What Is The Longest Time You've Been Away From The SuperHeroHype Boards?

Apr 17, 2002
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I used to be a regular poster on these boards when this site went by the name of Spider-Man Hype and I continued to haunt this place when it became Superhero Hype too. I hung out many a night or a lazy afternoon in the Community Forum and had great conversations with other members contemplating the mysteries of the universe or having a joke and a good ole laugh about something really dumb and silly; I do remember there was a lot of spamming involved too. It was a bit of mad house back then to put it mildly, but they were the best of times. I still pop in on the odd occasion and sometimes read a thread that catches my eye. I haven't been a daily visitor or a contributing poster in about seven years. What kind of member antics have I missed out on over those seven years? Can anyone give me a quick update on the trends and fads that have come and gone on here? While I’m typing this I also wanted to say a quick hello to any of the Hype members that still remember me. I miss you guys; I hope life has treated you good, big hugs to you all. :yay:
I was gone for 3-4 years starting around 2006-2007.
I was only gone at the most a few months, but, with all the Superhero films popping up, for me it was hard to stay away lol
Since I joined...I guess about a week when I went to Fiji. Maybe 3-4 days during a trip to Disneyland.
I guess there were points where I was on/off for months. Welcome back! Update: The X-Men boards are fast becoming crazier than the Bat Boards.
You don't wanna know.

I stopped posting for about a year starting in 2009. Would come back every now and then to check on things. Then I started posting more frequently when the three big superhero movies came out last year.
I used to have an old account years ago in the pre-Batman-Begins-days, then stopped using it for about six years or so before deciding to come back with a fresh start.
Oh my, the stranger returns!

I've been away from the Hype for like..five minutes at the most. Boss demands loyalty.
I was gone for 3-4 years starting around 2006-2007.

What brought you back? The friends you made on here or the did you miss the discussions and news? A bit of both?

I'm not sure what brings me back here from time to time. Most of the people I knew who posted on these boards have either moved on with their lives; or changed usernames and made a fresh start.

For me, I think it's the sense of community spirit that brings me back; we all shared something in common with one another It was a haven for comicbook geeks; a place we could all feel at home. A sense of place and family.
Good to see an old familiar name on these boards. Immortalfire, how are you dude? You're a SHH Global Moderator now, good for you. :)
Hey HWD...glad to see you again.
Good to see an old familiar name on these boards. Immortalfire, how are you dude? You're a SHH Global Moderator now, good for you. :)

I'm fine man, thanks. Started a new job last year, still rolling with it. Life is pretty ok. :up:
A few years or so. I used to be addicted to SHH when I was younger but then it died down a bit. I finally decided to come back to discuss hero stuff again.
I was gone for around 8 months in 2011. Just went other places for a while ( actually I was really pissed that Timstuff got banned). Then I came back and all was well. I'm not a frequent poster anyway but I like the place and most of the people.

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