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Jul 15, 2001
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Originally posted by SpiderBallz
Stup smylen lik a FOOL, Fooleo. :bomb:

Originally posted by Themanofbat
... do you shave your genitals?

I figure since there is a poll on genital piercings around here, then this will be ok, unless you guys screw it up with all kinds of stupid posts.

Anyway, I do shave my testicles every other day and keep my pubic hair trimmed to about 1/4" in length. Keeps it clean looking, which, so I'm told, is greatly appreciated by the better half. ;)

So, yes or no, do you?


Originally posted by scaredy cat
so this guy themanofbat thing pulls rank on us '25 and younger' crowd and holds no reservations when telling us what we can't get because we're too young. so not only his this guy an idiot but he's an old idiot at that who probaly votes but considering his pretenciousness i wouldnt be surprised if he's from florida and voted for saddam hussein.
i dislike people who think they better our lives for simply being there. this guy is a pretencious prick with absolutely no regard for anyone under '25 or younger'. "no worries, friend, one day you will be like me and knowitall." :rolleyes:

Originally posted by Jakesteraholic
Yeah. And without sodomy jokes so many humorous observations would be impossible. For instance, wouldn't it be ironic to see a midget humping a whale? A blue whale, too, not one of those cop-out killer whales. They're tools. :mad: I mean, who wouldn't laugh at that? If I saw a midget whale-humping I would go for the camcorder and mark a spot on the calendar for my visit to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Originally posted by Ben Urich
The state looks down on sodomy....

Originally posted by Themanofbat
"YODACABANA" as sung by the Themanofbat

Originally performed By Barry Manilow as "COPACABANA"

His name was Yoda, he was a jedi
With green skin & little hair, and a burlap sack cut down to there
He would speak english, and it was broken
But while he posted at the Hype,
Capital letters he'd never type
And in every thread, there was something said
And he would flirt with CTOAN
It was like they were wed

Oh, it's Yoda (Yo) and CTOAN,
The loyal couple who ain't straying,
HEY, it's Yoda (Yo) and CTOAN,
Posting and passion were always their fashion
At the Hype.......they fell in love.

His name was forevershiningknight. He was a moron.
He was scrolling through the threads, he saw Yoda posting again
And when Yoda finished, fsk PM'ed him,
But fsk went a bit to far,
And CTOAN Ppfft'ed from afar
And then the posting flew, gods were torn in two
There were :rolleyes: 's and a bunch of insults
But just who went boo hoo?

Oh, it's Yoda (Yo) and CTOAN,
The loyal couple who ain't straying,
HEY, it's Yoda (Yo) and CTOAN,
Posting and passion were always their fashion
At the Hype.......he lost his love.

Yoda... masteryoda... posting and passion... always in fashion...

His name was Yoda, he was a hero,
But that was 5000 posts ago, now his title really blows.
But he keeps posting, and missing CTOAN,
Still in that sac he's always had,
Banning fsk made him glad.
Now he sits there so sublime, but he drinks himself half-blind.
He lost his Cujo and he lost his CTOAN,
And now he's lost his mind!

Oh, it's Yoda (Yo) and CTOAN,
The loyal couple who ain't straying,
HEY, it's Yoda (Yo) and CTOAN,
Posting and passion were always their fashion
At the Hype.......don't fall in love.
....don't fall in love.
....don't fall in love.
....don't fall in love.

;) :) :D :p

Originally posted by Lestat de Lioncourt
We are currently deciding on a new name for the city was have made to be the setting for the newly re-vamped Hype! RPG. We need your opinion since this may involve you. Please vote, and don't forget to visit Hype! RPG!

