The "World Of Heroes" DC RPG Season V

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Splendor’s fist came down hard on the table, again reminding everyone why they’d had it strengthened and made out of layers of the strongest metal the world knew, and even then some from their space travels, this time she left a smaller dent than previous times before and Saff made a mental to contact Nucleus to fix it.

“You should have told us! We all knew something was wrong, we just didn’t know what

“I agree, we should have been told.”

Silence fell on the table as Splendor stared at MidKnight.
“I couldn’t risk her finding out that we knew. Who knows what she would have done.”

Splendor narrowed her eyes.
“And after she revealed herself? Not even then?”

MidKnight remained silenced as the division in the room became apparent.

“I agree with Splendor, MidKnight you should have told us after she revealed herself. I understand how personal it is to you, however we should have been ready to back you up.”

Cowboy nodded in silent agreement.

Silence flooded the room again before MidNight spoke.
“They know.”

Saffire blinked, her placid expression through the whole discussion changed slightly.

MidKnight rose and walked to the wall, staring at the map on it, his back to them.
“They know of our plan, that’s why they had Felicity come.”

Johane nodded.
“They’ve been in contact with some of our mystics, many have turned them down but a few on the other side have been turned. One must have summoned Felicity.”

Splendor slouched into her chair as if a 50 ton slab had hit her.

“How? How would they know?” She asked hoarsely.

MidKnight shook his head.

“We can’t stop now though.” Red said softly.

“Yes, we just need ta change the plan a bit is all.”

“Regardless they’re stepping activity up.”

Johane rose.
“The preamble is over, we must watch and wait.”

- - -

“Hmmm..hmmm..mhmhmhmhmmmm..” Faye hummed through the hallway’s, a box in her hand that she glanced into once in a while with a smile.

“You seem to be doing better.” Faye looked up and smiled at Power as he came up alongside her.

“Yes, I feel much better.”

“Some help there?” Faye shrugged and stopped.

“Sure, I was going to drop it off at Cowboy’s workshop.” She said as she handed it over.

“Sure, it’ll be easy and then we can grab a cookie from Ma,”

Fayes smiled, “I’d like that”

Power nodded as they reached the door, Faye inserted the key and opened it, waiting while Power placed the box on the table before looking around. Hearing Power close the door she turned, only to almost bump into him.

"oops, sorry I…" she trailed off as he took a step closer to her, a smile on his face. Faye stepped back, until her back hit the wall. Placing his hand on the wall beside her head he leaned in, the smile still across his face.


"Do you know how you've taunted me? Since the first time I saw you?" He placed his hand on her waist.

Faye's eyes grew wide and she attempted to pull his hand off her, but his steel grip grew firm. She winced at the pain.

"Let GO OF-mmmfh" she started to scream before his other hand clamped down on her mouth. Pulling her to him she struggled against him.

"POWER!" The voice coming a split second before the impact. Splendors hand cracked against his chin, sending him flying to the other end of the hallway and into the wall. Faye bent over, gasping for air as she was released, she looked up at Splendor, her back to her, standing in the middle of the hallway watching Power.

"Go to Johane" she said simple as Power rose, his face twisted.

"You'll regret that you wench."

Faye shuddered at the sound of his voice, it's overlapping tones were foreign. She realized quickly it wasn't the Power she knew and she ducked down the hall as the sound of battle came from the hallway. Reaching MidKnight's lab, where Johane was found most she raised her hand to pound on the door only to have it swing open. Johane stood at the door, his green cape still in movement from standing, MidKnight behind him.

'They're here."

Red and Cowboy raced down the hallway.
"We have reports of a rift in Moscow, London, Hong Kong, the country's respective supergroups have been dispatched."

"Ain't much time for us neither, one's startin' in Washington."

A crash shook the building.

"Johane, get Power. Red, call in the reservists and trainee's. Cowboy, prep the spear with me."

Faye stood still, trying to process the information, or lack thereof. Saff shimmered into view and grabbed her wrist pulling her into the swirl of sparkly blue mist before teleporting them to the Spear.

"Buckle up." She said slipping into the co-pilots seat.

Faye quickly buckled and brushed her hair aside.
“What’s going on?”

