What's This I Hear About...Spoilers?

You heard wrong

Brainac yeah, Zod, maybe. Aint no Doomsday round 'ere
k, just heard from a guy I know...Brainiac I already knew about...Zod would be cool :o
Hopefully they don't make him into a whiney teenager :o
The Joker said:
Hopefully they don't make him into a whiney teenager :o

You mean like Teague....God forbid! Na, they'll pick sumone good.
Who knows. From the sources I have all I've heard is a possession kind of situation, much like Jor-El but that hasn't been confirmed. Consider it nothing more than speculation if you will.
The Joker said:

it'll never happen on Smallville because Clark isn't strong enough yet to fight Doomsday. He wouldn't stand a chance.
I'd love to see Doomsday on the big screen though, maybe the next one after SR. I love the Death and Life of Superman book, lost count how many times i've read it, it would be awesome to see it on film

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