Originally posted by Mindworm
I'm sick of keeping this to myself.I just completed a reply to Gambit and this is what it said : He basically said that I had the same IP address as Forevershiningknight.There is a reason for this : FSK is my brother. Why didnt I tell everyone to begin with ? Perhaps I was ashamed of the way he acted when he was a member,or perhaps I just wanted to forget it,or maybe I just didnt want his name being dragged through the mud.He's been through too much already.Let me explain : Forevershiningknight's real name is James.My real name is Lee.We are both er,preachy because we were both raised Southern Baptist in Fayetteville,NC.I am now non denominational while James is still a Southern Baptist.Believe it or not,I was always the shy one,while James was what you would call " boisterous ".They always said he'd be a politician or a preacher,unfortunately he didnt do either.I would tell you a short story about his life but thats not what you wish to read - this is : James was fine up until the day he took a job as a service technician ( a mechanic ).Last September James was working on a Freightliner and slipped and fell,breaking his back.Needless to say this messed him up rather bad.He didnt get Workman's Compensation for practically forever and ended up losing his apartment,car,lost his girlfriend,etc.Why did he lose his vehicle and his apartment?.....because he never told me or my family until the day he got evicted he hadnt been getting his back pay.That's pride for you.I dont know why he lost Amanda,he wouldnt say.Being in pain made James rather cranky so I volunteered for him to stay at my place while he waited for his personal injury lawyer ( a friend of mine) to get him to another doctor and get the company to give him his back pay.......( He was going to stay at our parents but I didnt think they could deal with him in this condition. ) Everything was fine for a while but the medicine and the pain started making him severely moody.Apparently during this time he posted on this website ( and according to Gambit at least one other ) and drove everyone nuts.He drove me nuts around here too,but you'll put up with a lot from your sibling.I didnt get to really read his posts but if they swung back and forth like a pendulum ( just as he did thanks to the pain and the drugs ) they must have been something to read.He spent a lot of time on the computer because,to tell you the truth,thats all he could do,well,that,and watch television.( He broke the L-5 region in his lower back. ) James stayed here up until he finally got his back pay ( and surgery ) and paid the back rent on his apartment.A while back I called him and talked to him.I told him everyone thought he was me and that he simply needed to come on here and straighten this mess out.Oh,he came on here alright,pissed off more people and was banned the same day.After that incident I called him back and we had a pretty bad arguement. .I want you people to know that although he was moody he's really not to blame.He's a good Christian Man thats just fallen on bad times and he couldnt deal with it. My sin is that I couldnt bring myself to tell all of you.....for one thing I didnt think you'd believe me, and for another, I would rather take the blame and be called " FSK " than hear him rediculed again.The thing is I dont like keeping secrets.Thats not what you do when you respect people.Thats not what a Christian does.Thats not what I want to do either.So Im asking you people to forgive me for not coming clean about James.I just love him to death and I'm a wee bit over protective of him,( After all he is my little brother )even if he is a bit " over emotional " at times. After all he's been through ( and Im not excusing his behavior ) could you honestly say you wouldnt be a bit angry ? Well, thats all I have to say on this matter.If you have any comments or questions,fire away.If you wish to call me an ass thats okay too..I deserve it. As far as the posts,I'll get to all of them sooner or later. ---- Mindworm
Originally posted by Jakesteraholic
So I was at work today (a grocery store). At some point during the day I carried out some lady's groceries for her. There were plenty, too. I followed her out to her vehicle and put them in her trunk, closed it, and said "Thank you" (as is custom for a person with my job to do). I got no response. She stiffed me on a thank-you-back. This really gets on my nerves. I carry out 60 lbs of groceries and the b**** doesn't give me a thank-you back. :mad:

Then I get combo'ed. I have never been combo'ed on before and it is quite frustrating, let me tell you. I carried out some 60 year old or so woman's groceries. She said "You can put 'em in the backseat." She then opens the front door and sits down. Hey, stupid ****e, my hands are full of groceries. You're supposed to open the door for me! So anyway I manage to somehow pry open the door with my pinky and I put the groceries in. I say "thank you." She then proceeds to close the driver side door on me and start her car. MEAN COMBO. Oh man did that piss me off. I was thisclose to just giving up on politeness. But I went on.

