He and The Joker then seemed to form a partnership of sorts. Superman was outed in having had a hand in what happened in regards to The Unity, and became mistrusted by the public. Bruce Wayne and Ted Kord attended meeting to discuss major economic issues, at which Oswald Cobblepot (also the crime lord and thief known as The Penguin) discussed his future plans for the world's economy.

Meanwhile the Legion is sent into the Timestream and return to the 31st Century.

-The Question.​
The Wall: Part I
Central City Cemetery

“Hello, Lawton. Didn’t figure you the grieving type.” The large black woman said as she approached the costumed figure standing before a grave, smoking a cigarette.
“For Boomerbutt? No thanks Wall.” Floyd Lawton, the mercenary called Deadshot, replied as he turned to face the woman standing beside him, Amanda Waller.
“And you choose to visit his grave for no reason whatsoever?”
“Could say the same to you.”
“I’ve got about five snipers up in the trees, ready to shoot if you don’t come with me.”
“You know none of them are as good as me.”
“It’s why I need you for this job.”
“The whole ‘sentence commuted’ thing again?”
“The whole ‘not killing you where you stand’ thing.”
“Just let me finish my smoke.” Deadshot said as he put on his mask and threw his cigarette away, and just as he was about to walk towards the black limousine waiting for him and Amanda Waller, he stopped. “Wait.”


Five men fell from the surrounding trees, grabbing their knee and howling in pain as their rifles clattered on the ground. “Yeah, we can go now.” Deadshot said as he walked along with the Wall towards the limousine.
In quiet tree lined street, in one of the more suburban areas of Gotham City, a domestic silence hovered in the air of the neighborhood.
It was the quintessential district, one that would have been just as much at home in Metropolis, Keystone or Star City. An area a person might want to settle down and raise a family.
It was in this neighborhood that a yellow Gotham Taxi pulled up to the curb. The door creaked open as a woman gave a soft ‘thank you’ to the driver and extracted her bag from the interior before the vehicle pulled away from the curb and drove down the street, making a right turn at the corner.

The woman stood watching it for a second, before she turned and gazed up at the trees which lined the street, watching the breeze rustled through the Bare tree branches, making them dance and clater like bones.
Picking her bag up she started walking down the sidewalk, the soft noise of her shoes hitting the ice covered pavement played in perfect tune to the trees quiet musical, in the distance children’s faint cries and yells of fun arrived at just the right time to the symphony.

She looked at the houses as she passed, her eyes covered in sunglasses and a scarf, which matched her t-shirt, covered her long black hair. She followed the sidewalk into the heart of Gotham.
The scenery changed from Pleasantville to Ghetto as the shadows grew longer and deeper, adjusting to the high rise buildings, apartment’s and warehouse's.

The purveyors of the sidewalk changed as well, from children playing innocently to adults playing in a world that lost it’s innocence long ago.
She watched the humanity, studying it’s every feature with new eyes. The walking didn’t bother her, she enjoyed the rhythmic movement of her jean clad legs and the gentle *swish-swish* her trench coat made.
Slowly the scene changed again, the High rise buildings were now Business towers, the Apartments were city lofts and the warehouses were coffee houses and upper class restaurants. Till she came to the largest central tower, crowned with the word’s “WAYNE ENTERPRISES” in art deco lettering.
She stopped in front of it and observed the working man and woman coming and going through the huge set’s of revolving doors.
She turned and walked down the street, passing vintage clothe stores, restaurants, mini marts and specialty stores, before stopping in front of a Costume Store. The words “DON’T FORGET THE NEW YEAR COSTUME PARTY!” were written on the glass in big silver letters.
The window display had three mannequins, one dressed as Wonder Woman, with Batman and Superman on each side. Tilting her head she studied them, before turning and pushing the door open.

The little bell on the door handle rang as she went in, the soft twinkle of the chime bouncing through the empty stores costume clad walls.
Walking along the line of female costumes she surveyed them, Wonder Woman, Huntress and a Starfire one, she briefly wondered how that costume even stayed on the hanger.
Zatanna, Zatanna with bunny ears and tail, Black Canary, Black Canary with bunny ears and tail, she paused running her fingers along the fishnets before moving on. A little farther down the rack was a limp black costume. It’s jagged saw tooth edged cape puddled on the floor. Pulling the other costumes away from it she could make out the shape of a bat, outlined in yellow, emblazed across the chest. She studied it before a flash of yellow caught her eye. Pushing that costume to the side she gazed at one similer. This one had a bright yellow bat across the chest, the cape with smooth edges was lined in yellow. She quickly turned and looked to the other side of the room. The mens costumes hung against that wall and she could make out the stark matte black of the male version of the costume she held in her hands. She turned back to the female counterparts and smiled.
The costumes changed from hero to villain, Killer Frost, Catwoman, Giganta and Chesire, she stopped at the last one. She touched her fingers to it, running them up and down the emerald green fabric.

“Ma’am? May I help you?”

She looked up and walked out, ignoring the question. She needed to find someone, she had made it a few blocks along the almost empty streets before hearing low yells come from a nearby alley. Quickening her pace she came around the corner of a building and through the encroaching darkness she could see young woman, her shirt half off her shoulder, and two men, one with his hand over her mouth, physically pushing her against the wall and another rifling through her purse.

“Got anything man?”
“Nothin,’ nothing.” the second man practically spat the words out before throwing the purse to the ground and advancing threateningly towards their victim. The cornered woman’s eyes were wide about the large hand that covered the lower part of her face and she struggled to shake her head.

The female onlooker walked towards the group of three and stopped at a distance. The woman against the wall looked at her with wise eyes.
Following her gaze both men turned and saw a woman in blue jeans and a long trench coat, her long hair tied back with a scarf.

“Well...looks like we got lucky.” The second man said, taking her in with his eyes and enjoying every second of it.
“What are you lookin’ at doll?”

“Cut the chatter, we ain’t got time for a witness.”

The second man nodded and advanced towards her, she grabbed his outstretched arm and bent it behind him. His cries of pain falling on deaf ears.
“Let her go.” She spoke slowly, her voice so low and hoarse that it was hardly heard. For the next two minutes words weren’t spoken as the action played out thus:The first man released his female victim, allowing her to shink to the ground, coughing, and charged at the woman holding his partner.
She replied with a swift pivot and planted her foot in his med-section, before pushing over the man she held and planting a swift yet harmless hand motion to his neck, causing his body to go limp. Releasing her hold on his arm she let him drop to the ground like a bag or garbage and focused her attention on his now erect partner.
He grunted and charged at her his fists raised, again she pivoted this time making a slightly higher arc catching his jaw with her foot and dropping him to the ground next to his already incapacitated partner in crime.

The victim looked up from her location on her hands and knees, and stared at the woman standing over the two limp forms of her attackers.
“What...how?” The terrified woman stuttered, trying to stand.
The woman walked towards her, retrieving the almost victims purse along the way and helped the young woman up, handing it to her.
The woman spoke again, this time not quite so low.
“Call the police, get to a hospital and don’t forget their faces.” she said pointing to the two unconscious men, before turning and walking out of the alley.
Leaving the victim bewildered and confused, before she too scuttled out of the alley, pulling her cell phone out of her purse.

The woman continued down the street, her mind trying to figure out why she just acted that way. She knew, but trying to stay un-noticed already seemed like it would be harder than she thought.
Perhaps she was trying to atone for sins past? She reminded herself she was here for one reason. Bats.
She looked up at the dimming sky. There was supposed to be a protector here, one called “Batman.” Urban legend said he preyed off the feelings of fear that grew in the evil hearts he encountered, growing stronger with each heartbeat tainted with fear. But that was just one of many rumors surrounding that man.
Off hand she could name many others, but that one always struck her deep. What good was a hero if they struck fear in the very people they were protecting? Where did fear and hope, end and begin?
Her footsteps paused in front of an apartment complex, under one of the carports sat motorcycle shroud in a protective cloth, it’s gleaming black trim peeked out from under the pale cloth.
She reminded herself to somehow get her own mode of transportation, before resuming her walking. In the distance she could hear police sirens, and all around her she could hear the little chirpings of crickets.
She continued on in the growing dusk and stopped in front of a seedy little apartment complex, turning she entered the building and emerged 20 minutes later into the dark evening.