Saff started it and flipped the switches, as MidKnight, Red and Cowboy came aboard.

“Coordinates are in the computer.” MidKnight said buckling in.

Red touched a screen next to her, before looking at Cowboy who pulled his guns out checking them as MidKnight brought the spear into the air.

Faye watched nervously as Splendor lifted into the air from below them and took off towards Washington D.C.
“What’s going on? What happened to Power?”

Saffire pursed her lips as a light went off on the display next to Red, she glanced at MidKnight who nodded. Activating her ring she wrapped herself in the aura and phased herself out of the aircraft. Red moved up to co-pilots seat, and Faye caught a glimpse of Cowboy touching her hand as she passed. Pulling her hood farther over her face her fingers flew over the display and Faye fell into silence, watching out the window.

“There” Red said, Faye peeked around Red’s chair and out the front window. She leaned back and took a deep breathe, her mind processing the image before leaning back forward.
“What is it?” She asked softly.

“It’s an invasion” He said matter of factly. Faye watched as the low power fliers fought against the collateral damage buildings blowing up did. Splendors bright costume flashed on the horizon as she clashed in the sky against a shadowy form. Johane hovered in the air, mystics beneath him fighting against….Faye scanned the horizon, wondering what exactly they were fighting against.

“We don’t have much time.”

Red nodded and took Fayes hand, “Come.”

Faye pulled back.
“No. I don’t know what’s going on, I’m not doing anything till you tell me.”

MidKnight grabbed her wrist roughly, only to have Cowboy remove it.
“Let her go. Saff, you take her an' explain."

Saff nodded and guided Faye from the Spear, a strong wind whipped at them as soon as they exited, taking Faye's breath away for a moment. Johan appeared in front of them,
"The portal is to the west, do not fly though, it will bring them to you." he said before leaving. Faye looked at Saff and pushed her hair from her face, before looking towards Splendor, who'd broken the fight off. Making eye contact with Faye for a split second she gave a faint smile and nodded before engaging in battle again. Saff took Faye's wrist and lead her away from the edge of the battle.

"What's going on?" she called against the wind. Saff brought her closer to them as they ran quickly through the streets.
"We have ta get you ta the portal and send you back."
"Send me back where?" She asked an edge of fear rose slightly in her throat. "To where you came from." Faye came to a complete stop. "What?!" Saffire tugged her, pulling her along as she spoke loudly over the din. "Come on dahlin'! Ya didn't think you were from here, did you?" Faye followed Saffire compliantly, her mind turning over and around the concept. She knew she was somehow removed from the people she knew, but to be from somewhere else entirely… "Like where?"
"A different world." Saffire stopped in a small park, the trees shivering in the wind which was gentler here. Faye turned and looked behind them at the gaping hole in the sky. "In space?" She thought back to her lessons, one or two of the Legion's members were aliens from different planets.
Saffire shook her head. "No, a different universe." Faye turned her head and stared at Saffire.
"How? Why?" Saffire looked around as if expecting something, before she turned to Faye and took both her hands, her normally hard edged eyes softened as she met Faye's confused ones. "Our world is dyin', or bein' killed." she nodded to the distant rift in the sky behind them. "MidKnight was tryin' to come up with ways ta save it when you came along. None of us thought much of it at the time but.." She paused. "Your bein' here is a mistake. Johane and MidKnight were working on an idea that they'd had of summonin'. MidKnight had a miscalculation and brought you instead. Howeveh, something happened ta you on your side as well." She said as Faye stepped back.