Later, I am putting some items on the shelves. I have my back to the aisle (as I am looking at the shelf) and I get bumped into. I turn around and it's this old woman. She glances at me and I look at her, and there's this awkward pause. I finally say "excuse me". She says "mmm hmm".

Dammit! :mad: She refused to say "excuse me" when she was clearly at fault, and then she has the gall to accept my fake and unjust "excuse me"? B****! I wasn't at fault, why should I be the one to say excuse me? She bumped into me while I wasn't looking! I mean I just wanted her to do the basic courtesy ingrained in every human being on earth! It's not like I was shooting for a mutual excuse-me. Where both people say "excuse me" at the same time. That's the filet mignon of excuse-mes. I wasn't greedy, I didn't want that. Those are hard to obtain anyway. I just wanted a simple excuse-me on her part. Then I would say, "oh that's all right, no harm done" or something and everything would be good. But no. What kind of person turns and excuse-me around on another person? That's sick. That kind of person should be locked away from society. Locked away for years and knocked down on her old-womany ass for the rest of her life and then forced to give an excuse-me to the guard who pushed her down. It's only right. :mad:

In conclusion, I have given up on proper grocery store etiquette.

Originally posted by Blight
ok I'll give you another one<br /><br />so one time me and my friend were driving around town and we saw this guy driving a red car and my friend yelled at him and he was like hey dood you have a red car and the guy was like yeah and so my friend was like cool and the guy was like yeah and then the light turned green and we both went our seperate ways and then my friend dropped me off and I went home.

Originally posted by masteryoda

Please remove it before it begins to swell....


if you don't touch my hair I won't kiss your ding ding

Judge reinhold played my dad so piss off loser!

Yeah I did her...Twice!

And that's when the C.H.U.Ds came after me....
Originally posted by S.I.G.
I've warned you for years that I would do it, dammit.


Originally posted by Lackey
You have to see it to believe it...


Originally posted by Zen
People i have a hard time not poking with a stick:

SquattinggobinHiddenspamcakes: sent me straight to a sight that locked up my computer with pop-ups while i was working on my final thesis paper for college. i got an F in that class... thanks alot kaka.

whoever that guy is the with "sketch master" picture, he looks... odd, scary... always writing stories about jailbait, including me in them- crushing any creativity he had left.

MarvelMovies: I really didnt appreciate all those mal-natured PM's you sent me for our first argument over whatever the hell we were arguing over... i thought "your moma" jokes went out in the 90's... do you own a members only jacket as well?

Zenien: they say immatation is the sincerist form of flattery... well if i could spell correctly maybe id be smart enough to read that cliche... however im miffed, and not so much about her name... but our extreme bi-polar views on gaming... and shes a girl... wich threw me for a loop, whatever the hell that means.

Masteryoda: .............Wait

I like him

Scarlet spidey... whatever hgis name is now: we never finished that boxing fight from way back in the day.... you chickened out. Chicken.

The Spawn: To be outlined in rap batter savant thread. Yay.

tukiluka: Renegged on my ebay transaction with him and a certain lifesize latex receptacle. And an oven mitt.

Evolution: Seems your RPG charachter and mine are never going to meet... which is a good thing, i'd prolly dig out a big troll-booger and flick it at you... the resulting disease


Ryoko: another PM debacle with this one... Brushfire PM's me all in a hurry! to give my aim name.... AANNNnd THeNNNN

Doesnt utilize the damn service, what angle you playing bobbit? Fricken elven space pirates.

LucidParody: Yer board sucks, G. send me a pizza.

Malice: Took all my fantasy football playars and traded them with him and two other people... only gave me back my bench and 2 starters, ive had to build from the ground up... damn you malice.

And i dont like HWD, but im not at liberty to tell you why... they said i cant.

i spell like i smell and i rap like a gazelle

:( :( :mad:

Originally posted by fred
Can you speak Japanese?

