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What Character Originally Brought You To this Site


Mar 26, 2006
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Some say the hype has become diluted from what it essentially is, a comic book movie site, but what character(s) originally brought you here? And do you still follow those characters?
The goddamn Batman!! :up:
I made this thread public, yet its not, could a mod mix that please?
^What he said: The goddamn Batman!! :up:
Superman Returns. I used to have a Big HO for Superman Returns. That fizzled as soon as I watched it. :(
I joined when the site was still Spider-man Hype, I think that and my username pretty much speak for themselves. As for still following the character, my sig speaks to that.
Right around spider-man 3, now the dark knight
I'm pretty sure it was for info about Batman Begins. It's been awhile so I may be wrong. I'm 90% sure it was for Batman, 10% for Spider-Man.
Batman/Batman Begins
Actually I came here to start ripping into Catwoman. :up:
The only reason I registered was to scoff at people saying that this:


was a good approximation of this:


How could you leave the Thing off of the poll after the epic Brow Battles of '04? :huh:
I joined during the tail end of the Spider-Man 3 hype.
here for spider-man, altho i'd followed the news about various projects on other sites before that, since blade and x-men really started the new superhero wave. altho i remember reading about james cameron gearing up for spider-man ten years before the hype existed. coming attractions used to be an awesome site to read the whole history of rumours about any project. shame it got taken over and made rubbish.
I started visiting here when it was the Spider-man Hype, but didn't register until later. :spidey: Haven't post here that much over the years tho, hence my low post count.

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