What game should be made into a film?

Prince of Persia...


Soul Calibur...

Tekken... (street fighter had it's chance)...
Max Payne with either Johnny Knoxville or Timothy Olyphant. That could be cool.

Halo in movie form would be splendid. :cool:
God Of War

With the return of pirate movies I think Hollywood should reflect on it's golden age and try for the classical epics again. Not just space age, techno stuff. Bring out Greek mythology and old Bible tales and pirate lore.
Splinter Cell is a pretty good one too.
I forgot about that one.
Always thought this would be a good idea on film.......

unfortunately that IS being made... by Paul WS Anderson. :(
after finally playing it... I'd like to see a Fable movie.
Halo, but it's already in the works.

Splinter Cell

Grand Theft Auto
I wanna see Mortal Kombat done right, it can make for a good trilogy. Eternal Darkness would make agood movie also.
Hitman!! (w/o Vin Diesel thank you)
Devil May Cry
-Twisted Metal
-Zombies Ate My Neighbors
-Star Wars Saga but in Legos
-A restart of the Resident Evil series

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