:confused: :D

Originally posted by Zen
Hello Nubians of the Hype... what now stands before you is a contemporary picturew of oneness.. been posted before, and ostracized for jailbait qualities but the fact still remains i wouldnt be here without dear old Wonder Woman..l.

I would like ot thank...
mastyoda and SIG
DragonFire and imortal Fire for extingguishing each other...
Chamber and Tastey humans for making love to each other
Zen and dew for conceiving a child
Evoution and lucid for Also conceiving a child...
and those 2 chikdren like bam bam and pebbles had a child named "Themanofbat" who beat on the next door neighbors kid named mindworm... sooon however... mindworm called upond the will of god and nothing happened...

Back to sqaure one....

I think ryoko and Dew are the high elder matriarchs

Originally posted by Tukiluka
Teh. Teh teh teh teh teh teh teh teh teh, teh.

What teh hell is with this word? Is it something you crazy teenagers with yer fast cars and loud music call a fad? I guess it's okay, but when I see people older than 20 using it...it makes me think of one word: POSER. Worse yet...Wannabe poser, which is like a step over poser. You can't even be a poser. You are a wannabe poser.

I've seen the "teh" spread like wildfire across these boards. You people are using "teh" in your regular lives aren't you? You are saying "teh" at school. Ridiculous.

Originality and trendsetting does not come by using "teh". Wanna be a trendsetter? Speak proper ****ing english!:mad:

Originally posted by Rambo, John J
My urine smells like smoke. What the hell is that about?
Originally posted by Zen
How about we use our heads next time!!

The streets will flow with the blood of the unbeliever!!

Originally posted by The Flood
i was kind enough to ask u if you wanted my pic and you didnt even answer.Women want attention dude they do,,,believe me.So sad because i was gonna give you the special one:rolleyes: and i mean special

Originally posted by forevershiningknight
Well I made it off the chair.Too bad when I went to the bathroom I almost fell in the ****ing toliet ! You have no idea how hard it is to pee when your legs feel like stilts :mad: I think ill call my doctor in three hours and cuss his ass out.....this is getting pathetic ....:mad:

Originally posted by BuddyLuka
The Matrix is most certainly the greatest movie ever made. Citizen Kane gets that moniker because some guy put a camera in a hole? WTF? The Matrix is easily the most revolutionary film made. Look at all the copy catting that's gone on since then. Everything from Spider-Man to X-Men to Shrek used some aspect of that marvelous film. The story is also completely original, for the screen at least. Two parts Jesus, one part Alice in Wonderland. The metaphor of Cipher being Judas, Morphius being John the Baptist, Trinity being Mary Magdalene, and of course Neo being Jesus is a wonderful treatment of a 2000 year old story. The fil also inspires hope against the technological vaccume we all feel ourselves getting sucked into. If we choose to rebel against technology, no matter how bleak our rebellion may seem at times, we as humans are indeed superior, and therefore can triumph if we will it to happen.

All of these themes layered throughout a magnificently detailed story, and the truely groundbreaking direction of the Wachowski Brothers truely places The Matrix at the top of the cinematic world.

Originally posted by PALADIN
Good Guy
Registered: May 2003
Posts: 341

Who's Your Daddy?
You and I know the truth. You're a king of children Paladin...quite literally. You know you are old and wiser than most of these kids...but when you start to take yourself seriously? Well that's just sad, man. Of course you are "smarter" than a bunch of 13 year old kids who love comic books and hero's, and your rants agaisnt me, met by the applause of children are fine. But don't forget (I don't think you do), that you are actually quite mediocre in much of your "brilliant" observations on the Hype.

And on top of that, you're a major prick when you don't need to be.

Don't respond to this if it's going to more of what you just got done posting. Your juvenile audience cannot make you look witty in private.


Frankly,if I were you people reading this,I`ld be insulted that this clown has relegated you all to "13 year olds" who cannot recognize an agenda when they see one.