"Me?" She stood still for a moment in her own thoughts as the wind around her grew heavier. Saffire turned and saw a small round sphere forming in the air, pulsating it grew in intervals, enlarging. She looked behind them and put her arm on Faye's back pushing her towards the opening, causing Faye to come out of her thoughts.
"No! I won't go." she said stopping as Saffire pushed.
"Ya have to!"
Faye shook her head taking Saffires arm. "No, I can't. I don't know what's there." A high pitched screech can from behind Saffire and Faye looked behind her to see undefined figures coming at them from all directions. The glowing white opening behind them pulsated and began to shrink. Saffire cursed angrily and grabbed Faye by the shoulders giving her a shake.
"You HAVE to go! Bein' here messes with this world, things have changed because of you.” She activated her ring and formed braces in the portal prying it open. The screeching became louder as the figures grew closer and Saffire pulled the ring off her finger, still activated, slipping it on Fayess finger ‘Remember your training.” She said pushing Faye through the opening. A flash of white caused Faye to blink as the portal shifted into a long tunnel upon entering it. Turning she saw the figures overtake Saffire, who was outside the threshold of the circular opening. The bright white caused the world beyond to seem dull. Working on instinct she extended her hand, the blue energy roping from it and grabbing Saffire focusing as Saffire had trained her she pulled the woman towards her. She could feel pulsations came from behind her and she turned to see where they came from. Her body felt like it hit water, feeling sluggish as the feeling overtook her, blinking she tried to keep her eyes pen as it pushed against her taking her breath away. She pushed against it with the energy but it pushed back on her and she met darkness as it enveloped her.


Water all around, swirling in blues and grays as if surfacing from a great depth.

No, not water. The world. Colors, gray and blue rippled like water, as if looking up from under the water.

The world stopped, on the edge of a wood, the darkness everywhere.


The woman sat bolt upright gasping for air as if she was drowning. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed in deep, throwing her head back she stretched out giving her lungs more room to grow. Tears brim her eyes as pain shots through her body in waves, one right after the other, the force of which causes her the shudder uncontrollably.

Her shudders slowly abate and she looks around. She sat, her arms behind her holding her up and her legs bent in front of her, amidst tall bushes and dark grass as rain fell from the dark clouds above in the night sky, hitting against her nudity, blurring her vision. A stiff wind washed the rain over her in waves as she shuddered against the cold. To her right a flat road stretched wide across. A light in the distance caused her to blink through the rain as it moved towards her. She stayed huddled in the grass and bushes as the car drove by. It stopped a few feet away and backed up, an older couple getting out and coming towards her.

“Oh you poor thing! You’re naked!” Bending down she draped a blanket over the woman’s shoulders and tucked it against the wind to keep her covered as an elderly man hobbled towards them through the pounding rain. The elderly woman pushed heavy black locks of hair from the woman’s face and smiled. “Honey, what are you doing out here?”
The woman shuddered uncontrollably, “I…I don’t know…”
“Hurry Roy! And bring your rain coat!” the older woman said as her husband ran back to the car and returned as the older woman looked around and picked something up off the ground.

“Honey, is this yours?” The woman held out a ringlet of deep blue, the woman looked at it, it’s familiar shape tickling her mind. She nodded wordlessly taking it into her hand as her husband wordlessly draped the raincoat over her and helped her up, the two of them balancing the woman between them and walked towards the car in the driving rain.

“Where…where am I?” the woman managed to shiver out of her mouth.

“You’re 30 miles outside of Seattle.” The old man said against the wind as he paused at the car door, waiting for his wife to open it. The woman caught sight of herself in the window, speckled with raindrops, her image distorted in them.

“What’s your name?” The man asked?

“How can you expect her to remember that if she doesn’t even know what she’s doing here?” The woman said catching her balance in the muddy roadside as she went to open the door.

The woman stared at her reflection.

“Dinah.” She said as nausea and dizziness washed over her.
“My name is Dinah” The world went black to her again, washing against her like water.


Water all around, swirling in blues and whites as if surfacing from a great depth. A figure swam in front of her, blue as the darkest sapphire, sparkling, leading her out.

No, not water. The world. Colors, white and blue rippled like water, as if looking up from under the water.

“Dinah? Dinah!”

A hand touched her pulling her out of the swirly mass...water parting, giving way to the surface beyond.


The woman blinked as two heads bent over hers, one red and one blonde, both smiling.
A flash of light came, once in each eye.
“What’s your name?”

“My name is Dinah.”


Central City, Missouri
22 Hours Until Now

I walk up the steps and knock on the screen door.
It only takes a few seconds for the door to swing open.

"You're 23 seconds late..."

I smile as I look through the screen door. One of the more annoying qualities of time travellers

"Grandma Iris, I..."

She smiles as she unlatches the screen and beckons me in.

"Come on in, Bart."

