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What bout all these new clips


Apr 14, 2006
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I think we should discuss the clips comin online...what do u all think of them...i think these are different than the t.v. spots considerin they show whole scenes from the movie....I think they're all really good...cant wait to see the whole movie...let me know what u think..The best one so far has to be the scene in the woods where wolverine is bustin some ass.
That scene with Wolverine was nuts. on top of that, The bridge scene. :eek:
The wolverine scene was :eek:

That last but one guy he killed, damn that was brutal :D
The poll doesnt have enough choices. I would vote for "They are excellent, but less is more."
manye im stii waiting 2 see the bridge & mystique scene. someones needs 2 get em off yahoo. peace.
I think they are all pretty awesome. Lot's of people are saying they are showing to much, but I don't think so. They are holding back the really good scenes with Storm and Phoenix which is enough for me. I am sure the film has much MUCH more than these 1 minute clips we've gotten.
I think is good to see more than spots, but is a bad thing to see almost everything in a scene when the running time goes to your mind and the possibility of being 1 hour and 43 minutes becomes even more truth...
We'll end up knowing every scene from the film if it keeps like that.
I love them, but I voted "good" because I want them to stop releasing clips, I've seen too much already lol.
the only bad thing i got to say bout these clips are Mission Impossible 3...I personally watched all the clips about 5 times...when i saw the movie i was like wtf....theres nothin new here that i didnt already know..I just hope that they dont start showing ALL the good stuff like the war scene at the end...that would seriously spoil the movie.
oh and can someone get someone to make this a sticky thread..id hate to see all this disappear cause i think the clips should be discussed too.
Oh God
They Are Showing The Whole Bridge Destruction Thing

Is Fox Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i already have a discussion thread about the clips...shut this down please
yes!, yes i think they are!!!! im sure we can add up the whole movie together by now with all the pictures and video clips now, and i hear the running time is officially under 2hrs now!
i understand fox is really promoting this like no other film they have done before.....but leave us some suprises! PLEASE!
and a stupid fanboy like me can stay away from watching the dam clips!
i have no will power
Wow, we get to see what get to see the X3 version of Spyke looks like in the Wolvie clip
I wonder if Vale got his info on 'STEAK' man from that clip. LOL
yeah um the movie is going to be over two hours...so there's no worries we still have lots more to see
This is movie so far has produced extremely underwhelming material. The clips are all just so-so and no where near close to the acting and choreography we had in X1 and X2. This film already appears to be suffering from the plague of the third installment.
Wow, I'm really surprised that they're showing so much. I don't understand it.
I dunno, I liked what I saw.

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