SPARKY,I told you once....It`s JUST a message board.
You`re WAAAY too invested in it.


Originally posted by Blight
Dear Mindworm,

I'm sorry I did not write earlier. I was very busy. I hope you're glad to know I cut pizza out of my diet. I hope you make some more oatmeal one day. It clears out the arteries.

Your still very hopeful friend,

you had to ruin it Bison..

Originally posted by Immortalfire
*Immortalfire and Hyper are hangin' around drinkin some Bud when 'Fire decides to go pick up some chicks. He raised his hand to summon the Eternal Flame......*

Immortalfire: Dood, where's my Eternal Flame?

Hyper: **** you 'Fire, I didn't take your Flame I ain't no punk teen thief, i'm the King of Cool ya know? :mad:

Immortalfire: Dood chill.

Hyper: Sweet.

Immortalfire: Dood I guess we gotta take Cyclops' Pathfinder or some such crap right?

Hyper: Let's go!

Both: Shimmy!

*they arrive at the carport, it is empty*

Immortalfire: Dood, where's the Pathfinder?

Hyper: Listen 'Fire! I didn't take the ****in Pathfinder, i'm a good guy so stop accusin me! :mad:

Immortalfire: Calm down dood.

Hyper: Yeah, whatever.

*so they hotwire Truthteller's car*

Immortalfire: Dood let's roll to the five & dime.

Hyper: Sweet! :D

*they cruise around and get rejected by the chicks*

MadamWeb, Comicgirl: Cool outfits, lame car.

Hyper: Dood no way! :eek:

*Blight enters*

Blight: Greetings gentlemen, if I may, I can tell you how to attract the desired attention of yonder fair maidens. :)

Immortalfire: Dood, what in the....

Blight: I can also offer you delightful choices of culinary delights should you desire to take the ladies out for the consumption of nutritional bio-matter.

Hyper: Huh?

*m0dr0cker enters*

m0dr0cker: Blight my friend, fancy meeting you here.

Blight: Good day m0d, I was just telling these gentlemen how to impress members of the female gender.

m0dr0cker: A non-displeasing chore no doubt. :)

Blight: Indeed.

*Truthteller enters*

Truthteller: Yo homos! Where the **** is my car?!

Immortalfire: Dood, Hyper made me hotwire it!

Hyper: Maybe, but dood where's Cykes' Pathfinder?

Truthteller: I had to use it to pay off my crime boss.

Immortalfire: Shimmy!

Truthteller: Why is Hyper hangin 'round this Hellhole when he knowz T is gonna beat his brains out! :mad:

*Hyper runs, Truthteller pursues*

Blight: I have been informed that a newbie wants to talk to us.

m0dr0cker: Ah, I adore the newbies. I'm encouraged to go to the Hype! because a newbie may be there.

Blight: Agreed my friend.

*they go to the Hype!*

Immortalfire: Dood, where's the newbies?

Doggett: I have DESTROYED THEM!!!! FOR I AM EVIL!!!!!!!!!

Blight: My goodness! I always thought Doggett was a kind, rather sensible soul.

m0dr0cker: It seems that we all were decieved.

Blight: It would appear so.

Greengoblin: I say, care to join me for a spot of tea? :)

Immortalfire: Dood shut up. Dog-boy's gone zany ya know?

Doggett: I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: And, with the help of my assistant ChopSuey!

Greengoblin: Jolly good ole boy!

ChopSuey: Uh............um...............do what now?

m0dr0cker: Perhaps we should retreat, and think this over rather thourghly.

Blight: I must insist that m0d is correct.

m0dr0cker: You anticipated something less?

*they chuckle lightly*

Immortalfire: Dood, never mind the retreats, letz git outta here!

Originally posted by Blight
There will be no more Dood comics. Because everyone keeps getting banned or stops coming to the Hype :mad:
Originally posted by Godzilla
You are all invited to a Superhero Hype wedding.

