What if...

DOG LIPS said:
He'd be alive.

What if Uwe Boll had directed Batman?

What if you shut the ****up? Christopher NOlen is a genius and nobody could have made a more amazing film you ****ing *******:joker: :joker: :joker: :joker: :joker: **** you.

this is only the biggining. cmm is back
another noob would take his place, and the cycle would continue.

What if posting on message boards was the theme of a new reality show?

It would probably still have better ratings than NBC.
musclesforsupes said:
What if mcdonalds closed its doors :(?

fast food addicts would adapt and convert to Wendys, Burger King, White Castle, Sonic, or the hundreds of other places available.

What would you do if you discovered a cure to a debilitating disease? Make a fortune, or help society.
Brett Ratner would take the hand-me-downs once again.

What if Ted Nugent was the President?
We be in trouble

What if I sat in a dark room and watch bedazzled with brendan frazer for 2 straight days?
You would become immune to awful movies and spend the rest of your life watching an endless loop of "Dudley Do-Right", "Blast from the Past", and "George of the Jungle". To each you would reply "Brilliant!"

What if the world were flat?

What if you were on The Real World?
I would stay by myself, and avoid the other crazy contestants.

What if the Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama did a collaboration?
It would add more to the trash called "American Sitcoms"

What if Bush wasnt president?
The Economy would miraculously rebound, and the country, financially speaking, would be in the black.

What would happen if mutants really existed?
Some asswipe will come along and say they don't belong here.

What if your girlfriend dumped you for your ex-girlfriend?
I'd install a secret camera in their bedroom and watch them go at it.

What if Cortez and his army were killed when they first set foot on Aztec soil?
Equint77 said:
what if dog really spelled CAT?
Roseanne Barr would find new meaning in life.

She'd also eat the dog/cat.

What if Michael Jordan returned to basketball one more time in the year 2028?
He'd still own everyone.

What if Zebras were Green and Yellow striped?
Then they'd be green and yellow striped.

What if Adam Sandler played robin in the next batman film ?
It would be funny and stupid just like the last movie with robin in it.

What if we were all doing something productive instead of posting on forums all the time?
Cancer and AIDS would be cured.

What if people could only speak the truth like in Liar Liar?
terry78 said:
Cancer and AIDS would be cured.

What if people could only speak the truth like in Liar Liar?

Politicians couldn't run for office anymore.

What if I had a satilite dish in my rectum ?

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