Uuhh uuuhh uuhhh! (zombie talk for...THE OFFICIAL 'DEAD RISING' THREAD!!)

It was pretty successful,I don't see why they wouldn't do another one. I just hope Frank is still the main character,he's awesome.

Been playing through this again. So Addicting. Those cult guys suck though.
They need to make a Shawn of the Dead and The Mist game with this engine.
I was playing at a friends house, ignored the story, and killed over 1500 zombies, no guns.:woot: Then his hard-drive went kaput, and lost my save:cmad: .
We were friends because I was friends with her boyfriend. Then one day she blew up at me and I told them both we can't be friends anymore.
Shaun is much better though. I'm surprised EA or Activision isn't primed to ruin this movie by making an awful game. A talented developer deserves a shot.
Heh heh...

Well, Dead Rising has a pretty good take on zombies as it were and I liked the story better than Dawn of the Dead. :D
Yeah, my idea for the sequel would be a huge city, where you start smack in the center.

Then it would be like the Infinity mode in Dead Rising, where the supplies are only usable once. And you have to survive and do as many of the missions/saving people as you can before you decide to make it to the outskirts of the city to safety.

So if you wanted you could just start and run to the edge of the city and beat the game with that ending. Or you could try and see how long you can survive on the cities resources before you think it's too overwhelming and escape.

All the while there are a bunch of story based missions and random saving people, all of which you can chose to do or not to do. And the zombies start in slow/small numbers but as the days go on they get more and more vicious and many.

That's what I would like. Keep with the free roam zombie killing fun that the first game had, but make it really feel like a "What would you do if a zombie outbreak happened and you were stuck in a big city?"
I'd have it take place in a town like Shaun of the Dead. I'd also give the surivors good AI and make them more apt to defensive fighting.
Groups of survivors were the worst. God forbid you don't clear a path for them.
They need to make a Shawn of the Dead and The Mist game with this engine.
Best idea EVER ( Maybe not ever but pretty close :cwink: ).
Dead Rising was Dawn of the Dead, they can make Dead Rising 2: Shawn of the Dead and then use Mist for 3rd Dead Rising. ( I wouldn't mind a GTAish 28 days/weeks later based Dead Rising either ).
Groups of survivors were the worst. God forbid you don't clear a path for them.
I never really hd problems with survivors.
I can see it now.
It be interesting to have the multiplayers also be survivor's that need to be saved. They would ***** and moan if they dont get saved cuz then they'd die, but I think it would be fun.:woot:

Plus the zombies should be more brutal than their nighttime form too.
I hate it when developers make horrible games like Call of Juarez, and then when they go to make another game in the exact same genre, people think it has potential to be good.

Same goes for Killzone.

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