Her future set regarding housing, she crossed the less than busy street to the Motel 7. Its sign flickered on and off, as if in death throws. She walked in and requested a room, paid the fee and taking the key walked along the outside hall before finding her room number.
Inserting her key she started to turn it before stopping and tilting her head. Withdrawing the key she stepped closer to the rail and leaning over she turned her gaze into the night sky. Black patterns danced across it, emitting tiny little shrieks and the soft sound of flapping wings the shadows seemed to dive bomb at invisible quarry.
She watched the bats, they seemed to dance, their dark bodies seemed to make darker holes in the already dark sky. Turning she reinserted her key, unlocked the door and walked in closing it silently behind her.
The dark creatures continued to dance across the sky as if heralding a darker and more formidable creature that would follow in their wake, taking their name.
He soared above the clouds. It was, he thought, a beautiful day. At least, above Metropolis. Below, it was raining, thunderclouds unleashing torrential downpours and leaving his city soaking wet. He stopped, hovering in midair, and thought about what he was doing. Here he was, above everyone else like some kind of deity, while everyone else he knew had to deal with getting cold and wet, and sick.

He zoomed through the clouds. He might not have to worry about getting sick, but Clark Kent still had to be cold and wet when he went into the Daily Planet. He emerged through the clouds, and flew over the city. The massive steel and glass buildings that made up his city never failed to awe him. Maybe it was coming from Kansas, where you could always see the open sky and it always looked so big, but in Metropolis, the sky, and the world itself, seemed so much smaller.

It was then he noticed the people below him, the teeming throngs of pedestrians, the rows upon rows of cars that was the hallmark of rush hour in Metropolis. He liked to swoop down every now and again, clean up accidents and do what he could in the time he had before Clark Kent had to make his perpetually late appearance at the Daily Planet. Today, however, no one looked up at him. No "Look! Up in the sky!". He had become used to the call, mostly from tourists and new citizens of the city, but it was still always there. Today, it wasn't, and that perturbed him more than he'd admit to. Luckily, there wasn't any serious problems with rush hour traffic. Some minor road rage incidents, but nothing that really warranted his intervention. Just another rainy day in Metropolis, all things considered.

He was at the Daily Planet in a flash, a blur of red and blue as he flew into the globe of the planet. It took him a few seconds to change into his favorite blue suit and get used to moving at normal human speeds. As he straightened his tie and slicked back his hair, brought out a small mirror from his front pocket. Ensuring that the minor details were perfect (as he always did when walking into the Planet), he noticed some slight imperfections. His spitcurl, in particular, was being extraordinarily stubborn, and required a few more applications of gel to get it to stay back. He then descended into the top floor of the Planet, stepping onto the roof momentarily to soak his clothes. He could never be too careful. The Daily Planet newsroom was full of some of the smartest reporters on the planet, and Clark had to be extremely careful to ensure that his secret identity remained exactly that.

Confident that all the details were in order, he strode down the stairs and into the newsroom. It was about eight thirty in the morning, so at least he was only an hour late. The newsroom, as ever, was a bustle of activity, reeporters and editors darting across the room in what could almost be a ballet. He walked over to his desk, and brought up his email client, browsing the mail he'd recieved from contacts and friends, searching for a story. It was a good day to be Clark Kent.
Justice.I once believed in justice.

I never believed in justice.

It was the fabric that held together our ideals and morals within an otherwise terrible world.

Justice got us nowhere.It was the only thing stopping us from reaching our ultimate goals.

We live in a violent world.

This world is way too damned soft.


A small time store clerk sat on the ground,pleading with the thugs that we're in the process of destroying his store.It was his life.Now,it was being torn down infront of him as if it were nothing.The man can't help but whimper.

Ricky Marino.Small Time Buisness owner,'Marino's Market',Gotham City.A decent man.

The man's a whimp,Harvey.A WHIMP.He should'a know better than to cross us.

A couple'a weeks ago,I sent my boys down to the eastern end of Gotham,On 22nd street,to look for someone who needed protection.Protection we'd provide...If the price was right.But this bastard hadn't payed up yet.We warned him once...And he still didn't pay up.So...now,the only thing he needs protection from is US.

Do you have to be so cruel?!Marino said he didn't want protection money.What's wrong with you?!

Me?ME?!What about you,Dent?!Fifteen Stinkin' Years of bein' your better half,and you're still as yellow as ever.Grow some balls already.

Marino looked up,to see a figure standing above him.The figure looks down.One eye is pleading for forgiveness.The other is looking at him as if he were a plague.

"P-Please...I don't have money!"

Both eyes sneer at the man.

"That's Your Problem,Now.Not Ours."

NO!Don't do it!


At least flip the goddamned coin!

...Always with the coin.Just ONCE,Could you lay off it?!

"Please...I have...kids to feed..."

The figure takes out a lone object from his pocket.

A Silver Dollar Coin.

The figure looks back down at Marino.

"Good Heads,We Leave You In Peace.Bad Heads...We Leave You In Pieces."

Marino's eyes widen with terror as the figure throws the coin into the air.His heart beats faster every time the coin flips.When it eventually lands,The figure places the coin on his right arm,and looks at it.

"Pleasure Doing Buisness With You,Marino."

Marino lets out a sigh of relief,as the goons associated with the figure walk out of the store.Then,out of nowhere,He hears the clicking of a gun.He turns,only in time to see the final image of the barrel of a gun.



Marino falls to the ground,dead,with two gunshots to his forehead.The figure steps out of the shadows,smoking gun in hand.

"It Was Bad Heads."

The figure turns around,and walks out of the store.On the way out,He steps on a newspaper.The covvershows his hideously deformed face,along with a headline,which reads...

TWO-FACE STILL AT LARGE:Are Gotham's Citizens Safe?

Two-Face looks at it,pondering.

Safe?In this world?They're crazy...

For Once,We Agree On Something.

Two-Face manages a half smirk as he enters the black getaway car near the area.

"The Hideout.Now."

The thug driving nods,before starting the car.As they speed away from the area,Two-Face looks back,seeing the slums of Gotham City.The worst part of the city.

We live in a violent city.Not just a violent world.

This city is MINE.

Gotham City. Some people have called it the greatest city in the world. Every building, every bridge, every street has a story. But these are no fairy tales. No, Gotham's history is full of stories about pain, suffering, death. Sure, there was plenty of wealth and affluence to be seen on Grand Avenue, but the bright lights don't reach the East End. The further you crawl into the depths of Gotham City, the stronger the stink of desperation becomes.

You could certainly smell it in the subway tunnels. The rich businessman would take the escalator down into the dark, and catch a train as quickly as possible, praying silently to themselves that they wouldn't be left down there alone. But if you travelled further, deeper into the darkness of the tunnels, you would see much more. The first signs of life are the cans of beer, discarded needles. Then there were the groups of hobos huddled round a fire, eyes showing suspicion towards any outsiders.

And if you kept on going, then you would find the real lost souls. These ones didn't gather in groups. They sat in total darkness, alone, having practically forgotten what it felt like to be human. One such person was huddled up in old newspaper and cardboard, just coming out of an alcohol-induced haze. The homeless man became aware of someone standing before him. A tall, thin man, wearing a coat and a hat, carrying a cane. His face was hidden in shadow, but the man could just about make out a smile on the shadowy figure's face.

"What...do you...want?" the homeless man groggily asked.

"Got change of a twenty? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The hobo's eyes widened with horror as the tall man removed his hat. Even he knew who this was. There was no mistaking the white skin, the green hair, or that maniacal grin.

This was The Joker.

"Oh, don't look so miserable," he cackled, "Here, let me cheer you up."

The Joker raised his cane, and suddenly a blade flicked out of the tip. As his eyes widened with sadistic glee, The Joker plunged the blade into the homeless man's chest. Immediately, the man became to chuckle, blood gurgling out of his mouth. Then he began to laugh uncontrollably. And then, he died, his lips pulling back into an eternal grin.

"Always...look on...the briiiiiiiiiiiiiiight siiiiiiiiide of life! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The Joker's cruel laughter echoed throughout the tunnels. Harley Quinn, his faithful, adoring sidekick, emerged from the tracks to stand by The Joker's side as he put his hat back on his head. He didn't acknowledge her. Instead, he kept on walking, letting her follow like a lapdog.

