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The Dark Knight Rises What Batman villians wouldnt work in Nolans Batman series.

just hint at it, maybe have some kids go missing while this rapist is out on the streets, don't say that he is, but don't say that he isn't, just make him really creepy. it's really the only way i can see teh character working.
i think Nolan would be able to pull it off, without majorly offending anyone.
yeah that sounds good but hatter still needs something that familiarizes him witht the comics.

Maybe hes a lonly dude that kidnaps kids and ties him to chairs and puts them around tables for company like a sicko.
that could work, pretty well actually, that would actually scare the **** outta me :(
gamemiester said:
No I aint read that 1 yet.
King Tut and Egg-Head were from the 60's series, only worked as a joke...
oh god....Egg-Head

poor Vinvent Price, he deserved better :(
hmmm hasnt this been done already by someone? i cant remember who it was......oh thats right it was me!!!!!!!!! POSER!!!!!!!!!!
nolan's roll'n said:
All of because of ****ing Halle Berry we probably won't see Catwoman in the Batman movie trilogy. But if so, I want Beckinsale for the role hands down. I definitely want this character redone, Nolan style. As Halle Berry messed up the essence of the character, I'm afraid it'll be hard bringing her back on-screen. What was WB thinking casting another high profile celeb, for playing an important DC character?

well . . . I would blame the script and director more for that fuack up . . .
DV8 said:
well . . . I would blame the script and director more for that fuack up . . .
:) :up:
that was a mess long before Halle Berry came along and said yes to the project. let's not forget that before Halle said yes to Catwoman, Ashley Judd had agreed to do it.
Ivy i could see, they'd have to do a few tweaks here and there, but it could work.
Maxi Zeus, Egg Head, The Clock King, people whose gimmicks are rather silly and foolish would not work. Mr Freeze and Ivy however are intriguing enough, that with some very minor suspension of belief they can be done.
Egg Head, and i believe Clock King, were invented for various TV shows are not actual comic canon characters.
Personally MadHatter would be an amazing pick for a cameo villain.

THink about it...a rapist, or child rapist...


lol, we would see some major ass kicking and it would be amazing...

newwaveboy87 said:
oh god....Egg-Head

poor Vinvent Price, he deserved better :(

In fact he was really happy with that.
i know he was, which makes me even sadder and, well, confused to be honest.
:( :confused:
But man, how could you be sad if even he was happy.

The Tv series was not to take it too seriously and Price knew that.

you can say that again, how about firefly or bane
El Payaso said:
But man, how could you be sad if even he was happy.

The Tv series was not to take it too seriously and Price knew that.
because he settled for a role in that show as possibly the campiest of villians which that show being what is, is :eek: inducing.
Yeah, but in Nolan's Batman vision...people being exposed to chemicals and then becoming something super natural? I don't think he would go that route...not even just to stay true to what gives these villains their names...So in Nolan's world...there won't be any crazy powerful super villains...just Batman dealing with psychotic criminal master minds.:up:
Ivy could still work. just make her a crazy environmentalist type, no need for a chemical bath to make her look weird or anything.
Why wouldn't Scarface work? There's nothing unrealistic about a guy with a puppet and a gun... Scarface would actually be one of the easier villains to work into Nolan's world view.

It's the ones that defy the laws of the known universe (e.g., Clayface, Man-Bat, etc.) that wouldn't fit.
There is perhaps a weird thing about a dummy as head of mob, but i think with the correct writers they can do what is appropriate with the material to translate it well, and focus on the person controlling the dummy.

If i see Mr Freeze again im not seeing the film. Clayface, Manbat, poison ivy are examples of introducing supernatural in a world that has no such. Everything that appears incredible in the Nolan universe is perspective. Thats the deciding factor of whos in and out.

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