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The Dark Knight Rises What Batman villians wouldnt work in Nolans Batman series.


Jun 24, 2005
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I think it would be hard for Riddler, Poison Ivy or Mr Freeze to be put into a more realistic Batman series.

But who knows I didnt think they could do Scarecrow realisticly but I was wrong.
Riddler can be done - he's just obsessed with riddles.
Yeah maybe maybe I think it wont work because of Jim Carrey.

How about the other 2
I agree Freeze and ivy won't work but you know Nolan he might make it work.
I think Freeze can work with his story more or less unchanged. Ivy will have to cease being part plant, but she can still be a deadly assasign using self made poisons made from her own personal garden.
Thats a good idea also Man-Bat or Madhatter wouldnt work I personnally think.
I'm worried taht we won't see Catwoman because of CINO! damn you WB!
Hmm Catwoman could be done but Im not a real fan but I dont see why she couldnt be in it.
Whos that is that the Catwoman movie if so that was crap
Yes. Catwoman In Name Only (CINO) I don't call it a catwoman movie.
All of because of ****ing Halle Berry we probably won't see Catwoman in the Batman movie trilogy. But if so, I want Beckinsale for the role hands down. I definitely want this character redone, Nolan style. As Halle Berry messed up the essence of the character, I'm afraid it'll be hard bringing her back on-screen. What was WB thinking casting another high profile celeb, for playing an important DC character? I know that we'll either see Catwoman redone or the Riddler, it has to be one of the two in BB3. BB 2 already has enough rumor about tons of new characters, who might be in it. It's crowded enough, as it is. I don't see Nolan making a Bat-film with Clayface in it. Or man-bat, I doubt Bane would ever appear again on-screen. Especially with Chris Nolan directing, if he would it'd be a small role he'd have.
Mr. Freeze can work. He's as realistic as any Bond villain. If done right, he could be seriously scary.
i can't see Clayface or Man-Bat working in Nolan's universe.
Poison Ivy, Freeze, Mad Hatter, the whole lot....i could. i just have a hard time picturing those two working.
turn him into a creepy child molester and just a cameo for Batman to take down, and it could work.

think Mr Zsasz in Batman Begins sized role. or Joe Chill.
pre-crisis Calandar Man.in contrast post-crissi TLH Calendar Man has a very Nolan feel to him.Posion Ivy would'nt work,a pre-crisis ANYTHING could'nt work practically or at least,50's style.
you could make Ivy work easily.
dont make her part plant. actually....someone already mentioned how to make her work easily.
gamemiester said:
Mad Hatter would be pathetic

I disagree, did you read his story in Haunted Knights, it showed that Tetch could be creepy and threatening even without his mind control devices.
Ivy could work, being the supplier of the poppy flower things for Cranes fear gas, not a huge role, more like a cameo.

Riddler could work, easily, some people have said make him like the guy from saw for eg. it wouldn't be too hard to make him work on film.

and Hatter, like someone said before, make him a child raper, again not a huge role, but just one sick guy.
They wouldnt have a child rapist but they could have a rapist.
i know that they wouldn't have a child rapist, which is why i don't think that we will ever get to see hatter on the big screen. they might be able to have him as a rapist, and hint at him being a child rapist, don't have it in the foreground, just drop several hints here and there.
i dunno the public would be very funny about having a child rapist on screen

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