"There was a dark hilarity in his face, and perhaps in his heart, too, you would think - and you would be right. It was the face of a hatefully happy man," The Joker said to himself, before turning his attention to Harley Quinn, "That's a quote from The Stand. Stephen King's finest work, if I do say so myself. But every time I read it, I think about how it's a wonderful way to describe me. 'A hatefully happy man'. Poetic, isn't it? HA HA!"

But even as he talked, The Joker didn't slow down. He knew his way through these dark networks well. And he knew exactly where he wanted to go.

"Are we nearly there yet, puddin'?" asked Harley.

The Joker ignored her. There were quicker ways to get to his destination. But he'd chosen the scenic route. The Joker always liked to kill a bum or two whenever he visited Gotham's wonderful subway system. Always good for a few cheap laughs, though not much more than that. These people had nobody in the world who would miss them when they died. And what is the point in murder when there's nobosy else to share the gag? The Joker stopped at a doorway.

"We're here now," he said, "Follow me."

The Joker opened the door, and walked down the stone steps. And it wasn't just the steps that were stone. So were the walls, the ceilings, an eerie green glow reflecting off the surfaces. The Joker and Harley walked through this narrow tunnel until they reached the opening. The Joker looked around, his eyes wide with admiration.

They were in the central network of Gotham's sewer system.

The Joker was amazed at the architecture of Gotham's sewer system. It was like a city in itself, a fallen necropolis buried underground, the new Gotham built on top. But these sewers still had a few ghosts...

The Joker paused for a moment, looking around. He knew how to get around the sewers pretty well too. But even the most experienced travellers could get lost in such a labyrinth. He would have to keep track of where he was going. Deciding on his path, The Joker marched through the large central room, cutting into another gloomy tunnel.

"Okay, Mr. J," Harley Quinn whispered, "This is gettin' kinda creepy. You gonna tell me what it is we're looking for?"

The Joker looked over his shoulder, giving her a knowing grin.

"Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday..."
The Lord of Apokolips stood in his control room. Watching footage of the Justice League helping others & preventing crime, but he is focused in on one Justice Leaguer in particular...Superman.

Darkseid glared as footage of the Man of Steel began to play itself over and over untill finally he yelled, " ARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!" With that he fires his Omega Beams at the monitors destroying everyone of them. He sits down and says, "If it were only that easy"

Kantu enters the Control Room and says, "Lord Darkseid, I heard the sceaming is everything..." seeing the destroyed monitors "all-right?"

Darkseid glares at Kantu and replies, "What do you think Kantu? No matter how brilliant or well carried out the plan is that accursed Kryptonian and his associates always find away to thwart me and my plans for the conquest of earth. His very breathing is an insult to my existence he will suffer the most heinous of deaths at my hands. " as his eyes glow a ruby red.

Kantu, says, "I am sure that your eventual victory my Lord is only a matter of time why at this very moment I am in the process of planning..."

Darkseid says, ""Your plans are not of importance. I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I will be going to Earth personally to carry out my plan Kantu. The time has come for me to be engaged in this battle personally. "

At that moment Desaad and hands Darkseid a silver object and says, "My Lord it is ready with your requested side-effect. Your base of operations is also ready for you. It is at the base of this volcano and set up according to your specifications."

Darkseid takes the silver module and says, "Very well Desaad." He begins studying the silver module shows it ito Kantu and says, "With this Kantu I give you the death of Superman. You are to sit on the throne in my place...for now. When I return I will be the ruler of Earth and Superman will be on his way to meet his ancestors.""

Darkseid opens a boom-tube steps through and re-appears in his volcanic base. He looks around and cuts on his monitors. He watches footage of Superman and says, "Enjoy your last few days kryptonian...enjoy them indeed...because you are soon to discover" holding up his silver module and inserting it into the computer banks "there is nothing in the universe that compares to my wrath."
Gotham City. If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Gotham City is the city that never weeps. There are many varities of death and destroction that pass through this, pessemists and optimists alike have called it a Hell on Earth.

Me? I would say I'm neither, or both, actually. That's the problem with secret idenities, it's only one step away from becoming a split-personality.

Who am I? I am one of the many protectors of this city. I am the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, the Freak who Wears Tights with his Underwear Over Them (though I got out of that phase, thankfully).

I am The Batman.

I am the protector of Gotham City, but now, I'm going to expand my territory...


New York City. Like I said, the city that never sleeps.

Apparently, neither does its new protector. Clad in black leather and a red mask obscuring most of his face, this vigilantie looms over the edge of the building, observing the streets below him.

He calls himself The Red Hood. Only I know his true name, Tim Drake, Robin.

"You can come out now, Bats." He's only gotten better since I last saw him. His recent training with Ducard must have made him sharper. Yet...he's still stuck in this...

"Robin, I'm here to--"

"I'm not Robin anymore, Batman, I don't have the right."

"Fine, is Tim still acceptable? I don't have the stomach to call you...this monster you created."

"You're not one to talk about creating monsters, BATMAN, but fine, you can call me Tim. Now, what do you want?"

"Tim, I want you to stop this, come back with me, and get rid of this 'Red Hood' business. I know you don't feel like the hero, but trust me, I know how you're feeling."

"You have no idea how I feel! You didn't have to find your father dead by a whole group of villians because of who he is! You didn't have to see your love tortured to death by a gang-lord just because he wants to continue being one!

"I know you have all the tragedy stuff, but the difference between us? You felt it as a little kid, when you couldn't do anything, I have to feel that when I was a step away from being a full-grown man.

"You have no idea how I feel! No idea..."

"Yes, I do. I was not only an adult, but a seasoned 'crime-fighter' when Jason died. I have to see so much death and evil because of what I do, and so do you, and so does everyone who does what we do.

"That's not even what I'm talking about. Remember the Unity business that happened? I was tortured and eventually turned to it. I was one of it's head Leutendents! But I got out, I was able to shake of its control, and now I still wear the symbol, not because I feel like a hero, but because I'm going to atone for what I have done.

"Don't wallow in your sins, but rise from it and do something to fix things."

I can't tell physically, but I can feel Tim's eyes gazing at me. He's almost shaking.

"...You...you make it sound so easy. I tried to do it, but...it just doesn't work..."

"That's because you tried to do it by yourself. I can help you, Tim. What do you say? We become the 'Dynamic Duo' again?"

There's silence for a few beats, I'm almost afraid he would refuse, until he slips the red mask off of his head, and I see the black dameno mask under him.

"Alright, you caught me. What do you have planned?"


A sword clangs onto my gauntlets.

"Shiva, do we have to do this EVERYTIME I come?"


She drops her sword and uses her hands and feet to attack. I block her advances and start to attack myself.

"Where is she? Shiva? Where's Cassandra?"

Feet fly faster than the human eye, dropping me to the ground. She spins around so that she's crotched over my chest, a knife appearing out of no-where and pressing it to my throat.

"You'll have to get past me."

"No...he doesn't."

I turn and find her leaning against the opening of the hall. She's close to a pixie, standing only a few inches over 5 1/2 feet tall, with a lythe form that only Olympic athletes and people of our profession obtain.

Cassandra Cain. Trained assassin turned superhero, turned back to the game, under the training eyes of Lady Shiva, after the gang war in Gotham.

"What do...you want?"

"To give you this," I open a pouch and show her a black leather mask with no holes, "And to ask if you want to join a new group of mine..."


"I hope you understand, Barbara. She would be a great advantage in what I have planned, besides, you can hardly call yourself a BatGIRL, can you?"

"I hear you, Bruce. I'm probably more of a Batwoman now, anyway. Besides, she cares more about that title than I ever did. By the way, do you have any more room in this 'team' of yours? Sounds interesting."

A rare smirk hits my lips.

"I'm sure I can fit you in..."


Inside a Bludhaven Police Department-issued locker, I slip a little note inside. He'll know who it's from, and will come to me.


I sit in the leather seat of the small "Batcave" inside of my penthouse in Wayne Tower. The Mansion, still half in pieces after Tim-as-Red-Hood destroyed it, has just restarted construction after Luthor left it to rot when he gained control of my birthright.

