What the 3D conversion satisfactory?


Feb 1, 2013
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I'm torn between Imax digital 2D and imax3D. There was a similar thread, but it lacked a poll, so for those who have seen the movie, how was the 3D aspect?
No, waste of money. I took my glasses off several times and picture looked 'normal'.
Yeah the 3D effects did nothing for me, and I read that Snyder didn't intend for it to be in 3D and it was processed in post production.
dont get me started on 3D ... I just wanna have the choice to see it in 2D.. which I dont have in my city... annoys the crap out of me...
I felt it neither enhanced (especially in the second half) or detracted from the film.

It just felt useless. But the theater here only has two options IMAX 3D or regular standard screen, and I think IMAX is a better experience so I ended up paying for the IMAX 3D the 2nd and 3rd times I saw it. Down here it's only $10.50 for IMAX 3D so it's not even that expensive.
I am actually a big, big fan of 3D. I love it. In fact I would never opt for the 2D when 3D is an option. That's how much I think it enhances the experience.

And yet I must concede, I thought Man Of Steel's 3D was very unimpressive.

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