Best man-Amazing Spider-Man
Maid of Honor-Dew
Ring bearer-SIG
Bride's Maids-GunBlade, Ditto, Webmistress
Flower Girl-Rogue
Guests-Everyone at the Hype!

(Godzilla is getting ready for his big day, his wedding to Godzilla2000. He is tying his bowtie when Spider-Fett, SIG, Blight, and Amazing Spider-Man walk in)

Spider-Fett: The minister arrived.

Godzilla: Well, where is he.

Spider-Fett: I sorta threw him out.

Godzilla: You WHAT?

Spider-Fett: Well, he was asking for an alter boy until the wedding started.

Godzilla: Ew.

Amazing Spider-Man: It's OK, G! Blight here is a minister too!

Blight: Sure am. Signed up over the internet a year ago.

Godzilla: Well, as long as we have a minister, even if it is Blight...

Blight: :mad: :o :confused:

Godzilla: ...We should be fine. SIG, you got the rings?

SIG: Yeah. Parked them right next to the building. LucidParody is watching over them.

Amazing Spider-Man: Wait...you trusted Lucid?

SIG: Yeah I...oh *****! (runs to the window) Lucid! Bring those back!

(Meanwhile in Godzilla2000's room, Godzilla2000 is trying on her wedding dress with Dew, GunBlade, Ditto, and Webmistress.)

Dew: I can't believe it.

Godzilla2000: What? A wedding at the Hype?

Dew: Well, that and the fact that even a giant lizard gets married before me.

Ditto: Cheer up Dew. Your day will come.

Dew: That's what my dad said...15 years ago.

(Malice walks in)

Malice: You gals ready? We're about to start.

GunBlade: We're coming.

(at the alter, the wedding is about to start. Godzilla is standing next to Blight who is on top of a very tall building preparing to start, the Bride's Maids and the Rogue the flower girl walk down the path. Rogue is dropping flower pedals and when she is halfway down, she throws the basket at ImmortalFire)

ImmortalFire: Ow! WTF?

Rogue: Bullseye!

(Rogue runs like hell. Bride music starts playing, the ground shakes as Godzilla2000 marches down the path. She is holding Mirko in her hand, for Mirko is giving the bride away. She approaches the minister and lets Mirko go. Mirko walks to the side and pinches Webmistress' butt. Webmistress slaps him)

Blight: Dearly beloved, we are gathered her...I can't do this under these cicumstances!

Everyone: What?

Blight: Ya heard me!

(Masteryoda runs up to the building Blight is standing on)

Masteryoda: Hey Blight! (he pulls out a bottle of alcohol throws it super high to the top of the building)

Blight: Thanks! (he chugs it down) OK, I'm ready now. Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today to join these...um...gaint mutated superlizards in holy matrimony...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnd...(skips a few pages) Do you, Godzilla, take whatsherface here...

Godzilla2000: It's Godzilla2000.

Blight: Who? Him?

Godzilla2000: No. Me.

Blight: Oh. Do you, Godzilla, take Godzilla2000 to have, hold, and all that crap until death do you part?

Godzilla: I do.

Blight: Same to you, names reversed.

Godzilla2000: I do.

Blight: If anyone has something to b*tch about these two, say it now or shut the hell up.

Mindworm: Yeah! I do! Weddings are for people you morons! These two can't get married!

(Spider-Fett shoots himn with his gun)

Spider-Fett: I've been wanting to do that for a long time.

Blight: OK, anything else?

The Batman: Yeah! Why the hell did you pick Amazing Spider-Man to be your best man instead of me?

Godzilla: Well, he's cool and I don't really like you.

The Batman: Oh yeah, that's more proof that you guys kiss Spider-Man's ass.

Spider-Fett: Should I?