I have files open on all the other people I'm asking for outside of the "Bat-Family."

Victor Sage. The Question. Prodigy of Richard Dragon, information gatherer, and a mind so paranoid he makes me look normal

Oliver Queen. Green Arrow. Long-range shot with a bow, his only weakness being women.

Ted Kord. Blue Beetle. Mechanical prodigy and the closest thing one can get to the "pure of heart" characters you read in fairy tales.

Vera Black. A Cyborg who used to lead a group like this. Her expierence would be useful.

Tatsu Yamashiro. Katana. Self-trained sword expert.

Jefferson Pierce. Black Lightning. Metahuman who can shoot bolts of electricity.

Rex Manson. Metamorpho. Can transform to anything known to the planet.

All of these men and women can play key parts in my new group. It is part of the Justice League, but not officially. We are the ones who will go where none of the publically-known superheroes can.

I leave all of them a message.

"This is Batman, I'm inviting you all to join The Outsiders..."
LexCorp Towers. The twin spires had been rebuilt since their destruction and their owner had made multiple improvements in their design. His castle overlooking his empire had to be perfection. Metropolis was modeled and kept as he saw fit. As were its citizens. His city was a bright place to live; its buildings and futuristic architecture had been copied throughout the world and were a regular tourist attraction. Even in the cloudiest of nights, the City of Tomorrow shone like a twinkling star. From his castle, Lex Luthor sometimes found himself touched by his city's beauty. It truly was a sight to behold.

Luthor could see and analyze every square inch of Metropolis from his office and chose to do so for amusement whenever he felt boredom creeping up on him. Every area worth interest was inspected routinely except for Suicide Slum. Lex would rather forget that that place ever existed, for it was a dark stain on the spectacle of his city. If it weren't for the inevitable public outcry and what would be his ultimate disgrace, Luthor would have had his men demolish the entire Slum long ago.

As he was contemplating his city and his earlier arrangement with the Joker, Lex's newly hired secretary, Grace, buzzed his office. It took a moment for Lex to snap out of his reverie and answer the intercom. "Yes?"

"Mr. Luthor, you asked to be notified when your interview with Ms. Lane would air."

"It's on now?" Lex asked impatiently.

"It will be in a moment sir," Grace replied.

Smiling, Luthor took his finger off of the intercom and pressed another small button on his oak desk, which activated the large television screen at the far end of the room. A bookshelf slid out of the way as the TV rotated into view.


The television monitor came to life and automatically turned to its pre-designated channel. Lex felt relieved that he needn't fondle foolishly with a remote control thanks to his voice-activated TV set, and now, neither did the thousands of other LexCom costumers.

After a minute of pointless commercials and idiotic advertisements, the interview with Lois finally came on. They had recorded it bright and early that morning, with Lois having to march through the pouring rain and up to Lex's office. He had provided her with the best makeup personnel to dry her hair and touch up her features. At first Lois had resented the offer, but even she knew that she needed to look her best on television, after her personal touchups were ruined by the downpour. They were conducting this interview to captivate audiences, after all.

"So, Mr. Luthor, I-" Lois began.

"Please, Lois; we're both friends here. 'Lex'."

"Fine. Lex, you've been credited with saving Metropolis from her newest and one of her most devastating crisis’s ever. You've single-handedly restored her economy and have donated astounding amounts of money to numerous charities to combat unemployment and depression." Lois paused for a moment, not knowing for certain how to proceed. "Was all of that for the PR, or are you really trying to make the world a better place after your role in what the tabloids refer to as "The Injustice Society"?"

Lex's facial expression was a restrained mortification. "Lois, you wound me. My allegedly criminal partaking in that group has been cleared entirely in the eyes of the law. You, along with the rest of the world, witnessed the televised event of the Batman attacking me in the White House. Banding together with the other individuals to create our society was our only means of self defense from further attacks by the Justice League."

Lois looked skeptical. She may not be buying a word of it, but Luthor couldn't care less about Lane. "So, do you suspect the League's involvement with your removal from campaigning? I seem to recall that it was proven that you had been poisoned, resulting in your coma."

Lex folded his hands and tilted his head down slightly to convey his obvious regret at having to say what came next. "No, I must admit that my associates and I have deduced that that was a result of the Unity coming to earth and preparing for its arrival. It wished to get me out of its way in fear that I might warn the public"

"Are you admitting that you had prior knowledge of the Unity creature before it came to earth? Were those E-mails that were anonymously sent to many news broadcasters true, Lex?" Lois was relishing this moment. She thought she had him cornered.

Lex raised an eyebrow. His face showed confusion with a dash of sadness, but his cold eyes told Lois that he had everything figured out. He was as safe as he had ever been in his life. "Why yes. Yes I did have knowledge of the Unity's existence. During my tenure in the Society, several of us discovered evidence of the Unity on the other side of the galaxy. He paused, playing up the drama. "But Lois..." The shiny puppydog eyes for the cameras. Bulletproof. "Exactly what crime did we commit by simply discovering a new form of alien life?"

Lois was stunned. She thought that she had him right where she wanted him. She and many other people all over the world had the proof of Lex's ties to the creature that had taken over the world recently, but she knew that he was right. Lex hadn't committed any crime at all. Her E-mail had done nothing more than prove that Lex and his associates had discovered the entity. Nothing incriminating at all.

"Miss Lane?" Lex nudged her to bring her back into the moment. Quite embarrassing for Lois to lose focus on public television, Luthor thought. "Lois, I believe you were going to ask me about how LexCorp is extending efforts to try to calm the escalated suicide rate in Metropolis."

"Yes, but-"

Luthor cut her off; "Or how we cannot trust the people we call 'heroes' anymore. Superman betrayed humanity. The Flash abandoned us when we needed him most. Bludhaven is wiped out. And it took a supervillain who most people thought was dead to save us. Where should our trust lie?

The interview had continued for the rest of the hour. When it concluded, Lex sat back down in his chair and spoke one word to the TV, "Off." His mind was racing again. He was Metropolis' savior. He'd wait until later before seeing if the show had changed anything at all. Deep down, Lex honestly hoped that the rest of humanity would finally see the light uncovered by that Alien's betrayal.
(IC: The Question)

The elevator pings as it reaches my floor. I step out into the main office of KBEL news. All I've got to do is make it to my desk, and pray to whatever gods who's religion is right that....

Somebody taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and see a very beutiful and very angry blond woman.


Oh joy.

"Nora. Hi. How're you doing?"

"How am I doing? HOW AM I DOING?!"

Nora, there's no need to...."

"You haven't called me in TWO WEEKS!"

"Nora, please...."

"You've completely IGNORED all of MY PHONE CALLS!"


"Christ, I can't beleive I SLEPT with you!"

"Nora, I'm...."

"You're what? You're sorry?"


She turns towards the rest of the newsroom.



She turns back to me, gives me the finger, and then storms off. Moments later, she yells back at me.

"**** YOU, SAGE!"

I watch her storm off.

"Yeah, you sure did."

I wak over to my desk and sit down. Fred Pine walks over and hands me the copy of today's morning report.

"Yeah, you are one hell of a lady's man, Vic."

"Fred, shut the hell up."

"My, aren't we touchy this morning?"

".......did you just somehow miss what happened?"

"You deal with death threats on a regular basis. I wouldn't think Nora yelling at you would get you up in a fuss."

"Disgruntled religious zeliots and idiotic talk show hosts are one thing. Women are another matter entirely."

He places the morning report on my desk.

"Hey, you're just lucky that Starr wasn't here to see that. If that had happened an hour later....."

"He'd never fire me, Fred. The contraversy I stir up makes him too much money."

"And that it does. Try not to get yourself killed today, Vic."

"Yeah, thanks for the advice. I never would have thought of that."

He walks off, and I get myself ready for the morning report.

Hey, at least things can't get any worse today.


A greyhound bus pulls into the station. And, like on any other day, people step off of it. People on their way to work, or going to see a loved one, or making their way to school. But there is one man getting off of this greyhound bus who is quite unlike the rest. His purposes are not quite akin to those of his fellow passengers. His are far more sinister.

He unloads his luggage. It is one suitcase, and it is quite heavy. An atendant rushes over to him and helps him carry that to the curb. Once there, he sets the suitcase down, and turns to his helper.