I follow her into the living room. Almost all of the room's wall space is filled with pictures. There's Grandpa Barry in and out his Flash uniform, Wally and Linda, Jay with Joan, and even me.

"I'd ask you if you want something to drink, but I know you'll say no."

I follow her into the kitchen and lean against the threshold into the kitchen.

"How do you know if you don't ask?"

"Do you want something to drink? All I have is coffee and green tea."

"Eww, no."

She arches her eyebrow as she puts the coffee on.

"Look, Grandma..."

"I know why you're here Bart and yes."

I feel a bit flustered as I try to talk.

"...Ar-...are you sure?"

"Yes. Don't forget, I did a bit of reading during my time in the future. I guess, in hindsight. I shouldn't have...but, anyway. Yes Bart."

"What else can you tell me?"

"Like most good things, you'll have to work at it. But it'll be worth it. Believe me, it's worth it..."

Grandma Iris turns to leave the kitchen.

"Are you coming to my graduation tomorrow?"

She smiles before she retreats to her room.

"Honey, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

3 Hours Until Now

"James Henry Abercrombie."

My heart's thumping as I stand a few people back.

The sun beats down on my graduation gown, it's Flash scarlett. You gotta love the twin cities and their blatant love for all things Flash.

"William Matthew Adams."

Will walks across the stage and smile as he plucks the diploma out of the principal's hand.

"Bartholomew Henry Allen."

I take a deep breath as I walk across the stage, my eyes drift a bit as I look out into the crowd.

Kara, Wally, Jay, Joan, Grandma Iris, Linda and the twins are watching. I even spot Tim sitting with Vic and Gar. (Who stick out like sore thumbs by the way)

I take the diploma with my left hand and shake the principal's hand with my right.

"Congratulations, son."

I smile as I break the handshake and start to walk off the stage. I feel about ten feet tall as I join my other classmates.


1 Hour Until Now

"Alright, guys. Burgers are almost ready tell me what you want on them."

Jay flips the burgers while Wally watches from behind.

"You're flipping them too soon. They won't cook right."

"Son, I've been cooking out since before you were messing in your undies."

It's a little party held in my honor, of all things. Jay managed to get a picnic area down by the river. Actually, it's my graduation and celebration of Wally and Linda finding a new house.

Gar turns into a butterfly and plays with the twins while Vic and Tim sit on a picnic table and talk about current events.

"Just dissapeared?"

"That's what Cassie said. She went to go see him and they said Conner was gone."

Before I can listen in anymore, something grabs my arm and pulls me towards the river bank.

"Come here, Bart. I haven't given you your graduation present yet."


I sit on the river bank and look out at the water while Kara sits next to me, holding my hand.

"It's not a good a view as Mexico, but like I said. Having you here makes it 100% better."

I take a deep breath and start to stand up.

"Walk with me?"

Kara smiles as we both stand up and walk down the riverbank hand in hand.


The sun's already starting to sink low in the west, casting an eerie shadow on Blackgate and making it look like a haunted house off in the distance. My throat feels as dry as the Sahara as we crunch through the sand and mud of the riverbank, my toes digging into the muck.

"You know, Kara. I was thinking..."

"Uh-oh. Two thoughts in two days? The end is nigh!!"

I manage a feeble laugh as my hand digs inside my pocket.

"Y-yeah...anyway. I know we haven't been together long, but we have a good thing going. I can feel it...."

The little devil and angel pop up on my shoulder. The angel is Max, the devil is Impulse.

You dumbass, Bart!!!! Don't do it! Don't do it!

Bart, don't listen to him, my boy. You must do what is right. Search your feelings For what you know to be true....

Thank you Obi-Wan.

Don't call me that....

Max and Impulse dissapear as quickly as they came.

Kara stares at me, eyebrow arched.

" okay, baby?"

I nod and swallow

"I'm fine, better than okay. Like I was saying, We have a good thing going. And, I think we should go farther...
I gave you my heart and my body. There's only one thing I have left that's worth a damn..."

I break free from her hand and start to kneel down. The diamond ring Grandma Iris gave me, the same one Grandpa Barry gave to her, flashes in her blue eyes. My knee crunches in the sand as I look up at her.

"My name..."

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