Amazing Spider-Man: No, let me. (Amazing Spider-Man and The Batman get into a huge fight and of course Amazing Spider-Man wins) OK, time to find out who you really are. (Amazing Spider-Man takes off The Batman's mask to relveal a 6 year old kid) I knew it.

The Batman: I know I look young but I'm really 30. I just age slow. And I'm a teacher. Let's not forget teacher.

Godzilla: Yeah, I'm sure you go to school, just not to teach. Fett, throw him out.

(Spider-Fett takes The Batman and throws him out)

Blight: Let's move on. Where's the rings?

Godzilla: Dude, where's the rings?

Amazing Spider-Man: Where's the rings, dude?

Godzilla: Dude, where's the rings?

Amazing Spider-Man: Where's the rings, dude?

Godzilla: Dude, where's the rings?

Amazing Spider-Man: Where's the rings, dude?

Godzilla: Dude, where's the rings?

Amazing Spider-Man: Where's the rings, dude?

Godzilla: Dude, where's the rings?

Amazing Spider-Man: Where's the rings, dude?

Godzilla: SIG! Where are the damn rings.

SIG: Oh, I forgot. I'll be back!

(5 minutes later, SIG is rolling up the biggest damn ring you'll ever see)

SIG: ASM, hold this. I'm going for the other.

Amazing Spider-Man: Damn! This thing is heavy G!

(5 minutes later SIG returns with the other ring, the rings are exchanged and the wedding moves on)

Blight: Now, by the power invested in me by minister-for-free.com, Dood, you're the king and dood, you're the queen. You may kiss the bride.

(Godzilla and Godzilla2000 kiss each other. The guests cheer)

the_ultimate_evil: Way to go G!

MrJabroni: You da lizard G!

Superman: Big G is gettin' some tonight!

(Amazing Spider-Man, SIG, and Masteryoda still staring at the newlyweds)

Amazing Spider-Man: Now I've seen everything.

SIG: Not quite. Ever wondered what it's like when two Godzilla's have sex? Think of it, mountains will crumble, cities will fall,...

Amazing Spider-Man: Please, no more.

Masteryoda: That so turned me on...

(they stare at Masteryoda)

Great thread idea.

Originally posted by Jakesteraholic
If the center of the Target logo was a hole instead of a dot I think I'd stick my dick in it.
Originally posted by CantThinkOfAName
too bad wal mart doesnt have any sort of orifice or surface one could stick their penis in or carress their penis against:(

Originally posted by GunBlade1
CTOAN says i will never win an award:( ..
Piss on you, cock face:o :)

Originally posted by Jakesteraholic
That kid is so ugly I would starve him to death, then tie him to a tree and let him be ****ed out on the honor system to passersby who leave their money in a hole in the tree.

Originally posted by CantThinkOfAName
mmmmmmmm anus!

Originally posted by kritic
In the butt.

Originally posted by masteryoda
Civil rights for animals with big balls is the last great issue facing the country.

I couldn't find this quote of Lackey's where he said he put barbeque sauce on his dick and let his dog lick it off.:D :(
Originally posted by Zen
moma! he touched me down there!
he beds them all and yells through the halls
so that we all can hear!

Shyair... shyair
hes words like jelly in my hair!
and abercrombie and fitch underwear!
anything to get that booty in my chair, i bend and bow to the great shyair!
Originally posted by Jakesteraholic

I couldn't find this quote of Lackey's where he said he put barbeque sauce on his dick and let his dog lick it off.:D :(

I never said such a thing, you have no proof :mad:
Originally posted by Lackey
...stand up for your right to pee standing up!


finally, gender equality has been reached. You can do everything men can do... even write your name in the snow. :)
Originally posted by Evolution

The Wisdom of Blight

"What's yer problem?Don't you have a spider to have sex with?"

"Maybe you should stop eating TheAlmightyFuzz's ass."

"I think your bro is asking for an ass ****ing, toilet mopper."

"Just don't sell the bug to a pimp. They'll screw you out of at least $20."