"Hey, no problem."

As the atendant walks off, the man hails a cab. When it comes to a stop, the man loads his suitcase into the back, and steps into the taxi.

"Hey buddy. Where're you headed?"

"Hub City."

"You got it."

The cab pulls away from the station, and the man inside it begins to think. He thinks of the thing that he has longed for for eight long years.

There are questions he needs answered.

There is vengance to be had.

“MOVE! MOVE! He went down the alley!”

Four armed federal agents ran down the dimly lit back alley in Keystone City. It was night out, but with the few lights over the back doors to some shops one was able to see well enough. The agents all carried a .45 caliber Glock pistol and dressed in men’s dress suits.

“Lost visual. You see anything, Henri?”

“Nothing”, replied Henri.

“Keep a sharp eye out boys...this is a dangerous game we’re hunting.”

“Yeah...”, said one of the agents as he neared the back of the alley. The alley went back for at least two blocks and, at it’s end, it was blocked by a metal fence that stood twelve feet in height.
Suddenly a noise from inside a dumpster got the agents attention, and they all converged on the sound.

“Do it, August.”

Agent August nodded “yes” in silent reply, while he and all the other took positions and aim at the dumpster. With one hand firmly gripping his gun, Agent August slowly walked up to the dumpster. Reaching out with his free hand, Agent August gripped the dumpster’s lid and opened it.


Agent August jumped back in fright as a cat jumped out and spooked him. Unable to keep his balance Agent August fell right into a small puddle of water, soaking the seat of his pants.
The other agents lowered their weapons, smiled, and laughed out loud at Agent August’s misfortune.

“Hahahaha...good job, rook.”

Shove it up your ass, Colins”, replied an angry August.

“Jesus, my freakin’ pants are...”, Agent August began to say...but the sentence trailed off as he curiously looked into the puddle he was standing in.

“What the fu--”, was all Agent August could get out before a glass lance shot out of the puddle, impaling him from his crotch and coming out of his right shoulder. Agent August’s final words were a wet gurgle as he fell backwards, dead.

“Holy ****! Fire!”

The agents opened fire, but the hand that held the lance was gone before they could even bring their guns to bear.

“Hold your fire! Hold your fire!” screamed the lead agent, Rice.

“On your toes, boys”, said Rice as he and Colins moved slowly back down the alley, while Agent Henri moved to check on the fallen agent.
“He dead. The bastard killed August.”

“I know, son...and we’re going to get him for that”, said Rice as he slowly moved back down the alley with Colins in tow. Suddenly, a deep laughter brought the remaining agents spinning around on their guard.

“Hahahahahahaha! So, they’ve sent out Agent Rice, once again, eh? I should be flattered I guess.”

The voice seemed to come from all around them.

“Well, now...’tis a mighty unfair game ye be playing here, Rice. Three on one...’tis not fair at all. Aye, me thinks I should even the odds a wee bit more.”

Agent Henri’s scream cut through the night, but was quickly silenced as a glass shard cut right through his throat. Dropping his gun, Henri grasped at his wound as the blood poured out in a vain attempt to stop it. Soon he was dead. Lying in a puddle of blood a few feet from Agent August’s impaled corpse.

“Aye, now that’s much better. Still...two on one is not a fair fight either.”

Agent Colins was the next to go. As he made it in line with small window on the back door of a closed restaurant, he dropped his gun and let out a gurgle. Colins grabbed his throat as it seemingly opened up on it’s own.


Agent Rice spun around to see Colins’ eyes roll to the back of his head and his throat open up wide, his life blood pouring out down his once white shirt. Looking into the small window Agent Rice saw the Mirror Master smiling and staring right at him as he sliced open Colins’ reflection’s throat.
Rice opened fire, putting a bullet through the window, shattering it. But it was too late. As soon as the window shattered, Agent Colins fell dead.

“Ah...now this is more to me likin’. One o’ one...as it should be. Right, Ricey-poo?”

“Show yourself, Scottish", an angry Agent Rice said through gritted teeth.

“Ye know...”

“...I think I will”, said the Mirror Master as he rose halfway from a nearby puddle of water behind Rice. Agent Rice spun and tried to shoot, but he was too slow on the draw. McCulloch had already fired and turned him into glass.
Coming out of the water completely, McCulloch walked over and put his arm around what the glass statue that was agent Rice.

“Hullo there, Rice me boyo. Fancy meeting you here.”

“Aww, what’s that now”, said Mirror Master as he stepped back from him with a look of unhappiness on his face, “Ye’ve got ta leave?”

“Oh well, if ye’ve got to run, ye’ve got to run”, said McCulloch with a wicked smile as he gently pushed the glass Agent Rice over, shattering him into thousands of pieces.

“Was nice knowin’ ye, Agent Rice”, said a still smiling Mirror Master with a salute as he stood over the pieces.

McCulloch turned and stretched and began walking off down the alley. His face suddenly went white though and he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Ah, crap”, he said as he quickly rolled up the sleeve of his costume and checked his watch.

“****! I’m late. God damned agents, slowin’ me down”, said McCulloch as he angrily kicked the dead body of Agent Colins. As silent as death, the Mirror Master left the gruesome scene as he jumped into a nearby puddle of water and disappeared.
Blackgate Prision has held some of the most dangerous criminals but now it holds something even more deranged. Located deep inside the prision is its new inmate ex-professor Johnathan Crane also known as Scarecrow.

After being caught he was thrown into this hellhole...no trail nothing. He guessed destroying an entire city will do that to a person. They guards wont let him leave his cell they sometimes throw food in there but he just sits there all day. A guard walks up to the door and bangs on it.

"Hey freak you have a visitor" shouts the guard and he opens the door. Crane picks his head up and stares a man who is wearing a suit. The man looks down at Crane who was wearing a burlup sack over his head with two eye holes. Crane found this on the only day he was let out of his cell. That same day he killed another inmate.

"Mr. Crane I am Agent Stone with the F.B.I I would like to ask you a few question" the man in the suit said. Crane made no response.

"You were invovled with the destruction with Bludhaven we want to know the location of your partners, especially the one called the Joker"

"Wee Willie Winkie
Runs through the town,
Upstairs and downstairs
In his nightgown.
Rapping at the windows,
Crying through the lock,
"Are the children all in bed?
For it's now eight o'clock
." the Scarecrow responded

"What was that? Listen I have now time to play games now tell me the location of the Joker or I can leave you here to rot!" Agent Stone screamed

"Daffy Down Dilly
Has come to town
In a yellow petticoat
And a green gown
" Stone punched him in the face and headed for the door.

"Don't worry agent you don't have to go looking for the Joker he'll find you" Stone stopped in the doorway, "That's right and after that I'll be free and I'll take care of you" Scarecrow said this with a evil grin under his mask. Stone nodded to the guard who smacked Crane with a club. Stone and the guard left with Scarecrow on the floor.

"Soon you'll know the true meaning of fear" he whispered to himself.
“I want that report on my desk tomorrow morning no later” The President walked beside his female assistant as he made his way down the white corridors of the white house.

“Yes Mr. President.” She answered as he reached to the hidden doors handle. As he opened the door he flicked the lights on, but the room remained dark.

“Tell George I’m going to need, a technician up here” He closed the door behind him, and then spotted someone staring out the window in his chair.

“Secur…” A sleek thin blade extended under the President’s throat. The President looked behind to see a ninjas clad in black amour, as he did dozens more stepped forward from the shadows.

“That would not be a wise choice.” Spoke a voice form the burgundy chair behind the desk.

“Who…?” the chair rotated round and an aged man dressing in a dark green shaded suit a merged.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am he who is called Ra's Al Ghul.” He Interrupted.

Ra’s arose from the chair and with a sly smile he took a slight glance at the President and began to slowly march to the bookshelf that had caught his eye. Ra’s reached to the dusty book shelf and removed a large book at the end and began to brush the dirt off of its front cover.

“Oh yes the Holy book” He flicked through pages.

“And on the seventh day God created man.” He recited. His eye moved from the page to match with the President. “I doubt he had any comprehension that his greatest creation would become a plague on this world.”

“What do you want?”

