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Mar 3, 2006
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Do you preffer Spider-Man's webs to be a natural ability or an invention that he created?

I like the idea that they are natural, because to me that is his greatest power & with out them he is not much of a super hero. More of a very agile guy with good reflexs & spidey senses.
I wouldn't go that far, but I honestly prefer the organic webbing; I think for the most part, those who are against it are stuck on tradition. But to me it makes more sense. I mean why, if he got his powers from a spider, & has all these arachnid-like abilities naturally, would he have to generate an artificial web? What other hero has to artificially supplement his/her powers like that?
I don't know... I think natural webshooters are... cooler...
When I heard that spider-man would hit theaters (I wasn't then the internet-junkie that I am today ;)) I immediately accepted the his natural webshooting ability, 'cause I had totally forgotten about his self created webshooter he used in the 90s cartoon... I had to ask our neighbours little daughter what's true now and what not... :D
Well Batman's "powers" are all artificial! Lol.

I remember watching the cartoon after the movie & it confused me when he was showing this little girl his web blasters.
See, that's kinda what I mean. You've got your empowered heroes & you've got your gadget heroes. I prefer to view Spidey as an empowered hero, not dependent on any gadgets.
Mechanical web-shooters, no question.

Sure, it's tradition, but what's wrong with that?

They're also one of the coolest devices created for a comicbook character EVER, and it's a shame Sam Raimi lacked the vision to include them in his movies, imo.
Chris Wallace said:
See, that's kinda what I mean. You've got your empowered heroes & you've got your gadget heroes. I prefer to view Spidey as an empowered hero, not dependent on any gadgets.

Why do they have to be separate? Spider-Man was so popular precisely because he broke all the superhero rules.
ANd that's the way of thinking that has brought us what I will now & forever call the "sidekick suit".
I'll be honest; when I first found out that he was gonna have organic webbing in the movie, I was outraged. How dare they take away such an integral part of Spider-Man's history!?! I signed petitions. I fussed & cussed & then something happened; other people took their complaints to such extremes that it just sounded ridiculous. So much emphasis was put on it that the more they complained, the less I cared. And then I remembered that I'd been waiting to see this movie since I was 6 years old, & something like this wasn't going to ruin my enjoyment of the film. And you know what? It didn't. It didn't even matter. It was the right way to go & I'm not the least bit bothered by Marvel's decision to incorporate it into the comics.
The stingers & sidekick suit, however, are another story...
They don't bother me much... the organics... although I prefer the mechanical webshooters, but Organic webbing gave way to teh stingers and teh robin beyond suit... or scarlet bling spider... besides the organics were made out of lazyness, not wanting to explain the webshooters for the movies... sure we can suspend our disbelief that a kid bitten by a mutated spider can climb walls, be super strong, and battle the evil green ranger, but we can't believe that said kid was a big nerd who made up a weird wrist mounted squirt gun that can shoot webs...
It's all good either way. I wasn't having a fit over this issue just happy as hell it made the big screen.
I'm kinda 50/50 on the webs. When I was a wee lad, I thought that they should be organic, cause I didn't get why they had him have all these great spider-powers, but no natural webs. Just made sense to me. However, now that they finally have the organic webs, I'm thinking the artificial made sense, heres why: Whenever spiderman went up against an opponent such as Electro, he would get shocked when webbed them up because of Electros powers. The remedy? Brew up a new no-conductive batch of web fluid. But now he can't.
Actually, he still could; he might need a different delivery method, though. Maybe he could get it added to the sidekick suit.
I prefer the mechanicals because of the aforementioned being able to change webbing formulas, and the type of web ala Scarlet Spidey. Though I suppose some kind of regulators could be a compromise with the organics.

BTW this is an OLD topic on these boards, unless I'm mistaken.
Chris Wallace said:
ANd that's the way of thinking that has brought us what I will now & forever call the "sidekick suit".

What way of thinking is that, exactly?
That he needs gadgets.
Truth be told, I'm not completely against him ever using gadgets b/c that is a part of his character. But it's gotten ridiculous. And the complaints about organic webbing have also gotten ridiculous.
what bothers me about organic webbing is; why the hell does it come from his wrists? spiders don't emit webbing from their appendages, and they don't shoot it like it was compressed either.
Ugh. but shooting it from his butt would be gross & impractical, not to mention that argument has been had 100,000,000,000,000 times. Let it go.
Completely organic. I can't recall how many times spidey has been screwed over because he ran out of fluid. Or it was an inconvenience to put them on. Or somebody died because he ran out of fluid. You see my point?
Early on when it was announced webbing would be part of the spider bite, I was rather angry like many. But as time went on, and then the movie was released, they didn't bother me in the slightest.

Signed, Immortalfire; an un-true fan of Man-Spider :D
I never liked Lee's idea for mechanical webshooters. Yes, I know Lee's reasons. However, spinning a web is a spider's coolest gift. Raimi was right to correct this mistake.
The way I understood it, Stan didn't have a choice.

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