"Stab that sucka' with a fork and fillet him."

"They should grow vegetables with eyes so they can watch me eat their tender flesh."

"Yeah, I was trying to be nice. Three months later I find out she was a total ****e."

"Last night I had the urge to sit in my bathtub and drink a 40 oz."

"Poster most deserving of a giant monkey named Hank: PLAS."

"I'm so confused...I wish my name was Turkey."

"Jesus will pee on you all...given the chance..."

"Hobos = Canadians. Chicago is full of them. They're like the plague, only they cause more cancerous lesions on the skin."

"Remember kids, don't poop yourself in Sunday school. God will punish you."

"I typed 'poopy' into the hype search engine and found this..."

"Fook polls!!!"

"Newbie dumbasses like yourself won't understand."


"Two women touching each other. Brings tears of joy to my eyes."

"The sad part is that Yoda was the best actor...but he wasn't even real."


"hahahahahaha dood you're the king ahahahhahaahha "

"I'm not letting those high quality drugs go to waste."

"hahahahahahaha...BRILLIANT!!!! ..."


"All those ****ty teeny bopper singers need a good spankin'."

"once again...please stop touching yourselves."

"I would have the decency to give you a beer before I killed you, though."

"Beauty? How is this defined? By the amount of moles a person has? But what happens if one of the moles is named Sara and burrows her way into the center of the ocean, where she meets a tired turtle name teddy, who cannot see anything but the dancing night colors on black boxes in which time is created and destroyed, then resurrected only to be worshipped among the indiginous people of a place that has no name."

"No, the anger comes mainly from lack of booze, beautiful women, and the beach. Also, I have lovehandles."


"When I asked you to send me a Swedish girl, I didn't mean your mom!!!"

"Just remember: Don't poop yourself."

"No, it's another scheduled outbreak of herpes."

"I'm going to sue the internet."

"Jerry Falwell touches himself at night."

"I hope you get cancer and die."

"Naw, I have not hit the hash pipe in many months. Nor do I plan to. Booze, however, is a different story..."

"The institution of marriage is a bunch of BS."

"I will go to wherever there is free booze ."

"I told you, I love you like I love a small monkey."


"I will eat both your cats. Perhaps with some boiled celery and steamed carrots, with a side of mashed potatoes. I may even eat your cats a la mode, if the mood suits me."

"well I have decided to take my own life. goodbye."

"I sauteed them in butter and feasted upon their tender flesh."

"I shoot up on drugs."

"I'm a goat."

"I glow in the dark! wwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I shall repeat once again. I HAVE A BIG HEAD."

"hahahaahahaa hahaahahah you brits are such dorks!"

"man, that guy was an idiot. thank god he's gone."

Originally posted by m0dr0cker

I just realized that I go above and beyond to be extra-mean, insensitive, and generally cruel to newbie losers such as ChopSuey.

Does anyone else feel kind of guilty about acting the same way? I mean, I feel guilty, but not guilty enough to stop.

Originally posted by m0dr0cker

By the way, I don't think paying 50 bucks for a mail-order psychology degree constitutes knowing what the f**k you're talking about.
Originally posted by Evolution
Dude, you think this is about a high school popularity contest? Hell, I know Bison is more "popular" than I am, but look at his audience. Just look at them. You included.

I mean, it's like a piece of dog shit in a world full of flies. You put a solid brick of gold right next to it and the flies will still fly to the shit.
Game Over! :o
Originally posted by masteryoda
it's pretty simple. post here and i'll insult you.

Originally posted by CantThinkOfAName
I get along with yoda's mom. Almost every night :)

Originally posted by S.I.G.
Pffft. I would whip Masteryoda's arse with his own stinky robe

Originally posted by Max Shrek
I'm the Boogeyman. I like to dance :)

Originally posted by Mr Sinister
Asian women sing good, but men not so good

Originally posted by PLAS
Anni diFranco is my lovesalve...but she doesn't know that
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