“Simply to give the world a message” Answered Ra’s placing the book down and moving closer to the president.

“And that would be?”

“Throughout the centuries I have watched as the world as became what it is now, an imperfect society full of greed and pollution, controled by corrupt bureaucrats. Society has lost its way and I must bring balance to the world once more.”

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are giving out “messages” as you call it, but the United states of America does not repsond to threats.” Ra’s leant closer to the President so he was just inches from his face.

“Your mistaken, that was not the message”. A ninja threw a sword to Ra’s, he removed it from its black sheaf and placed his hand over the presidents mouth. The blade tore through the Presidents chest. His pale blue slowly filled with blood. Ra’s removed the blood drenched blade and slowly placed it back in the sheaf.

Ra’s moved in closer and began to whisper in his ear. “Your death will be a sign to the world, it will cause mass panic and fear” Ra’s garbbed his shoulder and squeesed it firmly. “and this is only the beginning.”

The door handle began to creak “Is everything ok Mr. President?” asked voices from outside the door. Ra’s nodded at two guards close to the entrance, they held the door closed as those outside tried to open it. Ra’s razed his hand and made a gesture to his men.

Several Security guards forced the door down and the Presidents assistant stared down at the lifeless body. As she nelt down, tears filling her eyes she gazed around the room in shock, everything was where it should have been, their seemed no traces of an intruder only a Bible open on a page, laying on the body.
Iron Heights Penitentiary, Keystone City

Imprisoned. Again. Like a common animal. By humans, no less. I know this may be a difficult emotion for you humans to comprehend, so consider being trapped by cockroaches and you might understand. That is, if your feeble minds can wrap around that concept.

The events leading to my incarceration were despicable. After my conquest and militarization of Gorilla City, I and a small band of gorilla marauders descended upon Keystone City, trying to lure the Flash into a trap. But the Flash was not the “hero” that appeared to attempt to thwart my scheme.

It was the one called Plastic Man who showed up.

Not only was I defeated, but I had to suffer humiliation as well. Humanity will pay tenfold for that. So swears Grodd.
Gorilla City
Months ago

Imprisoned. Like a common animal. It infuriates me. I am no mere beast. I am Grodd, and one day soon, I will rule over this city and it’s people will bend to my will.

I sit in a stone cage, watched over by none other than Nnamdi, the scion of my hated rival, Solovar, and soon to be ex-leader of the people of Gorilla City. He feels, and it’s frustratingly true, that he alone has the ability to resist my mental dominance. But his resistance has begun to wear thin.

A cry goes up outside, and Nnamdi rushes to the window to see what is occurring. I hear him gasp, and through his eyes I can clearly see why.

Humans were entering Gorilla City somehow. Humans that all wore odd gleeful smiles on their faces.
The Wall: Part II
Belle Reve Prison

“Just like old times.” Deadshot said as he walked into the room that used to serve as the Suicide Squad’s briefing room. Taking his usual seat, he took out his cigarette and lighted it, as he looked over too Amanda Waller standing in front, like some sort of teacher.

“Just without the usual gang, eh Lawton?”
“Couldn’t get the others together?”
“Half of them are dead, and the other half is out of the country.”
“So it is something related to the Squad.”
“It sure is, all the way back to one of our first missions.”
“I’m not going back to Moscow.”
“I’m talking about the Jihad. We locked up the only two remaining members, Agni and Babd after that thing with Palmer and the Justice League.”

“They got out, and now you have to do just that.”
“Where are they holed up?”
I was young when my parents and I went to Sri Lanka. My parents were biologists at the time, and we had fun travleing the world together, Mark and Marie Logan, and their son Garfield (not to be confused with the lasgna loving feline).

It was then all hell broke loose. I was bitten by a green monkey and contracted Sakutia, a rare disease. It seems funny that I was the one to get it, as the chances were more than one in a million, but i got it. I suppose someone had to, even with those odds.

I was cured of Sakutia from a serum that wasn't ever tested before. Lucky I didn't die, but not so lucky as my skin turned green. Not long after that, my parents died mysteriously and I relaized I could turn myself into any animal I chose, though I kept the green pigmentation. Good things green dogs aren't in fashion, or I would have lived my life in fear of Cruella DeVil. There were worse people in the world, as I soon came to understand.

I was protected by the Doom Patrol, who soon became my new family. Rita Farr was my "mother". She was also known as Elasti-Girl, as she could grow large or shrink small after being exposed to unusual volcanic gases while filming in Africa. She used to be an actress.

Cliff Steele and Larry Trainor were Robotman and Negative Man, repsectively. Cyborg from the Teen Titans, he reminded me of Robotman, in looks, not in attitude. Maybe that's why we're best friends.

Steve Dayton came later, who wore a helmet that enhanced his mental abilties. He was Mento, and married Rita Farr after they met, and shortly after that, they adopted me as their son. They soon died, and I was left alone for a long time. Until the Teen Titans.

They became my friends and family. Robin was the leader of the group, and I followed his orders. Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Wally West, a bunch of guys came and went. But I stayed for most of it. The there was Terra.

I loved her and she betrayed me. In the end, she also died. Again, I am left alone.

Oh well, life goes on. I mean...


they don't call me Beast Boy for nothing.
It seems as though only Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch has more monitors than Darkseid as he watches different news from all over the planet the Lex Luthor interview grabs his attention.

Darkseid watches as Lex handles himself with masterful precision during the interview.

He says, "I think I have found myself an ally. His hatred for Superman isn't exactly a secret and the way he handles himself...a man that I should get in touch with."

With that Darkseid opens a boom tube into Lex's office and steps through.

Darkseid standing before Lex says, "Lex Luthor we need to talk. I think you know who I am for I know who you are. It seems you and I have a common foe a certain Kryptonian. If you are willing to assist me in ridding this dust-ball in the solar system that you call a planet of his pressence I will grant you power that you can never begin to imagine in a thousand lifetimes.."

Darkseid presses a button on his boomtube showing Luthor a planet. A paradise as far as the eye can see....with cities and nature in perfect harmony and people living in peace. "This planet that you are looking at...you would be the ruler over...I can make it happen very easily...think of it Lex why only rule a city or a country when you can rule an entire planet."

He closes the boom-tube and asks, "Are you interested or do I need to go elsewhere? I think the Joker might be able to help me if you cant. "
Kyle Rayner picked himself up of of the carpeted floor, brushing the woodchips and broken glass off of his shoulder. His day had started like any other. Breakfast, SportsCenter, a jog through the park, and a briefing from the Guardians. That's where things went south. Some NASA scientist had suffered a nervous breakdown after his wife had left him for some young gun up and coming actor. So, the guy did what anyone else would in that situation: Held his co-workers hostage, stole some experimental space suit and equipment, and went on a rampage tearing up downtown L.A. Yes, things were still alive and booming in good old Los Angeles.

Kyle cracked his neck as his opponent gloated. The patrons of the now newly redecorated establishment went diving for their lives, and the employees followed suit. The room was dimly lit. some of the lights flickered different colors as Kyle did a quick sweep, making sure everyone was as safe as possible.

"Wierd dress code," he said to himself, noticing the female employees bright, sparkling costumes. Those who were actually wearing, well, anything at all.

Kyle cocked an eyebrow. Actually, all of the employees were women. And the lights, the flickering ones, well, they were actually working properly. Strobe lights. And he had initially found it odd that not only were the support beams exposed, but alos how skinny and colorful they were. Of course, they weren't support beams.

Kyle laughed. In the middle of a fight, he found himself trying to supress the howling laughter welling up inside. He had fought in the air, on land, in the ocean. He had fought in space, on alien planets, in other dimensions. Hell, he had even fought inside various other times lines, and the Central Battery on Oa. But never, never had he ever had the fortune, or misfortune, or whatever, of fighting in a strip club. Never.

Until today.

"Oh God, oh man, you are freaking kidding me. This is the single coolest, stupidest, and probably most embarassing thing that has ever happen to me."

Kyle noticed his foes hesitation as he watched the hero laughing, and then he too took notice to his surroundings. Kyle could tell instantly the guy was turning red under his helmet. Dude probably never was in a place like this before. Probably didn't know what to think, or do. No wonder his wife left him.

The space nut froze, and Kyle saw his chance. He fired with his ring, knocking the guy to the ground with a battering ram of green energy. Not wasting any time, he pounced on the guy, digging deep inside the suit, disabling the circuitry and stripping away, no pun intended, the outer layer of armor. The guy inside looked like a four-eyed, anorexic Howdy Doody. Kyle stiffled another laugh, encasing the nut job in a forcefield just as the police arrived. Damn, they were good. They always knew how to arrive a split second after all the hard work was done.

"He's all yours, officers," Kyle said as S.W.A.T. swarmed in. The F.B.I. was close behind with the proper containment units.

"Wow, that was amazing."

Kyle turned as one of the girls, still wearing most of her clothing, walked up behind him.

"Yeah, I try."

"You know, if you ever want anything, free drink, no cover charge, complementary lap..."

"That's alright. Just doing my job," Kyle quickly interuppted, his own face about to turn red. He began to back peddle, looking for an exit. Thsi whole scene was tabloid heaven, and that's the last thing Kyle wanted.

"OK. Well, thanks anyway."

"Sure, no prblem kid. Ummm, I gotta go now. Whole world out there needs saving."

"Ok, thanks again Mister, ummm."

"Secret kid. Sorry."

"That's fine. I'm Natalie."

"Ok, well, nice to meet you,..."

Thank God. Open pathway to freedom. Kyle powered up and took off into the air. As soon as he was a safe distance away, he let himself go, the laughter pouring from his lungs. Guy would absolutely love this story, if anyone actually knew where he was. This was the kind of stuff that passed those long slow nights on the Watchtower. Ah, well. Nothing lasted forever. Just go with what you got. And Kyle had finaly got his assignment back, his post back, and his life back. Things were finally good, and looking better everyday.

The Wall: Part III
Gotham City

The bar was in the rundown part of town, well, more rundown compared with the rest of the city. It didn’t have an opening or a closing time and you could find people of all sorts drunk or passed out around it. If you needed info about the criminal element, that was the place to start.

“Oh, ****! It’s Deadshot!” the drunken beggar yelped as he scurried away. Deadshot was making his way across the bar, stepping over the unconscious bodies. Before him, many men and women ran for the exit, while others sat paralysed with fear.

“Urine is never a pleasant smell, you know.” Deadshot said as he came up behind one of the bar’s usual customers, who stayed seated, shivering as the spot on his pants grew larger. “I need info. About two… terrorists.” Deadshot spoke again as his wrist magnum edged dangerously close to the man’s face.

“Doesn’t that just appeal to your patriotic nature?”
“I don’t know nothing.”
“Jihad-members. Flamethrower and a little kid. Broke out and moved down here.”
“P-p-please, I don’t know nothing. You have to believe me.”


Five minutes later

Deadshot walked out of the bar, smoking his cigarette. Finishing it, he flicked it away, into the bar. With a loud, thunderous explosion, the bar erupted in flames.
Sally had told her brother not to chase her. It was his fault. Mrs. Esposito knew that Billy was a real stinker.

"Ok, Billy. This isn't funny."

Sally's class had taken this trip to the Gotham Library before. But the last time Billy had dared her to go into the subway tunnel. This time she had had enough of his big talk. She would show him.

The subway tunnels actually weren't that scary. Well maybe a little. But Sally wasn't afraid ofanything. Her brother had screamed when they watched Night of the Living Dead after her tenth birthday party. But not Sally. She thought the show was funny.

Being lost in these tunnels however wasn't funny anymore.

"Billy? Can you hear me?"

"...Took ill on Thursday,
Worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday."

"Billy? This isn't funny."

Sally saw a strange glow from up around the corner. There was water everywhere and it smelled funny. When did she walk into the sewers?

"Mommy is going to be so mad."

Sally walked forward. Heading towards the strange light.

"This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy."

Sally rounded the corner only to see one of the most incredible sights she's ever seen.

"Whoah!!! You're... you're a real life zombie. Aren't you?"

The creature stirred and turned it's gaze towards the young girl.

"Little girl? Solomon Grundy don't need little girl."

"Grundy? Is that your name? What are you doing here? Wow! You're a real life zombie. Just like in the movies. Wait till Billy sees you!"

"Little girl talk too much. Hurt Grundy's ears. Go away girl. Grundy want to sleep a while."

"Mr. Grundy are you a real zombie?"

"What am a zombie?"

"Oh they are the coolest. The are people who come back from the dead. They walk around and sometimes they eat human's brains."

"Why do they eat brains?"

"Well... the movies say they eat brains because it makes them feel better."

"Feel better?"

"Yeah. Zombie's must be in pain alot."


"Oh yes. But you're a nice zombie. Aren't you, Mr. Grundy?"

"Pain. Must stop the pain."

"Mr. Grundy?"

"Took ill on Thursday,
Worse on Friday,"

"What... what are you doing Mr. Grundy?"


:marv: :marv: :marv:
“You’re late, McCulloch.”

“Aye, I know, Captain”, said the Mirror Master as he enter the Rogues’ warehouse headquarters via a large mirror in the corner.
“I ran inta a few old...friends.”

“Whatever. Pull up a seat and grab a beer. We can deal you in.”

“Sounds like a plan, my good Captain”, replies McCulloch with a smile as he grabs a cold beer from a nearby cooler and pulls up a chair.
The table was a small one, but it sat the four Rogues comfortably. Mirror Master sat down next in between Cold and Mark Mardon, the Weather Wizard. Across the table from him sat the original Trickster, James Jesse.

“So, what’s th’ game, gents?”

“Seven stud, straight up”, said Jesse as he dealt out the cards, two face down and one face up.

Mirror Master looked at the cards that were showing on the table. Cold had the highest showing with a king of clubs, Mardon had the next in line with a jack of hearts, he had the next high card with a nine of clubs, and Jesse was in the rear with a six of spades.

“Raise, twenty.”

“So, what’s the word on’a street? Still no clue who killed poor ol’ Heat Wave?”

“Call. And no...nothing”, said the Trickster with a hint of anger as he dealt the next round of cards.

“Call”, said the Weather Wizard.

“I call yer bet, Captain.”

Heat Wave had been one of them, one of the Rogues, and that made him family. But, not too long ago, when the wizard Mordru and his Dark Alliance attacked Keystone, he was found dead. The Rogues don’t take too kindly to someone murdering one of their own, and they fully intend to find out who it was who killed Mick Rory and see that they suffer.

“Don’t worry, James”, said Captain Cold, “We’ll find the bastard, and then they’ll wish they’ve never been born.”

Looking at the table after the second round of dealing, Cold had the top hand showing still with his second card being the ace of spades, giving him a Big Slick with an ace and a king showing. James Jesse jumped up to have the second best hand when he got a king of diamonds with his second card, giving him a king and a six. Mardon was bumped down to third highest hand with his second card being a two of diamonds. McCulloch was now sitting at the bottom rung with his first card being a nine and his second being a six of hearts.

“So, any of you all catch that show on the History Channel last night about the Flash and his “Keystone Rogues”?”

“HA! Yeah, I did catch that one, Mardon”, said Cold as he bet forty more dollars on his ace/king.

“Yeah, I seen it too”, said James Jesse as he called the bet, “I especially loved the part where you were voted the one with the lamest name. Hahahahaha!”

“Careful, Jesse”, said a frowning Cold.

“Relax Leonard”, said the Weather Wizard as he called the bet as well, “it’s just some stupid internet fan poll.”

“Yeah”, said McCulloch with a smile as he called the bet, “if ye want, Captain, I’m sure we can get Calculator ta trace all ‘em little buggers who voted f’r you, so’s ye can get some revenge.”

“Very funny, McCulloch”, said Cold as the Trickster finished dealing out the third round of cards.

After the third round of cards, Cold still sat in front with a pair of kings and an ace kicker. McCulloch had moved into second with a pair of nines and a six kicker. Jesse was in third with a pair of sixes with a king kicker. Mardon held up the rear with a jack, a ten, and a two.

“Nice dealin’, Trickster”, said Cold as he saw he had the highest pair showing.
“I’ll bet a hundred.”

“Dammit...”, said Trickster with a frown as he tried to figure out what Cold was holding.
“I fold”, said Jesse as he slapped his cards down on the table.

“Hmm, yeah...I’ll call”, said Weather Wizard after looking at his cards for a half a minute.

McCulloch looked at his down cards and at his face up cards, and scratched his chin in thought.

“Well, Evan? You gonna call my bet or not?”

“Chill, Captain”, McCulloch said with a smile as his comment drew some snickers from his other brothers in the Rogues, “I’ll call ye.”

“All right, three players left”, said James Jesse as he dealt the final round of face up cards.
After the round was dealt, Cold still had top hand with a pair of kings, an ace, and a four of hearts. Mcculloch was still in second with a pair of nines, a six, and a ten of spades. Mardon still held up the rear with a jack, a ten, a two, and a queen.

“One-fifty”, said cold as he threw the money into the pile.

“Call”, said Weather Wizard.

“So”, said Jesse as he looked as his fellows around the table, “did you all catch the game last night?”

“Yeah”, said Cold with a cocky smile, “Combines really took it to Gotham.”

“I missed it”, said Mardon, “what was the final score?”

“The Combines beat ‘em six to three”, said the Mirror Master as he called the bet.
“Good game too. Lot’s a good hits.”

“All right”, said Jesse, “last round. Down and dirty.”

The three remaining players in the hand each looked at their final card, which was dealt face down. Cold, still having the best hand showing, opened the betting for the final round.

“All right. Since this is the last round...I bet three hundred.”

The large bet drew a whistle from Trickster, “Nice bet, Snart. Must be holding something good over there.”

“I’ll see your three”, said Mardon who had grown serious after getting that final card, “and raise you another two.”

“Damn”, said Jesse as he nodded his head. “Five to stay in, McCulloch.”

“Aye, I’ll call the five.”

“And all call his two”, said Cold.

“Well, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Cold flipped his down cards over, showing a pair of aces and a three.
“Full house, aces over kings.”

“Dammit", shouted Mardon as he slamed his card on the table.
"Nice hand, Captain”, said Weather Wizard with a respectful nod, “beats my straight.”

“Aye, it’s a good hand if’n I ever did see one”, Evan said with a frown. The comment did bring a cocky smile to Cold’s face as he began to reach for the pile of money.

“BUT”, said McCulloch to stop the Captain’s move for the cash, “It doesn’t beat four of a kind.”

“God dammit!” screamed an angry Cold as a laughing Mirror Master collected the large pile of money.

“Cheer up, boyo. There’s still plenty ‘a cards ta be played.”

“All right, my deal”, said Mardon as he grabbed the deck from Trickster.
“Five card stud, deuces wild.”

“Dammit Mardon”, said a still POed Cold, “you know I hate games with these kiddy wildcards crap.”

“Which is why I love them”, said a smiling Trickster which drew a laugh from McCulloch and Weather Wizard as Mardon dealt out the cards.
I hate myself.

You're an idiot,Harvey.

Two-Face slumps in the chair of a large,spacious room,cut off from the rest of his gang.He continuously flips his scarred silver dollar coin while having the private battle within himself.

You shot an innocent man.And for what?Not paying you money he didn't have?!

Hey,I was doin' him a favor.Nobody should have to live in this hellhole anyway.

So killing them all is the answer to that?!

After all these years,you have to ask that?!You really ARE an idiot!

You're mad!


Have you no heart?No sense of decency?!


Stop it!


Just then,Two-Face catches his coin,as a knock can be heard on the door.

"Boss,There's somethin' on the TV.Ya might wanna see it."

Two-Face gets up,putting his coin in his jacket pocket,before stepping out of the room,and walking past a few of his hired goons.He walks into another room,where a televison is playing the evening edition of the news.

"...In Other News,The Second National Bank Of Gotham Is Expected To Recieve Two Hundred Thousand Bricks Of Gold Sent From Geologist ,Who's Currently Stationed In Africa.The Geologist Believes That The Gold May Have Once Belonged To The Egyptian Pharoh,King Tut,As It Is Widely Believed That Tut Had Hidden His Most Beloved Treasures In Different Parts Of The Globe,Before His Death.The Second National Bank Is Holding The Gold Until Construction Can Be Completed On The Newly Rebuilt Gotham Museum Of History,Which Began Renovation Last Month.More On This Story At Elev-"

Two-Face turned off the television.He was...speechless.It was such a perfect crime.The second national bank...two thousand bricks of gold...Even Africa's involvement,considering it was the second biggest continent in the world...It all fit him perfectly.It was as if the gold were begging him to steal it.

But at the same time...It was almost too easy.Like a trap,perhaps.A trap for him,made up by the Gotham City SWAT team,or even The Batman.Though he doubted the latter,considering Batman had bigger fish to fry,so to speak.Two-Face wasn't the only escaped convict on the loose,after all...

He turned around,looking at his thugs,who were all awaiting his decision.

"Are we takin' it,Boss?"

Two-Face pulled out his coin,again.There was only one true way for him to decide.

"Good Heads,We Ignore It.Bad Heads...We Take No Prisoners."

No...That gold doesn't belong to us.It's wrong!

Shut your damn mouth!This could be the heist of the century!

Or...It could be the imprisonment of us.

Don't you think I've thought of that already?!

Two-Face flipped the coin in the air.The thugs watched as it landed in his palm.Two-Face closed his hand,and placed it on his arm,before looking at it.A grim smile came over half of his face,as he held the coin up.


"Boys...We're About To Double Our Earnings."
As Lex sat in his office, going through some paperwork, a soft breeze began to blow through the room, even though the floor to ceiling windows were shut. As the sheets of paper wafted around the room, suddenly a deafening boom echoed through the office. Luthor recognized the reverberating noise and the luminescent tunnel that instantly materialized. The Lord of Apokolips soon stepped out of it. Rather than be in awe of Darkseid's arrival, Luthor's mind was wandering to feelings of relief that his office walls were sound-proof; a prevention in case Superman wished to eavesdrop on his activities.
MST3K 4ever said:
Darkseid standing before Lex says, "Lex Luthor we need to talk. I think you know who I am for I know who you are. It seems you and I have a common foe a certain Kryptonian. If you are willing to assist me in ridding this dust-ball in the solar system that you call a planet of his pressence I will grant you power that you can never begin to imagine in a thousand lifetimes.."

Darkseid presses a button on his boomtube showing Luthor a planet. A paradise as far as the eye can see....with cities and nature in perfect harmony and people living in peace. "This planet that you are looking at...you would be the ruler over...I can make it happen very easily...think of it Lex why only rule a city or a country when you can rule an entire planet."

He closes the boom-tube and asks, "Are you interested or do I need to go elsewhere? I think the Joker might be able to help me if you cant. "
As Luthor was thinking about Darkseid's offer, he saw his bodyguard silently creep behind Darkseid, readying to grab the intruder. Lex raised his hand to halt his protector's planned actions. "At ease, Joseph." With his employer's word, the bodyguard aborted his would-be assault and marched out of the main office and into his hidden quarters to watch the conversation on the monitors, ready to spring into action if Lex required it.

Lex guessed that Joseph could probably land a hit or two on Darkseid, but the Lord of Apokolips would still easily win the match if they came to blows.

With their privacy renewed, Luthor examined Darkseid's proposal silently. He analyzed the hologram closely and also concentrated deeply. He felt relieved that the Apokoliptian wasn't pressuring him. Not much relief, but some. Finally, Lex sighed and looked up into Darkseid's glowing eyes. "You may keep your trinket of a planet, Darkseid," Lex gently smiled. "It's earth and humanity that I wish to purge of the Kryptonian's taint, and it's earth and humanity that I wish to rule over once the Alien is dead. It's what I have worked years for and I will not settle for anything less than earth for my efforts."

Lex moved back to his desk and sat on the corner of it. "But even if my assistance isn't enough for you, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. You see, I have a personal score to settle with more of earth's so-called heroes than just Superman. You see, they have wronged me in ways that have robbed me of more than my empire, and I intend to exact a most gruesome vengeance. I cannot do this alone. Even as we speak, I have operatives in search of possible candidates for membership in a Society that myself and a few key individuals are preparing." Lex stood up and stepped towards Darkseid. "If this is of any interest to you, consider this a formal invitation to join, oh Lord of Apokolips."

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